Legacy Manual

This Is Who We Are—Our History, Our Mission, Our Passion.
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Developing Values: The family, friends, community and per-
sonal experiences founder Dave Tate had when growing-up
all helped shaped the values of our company today. “I was
taught at a young age the importance of quality over quan-
tity, and it was driven into me that if you start something,
you finish it, and you do it with honesty and integrity.”It was
during these formidable years, and as a direct result of sev-
eral key events early in life, that Dave molded his own mor-
als, ethics, and principles. Today, it is the values—courage,
empowerment, integrity, attitude, execution, education, and
quality—that serve as guideposts in every action and aspect
of our daily business.
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Discovering A Passion For Strength: For Dave, his passion
for strength is about breaking personal records and finding
peace.“Growing-up, training was my biggest passion. It was
my way to deal with all the adversity the world tossed my
way. It was my haven. When I was a kid, the gym was the
one place I could go to be in charge and decide whether I
succeeded. It was my place to build and grow—mentally and
physically.” It also meant standing out from the crowd and
being great. When it comes to our business, it is this same
passion for strength that fuels us in everything we do. It’s in
our DNA. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.
Company Story
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Feeding A Never Ending Desire For Knowledge: Educa-
tion is how elitefts achieves competitive differentiation and
drives market opportunities. For nearly an entire decade
prior to our beginning, founder Dave did his own self-study
of strength and conditioning. This included reading all the
Russian training manuals he could find, consuming nearly
everything available on strength and conditioning, attending
countless seminars, and, networking with as many coaches
and trainers as possible. Today, elitefts owns the greatest
inventory of free strength training-related information in the
industry and remains fully committed to leveraging the spirit
of teaching, customer feedback and educational resources
into new product categories to drive future growth.
• “When it comes to educating and helping others reach their
goals, premium training information is mostly marketed to-
ward those who can afford to pay for it. From the beginning,
elitefts has taken a different road—we decided to side with
the masses. And that means responding to the needs and
desires of people around the world: people who place train-
ing as a top priority in their life; people with different needs,
dreams, and aspirations; people who want to increase their
strength and improve their everyday lives. Our business
is based on a partnership with the customer. elitefts is an
education company that just happens to sell top-of-the-
line strength equipment and accessories — not a strength
equipment company that happens to provide education.”
Company Story
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Shaping The Business: Immediately prior to the founding of
elitefts, Dave worked for an organization entirely driven by
a system of values. It was this experience—living and work-
ing by the company’s mission, vision, credo and values—that
inspired many of the exact same structures found within our
own company today.
• “elitefts is what I define as a ‘value based company.’ Every
action within the company is based on a set of defined val-
ues and beliefs.”
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Our Start—Elite Fitness Systems Is Born: Realizing there
were thousands of coaches and athletes looking for quality
training advice, Dave set-up a simple question and answer
forum through a powerlifting website and began writing
articles to help these athletes and coaches. It was at this
moment, Elite Fitness Systems was born. “I could not be-
lieve the incredible amount of misinformation in regards to
strength training.” elitefts was founded with one simple
goal: to make average athletes elite and elite athletes great.
• First of more than 250 educational seminars takes place.
• Initial product is sold
Company Story
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Branding Our Name: During the first year of business, it
was immediately realized that for the company to grow,
it needed to be branded “EliteFTS.” Our name came from
readers online who didn’t want to type out “Elite Fitness
Systems,” so they shortened it. “I like that readers created
it, so I trademarked it. They are just as much the company
as anyone.”
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Educating And Outfitting: “Educating and outfitting the
strongest athletes around the world.” To us, this means pro-
viding the education, motivation and empowerment to help
athletes—those who place training as a top priority in their
lives—get better. The business of elitefts is built on educa-
tion, product innovation, a highly efficient global supply
chain and strong strategic execution. “What sets us apart
from everybody else is that we are in the PR business—
• Personal Records.”elitefts.com website debuts
• Q&A section appears on elitefts.com
• Online store launched on elitefts.com
Company Story
• elitefts brand equipment line introduced

• First Team elitefts member appears on elitefts.com Q&A
• elitefts brand mono-style squat stand introduced to market
• Under The Bar first published, highlighting the values be-
hind our company. Since then, more than 50,000 copies have
been printed.

• Sponsored athletes’ and coaches’ training logs make first ap-
pearance on EliteFTS.com
• First Prowler sold and used at a major university

• elitefts apparel appears
• elitefts Collegiate line of equipment introduced
• Strong(er) brand first appears

Company Story
• First Underground Strength Session: Our transition from a
brand to a culture began when a handful of sponsors con-
verged at an old tractor dealership in the middle of Ohio
farmland—also our second company gym and customer
showroom. Three different generations of powerlifters
trained, helped one another, learned, shared experience, told
stories, laughed, and became one. This was living, learning,
and passing on.
• elitefts accessories added
• elitefts reaches 2 million visitors per month
• Video Exercise Index Introduced
• Served 100,000 customer
Live. Learn. Pass On.
• Expanded in-house editorial and content staff
• Learn To Train Seminars Conceived To Support The Make-
A-Wish Foundation: elitefts has always been about helping
others. But besides just strengthening athletes, our commit-
ment has also grown to help strengthen our community. The
Make-A-Wish Foundation has today become one of our flag-
ship charitable endeavors. To date, we have had the honor
of giving more than $250,000 to this organization.
Company Story
• E-Vault goes live with free access to all content. More than
200,000 downloads in first month.
• Reach half millionth order
• Team elitefts Expands To More Than 100: elitefts is rich in
talent, comprising of team of more than 100 strength ath-
letes, coaches, staff members, columnists, advisors, and
other contributors. Members have held strength and con-
ditioning coaches positions at major universities, positions
within the NFL, launched their own product lines, authored
books on training, owned training centers or gyms, squat-
ted more than 1100 pounds, bench pressed more than 800
pounds, deadlifted more than 800 pounds, have set multiple
all-time world records, been ranked in the top 10 for their
weight class, and been published in major magazines, such
as: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Flex, Muscle and Fitness,
Maxim, Powerlifting USA, Penthouse, Muscle and Fitness,
Women’s Heath, Shape, Muscular Development, Planet Mus-
cle, MMA publications, Boxing journals, and many others.
• Tour De Force and Passion-For-Profit Seminars released on-
line for free
• elitefts Facebook page breaks 200,000 likes

Live. Learn. Pass On.

Mission Statement
EliteFTS is driven to be the strength training industry’s number
one online destination by providing readers the widest range of
free educational resources, outfitting them with highest quality
products and services, and supporting them with highest level of
service and care.
Our Guiding Principles
• We will provide an unforgettable experience for our readers
by constantly striving to retain our position as the premier
destination in the world for strength training-related re-
• We will establish long-term relationships with others by
spotting mutually rewarding opportunities, and trusting
them to provide the essential shots needed for continued
strength and growth
• We will create and foster an environment for our staff and
customers that is driven by knowledge and will empower
them to be the best they can be
• We will choose to bring our best attitude to each day and at-
tempt to pass along something we have learned

With continuous improvement we provide strength coaches, ath-
letes and trainers the highest quality equipment, personalized ser-
vice and knowledge they need to advance their training programs.
We have a passion for empowering success through personal
Prepare – Perform – Prevail

Our Guiding Principles
Live. Learn. Pass On.

elitefts Core Values
• People — Respect and care for their well-being and profes-
sional development. Maintain an atmosphere of trust, em-
powerment and teamwork, and have the best people in the
right positions
• Courage — To take risks, defy the odds and challenge the
realm of possibility. Have the courage to make ourselves
vulnerable, to listen to our harshest critics, and have the
strength to take chances, innovate and experiment to help
build the company
• Education — Provide unique resources to build knowledge,
skills, and motivation for people that place training at a
high priority within their life. By providing strength training
education, we inspire and empower our readers to maximize
their own training and personal development
• Empowerment — Empower people to acquire the knowl-
edge, tools and information they need to achieve the best
possible training results
• Teamwork —We work together, sharing a common purpose,
a common culture and common goals. We work together in
pursuit of our Mission, and we work together to create an
atmosphere in which everyone has the chance to contribute
and achieve success
Our Guiding Principles
• Integrity — We say what we believe, and we do what we
say. We strive for alignment in what we say and do and live
and work with trust, honesty, caring, fairness, loyalty, and
diversity. These values are essential for the growth of the
individual and EliteFTS
• Attitude — Our attitude is a reflection of what we value:
team members that are enthusiastic, proactive and passion-
ate about everything they do
• Accountability — We earn the right to hold others to a
higher level of accountability by being accountable to our
customers, our partners and ourselves. The ability to put a
plan into successful action and execute it thoroughly
• Quality — Quality is achieved through passion, integrity,
education, empowerment, attitude and accountability. Ex-
pect nothing but the best from yourself, your coworkers,
Team EliteFTS and the company

elitefts will help educate and outfit the strongest athletes in the
world by becoming “partners” not “spotters”. Training partners
work together toward the goal of making each person better. Spot-
ters are there only when asked or added trust is needed. Together
will can and will create a legacy in the name of strength and condi-
Our Guiding Principles
Ever wonder what the logo stands for?
Elitefts Logo
The Shapes:
Circle: connection, community, wholeness, endurance, movement, safety,
and protection; suggests deeper focus on what’s inside the frame than
what’s outside of it.
Cross: trust, faith, honesty, target.
The Colors:
Black: absorbs all light from the spectrum (we embrace all training
ideas), power, rebirth, sophistication.
We also use Red, Gray and Yellow with our branding:
Red: strong emotion, comfort, excitement, intensity.
Yellow: optimistic, uplifting, wisdom and logic
Gray: intelligence and seriousness.
The Letters:
It’s assumed the letters in the circle stand for elitefts™, and to some
extent, this is true. What these letters really signify are the words Educa-
tion, Friendship and Strength.
The Squatter:
The squatter is a symbol of strength for all sports, and it signifies our
style of training. It’s the one movement that nearly everyone uses, and
the one that demands – and gets – the highest respect. To stand with the
heaviest loads on your back and prevail is a true sign of strength in any
discipline of life.
It is through our passion that we enhance our own lives and the lives of
those around us.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Anderson Burgamy
Elitefts is more than a site or a brand to me. It’s dedicated people and
lifters who want to see powerlifting, strength training and fitness grow. I
thank God it exists!
Jim Harbourne
Elitefts shows me I’m not the only one obsessed with being the strongest
person on earth. It also shows me different views and ideas on how to
reach my goals.
David Frankovic
Elitefts is what powerlifting is all about: helping others achieve their
goals no matter how much of a beginner or advanced lifter you are.
Scott MacDiarmid
Elitefts is my answer in a void of information. My truth in a pack of lies.
Experience, honesty and integrity, which are all so important when deal-
ing with matters affecting my mental and physical health.
Luke E Propst
Elitefts is a place for motivation, education, and a little humility in this
search to better ourselves. It’s also a place where we can see that no one
is “right,” there are many ways to get the job done, and no one way is
better than any other.
Erik Dollman
Thanks to Elitefts, I took YEARS off of my learning curve in the great
sport of powerlifting – because of the hard work and thoughtful dedica-
tion of all the Q&A staff. It also probably saved me quite a few injuries.
Ken Sanford
Sure I can buy bands and chains from the best company of its kind.
There’s that Elitefts. Then there what’s really behind Elitefts: the place
I can go and be a part of a family. A family of people who think a lot like
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
I do, feel a lot like I do and go though the same difficulties I do. A place
where those with vast amounts of experience generously donate their
own time to help those of us who ask for help. I think to most of us that
means everything. I remember buying my Prowler last year, speaking
with Saint Jim, thanking him, telling him what he and Dave do is great,
and that it’s much appreciated. Jim thanked me back, but I’m sure he
was thinking in his own sarcastic way (which we love) that I was just
an ass-kisser. But I really meant it. The articles, the Q & A, the access
to some of the top athletes and trainers in the world; I think I can safely
speak for all of the regulars on the site that we do appreciate it more
than we can show sometimes.
That’s what makes Elitefts so special: the people. People that are always
there to help, and who always keep it real.
Jason Rees
Elitefts provides you not just with knowledge, but wisdom and the
means to achieve all your goals in the world of strength no matter who
you are or where you come from. INSPIRATIONAL.
Jimmy Benton
Elitefts feels more like an extended family to me than a company provid-
ing the best strength equipment on the planet. Everyone, from Dave on
down, seems to bend over backward to help customers with whatever
they need. When I really think about it, there is nothing that comes to
mind that is quite like Elitefts. Besides gmail, it’s the only site I keep
open the entire day. If I need training advice - Elitefts. If I need a good
laugh - Elitefts.
Joey Waters
When I see the Elitefts logo, I immediately think “authentic.” In the
squat graphic, you can clearly see that the guy is squatting with proper
form with an appreciable amount of weight. This is something, as a
intermediate lifter, that I aspire to. I am automatically going to pay at-
tention to the company that touts this logo. The font is great too. It has
a professional look without being too blocky and in-your-face. It has an
inviting look to it.

What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Aside from the purely visual aspect of the logo is the underlying meaning
that Elitefts holds for me. The fact that I know that within the website
sits an unbelievable amount of free information given from true profes-
sionals is a great feeling to someone like myself who has a lot to learn,
but enjoys learning it. It’s like having a “big brother” that has all the
answers. I know that if I have a lifting or nutrition issue, I can find it all
on this site, and I might not even have to pay for it. Not to mention the
fact that each of these professionals on staff at Elite posts their personal
workouts, random thoughts, feelings, etc. This visibility of the staff only
adds to the authentic quality that Elitefts possesses.

In addition, there are plenty of websites that have hundreds of free
articles written by great coaches and athletes, but I cannot think of one
that makes the information so personal. I can search for my name in the
Q&A and see what I have asked over the years to track my knowledge
progression. Where else do you get that? Nowhere but Elitefts. This
personal touch shows a real compassion for customers – something that
makes me feel good about spending my cash there.

Jon Hereth, Summit Rehab and Wellness Center
Simply put, to many of us Elitefts allows us to interact with people that
we look up to and admire…heroes, in a sense. It lets us take a share in a
fraternity of sorts. When somebody I might not know mentions Elitefts,
automatically I feel a connection or bond with this person. This frater-
nity is always there for you, whether there be a question on training,
nutrition or life, someone always seems to have an answer that works.
Although you, your staff and sponsored athletes might just consider
yourselves one of the guys, to many you hold the great responsibility
of INFLUENCE, which is a thing to be proud of. How many lives you all
have touched might never be known, and the encouragement and advice
that you offer freely to all can never be measured!! Thanks!!
Dave Egan
Quality, pride, strength, hardcore…and one kick-ass location to help me
get stronger in every way.

What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Dale Weiman
Elitefts is, to me, a marketplace of ideas, a community of like-minded
individuals, and a great source for apparel and products. From the Iron
Brothers section to the individual logs to the tee shirts, Elitefts has it all.
Elitefts is the first website I check when surfing and oftentimes the last
one I visit before signing back off. Dave, Jim, Matt, Harry, Chris, Han-
nah -- they’re all old friends to me, though we’ve never met and probably
never will.

Keep up the good work, Elitefts.

Dave Rogerson
Elitefts as a product, brand, website and concept is simply something
that normal people use/do/go-to to be extraordinary. It is the embodi-
ment of self-improvement and physicality - through the development and
furthering of strength and performance and the development and sharing
of knowledge, passion and motivation.
Gabreil Naspinski
Back in 2002 when I was first starting out in powerlifting, Elite was
one of the pages I came across that educated me on the sport. I learned
about Westside Barbell, methods of the Eastern Bloc, bands, chains, box
squats and a lot of other methods I would have never thought of on my
own. As I progressed through college and continued into powerlfiting,
the site continued to grow and offer more information from sources in
the strength and conditioning world as well as nutrition. In a way, this
helped define my career path, as I am now a strength and conditioning
coach and have interned under Tom Myslinski, Buddy Morris, and James
Smith. Elite played a significant part in my development not just as an
athlete, but as a coach and professional.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Jeremy Many
It means that after a 7 year absence from competitive lifting, I have just
found an indispensable resource in helping me catch up with all the gear
advances, learn the new training philoshphies, and develop a program to
make my comeback at the ripe old age of 32. I would not have been able
to make this comeback nearly as effectively if it were not for Elitefts.

Elitefts means doing everything and stopping at nothing to be the abso-
lute best you can be, whether it’s in lifting or life. It’s a commitment to
excellence; a way of life.
Will Kuenzel
I’ve been following Elitefts for a long time. Don’t ask how long, ‘cause
I don’t know, but for me it’s always been about the information. Sure,
I’ve ordered some great stuff. I got my first power rack from Elite, all
my gear is Metal, and half my shirts are signature wear. But really the
whole reason I keep coming back, and look to Elite, is for the information.
The logs are fantastic – great insight that has helped me feel weak and
small but motivated. The Q&A has always been helpful because it’s just
no nonsense information. When guys like Jim Wendler and The Thinker
answer questions, there’s no fluff. I’m not wading through mounds of
crap to get to the point. The information is readily available and given for
free. These people spend extra time giving back to the community, and
it inspires me to attempt to do the same.
I guess going the long way around, Elitefts has always meant knowledge
coming from those that have been there and done that. True, honest to
goodness, experienced information. The stuff that works. That’s why I
read the website and support it when given the opportunity. Thank you
guys for your hard work and thanks for the information.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Worldwide Online Strength and Conditioning Community. I hate that
word “community” (CrossFit uses the shit out of it), but I cannot think of
a better descriptive term.
Steve Fredine
About 5 years ago, my training partner’s wife was hanging out during
a ME bench session. Three quarters of the way through, she looked at
us funny and said, “Normal people don’t get you guys.” She’s right. My
non-lifter brother asked me to explain my “workouts.” I tried to simplify
as much as possible while giving enough real information in the answer.
I explained that I was using a personalized version of Louie’s conjugate
periodization as represented in Vinnie Dizenzo’s raw bench template. I
have also tossed in some 5/3/1 stuff similar to how Scott Yard interpreted
it. I believe my brother was snoring by the time I said Dizenzo. He once
told me that when he “made the time” to go to the gym, he liked doing
pulldowns. To him, the gym is a chore – something to get out of the way.
My brother doesn’t “get” me. Training for me, good bad or otherwise, is
part of who I am. Elitefts is about and for people like me.

Elite is my online Cheers. Not that everybody knows my name, but the
site feels like home. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone at Elite.
Dave has never met me, but his article Where Trials Never End seemed
written to me, for me and about me. I am unemployed and busting my
butt to get employed. I can’t control a lot out there on a job hunt, but I
can control tons and get a reprieve in the gym. I know there are many
people who feel the same way. The gym/training is a sanctuary for us
like-minded individuals. Elitefts is a place for people who feel this way to
gather, share, learn and purchase the necessities of the sport.

The people at Elite don’t care if I’m top 10 or a brand new rookie. I have
always been treated well. The products are good and the service is bet-
ter. I have a wish list put together for when I’m employed again. I appre-
ciate the thought and effort that has gone into the site/business. Thanks
to all who make Elitefts the positive place that it is.

What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Scott Umberger
It’s a place where I can go for products and info that pertain to my per-
sonal passion for getting stronger. As an S/C coach, there is also a ton of
information (from various sources) and products which can be applied
to athletes which helps me in my livelihood. In a way, it’s like a secret
society of like-minded people whose beliefs center around strength as a
foundation for performance and life.
Jesse Rosenberger
Elitefts means to me: “Don’t be a Pussy!” I wrote that in my article on
this site in November.
Knowledge - I haven’t found a better resource for information online than
your site. Add in the books you sell and it’s a done deal.

Camaraderie - Not many people I speak to on a daily basis can hold even
a basic conversation about the things I’m passionate about. Being able to
read the thoughts, advice, and findings of a large number of highly quali-
fied individuals all in one place is pretty awesome.

Transparency - Very rare in business. I feel as though the Elite crew are
very transparent with regard to who they are, how they feel, how they
train, etc. I appreciate that more than anything.

When I think about training, you and the people associated with Elite are
always the first that come to mind.

Ron Dykstra
To me personally, Elitefts represents or signifies passion in the truest
sense of the definition. Passion is defined as feeling very strongly about
a subject or person, usually referring to feelings of intense desire and at-
traction, to be very passionate about something

What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Elitefts means: Honest information. A willingness to revisit that same
information and revise opinions. Access to a community of like-minded
individuals, and to hard-to-find products. Refusal to blindly accept dog-
matic approaches to exercise. An “open market” approach to different
training systems, where no particular system is crowned king. Entertain-
ing anecdotes. Educational and inspirational videos. Thanks Elite!
Scott Northuis
It means a great source of info that my two training partners and I have
been using to get stronger. It’s also a great break in my day to read
Dave’s twitter updates about kids (I have two young girls around the
same age) and Jim W’s replies to questions. Jim’s responses are usually
pretty damn funny and truthful!
Elitefts is a trustworthy brand built on values. As a loyal reader and cus-
tomer, I feel like I belong to a community of like minded individuals. Al-
though each coach, athlete and/or meathead (a term of endearment) has
different views and backgrounds on aspects of strength and condition-
ing, there is a common bond of providing honest and top notch informa-
tion. As a business, and more importantly as a person, I view Elitefts as a
role model. Thank you for your hard work.
Elitefts means action in search of gain.
To me, Elitefts means kindred spirits. I’ve been reading and buying from
you guys for five years now, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’ve
seen the makeup of the site - in terms of readers and those answering -
change and evolve. While we may not all have precisely the same goals,
we’ve all got a similar screw loose in a similar way.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Ryan Gregory
Whenever I see Elitefts, I immediately think dedication and passion.
Dedication and passion about becoming a stronger, more well rounded
individual, both physically and mentally. Elite combines all different
kinds of athletes, males and females, young and old, with the goal of bet-
tering themselves at something.
This something is different for us all. Dave is sitting in on his son’s class-
es and posting his experiences and thoughts on it. That is so freakin’
cool! Others are prepping for powerlifting meets (Jeremy, Kroc, Hannah
and Eric to name a few), bodybuilding shows (Shelby), or just to be all-
around badass (Selkow comes to mind!), or to help others be all-around
badass (Angry Coach, Joe D, Jim, Rhodes, Chris...shoot, everyone!). I
mean, it’s so cool to see how things spread, such as how a couple of pull-
up questions led to all sorts of them now. Its just stinky cool.
I check the site just about every day, and I love the fact that it’s one
group of guys and gals that really try to help people, and have an honest
passion for doing so.
Elitefts is a common meeting ground for fitness-minded individuals who
have a passion for spreading their knowledge and power of not only fit-
ness, but life experiences on to others.
Keep it up everyone!
The Word: Elite = The finest and the best. Nothing greater. Epitome of
sport. Epitome of performance.
The Logo: Squat-Guy within a circle = Classic ‘hourglass’ symbolism (i.e.
funneling mass, multitude and/or chaos into controlled power and pin-
point focus) within a classic symbol of control, finality and completion…
the circle.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
To me, Elitefts represents the number one “go to” place for anything and
everything powerlifting. No countless hours searching the internet seek-
ing answers to questions, no wasting of time scrolling through a multi-
tude of sites looking for what powerlifting books, gear, or accessories are
worth purchasing, and most of all, NO BULLSHIT! Plus, Jim Wendler’s
log cracks me the hell up!
To be honest, it means my dreams. This is the first site I check every day.
Why? Because, well, in many ways, its my life, or at least what I wish
my life was. I was a fat kid growing up who developed no athletic talent.
Lifting and being strong is the only athletic thing really left for me to do,
so I do it. And I work pretty hard, although I’m sure I could work harder.
But its all for the dream that I can be as strong as some of the guys on
here I really admire. It goes beyond that, really. I want my own gym
some day, so Elitefts is, well, like porn for that part of my imagination –
all the best and most decked out shit I could put in my gym. And maybe
more importantly, I don’t only want to be strong and own a gym, but I
want the knowledge that goes with it. I want the knowledge that all the
guys on the site give out on how to get like them. Knowledge about lift-
ing, eating, recovering. Now, that would be something special. Not only
would I be making the impact I want in my own life, but I could make a
similar impact in others’ lives.
David Poetter
A peer reviewed journal for the regular person.
Kevin Kuzia
Excellence and a commitment to its customers as being more than just
customers and part of a larger brotherhood. That last piece is, to me,
what sets you guys apart and why I continue to give you my business.
Also, the support you gave liftStrong is something I will never forget as
someone whose girlfriend has fought leukemia the past 6+ years.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Damien Eyre
Elitefts means giving WAY more than you receive. It’s an amazing FREE
resource for anyone looking for training information. Elitefts provides the
expertise to help ANYONE achieve their goals in either sports or busi-
ness. Elitefts sets the standard for online customer service.
Elitefts to me is a teacher and a training partner that is always there
when I need it. I am from Wyoming, and I don’t have a lot of lifting re-
sources around me. There are no good lifting clubs or private gyms.
When I need advice or a lesson, I turn to Elite.
“Paying it forward,” as Woody Hayes used to say. That’s what I associate
with Elitefts.
Elite means toughness, strength, and a low tolerance for bullshit. We
don’t need treadmills. We don’t need curls or the Smith Machine, damn
it. We need a group of strong bastards who are some of the best and
brightest in their respective fields. Whether that’s training athletes or
washed-up meatheads, or breaking PR’s, or coming back from a shitload
of surgeries and still having the balls to train and kick ass, we are that.
Not only does Elite sell the best products (I have The Thinker’s Hi/Low
manual and that badass neck harness) and give the best training advice
period, they even show you what the hell to do with their training logs.
Elite is simply the friggin’ best.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Dave Fryers
What does Elitefts mean to me?

It’s THE source of knowledge about PL training. It’s science-based as
well as based on the experience of the guys who ‘have been there’ (or
who are still there). There’s little dogma, not everyone agrees on meth-
ods (DE bench?), but all agree you need to figure out how to train you
as an individual. There’s friendly advice from people who want you to
improve, and humour.
Elitefts is like a club or even a family of people who are interested in the
same thing as me: lifting. Most people in my life think spending large
amounts of time and money trying to reach a high level of strength is
just a waste of time. The people at Elite do not. Elitefts is where I gain
knowledge, seek help and purchase everything I need to reach my goals.
My goals in powerlifting are very important to me, and the team at Elite
understands that better than anyone. Having Elite on the web means
I’m able to do what I want to do: make my way to the top. Elitefts means
This is the first time I’ve written anything like this, and I think that
shows just how much the site means to me. I’ve been asking for advice
on the Q&A for the last 2 1/2 years, and in that time, my total has gone
from class 4 to class 1. My bench was 240-250, but now I’m chasing 500.
Thanks, team.
Dana Herrs
What does Elitefts mean to me? This cannot be answered with one
sentence. It means there are better ways to train than reading Muscle &
Fitness articles. It means that there is a company, a person and a group
of individuals who provide a free service that shows beginners and
elite powerlifters how to become better, as powerlifters and as people.
It means there is a company that sells tested equipment, books, videos,
and accessories to ensure that what they sell is the best you can pur-
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
chase. It means that you can follow along in the logs with some of the
strongest powerlifters in the world and see how they struggle with life
and workouts. It means so much that I can’t put it all into writing. When
my son passed away, there were things that I felt that I needed to do.
One of these was to write an article for Elitefts. I honestly did not ex-
pect the article to be put on the website, and I was thrilled when I saw
it listed next to other articles. What does Elitefts mean to me? It means
everything. Keep up the good work.
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
Greg Hale
Bradford High School
What does Elitefts mean to me?

Elitefts means the best information about training, the best equipment in
the industry, and the best customer service, bar none.
Elitefts means hardcore dedication to the strength sports. It represents
the camaraderie we as powerlifters share – something you will not find
in any other sport. There are no other companies that dedicate them-
selves entirely to the betterment of an individual the way Elitefts does.
You have taken the strongest and most dedicated powerlifters, and
brought them together to share their knowledge and years of experience
with anyone who might log on to the site seeking advice on anything
from squat technique to hardships in their daily life. This is all offered
free of charge. These guys give their free time to explain, critique, de-
scribe, teach, instruct, encourage, and motivate the people who come to
them asking for their help and NOTHING is asked for in return.
This is known as being selfless – a virtue not found too often these days
in a “me, me, me” society. That common bond, that unique camaraderie,
shows through again and again. Powerlifting is the only sport I have ever
been involved in where I’ve had a competitor help me with gear, tech-
nique, encouragement, etc. I am trying to beat this guy, and he’s HELP-
ING me and vise versa. To me, Elitefts is as hardcore as it gets. I say
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
hardcore in the sense that it is a state of mind – not the clothes you wear
or the music you listen to, but whether an individual has the dedication
and the inner drive to succeed at the task in front of them regardless of
any obstacles. This has also been described as being Strong(er).
To me, Elitefts means brotherhood, camaraderie, and a hardcore way of
life that few understand. You have offered me the resources to be a suc-
cessful powerlifter, and you’ve set the standard for how I perceive a true
strength athlete should represent this sport. To all of you who give their
time to helping others in whatever way it may be, you are appreciated,
and you have my respect. Thank you Dave, and all of the Q&A staff, for
all you’ve done for sport of powerlifting through Elitefts.
John Gray
When I think of Elitefts, I think of a vital and quality source of informa-
tion for all of my training and conditioning needs. I have purchased
products from Elitefts, and I am always confident that the products that I
have ordered will be of superior quality at a fair and reasonable price. In
reading posts from Dave and other members of the staff, I truly believe
that they are customer oriented and they have the ethical and business
values that are not always easy to find in today’s day and age. I trust
Elitefts one hundred percent, which is why I have been a frequent reader
and customer for somewhere in the neighborhood of five or six years.

I have called with questions for Jim and other members of the staff even
when I am not making a purchase, and I have always been met with a
willingness to answer all of my questions. I guess I would sum if all up
by saying that to me, Elitefts means honesty, integrity, quality, and most
importantly a true willingness to help their customers in any way that
they can. Elitefts is the kind of company that, even in difficult financial
times, you want to support just out of pure loyalty alone. I feel that I owe
Elitefts for all of the FREE information that has been provided to me over
the past five or six years. Elitefts is much more than a powerlifting web-
site. It’s a community that I trust and respect completely.
Thanks for everything you do
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Elite is my daily stop for my motivational fix. I live in a small town that
barely has a gym, and where few folks push themselves to extremes. So,
I use Elite as my motivational source. I have recommended it to folks who
are in need of equipment and gear.

Also, Elite is typically the first place to go if I have a powerlifting ques-
tion. The archive articles/logs almost always have the answers.
David Muro, DC
What does Elitefts mean to me as a brand?

The first thing I think of is the circular squat logo. The image makes me
think of developing strength and using all methods outside of the con-
ventional to attain it. I have been powerlifting since 1992 and I will al-
ways associate Dave/Elite with Louie/Westside. The articles Louie wrote
for PLUSA heavily influenced how I train and I remember seeing Dave as
a lifter and a contributor to those articles. Their articles really made me
have to question my own training dogma and grow beyond what I could
accept as real. Elitefts gives you the opportunity to expand your mind
along with your athletic performance.

I also know that I can find quality equipment that has been thoughtfully
considered before being offered for sale. Anyone can say product X is
great and will offer it for sale, but I get the sense that Elite tests their
products out in the gym before they put their seal of approval on it. I re-
ally appreciate seeing the videos of them using the products in their own
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Pete L
Elitefts serves as a staple of knowledge, growth, and accountability. Elite
is about maintaining high standards, lifting heavy weight, and approach-
ing training as though you were preparing to go to war.
Orjan Leirheim
Bergen, Norway
For me, Elitefts means the best (free) source of information on strength
training and improving athletic performance on the internet. I have
learned more from reading the articles and Q&A sections here than any
other place I have tried.
One of the things that continues to impress me is the fact that Elitefts is
not dogmatic. There’s no “best way” – only people constantly trying to
improve however they can. The fact that you have athletes using clas-
sic Westside methods and Russian volume programs like Sheiko proves
you are not narrow-minded fanatics, but rather that you are intelligent
and open-minded people who will try anything once if it can give you the
results you desire.
My hat’s off to you.
Russell Hall
What Elite fts means to me!
Trust : In that you guys live what you are talking about. In That while
you are operating a business you still are here for the athlete and take
their needs seriously.
Friendship: There is a real friendship component to Elitefts. Everyone is
likeable and friendly.
Honesty: There is no BS. Everyone here tells it like it is, with a little
friendly ribbing from time to time.
Quality: I have not bought a ton of stuff from Elite, but what I have has
always been quality.
Hardcore: Dedication to all things strength.
Dave and the guys are doing a great job – keep it up, and don’t change
a thing. I don’t think there is a way to make it any better for us on this
side. I know that I would not be at the level I am without this site. I am
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
42 (started powerlifting some four years ago), and my squat went from
455 in a suit to 735 in the gym and 660 in competition, and I hope to
break the 700 barrier on the platform in two weeks. It all started with
Dale Alleshouse
Elitefts is a no-nonsense source for real training information. They cater
to people who understand that getting strong isn’t easy and that there
is no such thing as a magic workout or supplement. Real information for
real people who have real goals.
Elitefts exhibits integrity in business by putting the needs of the cus-
tomer first. Dave recently sent out letters of apology for the backorder
of items, even though the backordered items arrived faster than most
online vendors ship regularly.
Elitefts means a place where a variety of lifters and other athletes post
training, give advice and exchange ideas. The personal touches to the
training logs indicate that most posters are fairly normal people who
have various ways to overcome the challenge of fitting training time into
a busy life. Personally, I find it very informative to see that:
1. There are as many ways to get strong as there are lifters
2. Even the strongest don’t train heavy all the time
3. My thoughts are often in alignment with the expert advice, which
means either we’re all wrong (!) or that I know more than I thought I did
about lifting.
Chad Rother
1. The Logo – When I see the Elitefts logo, or when I put on one of my
Elitefts shirts, it’s immediate pride, a since of accomplishment, it’s heart
and it’s desire. Elitefts screams dedication and giving all that you have
for yourself and for others.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
2. Site and Staff – Elitefts in itself is a tremendous honor to read – each
and every employee and sponsored lifter, and all the members of the
Q&A Team take extreme pride in the strength training world. The time
and effort spent educating guys like me for FREE is unprecedented. Even
though I may not agree with every single article, or every single answer
on the Q & A. I do know one thing for sure: that the people answering
the questions and writing the articles are proven in some way shape or
form. I have the utmost respect for everyone on the site and value their
opinion. It’s very easy to just type www.EliteFts.com and read the FREE
Q&A and read the FREE articles, then act like you’re the Jedi Master
and rip off everything you guys spend hours upon hours, years upon
years, doing and researching. and then talking shit on some other forum.
I choose a different route.
3. My Story- I am a younger guy, 25 to be exact. I was a highly recruited
football player out of Brookville, Ohio. (about an hour southwest of you
guys) but unfortunately, well maybe not unfortunately, that’s where all of
my time and effort went. And being a
C and D student doesn’t cut it. I lost all of my scholarship offers because
of bad grades and several embarrassing ACT scores. So when football
didn’t work out, and since I hated school, I had to get a job. I started
working for the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department in the Jail as a
corrections officer.
Though it was new and exciting to see things I had only seen in movies
(I grew up in a small town), after working long hours and getting bitched
out and fighting every day, I slowly went from being a 225 pound line-
backer with all kinds of opportunities to a depressed 280 pound tub of
bullshit. I started hating my job, my long term girlfriend told me to piss
off, and since I don’t play sports, why lift, right?
About two years ago I was talking to my uncle who trains bodybuild-
ers in Miami, Florida. He suggested I check you guys out, and you guys
changed my life forever. I discovered a new passion for lifting heavy
weights and got back into one aspect of football I could still do and
loved: the weights! After two years, I am somewhere between shit and
suck on your scale (actually I’m probably at the top rung of shit, but
working on it). You guys are phenomenal when it comes to training, tips,
techniques, ideas and so much more.
For me it’s about persistence, rising up and never giving up, and that, in
my opinion, is Elitefts. I had the opportunity to go to your VIP seminar
last year, and I must say that you guys did not disappoint. I was once
again motivated, and every day I strive to be a better person not only in
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
the weight room, but in life in general. It does get hard at times, though.
I basically train alone, except from time to time when a friend stops by to
dumbbell bench, do some curls, and of course hit the abs – all while look-
ing at me like I’m a freak doing board presses with chalk on my hands
listening to something Wendler suggested, all while telling me to “stop
living in the past…football is over…you don’t have to run or lift heavy
anymore…you’re going to get hurt…blah, blah, blah.” He just doesn’t get
it, but that’s fine with me. I’ll keep on trying to become Strong(er).
Thanks for all you do, and I know I’m just one of many you, as a person,
businessman and friend, have inspired.
John E. Ziobro, Esq.
Elitefts helps give me the motivation to train like a powerlifter. I receive
great info from you, but more importantly, it has gotten me off of my lazy
ass and helped me train in a fun and constructive manner. I train com-
pletely alone, and you folks are my de facto training partners.
Elitefts means information to me. Tried and true, in-the-dungeon infor-
mation from people who have been there. I’ve added big numbers to all
three of my lifts following the different articles, training logs and Q&A’s.
Dave Tate has been an inspiration to me even before I attended one of
his seminars in Albany, NY approximately ten years ago. I have directed
many people to the Elitefts website for this very same reason. Not only
powerlifters, but trainers and strength coaches as well. I have always
gotten great feedback like “Awesome website!” and “What great in-
formation!” So, needless to say, what does Elitefts mean to me? Once
again, tried and true, no BS, real life, from-the-ranks information you can
trust and count on!
For Information:
Elitefts is a neutral, bipartisan, mutual format within the powerlifting
community. Most styles, programs, etc. are independently measured and
assessed and the resulting feedback is published. Results are the key
factor – not alliances with any federation or lifting club.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
For Products:
Elitefts is the best source to find equipment that will stand up to the
rigors of the powerlifting/hardcore gym environment. If a piece of equip-
ment is listed on the website, I am confident that it has been tested and
will provide great results.
For Community:
At the last powerlifting seminar I went to, many of the lifters were wear-
ing Elitefts gear, as was I. This is due to the fact that wearing Elitefts
gear shows a particular solidarity to a very large and worthwhile commu-
nity without spurning any smaller factions or promoting personal politics.
One-stop shopping for everything I need having to do with powerlifting.
What does Elitefts mean to me?
Elitefts is a trusted advisor that I can always count on for the best in
strength and conditioning education and equipment.
Strong(er): Great campaign and what Elitefts always has and always will
convey to me. Personal story:
My fiancée underwent open heart surgery right about the time the
Strong(er) campaign began. They had to replace her aortic valve. I almost
lost her (and myself in the process). The day she came home from the
hospital, she had many gifts waiting for her, of course. The one gift she
still has and still cherishes more than any other is the pink Strong(er) tee
shirt I purchased from Elitefts.
That shirt is only worn on very special occasions, and has come to
symbolize her fight for survival. It has been worn under navy blue busi-
ness suits and flannel pj’s as well. She wears it with pride and with great
grace and humility. She will undoubtedly have many more surgeries to
endure (these valves don’t last forever), but she will do so valiantly and
with confidence.
She is, after all, Strong(er) than anyone I know.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Elitefts means SANITY to me.
What Elitefts means to me:
Elitefts is my solid ground. In such a hectic world with the maelstrom of
pressures and stresses that originate from countless sources, Elitefts is
where I can finally stand firm.

Elitefts, to me, means toys for grownups. As a kid, you have shops like
Toys R Us, where you buy cool toys. Elitefts is like that for adults. Even
when I don’t have any money, I look on the site and think, “Wow, that
would be cool to have! That would be cool to wear! Everyone would
think I was a badass if I came to the gym with that bar!”
The other day I was showing off my travel stick and my foam roller to my
friends. This seems lame, but even adults like to have things that aren’t
necessary. Elitefts is a cool place to window shop, make a wish list, and
every once in a while splurge on something cool.
I collect ideas over a few months, and I buy every four months or so. I re-
ally like the signature clothing and the logo apparel.
The greatest source of information and powerlifting products on the web.
What does Elitefts mean to me? I don’t know where to start with this
question. I’m 38 years old, and I’ve never really had any athletic ability,
but through Elitefts, I’ve competed for several years in track and field,
grappling, MMA and powerlifting. I haven’t achieved elite status in any
of these sports, but through the knowledge I’ve gotten from Elitefts, I’ve
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
been in my best shape, and my strength has been at a level where it al-
lowed me to compete and do well against competition with much more
experience. I’ve also gained enough knowledge through Elitefts to help
others not make the same mistakes I did.
I’ve also been asked to help the local youth teams, which has led to
people wanting me to train their children. I’m now hoping to own my
own small private training facility. Through the knowledge I’ve gained
from Elitefts’ articles, books, DVD’s and Q&A, and my time under the bar,
I know I’m capable of doing this. I’ve been given a blueprint by Elitefts
to start training individuals, understanding that I can train them with the
bare minimum – sandbags, farmers walk handles, tires, and other ob-
jects. I can also grow my business by putting money back into it. I’m also
reaping the benefits of being a volunteer in the Strong(er) program by
making progress in my fat reduction, flexibility and strength.
To me, Elitefts is a place where I can get great training info and products
from guys who’ve been around big weights. I also love hearing the sto-
ries, the BS and the trash talk.
Mike Pratt
I view Elitefts as the leaders in sports performance and injury preven-
tion. Basically guys who have been around the block and can give advice
so we don’t make mistakes that have been made in the past.
Quality, whether it’s quality information, quality gear, quality equipment
– anything.
Trust. I trust the information on the website, I trust the advice of the
sponsored Elitefts lifters, and I trust the products that Elitefts sells.
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
Andre Hernandez
In my life, I have always been independent and thought about things
differently than everyone else. I have always gone against the trends,
searching for my own path. To me this is what Elitefts is. Elitefts is more
than a company. It’s a community of different people. Different from
those who are false in our society, the staff of Elitefts are real people who
don’t bullshit around and avoid telling you the truth. Elitefts, to me, has
been a driving force in my passion. Elitefts has shown me that what I be-
lieve can come true only through hard work, dedication and having high
In high school I was asked use one word that describes you. My word
was integrity, so to find a business and a man (Dave Tate) that were
centered around this quality was a breath of fresh air. Elitefts offers in-
formation that you cannot pay for. I believe I truly have gotten a $100,000
education for free from the articles, Q&A’s, videos and training logs
that are held open for free on this website. Elitefts is a real community
where there is nothing fake or hidden. Elitefts, I believe, is only for those
who truly want to become Strong(er), not just in the weight room or the
competitive field, but as a person as well. I read Elitefts daily and I learn
something new every time I visit the website and I attribute much of my
personal success to Elitefts being there 24 hours a day.
Thank you Elitefts. Your services, equipment and all that you do are
second to none. For the first time in five years I will be meeting some of
the Elitefts staff this week when I attend the nutrition seminar. I am both
anxious and excited, and prepared to be extremely humble as well, but
I am open to listening and have about a billion questions to ask. To me,
Elitefts is my guide, my light to look to when there is no none else. Thank

Coach L
What does it truly mean to be Strong(er)? For me this has been a saying
that has greatly helped me through my life for the past year, both inside
and outside the weight room
In a nutshell, strength coaches are typically some of the most arrogant
and egotistical coaches out there. You have those who think they know
it all but really don’t know shit, and who have no desire to share what
they think they know. Then you have those who do know their shit, but
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
don’t want to share any of the information, as though they thought of it
all on their own. Then you have the ones who don’t know shit, but want
to share their f’ed up philosophies with anyone and everyone who will
Finally, you have the staff at Elitefts. They know their shit, mostly be-
cause they know there is more shit they can learn and are willing to
share their shit. Anyway, if you can decipher all of that, you guys are a
lot smarter than I could ever give you credit for. Thanks for all that you
do for us idiots in the trenches.
Paul Vaillancourt
Off the top of my head, Elite means quality – the resource that I trust
of the time, and it’s also almost like a special club you belong to if you
are a customer and regular reader. I’m always pumped to find other
that have become customers of the company and students of the Q&A.
Thanks for asking.
I’m not sure where to begin. I found Elitefts years ago at a time in my
life where I no longer wanted to live. I had just lost my job, I was going
through a divorce, and I was realizing I was about to become a part-time
dad. I had not trained since high school, but I happened upon an article
written by Dave Tate called The Education of a Powerlifter. I’m not sure
what it was, but something in that article struck me and I became a reg-
ular reader of the site, joined a gym and started training again. Training
helped me get my life back. In the year that followed, I lost 72 pounds,
patched up my relationship with my wife and started reading everything
I could about training. Five years later, I have my own training center
that is kicking ass and making a big difference in my community. Elitefts
not only gave me my life back, you made it 100 times better.
Sean Sparandero, Powerlifter
Elitefts is a solution – something that I use on a daily basis to confront,
motivate and, quite honestly, keep myself in check. The weight is not
the means to an end – the plates are life itself. What does it take to add
5 more pounds? What does it take to raise a family, succeed in school,
face a horrible economy, stay focused and have a happy marriage? My
answers are desire, humility, and above all, confidence in myself. Fail-
ure is an opportunity to improve, and the mind is our greatest obstacle.
It’s about how strong are you are, really. In my darkest days, I read the
motivational logs and articles on Elite as well as other websites, but
Elite is where it all began. From Wendler’s quips to the various lifters’
devastating injuries, I look for their solutions, their mental solutions, how
they time and time again face failure in the gym as well as their personal
lives, and one way or another find that focus to come out ahead. Relent-
less is what I like to call success. How can I improve myself if I can’t be
honest with my shortcomings? Elitefts provides me with the answers –
most of which are suggestions to come up with my own. This sport has
opened my mind to a thought process with exceptional results, and it’s
taught me how to think for myself. Thanks is not enough.
My lessons are learned under the bar.
Elitefts.com is the place to go for someone who has trained for 18 years
for no other reasons than to get bigger and stronger. It’s where I go for
good information from people who have dedicated their lives to lifting
heavy and being strong. It’s where I go for information on my quest to
continue to get stronger, whether my name ever ends up in a magazine
or not. It’s a place where other people can understand why. It’s where
any lifter can ask questions, and get answers. It’s where the great train-
ing ideas are born, and where quality product are sold to help us all get
better. Dave Tate is to powerlifting as Jesse James is to choppers. Dave
and the staff are where I can get new pieces to the puzzle of getting
Mike Golden
Dave, I think that is a great question. I am the director of strength and
conditioning at East Carolina University. Elitefts is a company that our
whole weight staff respects. The number one reason is that you are a
guy who found a way to make a living loving what you do. Your prod-
ucts are not some cheap t-shirts with bad logos and horrible customer
service. We have spoken either to you directly or people on your staff
What Does Elitefts Mean To You? What Does Elitefts Mean To You?
and they are always extremely helpful. We ordered one of your e-books
and being a computer novice (idiot) I screwed it up. I called and with no
questions asked one of your employees (a lady) walked me through the
whole thing. As we say in all the time, it is the little things that make
you win-and your company really has a handle on that. I also respect
the way of your training advice-we have been saying the same thing
for years and most people just don’t get it-find what works for you and/
or your athletes and go do it. There is no cookie cutter program. Just
be consistent, work hard and it will happen. Even your sales (pitches/
gimmicks) work for both sides-a fair deal for the customer and a higher
volume for you. The web site is excellent, and the information is raw and
unhindered-not just some study after study. Just trial and error on a lot
of peoples part. Thanks for giving us a product we can trust.
Nick Raaum
Forget all the world class weightlifting advice, what Elitefts means to
me is the desire to always go further and the class and integrity to share
the lessons learned from breaking the limit. I think that in a world were
sometimes things are so easily obtained by not being true or honest
weightlifting is the exact opposite. There is no foolling a hunk of iron to
move if you haven’t done your work and have the desire to accomplish it.
Thanks for the great site and the examples to draw from both in and out
of the gym!
What Does Elitefts Mean To You?