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Orign and Passage of the Cranial Nerve

Name and Order Fiber Portion connecting with brain Passage of the skull
ⅠOlfactory. N sensory Olfactory bulb Cribriform foramina
Ⅱ Optic. N sensory Optic chiasma Optic canal
Ⅲ Oculomotor. N motor Cerebral peduncle Sup.orbital fissure
ⅣTrochlear. N motor Superior medullary velum Sup.orbital fissure
ⅤTrigeminal. N mix Pons Sup.orbital fissure
Foramen rotundum
Foramen ovale
ⅥAbducent. N motor bulbopontine sulcus Sup.orbital fissure
ⅦFacial. N mix bulbopontine sulcus Facial canal
ⅧVestibulocochlear. N sensory bulbopontine sulcus Int.acoustic meatus
ⅨGlossopharyngeal. N mix upper part of the sulcus Jugular foramen
ⅩVagus. N mix middle part of the sulcus Jugular foramen
ⅪAccessory. N motor lower part of the sulcus Jugular foramen
ⅫHypoglossal. N motor Anterolateral sulcus of medulla oblongata Hypoglossal canal
VII Facial
nerve General
Geniculate ganglion Skin of the ear
Facial muscles Geniculate Submandibular

ganglion ganglion proprioceptive
Taste buds on the anterior 2/3

of the tongue
Lacrimal gland Submendibular gland

Nose 、 palate Sublingual gland
Motor root Intermediate root

Facial nerve

Bulbopontine sulcus

Internal acoustic pore

Facial canal

Greater petrosal nerve Stylomastoid foramen Chorda tympani

Foramen lacerum Tympanic cavity
Parotid gland
Infratemporal fossa
Pterygoid canal
Temporal branches

Pterygopalatine fossa Join lingual nerve
Zygomatic branches
General General
visceral Buccal branches
efferent efferent
Pterygopalatine ganglion
fibers Marginal mandibular branches Taste buds of
Submandibular ganglion

anterior2/3 of tongue
Lacrimal gland Lingual gland
Cervical branches
Submandibular gland
and glands of the
Pterygopalatine ganglion
Lacrimal gland
Grater petrosal.N

Geniculate ganglion

Facial nerve Spinal
Skin of ear Int. acoustic pore (General
nucleus somatic
afferent fibers)

Chorda tympani
Stylomastoid foramen
Taste sensationof Temporal branches
2/3 of tongue
Submandibular ganglion
Zygomatic branches

Submandibular gland Buccal branches

Sublingual gland
Marginal mandibular branches

Cervical branches
Distribution of the facial nerve in the face
Cochlear nucleus Vestibular nucleus

nerve Bulbopontine sulcus

Internal acoustic meatus

Cochlear nerve Vestibular nerve

Cochlear ganglion Vestibular ganglion

Crista ampullaris
Hair cells of Spiral organ

Maculae of the utricle and saccule
Vestibular nucleus

Internal acoustic pore Cochlear nucleus
Maculae of the utricle

Maculae of the saccule

Crista ampullaris

Vestibulocochlear nerve

Hair cells of Spiral organ

nerve visceral
Inferior ganglion Inferior ganglion Superior ganglion
stylopharyngeus Otic ganglion

Pharynx Auditory
Skin of the
Parotid gland Taste buds on the posterior
tube Tympanic
posterior surface
1/3 of the tongue
cavity Posterior 1/3
of the auricle
of the tongue 、

Carotid glomus

Carotid sinus
Skin of ear
Superior ganglion
Jugular foramen
(General visceral
Otic ganglion afferent fibers)
Parotid gland Lesser

Inferior ganglion

General and taste Lingual branches

sensation of posterior

1/3 of the tongue

Carotid sinus

branches Tympanic cavity
Carotid glomus

Auditory tube
Carotid sinus
Glossopharyngeal nerve

Posterior olivary sulcus

Jugular foramen

Between internal jugular vein and

internal carotid artery
Deepness of hyoglossus

Tympanic nerve Carotid sinus branche Lingual branches Pharyngeal branches

Tympanic cavity Carotid glomus General and taste sensation of

Tympanic plexus Carotid sinus posterior 1/3 of the tongue
Mucous membrane of
Mucous membrane of Lesser petrosal nerve
the pharynx
middle ear Join otic ganglion

Parotid gland stylopharyngeus