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VOTE for: Marc Boyer

Running for Vancouver City Council
under the Marijuana Party
We guarantee to make this City's uncivil
servants accountable
Our contention is that until the rude behaviour
of unelected authoritarian City Official stops
M!"# $%!$& voters 'ill continue to vote out
the e(isting elected Officials)
Our measures may sound harsh but our motives are driven by a
desire to create a kinder City staff that actually serve happy voters
* $o fi( this mess 'e'll take the follo'ing action)
+) Offer the head servant of any uncivil department
the option to retire ,or- get fired
.) ,and- Replace them 'ith trustees
What?? $rustees are usually used in bankruptcies
That's right: they are bankrupt of ethics for being the bullies that
order us around like they are o'n the right to be uncivil servants)
The NP's solution to this mess at City !all is to
create another level of bureaucracy / "!M01&
appoint an Ombudsman Office to regulate the abuse)
$his is just pandering to the bums that 'ant more
uncivil servants to control the abuse of their Office
Let's face it!
+) $rustees are actually accountable for money
collected and are instrumental on making sure that
these resources are 'ell spent by that department)

.) $hey don't need training on ho' to delegate
authority2 and they inherently kno' ho' to settle 3fi(
conflicts that arise in the day to day administration as
resolvers2 in order to fi( disputes 'ith voters 4uickly)
BOTTOM "#N$ ,on this issue-
By electing Marc Boyer to Council 'ill result 'here
all kinds of uncivil servants 'ill think early retirement is
a good option compared to facing the criminal liability
they created against him personally across the last
decade) $his uncivil behaviour must stop
$lect Marc Boyer in order to reform City !all
VOTE for: Marc Boyer
Running for Vancouver City Council
under the Marijuana Party
%e guarantee to legali&e our BC cannabis
industry thru an $lections ct ta' loophole
+) 5nder this loophole $he Marijuana Party can offer
the City a +67 sales ta( !"8 uncivil City Officials
simply refuse to take millions of dollars of legal ta(es)
So we're making a political issue about this fact

9) :y the City refusing this ta( means the e(isting
dispensary net'ork that 'e have in Vancouver 'ill
be shut do'n by ne(t spring because they seem
to be 'aiting for 'hat those ;ederal Courts rule
<) :y accepting this ta( means the millions of dollars
of ta(es our industry raises stays in :C and the entire
net'ork of clubs in Vancouver 'ill be a legal competition
to this ne' ;ederal program that this fascist %arpster
regime is trying to implement2 thru fraudulent means
;rankly2 'e don't kno' 'hether the Mayor or Council
approve of the decisions that the City la'yers are
implementing because ,at face value- they appear to be
kept out of the loop !"8 frankly2 this attitude of being the
City's policy makers is a really big problem for city voters
(o no) that it's $lection (eason
Let's hear what solutions the elected Officials have to fix
a mess at City Hall and let's hear the excuses any elected
Officials have for not legalizing our clubs and its grow-ops
by collecting a sales tax under the Mariuana !arty

*rankly+ it all comes do)n to money: the City la'yers
and cops think they can get more money and job security
from the ;eds to bust us2 than from collecting our ta(es
We the voters cannot compete 'ith the ;eds ability to dump money
onto ethically bankrupt uncivil servants 'ho ram do'n their agenda
%e need to )ake up and read this year's statistics
/ $he official arrest rate for marijuana are .67 higher
than last year and the high'ay robbery shake do'ns are
not recorded but an estimate of +667 higher is realistic)
BOTTOM "#N$: We can't e(plain our platform in one pamphlet :5$
$his election is < month long) =et informed by going to scribd)com
for articles or ;acebook by searching for us > Marc :oyer Vancouver