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Technical Standard; HOC-CO-02
Original Issue: June 2002
Revision 2: July 2003

Internal Coating of Pipe
!"0 INTRO#$CTION"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" !
11 SCO!" 1
12 R"#"R"$C" 1
1% &"#I$ITIO$S
2"0 GENERAL RE%$IRE&ENT"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" !
21 '"$"RA( 1
3"0 $RFACE PREPARATION"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 2
%1 '"$"RA( 2
'"0 COATING APPLICATION"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 2
)1 '"$"RA( 2
("0 INPECTION AN# TETING"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 3
*1 '"$"RA( %
)"0 TORAGE AN# *AN#LING OF COATE# PIPE""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""'
+1 '"$"RA( )
APPEN#I+ I"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
Internal Coating o. !ipe !age i /ul0 200%

Internal Coating of Pipe
!"0 Intro,u-tion
!"! -ope
This standard covers the 1ini1u1 re2uire1ents o. Hunt Oil
Co1pan0 o. Canada3 Inc 4Hunt Oil5 .or the application o. coatings
to the internals o. pipe and includes all associated couplings and
pup 6oints $or1all03 the generic t0pes o. coatings used .or this
application are 7ased on epo803 epo80 phenolic3 phenolic3 urethane
or 1odi.ied n0lon t0pes o. resins This speci.ication is .or coating
s0ste1s suita7le .or service te1peratures up to 120C
!"2 Referen-e.
Re.erences to 7e used in con6unction 9ith this standard are the
latest edition o.:
o-iety of Prote-ti/e Coating. 0PC12
SS!C !A2 -easure1ent o. &r0 !aint Thic:ness 9ith
-agnetic 'auges
SS!C-S!* ;hite -etal <last Cleaning
!"3 #efinition. !urchaser shall 1ean Hunt Oil Co1pan0 o. Canada3 Inc 4Hunt Oil5
or an0 agent o. Hunt Oil3 or an0 other person3 .ir1 or corporation
engaged 70 Hunt Oil3 to per.or1 services to 9hich this standard is
Contra-tor The contractor shall 1ean the person4s5 or co1pan04ies5 carr0ing
out 9or: to this standard .or the !urchaser
&anufa-turer The co1pan0 responsi7le .or the che1ical .or1ulation and
characteristics o. the coating selected 70 the !urchaser
Pipe !ipe 1eans .a7ricated spooled piping
2"0 General Re4uire5ent.
2"! General
2"!"! The Contractor shall 7e a !urchaser approved coatings applicator
2"!"2 The Contractor shall suppl0 a !urchaser approved3 on site
supervisor e8perienced and trained in the application o. corrosion
control coatings
2"!"3 The Contractor=s e2uip1ent .or the per.or1ance o. 9or: to this
standard shall 7e in good 9or:ing condition
2"!"' The Contractor=s air co1pression e2uip1ent shall 7e e2uipped 9ith
oil and 1oisture traps such that co1pressed air generated .or
a7rasive 7lasting or painting is .ree o. 1oisture and oil3 as per
Internal Coating o. !ipe !age 1 /ul0 200%

Internal Coating of Pipe
section *1% o. this standard
2"!"( Onl0 coating products listed in Ta7le A1 o. Appendi8 I are approved
.or use Applicators 1a0 propose alternate e2uivalent 1aterials 7ut
these 9ill re2uire Hunt Oil and pro6ect approval prior to their
acceptance .or 9or: to this speci.ication
3"0 urfa-e Preparation
3"! General
3"!"! !rior to co11ence1ent o. coating application3 it shall 7e the
applicator=s responsi7ilit0 to inspect pipe .a7rications to ensure that
9eld penetrations are ground s1ooth and no e8cessive 9eld
7uildup or splatter e8ists #lange entr0 7ore shall have a s1all
radius ground to round o.. an0 sharp corners
3"!"2 The internals o. the pipe and couplings shall 7e 7last cleaned to
SS!C-S!* standard A 1ini1u1 anchor pattern o. 00* 11 shall
7e o7tained 9ith no residual a7rasive le.t on the cleaned sur.ace
3"!"3 !rior to coating3 the pipe and couplings shall 7e cleaned o. all
sur.ace dust and each length o. pipe and coupling shall 7e visuall0
inspected to ensure cleanliness I. co1pressed air is used to 7lo9
out the pipe3 the air shall 7e dr0 to prevent o8idation3 and oil .ree to
prevent oil conta1ination o. the 1etal sur.ace
'"0 Coating Appli-ation
'"! General
'"!"! The 1ethod o. coating application shall var0 depending on the
particular coating chosen .or the intended service The coating
shall 7e applied 9ith strict adherence to the coating 1anu.acturer=s
pu7lished procedures These reco11endations shall 7e revie9ed
9ith the !urchaser prior to the application o. the internal coating
and shall 7e considered a re2uire1ent o. this standard
'"!"2 Coating shall 7e applied to the pipe 9ith good coating practice
<oth the pri1er 4i. used5 and top coat4s5 shall 7e applied uni.or1l03
7e .ree o. runs or sags and 7e the speci.ied thic:ness .or the
coating s0ste1
'"!"3 The coating 1anu.acturer=s reco11endations shall 7e strictl0
adhered to .or te1perature3 hu1idit03 and duration o. the pre-7a:e3
inter1ediate 7a:e and .inal 7a:e processes
'"!"' Onl0 the .aces o. ring 6oint and raised .ace .langes on spooled
piping shall 7e coated The ring 6oint groove o. ring 6oint .langes
shall not 7e coated The coating shall 7e applied uni.or1l0 and 7e
co1pletel0 .ree o. runs3 sags or lu1ps
("0 an, Te.ting
Internal Coating o. !ipe !age 2 /ul0 200%

Internal Coating of Pipe
("! General
("!"! The !urchaser reserves the right to inspect an0 phase o. the
coating application and per.or1 tests it dee1s necessar0 and
evaluate the coating application to this standard The .ollo9ing
re2uire1ents esta7lish the 1ini1u1 2ualit0 control tests that shall
7e per.or1ed 70 the Contractor
("!"2 The re2uire1ents o. SS!C-S!*3 9hite 1etal 7last cleaning shall 7e
used to evaluate sur.ace preparation This inspection 1a0 7e aided
70 the use o. an optical 1agni.0ing device and Teste8 sur.ace
pro.ile deter1inations
("!"3 !rior to and during operation3 the cleanliness o. an0 co1pressed air
7eing supplied .or coating or a7rasive 7lasting shall 7e chec:ed
once per eight hour shi.t 70 placing a clean 9hite cotton rag over
the end o. the 1ain air suppl0 line3 do9nstrea1 o. the re2uired
1oisture and air traps A ten second sa1ple o. air shall 7e
delivered at high velocit0 through the rag #ollo9ing this3 the rag
shall 7e visuall0 inspected and sho9 no evidence o. 1oisture or oil
("!"' #ollo9ing the curing o. each coat3 the dr0 .il1 thic:ness o. the
coating shall 7e 1easured in t9o locations at each end o. the pipe
using a cali7rated dr0 .il1 coating gauge in accordance 9ith SS!C
!A2 This gauge shall 7e approved 70 the !urchaser The testing
shall 7e per.or1ed on 10> o. tu7ing or line pipe lengths and 100>
o. piping spools
("!"( The coating 1anu.acturer=s reco11endations .or 1etal
te1perature versus ti1e shall 7e 1onitored .or coating cure Once
cured3 the coating shall not so.ten 9hen ru77ed .or ten seconds
9ith a clean rag soa:ed 9ith 1eth0l eth0l :etone 4-"?5
("!") At the !urchaser=s re2uest and cost3 a di..erential scanning
calori1eter 4&SC5 test shall 7e per.or1ed to deter1ine the degree
o. coating cure
("!"6 The applied coating shall 7e .ree o. voids and signi.icant porosit0
9hen vie9ed under 1agni.ication 4%085 $o porosit0 that e8tends
through to the 1etal su7strate or to the sur.ace o. the coating shall
7e accepted
("!"7 The coating shall 7e 100> holida0 .ree as deter1ined 70 a
!urchaser approved holida0 tester $or1all03 a 9et sponge t0pe
detector shall 7e used 9ith a voltage o. 100,@002* 11
("!"8 The .inished coating shall 7e visuall0 inspected and shall 7e .ree o.
runs or sags
("!"!0 An0 coating that .ails the tests outlined in section *0 and 9hich in
the !urchaser=s opinion is not repaira7le shall 7e re1oved at the
Contractor=s e8pense
)"0 torage an, *an,ling of Coate, Pipe
)"! General
Internal Coating o. !ipe !age % /ul0 200%

Internal Coating of Pipe
)"!"! The li.ting or handling o. pipe shall 7e 70 1eans o. slings3 calipers
or other li.ting devices that give at least t9o point suspension in a
pipe length such that no da1age or de.or1ation occurs The use o.
end hoo:s or end cla1ps shall not 7e per1itted
)"!"2 #or storage or .or loading onto trailers3 the pipe shall 7e stac:ed
and 7loc:ed such that no da1age to the pipe occurs
)"!"3 #lange .aces shall 7e protected .or shipping 70 placing plastic
pl09ood discs over the1 The suppl0 and place1ent o. this
protection is the responsi7ilit0 o. the Contractor
Internal Coating o. !ipe !age ) /ul0 200%

Internal Coating of Pipe
Appen,i9 I
Appro/e, Coating &aterial.
Internal Coating o. !ipe !age * /ul0 200%

Internal Coating of Pipe
E4uip5ent to
<e Coate,
Total pe-ifie,
05i-ron.1 05il.1
120 #a7ricated !iping &",CH"- 2*% %0* - )0+ 12 - 1+ ICI &evoe Coatings
120 #a7ricated !iping "nviroline )A% %0* - )0+ 12 - 1+ Canadian "nviron1ental Coatings
Internal Coating o. !ipe !age + /ul0 200%