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Technical Standard; HOC-CO-03
Original Issue: June 2002
Revision 1 July 2003

Internal Coating of Vessels
!"0 INTRO#$CTION"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" !
11 SCO!" 1
1# R"$"R"%C" 1
13 &"$I%ITIO%S 1
2"0 GENERAL RE%$IRE&ENTS"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 2
#1 '"%"RA( #
3"0 S$RACE 'RE'ARATION"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 2
31 '"%"RA( #
("0 COATING A''LICATION"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 3
)1 '"%"RA( 3
)"0 INS'ECTION AN# TESTING"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
*1 '"%"RA( )
*"0 CONTRACTOR+S RES'ONSIBILIT,"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""")
A''EN#I- I"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" *
Internal +essel Coating !age i .ul/ #003

Internal Coating of Vessels
!"0 Intro.u/tion
!"! S/o0e
This standard contains the 0ini0u0 technical re1uire0ents o2 Hunt
Oil Co0pan/ o2 Canada3 Inc 4Hunt Oil5 2or the application o2 a
protective coating to the interior o2 pressure vessels This standard
is 2or 6oth shop and 2ield applied coatings
!"2 Referen/es
Re2erences to 6e used in con7unction 8ith this standard are the
latest edition o2 the 2ollo8ing:
Asso/iation of
%AC" 91 :hite ,etal ;last Cleaning
%AC" R!01-< $a6rication &etails3 Sur2ace $inish
Re1uire0ents and !roper &esign
Considerations 2or Tan=s and +essels to 6e
(ined 2or I00ersion Service
%AC" R!01<< &iscontinuit/ 4Holida/5 Testing o2 !rotective
So/iety of
SS!C !A1 Shop3 $ield and ,aintenance !ainting
SS!C !A# ,easure0ent o2 &r/ !aint Thic=ness 8ith ,agnetic
SS!C-S!* :hite ,etal ;last Cleaning
S8edish Standard Sa 3 :hite ,etal ;last Cleaning
!"3 #efinitions
'ur/5aser !urchaser shall 0ean Hunt Oil Co0pan/ o2 Canada3 Inc 4Hunt Oil5
or an/ agent o2 Hunt Oil3 or an/ other person3 2ir0 or corporation
engaged 6/ Hunt Oil3 to per2or0 services to 8hich this standard is
Contra/tor The contractor shall 0ean the person4s5 or co0pan/4ies5 appl/ing
the coating as speci2ied in this standard 2or the !urchaser
&anufa/turer The co0pan/ responsi6le 2or the che0ical 2or0ulation and
characteristics o2 the coating selected 6/ the !urchaser
2"0 General Re6uire7ents
2"! General
2"!"! An/ coating not 0eeting the re1uire0ents o2 this standard shall 6e
repaired at the Contractor>s e?pense
Internal +essel Coating !age 1 .ul/ #003

Internal Coating of Vessels
2"!"2 An/ applied coating that 2ails the tests outlined in section *0 and
8hich3 in the !urchaser>s opinion3 is not repaira6le shall 6e
re0oved in entiret/ at the Contractor>s e?pense
2"!"3 The Contractor shall suppl/ an on site supervisor e?perienced and
trained in the application o2 corrosion control coatings 8ho shall 6e
approved 6/ the !urchaser
2"!"( The !urchaser reserves the right to speci2/ a coatings inspector to
audit and vie8 progress during sur2ace preparation3 coating
application3 and curing
2"!") The Contractor>s e1uip0ent 2or the per2or0ance o2 8or= to this
standard shall 6e in good 8or=ing condition
2"!"* The Contractor>s air co0pression e1uip0ent shall 6e e1uipped 8ith
oil and 0oisture traps such that co0pressed air generated 2or
a6rasive 6lasting or painting is 2ree o2 0oisture and oil3 as
deter0ined 6/ section *1- o2 this standard
2"!"8 The Contractor shall have and utili@e a docu0ented 1ualit/ control
0anual on site The !urchaser shall revie8 and approve the
Contractor>s 1ualit/ control procedures prior to co00ence0ent o2
3"0 Surfa/e 're0aration
3"! General
3"!"! !rior to co00ence0ent o2 the coating application3 the Contractor
shall inspect the pressure vessel to ensure that all sur2aces and
other 2eatures o2 the vessel are coata6le as per the re1uire0ents o2
this standard and %AC" R!01-<
3"!"2 All internal sur2aces to 6e coated shall 6e a6rasive 6lasted to
SS!C-S!* 48hite 0etal5 and 0aintained at S!* until application o2
the 2irst coat Onl/ an a6rasive3 8hich leaves no chloride salt3 or
other residues e06edded on the 0etal sur2ace shall 6e used !rior
to co00ence0ent o2 8or=3 the Contractor shall indicate to the
!urchaser3 on the pro7ect docu0ents3 the a6rasive to 6e used and
shall o6tain the !urchaser>s approval o2 its use
3"!"3 The a6rasive 6last shall i0part a sur2ace pro2ile in the range o2 *0
to 1#* 0icrons 4# to * 0ils5 on the 0etal su6strate to 6e coated
3"!"( $ollo8ing a6rasive 6lasting3 the Contractor shall s8eep and
vacuu0 clean the vessel o2 all a6rasive and de6ris
3"!") Onl/ unused a6rasive shall 6e used 2or a6rasive 6lasting
3"!"* $ollo8ing sur2ace 6lasting3 an/ e?cessive chloride conta0ination
deter0ined in accordance 8ith section *1) on the sur2ace shall 6e
re0oved at the Contractor>s e?pense
("0 Coating A00li/ation
Internal +essel Coating !age # .ul/ #003

Internal Coating of Vessels
("! General
("!"! The re1uire0ents o2 SS!C !A1 shall 6e 2ul2illed 6/ the Contractor
as part o2 this standard
("!"2 The !urchaser shall speci2/ 4in consultation 8ith the Contractor5
one o2 the approved coating 0aterials listed in Ta6le 1 o2 Appendi?
("!"3 The proper 0i?ing3 application and curing o2 the coating are
essential procedures3 and the Contractor shall 2ollo8 the coating
0anu2acturer>s reco00endations Thinning o2 the coating shall 6e
per2or0ed in a 8ell ventilated environ0ent
("!"( &uring and 2ollo8ing the a6rasive 6lasting and during the
application o2 the coating and its curing3 the Contractor shall
0aintain the 0etal te0perature at a 0ini0u0 o2 *C a6ove the
de8 point te0perature o2 the air inside the vessel In addition3 the
0etal te0perature shall not 6e lo8er than the coating
0anu2acturer>s reco00ended curing te0perature at an/ point
during the coating application and curing c/cles
("!") :elds shall 6e 6rush 4stripe5 coated prior to spra/ application o2 the
coating I2 re1uired3 the coating 0aterial shall 6e thinned as
reco00ended 6/ the coating 0anu2acturer
("!"* +essel raised 2ace 2langes shall 6e coated so that coating e?tends
over the raised 2ace 8ithin a thic=ness o2 100 to 1*0 0icrons 4) to A
0ils5 $or ring 7oint 2langes3 onl/ the 2lange 2ace shall 6e coated
%o coating shall 6e le2t in the ring 7oint groove
("!"8 All internal sur2aces shall 6e a6rasive 6lasted to SS!C-S!* 48hite
0etal5 and shall 6e at S!* upon application o2 the 2irst coat The
2irst coat shall 6e applied to a thic=ness not e?ceeding the coating
0anu2acturer>s reco00endation One or 0ore coats shall 6e
applied later also according to the 0anu2acturer>s reco00endation
The Contractor shall 2ollo8 the techni1ues and procedures 2or
spra/ coating given in SS!C !A1
("!"9 The length o2 the dr/ and cure period 6et8een coats is critical and
the 0anu2acturer>s reco00endations shall 6e 2ollo8ed precisel/
("!": The 2inal dr/ 2il0 thic=ness shall 6e as speci2ied in Appendi? I Ta6le
("!"!0 The coating shall 6e 2ree o2 runs and sags3 and 6e 100B holida/
2ree as deter0ined according to section *1#
)"0 Ins0e/tion an. Testing
)"! General
)"!"! The !urchaser>s inspector shall have the unrestricted right to
inspect an/ phase o2 the coating application3 8itness the
Contractor>s inspection and per2or0 tests to evaluate the coating
application; ho8ever3 the !urchaser>s inspector shall not
Internal +essel Coating !age 3 .ul/ #003

Internal Coating of Vessels
underta=e to chec= the 1ualit/ o2 8or= on 6ehal2 o2 the
Contractor The 2ollo8ing 0ini0u0 tests shall 6e conducted 6/
the Contractor
)"!"2 The entire sur2ace o2 the coating shall 6e inspected in
accordance 8ith section )110 and %AC" R!01<<
)"!"3 Sur2ace preparation shall con2or0 to the re1uire0ents o2 SS!C-
S!* and %AC" 91 This inspection 0a/ 6e aided 6/ the use o2
an optical 0agni2/ing device or 6lac= light to chec= 2or an/
residue le2t on the 0etal sur2ace
)"!"( &uring or 2ollo8ing sur2ace preparation3 a 0ini0u0 o2 t8o
chloride residual tests shall 6e per2or0ed 6/ the Contractor The
0a?i0u0 level o2 chloride shall 6e 10 0gC0
This correlates to
a 0a?i0u0 reading o2 10 pp0
)"!") &uring application3 the 8et thic=ness o2 the coating a2ter each
coat shall 6e 0easured 8ith a 8et 2il0 thic=ness gauge to
deter0ine adherence to the coating 0anu2acturer>s
)"!"* $ollo8ing the curing o2 each coat3 the dr/ 2il0 thic=ness o2 the
coating shall 6e 0easured using a cali6rated dr/ 2il0 coating
gauge in accordance 8ith SS!C !A#
)"!"8 !rior to and once per 2our hours during operation3 the cleanliness
o2 the co0pressed air 6eing supplied shall 6e chec=ed 6/ placing
a clean3 8hite3 cotton rag over the end o2 the 0ain air suppl/ line
do8nstrea0 o2 the re1uired 0oisture and oil traps A ten second
sa0ple o2 air shall 6e delivered through the rag $ollo8ing this3
the rag shall 6e visuall/ inspected and 0ust sho8 no evidence o2
0oisture or oil
)"!"9 The coating 0anu2acturer>s re1uire0ents 2or 0etal te0perature
versus ti0e shall 6e adhered to 2or coating cure
*"0 Contra/tor+s Res0onsi;ility
The Contractor shall 2urnish all la6our3 tools3 e1uip0ent3 2uels3
and 0aterials necessar/ 2or the per2or0ance o2 the 8or= outlined
in this Standard3 unless other8ise stipulated in contract
docu0ents including:
Transportation to and 2ro0 the 7o6 site;
Handling and storage o2 coating 0aterials and e1uip0ent;
Sur2ace preparation;
Application o2 pri0er3 8here used;
Application o2 top coat4s5;
Co0plete cure o2 the coating including the provision o2
insulated tarpaulins and heat to cure the coating 4the 0ethod
Internal +essel Coating !age ) .ul/ #003

Internal Coating of Vessels
o2 suppl/ing heat shall 6e approved 6/ the !urchaser5;
&ehu0idi2ication e1uip0ent3 8here re1uired;
Inspection and testing;
A 8ritten 7o6 co0pletion report su60itted to the !urchaser
su00ari@ing 8or= per2or0ed and inspection test results
Internal +essel Coating !age * .ul/ #003

Internal Coating of Vessels
A00en.i< I
A00ro3e. Coating &aterials
Internal +essel Coating !age A .ul/ #003

Internal Coating of Vessels
Nu7;er of
Total S0e/ifie.
17i/rons2 17ils2
D 100 # &evche0 #*3 3*0 1) ICI &evoe Coatings
D 100 # !lasite -1*A 3-* 1* Car6oline C !lasite Canada
Internal +essel Coating !age - .ul/ #003