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Persuasive Speech Outline

Name: Alejandro Ramirez and Karimi Ndwiga

I have practiced my speech and it is about _________ minutes in length.


I. A researcher conducted an experiment with college students about their knowledge
on the Holocaust. Many of their answers were embarrassing.
A. Alejandro is the Editor and Chief of Alejrimi Magazine and has degrees in
Political Science, Journalism, and History. Karimi is a international journalist
who travels around the world.
B. You dont want to be that one ignorant college student and with
you can be the most informed person you know.
C. The problem is college students are uninformed about history and current
affairs the solution is

II. Students arent informed on current events and important historical topics.
A. NYU Bengazi example
B. 21% of students report voting in 2012. Research shows that if college
students are made awar of issues and topics that are relevant to their lives
they are more likely to vote,
C. Students degrees and status as students are being negated by their lack of
knowledge on very important issues.

III. Alejrimi is the best way to stay informed in simple interesting manner.
A. Hype for Alejrimi
B. Alejrimi magazine is a free internationally recognized paperless magazine
that simplifies history and current events into a digestible manner for busy
C. Big Solution: Student should take as many political science, history, and
ethnic studies as they can.
D. Yeah but why not just read the LA times, your local college newspaper, or
watch the news.

IV. With Alejrimi students have a resource created just for them and can rely on up to
date, simple, and clear information on what has and is going on in the world.
A. Close your eyes and imagine a society where everyone is informed and
empowered. More people are voting and speaking their minds.
B. Go on once a week to keep up on history and current events.
In the end, you shouldnt just learn within the expensive walls of university.