Xavier Academy

Initao, Misamis Oriental
SY: 2014-2015
MAP! "
#-" $%I&
'irst Prelim (am
)AM: ********************************************************************
+A,: ********************** PA%),-S SI#)A,$%: ****************
I. Direction: Write the word TRUE if the statement is correct. If the statement is wrong, write the word
________1. Music can be written and read using symbols.
________2. Duration refers to the length of time that sound and silence lasts.
________3. A whole note is eui!alent to four half notes.
________". #our uarter notes ha!e an eui!alent !alue similar to the !alue of one whole note.
________$. %he uarter note has the same !alue as a uarter rest.
________&. %he si'teenth rest recie!es 1() of the !alue of the whole rest.
________*. %he uarter rests is eui!alent to four beats.
________). +ne whole note and one uarter note when combined recie!es ) beats.
________,. %wo eight notes has the same !alue as one uarter note.
________1-. %he si'teenth note has a shaded head, a stem, and a hoo..
II. ID/0%I#I1A%I+02
1._______________ &. _________________
2. ______________ *.____________________
3. _____________ ). ___________ this .ind of time signatures tells you that there
are two beats in a measure and that the uarter notes recie!es
one beat.
". _____________ ,. _____________time signatures tell you that there are three
beats in a measure and that the uarter note recie!es one beat.
$. _____________ 1-. ____________ most common time signature because it is
often used in musical com3osition.
1. What is music for you8
“ We do good things to make people we love happy. “
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