Conscious Creation 101, Module 2: The Law of Creation and The Law of Attraction

Good Day, my fellow conscious creator! Yesterday, we defined Conscious Creation as the act of consciously applying the laws of the Universe in order to CREATE our ideal life. So, let's begin with the question, what are the Laws of the Universe? The Laws of the Universe are impermeable, constant, and consistent. These laws are not like earthly breakable laws such as the speed limit (broken every second of every day), or even the Law of Gravity (broken upon NASA mission, for example). These laws are always congruent, and always operating in our life whether we are aware of them or not. These Laws are impersonal and impartial and operate across all cultures, classes, continents, and planets for that matter. The Law of Creation has been taught by the most blessed beings that have ever walked our planet. “According to your belief be it done unto you.” - Matthew 9:29 And I know you've heard, Proverbs 23:7: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The Buddhist holy book, the Dhammapada describes the Law of Creation in this manner: “Our life is shaped by our mind. We become what we think. Suffering follow an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draw it. Our life is shaped by our mind. We become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.” It follows then, that we are always employing the Law of Creation with every thought that we ponder. Fortunately, not every thought is instantly creative, because it is not our thoughts alone that enact the law of creation. This is where the Law of Attraction comes in. The best definition for the Law of Attraction is from Jerry and Esther Hicks with Abraham (Jerry and Esther Hicks channel the non-physical teacher Abraham, and if you are unfamiliar with their work, you definitely want to visit! I will refer to their work frequently, as I consider them to be one of my foremost, foundational teachers, and am very thankful for their work.) The Law of Attraction according to Abraham, says, “That which is likened unto itself is drawn.” The good news is, until our thoughts become our beliefs (our knowingness) then they are merely random thoughts and won't litter our lives too terribly. When a thought is repeated often enough, it becomes a belief.


When a belief is revisited often enough, it becomes our knowingness. This knowingness has an energetic charge, a vibrational frequency that is like a large mass, with a magnetic, gravitational pull that quite literally seeks like “masses” and pulls them into our lives. When I was a child, I lived in a very small town called Angus, Texas. (The population of Angus was barely 100. It was one of those tiny Texas towns that were built around the liquor store. Angus was 1-inch away from the end of the dry-county line where alcoholic beverage sales were outlawed.) Since I was 12 miles from my nearest friend, my best friends were the country animals. Every night before I would go to sleep, I would imagine playing with a new set of fun dogs, frogs, “craw-dads” (a.k.a. crawfish) and critters the next day. I couldn't wait to see who would show up, today. Sure enough, my days were filled with my loving Star, (my collie), and her many new friends that would show up for a day, or a week, and then move on. (My siblings still tease me about having to take a tomatojuice-bath, because I tried to play with a skunk one time! Pea-Yew!!) When I was ten, we moved to the big city, Houston. We lived in a popular suburb and I only had to trot across the street to play with my friends. However, I missed playing with the stray animals, and sometimes, I would purposely imagine some wonderful new animal friends venturing into our yard. Of course, as you might guess, the next day or maybe the day after, a new animal friend would arrive to play. Even without knowing what I was doing, I was using the Law of Creation, (imagining animals), and the Law of Attraction (believing they would show up). I became a vibrational match to fun, furry friends by my belief that they would appear and they did. You too, are constantly becoming a match to something. Your work is to become more intentional about what that “something” is! Continue to next page for Fieldwork.


Your Fieldwork
1) Share your insights and thoughts about how these Laws work with anyone who is a willing (and open) listener. This will support you in learning them on a deeper level. 2) Start a Creative Manifesting Journal with that journal you bought. Begin writing daily what you want to CREATE today (stay focused on the positive of what you want and steer clear of what you don't want, except to identify what you want instead.) 3) Take an inventory of the victorious creations of your life. Write down the positive major and minor events in your life and why you are grateful for them. 4) Ask yourself, “What might my thoughts, feelings, or beliefs have been that could have supported my attraction of this?” “What was my knowingness about this?” Be playful and fun with this exercise. Warning Instruction: DO NOT dig up a bunch of past hurts and wounds and bombard yourself with spiritual malpractice by asking, “How could I be so terrible as to create this?” Do not do this! Focus instead on recording the more positive events. 5) From your list of WANTS and GOALS that you created in the previous session, select one or two to focus upon. Now, write down the thoughts that would be supportive of their creation. This process allows you to begin structuring the consciousness that is required to support their manifestation. By writing down support thoughts, you are forming the affirmations and images necessary to intentionally apply the Laws of Creation. Tomorrow you will receive Conscious Creation 101, Module 4: The Laws of Reciprocity an the Law of Giving. Great work, my friend! Be sure to take a moment to create a great day! With love, light, and laughter, Anisa Aven

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