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The Complete Thomas Troward Collection - 1 of 2

Complete Thomas Troward Collection

Welcome to this singularly complete collection of Judge
Thomas Trowards works.
The result of studying his works is to gain an intense
understanding of the underlying laws this universe operates
from, quite apart from personal revelations which are
welcome distractions as you read.
Ive collected these works from years of research. I found
that Troward was a singular source-point for a great deal, if
not all, of American self-help classics. Charles . !aanel
"#aster $ey %ystem& and 'apoleon !ill "Think and (row
)ich, *aw of %uccess& +oth quote Troward and amplify the
underlying principles he stated in his lectures, as well as other
writings. %o in this collection, you have the original works
which greatly forwarded the 'ew Thought philosophic
movement. !istorically, had Troward +een a+sent, 'ew
Thought would not have gained the impetus and presence it
has en,oyed up to the present.
Another point to keep in mind is that Troward wrote from a decidedly Christian view. All his
comparatives are with and against -i+lical references, ultimately. .hile he learned /astern
languages and studied all the Indian religions -i+les in that native language "and the 0ewish and
Christian -i+les in !e+rew and (reek&, he lectured in the 1ueens /nglish. %o for a modern
American to try to simply read his works can +e tantamount to trying to understand original
%hakespeare straight up. There is my reason for suggesting study, not reading. The only simpler
approach I would suggest is to read !ill, then !aanel, then Troward. This +ackwards approach
gives you progressively more difficult /nglish to work through while you already have the
simple principles to hand. .hile you can read !ill a page at a time, !aanel is +est studied +y the
paragraph. Troward seems +est digested +y the sentence. .ith these caveats in mind, the depth
of Trowards understanding will then +e more fully accessi+le to you.
- 2 - -
Thomas Troward was !er #a,estys Assistant Commissioner and later 3ivisional 0udge of the
'orth Indian 4un,a+ from 5678 until his retirement in 5687. It is this later period for which he is
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The Complete Thomas Troward Collection - 2 of 2
+est remem+ered and most cele+rated9 in it he was at last a+le to devote himself to his great
interest in metaphysical and esoteric studies.
!e had already thoroughly digested all of the sacred +ooks of the oriental religions and they had
certainly influenced his spiritual ideas. .hile in India, he learned the language of the country.
!e studied all of the +i+les of the world, including the $oran, !indu scriptures and +ooks of
)a,a :oga. !is studies in original !e+rew provided the foundation for his +ook, -i+le #ystery
and -i+le #eaning.
The philosopher .illiam 0ames characteri;ed Trowards /din+urgh *ectures on #ental %cience
as <far and away the a+lest statement of philosophy I have met, +eautiful in its sustained
clearness of thought and style, a really classic statement.<
=n #ay 57, 5857, at the age of 78, Thomas Troward passed from this plane. !e will +e
recogni;ed in history as a contri+uting influence to )eligious %cience, the 'ew Thought
#ovement in the >nited %tates and (reat -ritain, and also, to some e?tent, to the more li+eral
ideas of the Church of /ngland.
This +ook contains the full te?t of@
The /din+urgh *ectures
The 3ore *ectures
The Creative 4rocess in the Individual
The *aw and the .ord
!ardcover, AA8 pages.
Availa+le only from *
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