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To My Beloved Parents For
Having Firm Belief in My Abilities &
Whom Prayers Enabled Me To
Accomplish This Milestone and also
the Staff of CAA For their guidance,
moral Support and perseverance.

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First of all I are thankful to Allah for giving me the valor
to remain dedicated to make this progress report. This
underlying report is based on the analysis of different
finance functions of CAA Pakistan.

I present my gratitude to all the staff of Billing, G.P Fund
and last but not least Disbursement department.

I hope the present efforts will live up through the
Expectations of all who have invested time, Efforts and
prayers in making it possible.

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Executive Summary ................................................. 1 - 2
CAA vision mission and core values .............................. 3
Organizational Chart .................................................... 4
Historical background of CAA ................................. 5 - 6
About Civil Aviation Authority .................................. 7 - 9
About Finance Department ......................................... 10
Internship Overview ............................................. 11 -13
Billing Department .............................................. 11
Disbursement Department .................................. 12
General Provident (G.P) Fund ............................. 13
Conclusion ................................................................. 14

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The internship in B.B.A program is very beneficial to have
practical exposure of how things really go in business world. Being a
student who wants to make a mark in the field of Business
Administration, the best place to gain practical understanding of
Business Administration was to do internship in the Finance
Department of Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan which can be
regarded as one of the most dynamic authority currently in Pakistan.
I took the internship in CAA which stands as a prominent name in
Pakistan. I am proud to work as an internee with CAA and this
experience will surely help me in my future assignments as a Finance
professional. The absolute guidance and concern of higher
management, perfect working environment with immense
cooperation of the staff of all departments especially the Cash
Disbursement department facilitated in making my internship a
wonderful learning experience in all aspect.
The internship duration was of four weeks 30
June 2014 to
July 2014, though which i am able to get direct interaction with
the staff of finance. Through this internship I am able to meet and
interact with different vendors and people. The entire tenure of my
internship was very informative & learning. All the employees

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cooperated with me which is very appreciated and provided us the
sound information which was not only availed us in making report
but also enhanced our knowledge, professional skills, managerial
communication, communication skills, confidence and team work.
In my first week i sent to billing department, In billing
department my focus only on Aeronautical Billing in which I learn
route navigation and airport charges and also learn billing
My second and Third week is related to Disbursement; there I
observe all the core activities perform by disbursement branch,
functions or procedures of procurement. I also work here or
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and learn how to make invoices
on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
My fourth week is concerned with the G.P Fund, there was very
friendly atmosphere they gave us opportunity to in which I learned
the procedures for G.P Fund .

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Be a world-class service provider in the aviation

Provide safe, secure and efficient best-in-class
aviation services to the stakeholders.


Professional Excellence
Customer Focus
Safety and Security

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The Civil Aviation Authority was created in December 1982 to
handle all matters related to Civil Aviation in Pakistan. In order
to keep up with the rapid advancement in the field of aviation,
it was felt that an autonomous body was required to bring the
country's aviation infrastructure and facilities at par with
international standards.
The CAA not only serves as a regulatory body on behalf of the
Government of Pakistan, its functions include provision of
services such as facilitation, air space management, Air Traffic
Control and Fire Fighting Services. The Authority is also
responsible for the planning, development and maintenance of
all civil aviation infrastructures in the country.
For the fulfillment of its function as a regulatory body, the CAA
ensures conformity to the standards laid down by the
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), regard to flight
safety, aircraft maintenance and medical fitness of pilots, air
traffic controllers and engineers. It is also responsible for
negotiating of air services agreements with other countries.
The functions of CAA are carried out by professionals, through
various Directorates at the Headquarters, assisted by five Zonal
offices, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, and the Civil
Aviation Training Institute (CATI) in Hyderabad. The
Directorates at the headquarters include Personnel Licensing

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Office, Flight Standards, Airworthiness, Air transport, Legal and
Accident Investigation Board
The Civil Aviation headquarters are located in Karachi. The
Director General is the head and the Deputy Director General is
next in line. The airports are managed by Airport Managers and
their deputies. Terminal Managers and their deputies are also
involved in airport management. Moreover, managers for
Passenger Protocol, Porter Facility and Janitorial handle their
Since, and the Aeronautical communication and control project
providing total radar coverage to Pakistan's air space, is
testament to CAA's commitment Pakistan. The number of
airports has risen to 42 from 23 in 1982. Besides new airports,
11 new terminal buildings, 3 new runways, and two new Hajj
lounges were constructed by the CAA, in addition to the
maintenance, extension and renovation of existing lounges.
Karachi's prestigious to bring Pakistan's aviation-related
facilities up to par with the best in the world. its inception, the
CAA has endeavored to improve the aviation facilities in Jinnah
Terminal Complex and the Aeronautical communication and
control project providing total radar coverage to Pakistan's air
space, are the best in the world. Testament to CAA's
commitment to bring Pakistan's aviation-related facilities up to
par with the best in the world .

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Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority is a Public sector
autonomous body working under the Federal Government of
Pakistan through the Ministry of Defense. It was established on
7th December, 1982 as an autonomous body. Prior to its
creation, a Civil Aviation Department in the Ministry of Defense
used to manage the civil aviation related activities.
The day of 7th December has significance, as it coincides
with the date of creation of International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO) in 1944 as a result of the famous Chicago
Convention. Incidentally, the United Nations have declared 7th
December as the International Civil Aviation day and celebrated
as such every year all over the World.
All kinds of Civil Aviation related activities are performed by
CAA including the regulatory, air traffic services, airport
management, infrastructure and commercial development at
the airports, etc.
Recently, Civil Aviation Authority under Int Restructuring and
Change Management process to meet the present and future
challenges. This organizational transformation process
identified Structure, Culture, Skills, and Rewards as four tracks
on which simultaneous emphasis is being laid. The Vision,
Mission, and Core Values have been identified. Wide-angle buy-
in process by CAA senior management with staff and lower

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levels for bridging communication gaps between different
hierarchical levels of the organization has been taken.

As a result of the Restructuring process, the fundamental
organization structure has been balanced to focus on three core
areas namely Regulatory, Air Navigations Services, and Airport
Services. These Core / Line functions are fully supported by the
various Corporate functions of the organization.
The restructuring process has helped Pakistan Civil Aviation
Authority to fully focus on:-
Strengthening its safety and security oversight role as per
International Civil Aviation Organization requirements and
To facilitate growth of the infrastructure development
(Airports and Airport Cities) on a fast-track basis. Private
sector participation in the process is also being encouraged.
Enhanced Regulatory and air space management capabilities.
Moreover, emphasis is being laid on commercialization of its
assets and land with improved customer / passenger service
standards, benchmarked with top performing international
Development of a New Aviation Policy for the country in
consultation with the Ministry of Defence, Planning
Commission, World bank, Airlines, and Aviation Experts
(Expected to be considered by the Cabinet for approval

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Investing in Human resource development through
structured approach with particular focus on quality of
people and enhancing their professional capability.

Quality work on new initiatives is in progress such as
introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Health,
Security, Safety, and Environment (HSSE), Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR), Ethics Management Program, Customer
feedback mechanism at the airports, Employees Performance
Management system, benchmarking, outsourcing of non-core
and wasteful activities, etc. Recently, I have embarked upon a
challenging phased program to acquire international standards
of Integrated Management System (IMS) in CAA during which
the international standards of ISO 9001:2000 (Quality
Management System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental
Management System), and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational
Health and Safety Management System) shall be acquired.

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Finance department is one of the biggest departments in
CAA, which is responsible for provision of efficient and effective
accounting/budget. The feasibility of extending financial,
administrative, technical facilities is control by this department.
The duties and functions of a typical finance department
can be classified into two generic categories. The first category
is PLANNING and the second function is CONTROLLING. These
activities are inter-related and inseparable because if there is
no planning these will not be any control. Therefore, planning
and control move together.
Planning refers to the activities, which bridge the gap
from the starting point to the terminal point. Planning in the
finance department under review refers to the activities of
Cash Flow and Budget preparation. These are the major
activities (planning) in any such department.

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Billing department do the process of sending an invoice to
customers for goods or services. There are two type of billing in
Civil Aviation Authority which are:
Aeronautical Billing
Non Aeronautical Billing

Aeronautical Billing:
Following are the functions of aeronautical revenue
1. Landing and housing fee
2. Aircraft power supply
3. Route navigation fee
4. CIP lounge income
Non-Aeronautical Revenue
Rent electricity & water charges.
In billing department my focus only on Aeronautical Billing in which I
learn route navigation and airport charges and also learn billing

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Disbursement means To Distribute, so the disbursement
branch deals with the procedure for making payments to employees
of salary Allowances and other benefits. Following is the list of

Payroll payments
Payroll adjustment
Casual workers

It also deals with the procurement procedure which is to be
made through the administration branch. The administration branch
deals with the procurement of furniture and furnishing, medical
store, R/M service contracts and the purchase of stationary for the
Authority .
Following Core activities perform by disbursement branch:
1) Financial concurrence
2) Issue of policies/procedure regarding Disbursement, Funds
3) Payment of bills/invoices.
4) Record of disbursement & returns.
5) Remittances
6) Salary/GP Fund & Pension payment.

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A general provident fund is a form of social safety net into
which workers must contribute a portion of their salaries and
employers must contribute on behalf of their workers. The money in
the fund is then paid out to retirees or in some cases it gave to
employee if they want.
On that contribution CAA invest it to the banks that have A+ rating
and higher bid and the return on that investment will add on
employees account. The Interest / Profit Rate for each Financial Year
is announced by the Government i.e. by Finance Division for each
financial year at the start of next fiscal year.
If employee wants this money before his retirement, then there
are two types of advances through which this fund would be given to
Refundable Advance
Non-Refundable Advance.

Refundable Advance
Its a temporary advance can be taken from the General
Provident Fund (GPF) and employee will return it to the employer
and its add back in his G.P Fund.
Non-Refundable Advance
Its non-refundable and employee wouldnt return it to the

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As an internee in CAA the main focus of my internship was on
Finance Department. In which included all the concerned sections
(Billing, Cash Disbursement and G.P Fund) in these departments
I have learned the Payment of bills/invoices, Record of
disbursement, GP Fund payment.
In my four weeks internship program i observe that the flow of
work is very professional and up to date and atmosphere is very
friendly and there is no difference between officers and staff.
Everybody is so corporative and helpful. During my time at the
CAA, i was involved in a lot of different tasks of office work.
Work with the finance team
Manage the monthly tracking
Support the payment processing team
Data entry
My internship at the CAA was an outstanding experience.
I got a deep and inspiring insight in the work of CAA Pakistan, but as
well as the other friendly and cooperative staff members took a lot
of effort to make it a helpful visit for me in every way.