July 9, 2014
Adequate notice of this meeting held the 9
day of July has been provided through resolution
adopted by this Board at its regular meeting held on June 25, 201 through electronic mailing of
said resolution to the !tar "edger, the #aily $ecord and the $ecord, through posting on the
%ounty &ebsite, and by filing a copy of same &ith the 'orris %ounty %ler( and the %ler( of this
ROLL CALL: Di!"#$ M%&#%'(!l$
D!)u#y Di!"#$ S"%)i""*i$
F!!*$l+! C%,%'%
F!!*$l+! C!&%$
F!!*$l+! D!Filli))$
F!!*$l+! -i".u&
F!!*$l+! Ly$'
CLOSED SESSION: I+!'#i0y T$)i"
1$&&i,l! R!$(%'i2%#i$' $0 D!)%#3!'#& R!)$#i'( #$ #*! C$u'#y A+3i'i&#%#$
C$u#*$u&! S!"ui#y
C$!"#i$'%l F%"ili#y
6:70 )838
M$i& C$u'#y 1!&!9%#i$' Tu&# Fu'+ D!!'% L!%y, Di!"#$, D!)%#3!'# $0
A'%ly&i& : S#%#!(y R!)$# 1l%''i'( : 1u,li" W$.&
L%y B%'+&#!##!, 1!&i+!'#, B%'+&#!##!
C%$ll I'"8
C*i&#i'! M%i$', Di!"#$, Di9i&i$' $0
1l%''i'( : 1!&!9%#i$'
S#%#u& $0 R!"!'# L%,$ R!l%#i$' D!"i&i$'& S#!)*!' E8 Ti3,$li, E&;
+A++i#i$'%l i'0$3%#i$' %,$u# %'y !&$lu#i$' $ $+i'%'"! #*%# %))!%& $' #*! %(!'+%
"%' ,! $,#%i'!+ ,y "%lli'( #*! $00i"! $0 #*! M$i& C$u'#y C$u'&!l %# 9?7@A29@A0B08
,he public informal &or( session of the Board of %hosen -reeholders of the %ounty of 'orris &as
called to order by #irector 'astrangelo at .05 p)m) on July 9, 201 in the /no0 %onference $oom,
Administration and $ecords Building, %ourt !treet, 'orristo&n, *e& Jersey)
#eputy %ler( of the Board !usan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the
scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by la&)
,he Board of %hosen -reeholders &ent into e0ecutive session at .15 p)m) and resumed open session at
5.15 p)m) &ith the follo&ing in attendance.
F!!*$l+!& I' A##!'+%'"!.
#irector 'astrangelo
-reeholder %abana
-reeholder %esaro
-reeholder #e-illippo
F!!*$l+!& A,&!'#:
S#%00 1!&!'#
%ounty Administrator Bonanni
Assistant Administrator Burd
%ler( of the Board /etchum
#eputy %ler( of the Board Allard
%ounty %ounsel 23'ullan
Assistant %ounty %ounsel Bush
O#*!& 1!&!'#.
,he meeting &as open to the public and press
-reeholder /ric(us
-reeholder "yon
-reeholder !capicchio
#irector #i4iralomo
#irector "eary
#irector 5into
#irector !antucci
%62 ,ugman
Joe /ovalci(
5ublic 6nformation 2fficer 4arifo
#igital 7 !ocial 'edia 'anager !pencer
At .05 p)m) the meeting began in open
session &ith the follo&ing in attendance.
-reeholders 'astrangelo, %abana, %esaro,
#e-illippo, /ric(us, "yon and !capicchio)
Also present &ere. #an 23'ullan, %ounty
%ounsel8 John Bonanni, Administrator8
%athy Burd, Assistant Administrator8 and
$andy Bush, Assistant %ounty %ounsel)
,he -reeholder Board had discussion about
&hether the topic, A&ard of %ontract on "a&
9nforcement $evie& 5roposal, should be
discussed in open or e0ecutive session) ,he
ma:ority of the Board decided that it should
be discussed in open session)
At .15 p)m) 'r) 23'ullan read the
follo&ing resolution.
;<9$9A!, pursuant to the 2pen 5ublic
'eetings Act, the Board of %hosen
-reeholders of the %ounty of 'orris in the
!tate of *e& Jersey may e0clude the public
to discuss matters as are provided under the
Act =*)J)!)A) 10.>12=b??)
*2;, ,<9$9-2$9, B9 6, $9!2"@9#
that this Board hereby e0cludes the public in
order to discuss seven =1? such matters.
1) As it pertains to personnel, contracts,
security arrangements and protection of the
public, to discuss matters related to
%ourthouse security pursuant to *)J)!)A)
10.>12=b?=1?=A?=B? and =C?8 and
2) As it pertains to personnel, to discuss
possible reorganiDation in departments
reporting to the Administrator including
%ounty Administrative %ode amendments
pursuant to *)J)!)A) 10.>12=b?=C?8 and
1) As it pertains to personnel, to discuss a
%ounty %orrectional -acility personnel
requisition pursuant to *)J)!)A) 108>12=b?
,he Board reserves the right, as the Board
e0changes ideas related to the above
matters and attempts to develop appropriate
plans of action as may be suggested by
individual -reeholders or staff members, to
broaden discussion and to attempt to arrive
at nonbinding consensus provided such
broadening of discussion continues &ithin
the limits set forth in *)J)!)A) 10.>12=b?
=1? through =9?) 'atters discussed in
90ecutive !ession &ill be made public at
the earliest point in time that the need for
confidentiality for each such matter shall no
longer be necessary)
B9 6, -E$,<9$ $9!2"@9# that this
$esolution shall ta(e effect immediately
and be in full force from and after its
$espectfully submitted,
!usan Allard
#eputy %ler( of the Board
At 5.15 p)m) the meeting returned to open
1!&!9%#i$' Tu&# Fu'+ R!)$#
's) "eary said the analysis &as prepared on
behalf of the -reeholder Board3s request to
revie& the program3s needs that &as created
in 1992) <er staff &or(ed in con:unction
&ith the 5ar( %ommission and the 'unicipal
Etilities Authority on this pro:ect) ,he &or(
commenced on 2ctober 15 and completed in
nine months as a final draft report) ,he final
draft report &ill be placed on the %ounty
&ebsite tomorro&)
'r) Brandstetter and 'r) -arris, the
consultants, gave a 5o&er5oint presentation
on the data gathering, analyses and
recommendations of the report) ,he
consultant3s team &as very impressed &ith
the progress made since 1992 &ith the
5reservation ,rust -und program) ,here
have been subtle economic benefits over the
years provided by implementing this
program) 'orris %ounty accomplishments
over the last 20 years sho& that the %ounty
has preserved :ust under 10F of land acreage
or 2,1 acres, funded C0 historic
preservation pro:ects and funded the purchase
of 1 flood>prone homes &ithin the county)
,he cost has been slightly over G11,000 per
acre or a total of G191,000,000 spent since
the inception of the program in 1992 at a cost
:ust under an average of G5 per year per
,he follo&ing is &hat the analysis consists
#ata 4athering
• 6ntervie&s
• Huestionnaires to municipalities and
other participants)
• ;hat the 'unicipalities and *on>
profits said in responding to the
• 6nventoryI'apping
• 5revious 5rogram !ummary
• 9conomic 6mpact Analysis
• 5otential -uture 5ro:ects)
• Annual -unding "evels
• !trategies
,hirty>eight of the thirty>nine municipalities
have cited potential pro:ects that &ould see
almost 1,000 acres preserved &ith 155
historic preservation pro:ects)
9conomic Benefits of the 5reservation ,rust
-und 5rogram.
• 'unicipal !avings J a positive
• 5roperty @alues increase by
amount of 2pen !pace preserved)
• 4reen 2pen !pace economic
• "everaged outside funding)
• ,ourism J brings tourists to 'orris
%ounty and employs over 21,000
people in the industry)
• Access to 2pen !pace has a
positive effect on decisions by
businesses of &here to locate)
• 5reserved -arms generate revenue
and employment)
1) 9stablish periodic revie& of the
5reservation ,rust -und program)
2) 9stablish ne& allo&able funding
uses for post preservation uses)
1) 9liminate ma0imum allocation per
) 6ncrease the number of allocation
opportunities in the 'unicipalI
*on>5rofit 2pen !pace
5rogram) =several funding cycles?)
5) "o&er minimum farm siDe criteria)
A) Allo& -lood 'itigation program
funds for demolition and post>
preservation site restoration)
B) $aise municipal and non>profit
a&areness of the programs)
's) 'arion e0plained that of the seven
recommendations, three &ould require a
voter referendum) !he described the
intended purposes) *one of the three
recommendations &ould increase ta0es) 6f
the -reeholder Board decides to place the
three public questions on the *ovember
general election ballot, the deadline for
submission of the resolutions to the
%ounty %ler( is August 15) A decision
should be made at the ne0t meeting,
July 21 or the August 11 meeting at the
-reeholder %abana commented that the
consultants and staff have done an
e0cellent :ob in revie&ing the 2pen !pace
and 5reservation ,rust -und programs) <e
believes the seven recommendations are
very much common sense
recommendations and ad:usted to &here
&e need to go in the future) <e believes
the -reeholder Board should adopt all
seven recommendations)
#irector 'astrangelo said the program
over the years has done a fabulous :ob in
providing, maintaining and fostering the
quality of life here in 'orris %ounty)
-reeholder %esaro as(ed if
$ecommendation *o) 2 &ould be
retroactive for funding to&ards
recreational pro:ects) 's) 'arion replied
that the -reeholder Board &ill have to
determine that)
-reeholder /ric(us said it is a lot of
material to revie& and because they
received the material the day before the
meeting, he has only been able to ta(e a
glance at it) <e feels that the -lood
'itigation numbers do not match up) <e
is concerned here in *J &ith property
ta0es) ;e need to address this) ,he open
space ta0 &as at its highest in 200A &ith a
total of GA million &hich has been
reduced since then by G10 million) ,here
are a lot of areas of the budget that have
remained flat such as @o>,ech, %%' and
the non>profits) ;e need to revie& all
areas of the budget and prioritiDe)
-reeholder "yon said he has significant
concerns &ith this) ,his is a big
recommendation tal(ing about a G10
million increase in property ta0es) <e
feels that the -lood 'itigation funding
&as to target specific homes) 2ne of the
to&ns is buying out more than 10F of the
homes) <e does not thin( this is the goalI
intent of the program or municipalities)
-reeholder 'astrangelo pointed out that
this report is to use as a guide) ,he
purpose is to give the Board an indication
of &hat could be done) ,he referendum
may give us further lee&ay for funding)
-reeholder #e-illippo J 5reservation ,rust
funding has been over&helmingly
supported by the municipalities) !ome
have ta(en more advantage and some less
advantage of the funding) ,hose
municipalities &ho did not ta(e advantage
probably do not have as positive a feeling)
,his &as a feeling of the smaller
municipalities that do not have open
space) ,hey &ould have recreational use
but not open space and historic
6t &as noted that the 4arden !tate Huality
of "ife !tudy said that 'orris %ounty has
the highest quality of life in the !tate)

-reeholder #e-illippo said that open space
is &hat attracts people to 'orris %ounty
and it is &hat brings businesses here)
%ounty residents &ant open space)
5roperties become available &hen least
e0pected) ,here are opportunities that
present themselves and she li(es the
fle0ibility of this recommendation) !he
&ould li(e to see funding go to&ards par(
improvements) 2pen !pace and recreation
are drivers and she li(es &hat &as done
-reeholder !capicchio has been a
supporter of open space) ,he
recommendations enhance the program
that e0ists) <e &ould li(e to see the Board
go through the process and get this on the
ballot in *ovember)
,he Board decided to draft a resolution for
ne0t meeting)
At A.15 p)m) the -reeholder Board too( a
At A.5 p)m) the -reeholder Board
resumed open session)
Cu!'# N!($#i%#i$' I&&u!&
'r) ,rimboli &as as(ed to discuss
developments in labor and employment)
,opics Addressed.
'orris %ounty3s participation in the
Bergen %ounty litigation &hich involves
the role the !heriff plays as an employer
&ith the bargaining units) <e revie&ed
&hy the %ounty &ants to be part of it)
,heir authority to negotiate is limited)
Appeal of the !econd 5BA "ocal 29C
6nterest Arbitration A&ard J the interest
arbitrator reconsidered the entire contract
instead of limiting herself to the 2011
salary freeDe) ,he interest arbitrator
violated the spirit, if not the letter, of the
2F salary cap by a&arding increases in
e0cess of 2F per year) ,his union escaped
the 2F cap that all other uniformed and
civilian unions accepted)
-reeholder /ric(us presented the %ost of
9mployee Benefits and Eniformed
5ension %ontributions portion J he
revie&ed the cost the %ounty pays on
average for employee benefits and ho&
much the %ounty contributes to the annual
pay for pensions of uniformed employees)
<e highlighted that the county &as
contributing 21F of uniformed officer
salaries to&ards their pension plan, a
percentage &hich is far in e0cess of the
usual >AF 01( match that most
companies provide)
'r) Bonanni reported that follo&ing a
meeting they had t&o &ee(s ago &ith !t)
%lare3s and 5rime <ealthcare, "es <irsch
&ill meet here tomorro& to address all our
various human services advisory bodies as
&ell as local community>based agencies to
discuss the detailed plans of the proposed
!t) %lare3s did get some good ne&s last
&ee( in that the !tate #2< deemed their
application complete)
,he hospital &ill hold public hearings on
July 22 and 21) !t) %lare3s &ill also attend
a !tate #2< 5lanning Board meeting on
August B)
,he '%6A meeting is ne0t ;ednesday at
A p)m) and the 6nsurance -und
%ommission meets on July 21 at 5 p)m)
<e received a call from 'i(e $ogers &ho
is happy and satisfied &ith the health
services being provided by the department
of "5!)
'r) Bonanni too( part in a $oute 2
flyover conceptual meeting &ith the four
to&ns involved &ith the 5ar(
AvenueI%olumbia ,urnpi(e intersection)
A meeting &ill ta(e place ne0t &ee( at
1 p)m) &ith "incoln 5ar( about the ,&o
Bridges $oad pro:ect)
<is department revie&ed forty>nine
resolutions for tonight3s meeting) ,here
are three ordinances that &ill be
• G5A,000 capital improvement fund
ordinance to purchase an Argo all
terrain vehicle &ith trailer8
• G51,000 capital improvement fund
ordinance for the purchase of a
heavy duty cre& cab truc( and
• G110,000 bond ordinance for
installation of carpeting at the
%ounty %ler(3s office)
<e had no comments since he had made
his related to the cost of benefits
$esolution *o) 1B is an agreement &ith a
'emorandum of Enderstanding bet&een
the %ounty and the Enited !tates
#epartment of @eterans Affairs to relocate
their %ommunity Based 2utpatient %linic
to vacant space at the 'orris @ie&
<ealthcare %enter) ,hey &ill move to a
&ing on the second floor) ,he move is
e0pected to ta(e place in the fall)
!he reported that the <eritage
%ommission has not gotten bac( to the
-acilities $evie& %ommittee &ith a
decision on potential re>location sites)
'embers of the *J,5A hosted a meeting
this &ee( &ith "incoln 5ar() Another
meeting is scheduled for ne0t ,hursday,
July 1B at 1.10 p)m)
!he had some questions on the resolutions
and received ans&ers to her satisfaction)
!he as(ed 'r) 5into &hether he &as able
to contact *JA% to see if they &ere
available to spea( at a reception for our
legislators on the ne& managed care) <e
has not been able to do this yet)
$egarding the 'osquito update J !mall
areas of mosquito infestations have been
addressed in -lorham 5ar(, 9ast <anover
and $oc(a&ay ,o&nship) ,hey are
starting to monitor for the ;est *ile virus
and nothing has come bac( positive) ,he
rehabilitation of the retention basin in
4reenvie& 5ar( in 5equannoc( is
%hi(ungunya continues to be in the ne&s)
2nce the !tate lab is able to accept
samples for testing, the 'osquito %ontrol
#ivision &ill submit specimens of the
Asian ,iger 'osquito for testing)
,here is a ,ransportation Board meeting
ne0t ,uesday)
<e reported that the <anover and
;hippany -ire #istricts are no&
dispatched by the %ounty) ,his occurred
in June) ,he <anover ,o&nship 5olice
#ept) still ans&ers the 9>1>1 calls and
transfers them to the %ommunications
%enter if it is a fire or 9'! call) ,he
%ounty %enter is responsible for providing
the pre>arrival medical instructions to the
$andolph ,o&nship 5olice moved to the
%ounty "a& 9nforcement $ecords
'anagement !ystem last month)
,he 'orris %ounty 5ublic !afety Kouth
Academy =sponsored by the -reeholder
Board? begins August 11
,he C1
5olice Academy %lass begins
ne0t 'onday) %urrently there are t&enty>
one individuals registered)
<e distributed a 5ar( %ommission #@#
entitled, L2pen !paces and <istoric 5laces
in 'orris %ounty)M 6t had recently aired
on the *J 5B! station)
-reeholder %abana &ould li(e to draft for
ne0t meeting a resolution as(ing the !tate
to ta(e a loo( at a proposal by a *e& Kor(
#eveloper to utiliDe the /ir(bride
Building at 4reystone) *o state, county or
local municipalities have come for&ard to
support a concept) ;e should give the
developer an opportunity in the ne0t 90
days) ,he Board agreed to move for&ard
&ith a resolution to the !tate to act on the
proposal and as( the developer to do due
diligence) ,his &ill be drafted for the ne0t
-reeholder 'astrangelo reported that on
July the 'orris %ounty ,ourism Bureau
along &ith other partners held a reading of
the #eclaration of 6ndependence at the
5resbyterian %hurch in 'orristo&n) <e
had the opportunity to participate) ,he
nation3s original 11>colony flag &as
presented by %ongressman -relinghuysen
to the ,ourism Bureau) ;e had the flag
hoisted at the %ourthouse to prominently
display) ,he flag has since been ta(en
do&n and &ill be displayed on the fifth
floor) <e suggested that the %ounty
purchase a bigger 11>star flag to fly on
every -ourth of July)
-reeholder 'astrangelo as(ed the Board
about placing the draft resolution
regarding the 5ilgrim 5ipeline on the
agenda and as(ed them for their thoughts)
's) #e-illippo feels that &e need to loo(
at all transportation modes of crude oil to
protect our citiDens)
,he Board decided to revie& and consider
this resolution for the ne0t &or( session)
's) Burd as(ed the -reeholder Board to
revie& a ne& proposed policy and
procedures update for ne0t meeting) 6t
&ould replace the 6nformation ,echnology
policy created in 199B) ,his &ould be
adopted as part of the policy as of July 21)
'r) 5into noted that there &ill be a
meeting ne0t &ee( &ith the 5rosecutor3s
2ffice to discuss the 2piate 5revention
,as( -orce) <e &ill have details at the
ne0t meeting) ,he tas( force &ill li(ely
lead to a forum on the sub:ect this fall)
'r) ,ugman reported that there are a
number of 6nformation ,echnology
resolutions on the agenda that deal &ith
reconfiguring the "a& 7 5ublic !afety
="5!? environment that involves
virtualiDing "5! server operations and
consulting services for this "5!
initiative8 improvements to %ounty bac(>
up and archiving capabilities8 and
service rene&al contracts)
's) !antucci reported that the proposals
for the %ounty3s 6nsurance Bro(er
!ervices are due by July 1A) A contract
is e0pected to be a&arded in August)
,he Board revie&ed and discussed the
,he Board discussed the la& enforcement
revie& proposal) ,&o companies have
bid, @yan(a and %oncorde) ,he proposed
costs are. %oncorde 4roup for G1,95A
and the @yan(a 4roup for G11,995)
,here &as concern about a possible
conflict &ith @yan(a) !everal of the
members felt the Board could be open to
-reeholder 'astrangelo felt this &as a fair
and open process) <e as(ed %ounty
%ounsel about the process and &hether he
feels there is a conflict) 'r) 23'ullan
noted that !tate 9thics "a& says there is a
conflict if the bidder is a member of the
immediate family and that person o&ns
10F of the business) *one of that applies
here) -reeholder 'astrangelo could
abstain but it is not necessary) -reeholder
'astrangelo feels this is cleanly done and
above board)
%ounty %ounsel noted that there is al&ays
the possibility of litigation &ith the vendor
that &as not a&arded the contract)
,he Board made comments.
-reeholder %esaro feels there are still
interconnections &ith @ian(a) <e had
previously voted no to do the study at all)
-reeholder #e-illippo is concerned about
opening the Board up to criticism)
-reeholder %abana said there is no conflict
of interest, :ust appearance of impropriety,
but to maintain a true independence, he
&ould go &ith %oncorde)
-reeholder /ric(us J even though there is
no conflict by the letter of the la&, the
appearance of conflict is not good)
-reeholder "yon does not &ant to do the
study at all and goes along &ith other
Board members that there could be
-reeholder !capicchio is in favor of using
-reeholder 'astrangelo &ill abstain)
,he Board &as polled J a ma:ority of the
Board &as in favor of using %oncorde
=-reeholders #e-illippo, !capicchio,
%abana, and /ric(us?8 -reeholders %esaro
and "yon said no to the study8 and
-reeholder 'astrangelo abstained)
,he Board &ill go for&ard &ith placing a
resolution on the agenda to a&ard the
contract to the %oncorde 4roup)
2n motion by -reeholder !capicchio and
seconded by -reeholder %abana, the
meeting ad:ourned at B.5 p)m)
$espectfully submitted,
!usan Allard
#eputy %ler( of the Board

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