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Course Title: AP Calculus Instructor: Mr. Amundson Prereq.

: Precalculus
Credit: One period for two semesters, one half credit each semester
Course Description: This is a math course for those students intending to pursue a college level education
which would require advanced mathematical ability. e.g. engineering, statistics, physical sciences, applied
mathematics.! This course offers an introductory study of limits, derivatives and integrals. "tudents should
purchase their own graphing calculator.
A T#$%&' or a T# %(' is recommended.
Class Objectives:
#n the Calculus class you shall learn)
*. some of the +argon and symbols used in calculus.
,. how to determine the limit of rational e-pression in certain circumstances.
&. how to determine the derivative of a function and what the derivative means.
(. how to apply derivative formulas to determine important properties of selected relationships to
include rate of change, velocity, acceleration and optimal values.
.. how to determine the integral of a function and what the integral means.
/. how to apply integral formulas to determine important properties of selected relationships to include
area, volume, wor0, fluid pressure forces.
Ground Rules
Ma0e up wor0 will be completed within two days of the day of return. "ince assignments are readily available
on the internet you should not require more time. Any assignment, qui1 or test attempted after this timeframe
will not be counted for grade unless a special arrangement has been made with Mr. Amundson prior to the
absence. Mitigating circumstances may be considered. 2abitual absence on the scheduled dates of
tests3qui11es is not favorable to you. 2abitual absence is considered missing two or more tests3qui11es in a
quarter. Ma0e up for tests3qui11es missed in such a circumstance will be a unique test3qui1 designed for the
4acations during the school year are not desirable, however sometimes not avoidable. #f you are ta0ing a trip,
vacation or other planned absence you are still responsible for ma0ing up wor0 that is missed including all
labs and tests.
II. P$%& P$CI'%& CA'C!'ATOR% A$D PAPR:
5hen you come to class, you are e-pected to bring with you, your te-tboo0, your writing instrument,
noteboo0s, completed assignments, and assigned calculator. 6ailure to do so will count against your grade.
Required Materials
* "piral 7oteboo0 at least 89 pages for your assignments and note ta0ing!
* Pencil and an eraser
* :raphing Calculator T# %&' or T# %(' is recommended!
* ;uad <uled 7eatboo0
III. A%%IG$M$T%:
Assignments are given to e-plore and practice the concepts of this class and as such are essential to
learning the concepts. Assignments will be given for in class wor0 to be completed as part of a team effort
and given as homewor0 to be completed individually. All assignments are to be completed by everyone and
not +ust the recorder of the team. # e-pect assignments to be completed on time, with your best effort.
Assignments are to be brought to class when you come. #f your assignment is not up to acceptable
standards you may be required to redo it. Assi(n)ents& reports and ot*er paper +or, are to be -ree o-
an. (ra--iti& dra+in(s or ot*er )ar,in(s t*at are not part o- t*e ans+ers or intended/acceptable
responses to require)ents. %uc* ite)s s*all render an assi(n)ent un(radable.
Readin( Assi(n)ents = The written word is an essential and fundamental way in which 0nowledge is
transmitted and gained. >ou are preparing to ta0e the ne-t step to higher education and need to be able to
gain as much information as possible from the written te-t. Consider your reading assignment as vital as
your written assignments. To help ensure that you are ta0ing the appropriate actions with respect to the
necessary reading there will be specific written assignments and qui11es to assess your actual reading of the
te-t. These concepts will not be covered in lecture and your success will be determined by your efforts to
read and acquire this information from the reading assignments.
All of your wor0, separated from a noteboo0, is to be clearly identified with your name of record, the
assignment which is being responded to and the date it was performed.
<ic0 Terscale
Prob *$,*, *$,(, *$&, pp *& = *(
"ep (, ,9*(
OT1R R!'%:
Restroo) 2rea, = "ince we are on an eight period day there is no formal brea0 time. Please ma0e
your rest room visit at the beginning of class after you have chec0ed in and informed me of your intentions.
Please limit this visit to three minutes. #f you need a rest room brea0 during class, please as0.
6ood, candy or beverages are not allowed. 5ater is allowed if you bring it in a clear, colorless
container. 5ater may be withdrawn if it becomes a problem in the classroom.
Tardy $ >ou are e-pected to be in the room at the bell. #f you are not, you will be counted as tardy.
Additionally you are e-pected to move promptly to your assigned seat.
@ress $ >ou must dress in a safe and non$distracting manner. A general rule is that the torso should
be covered from the shoulders to the 0nees.
@es0tops = @es0tops are for supporting your materials as you write or draw on them. T*e. are not
-or +ritin( on33 PRIOD3333
Aehavior $ # have found that optimum behavior is rooted in a healthy respect for self and others and a
willingness to assume a reasonable amount of responsibility. #f you show respect and are responsible you
will do well in this class.
These are ways in which # consider respect and responsibility correctly implemented.
Bsing language that is courteous and free of vulgar or profane e-pressions
5riting only on items e-pressly designed to be written on e.g. paper 7OT T2? @?"CDD!
Politely see0ing permission to spea0 and tal0ing in a moderate voice level
Only tal0ing about mathematics during class time
Properly utili1ing materials and equipment including your own
6ollowing directions with quiet acceptance
:iving other points of view a courteous hearing
Preparing assignments on time,
<eporting to the classroom on time,
Promptly getting to wor0 on assignments
Bsing given class time to wor0 on assignments or other approved pro+ects,
<epresenting only your wor0 as your own.
(Revised 8/15/2014)