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1. Choose the L3 Network device. A. Hub. B. Router C. NIC. 2. Maximum speed of 802.11g standard wireless network ? A.

54Mbps B. 12Mbps C. 100Mbps 3. What is the 7th Layer?
A. B. C. D.

Data Link. Application. Transport. Presentation.

4. What is the IP range? A. Convert the partition to NTFS. B. Used for Internal communication. C. Class A IP address. D. Class B IP address. 5. Which Layer works with TCP A. Data Link. B. Application. C. Transport. D. Network. 6. What is the NAT? A. Network Address Text. B. Network Address Translation. C. Network Add Test.. D. Network Add Text.

7. Which Layer works with IP/IPX? A. Data link. B. Presentation.

C. Network. D. Router. 8. You want to configure Network Adapter(Network card) for communications to and from the Windows-based client computers exclusively. Which checkbox or boxes in the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box should you select? Choose all that apply. A. Gateway (and client) Services for Netware. B. Client for Microsoft Networks. C. File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks. D. NWLink NetBIOS. E. NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol. F. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP 9. 802.11g backward compatible with… A. 802.11i B. 802.11m C. 802.11b D. 802.11a 10. Which protocol works on layer 3--network layer—of the OSI model? A. IP B. NCP C. SPX D. NetBIOS 11. Which port works with www?

Port 80. Port 24. Port 25. Port 110. 12. Which port works with SMTP?

B. C. D.


Port 21. Port 53 Port 110. Port 25.

B. C. D.

13. You have two Hard disks ( 30Gb and 40 Gb) , and you need 60Gb disk for database also u need the high speed disk access?
A. Create Mirror volume.

B. Create Basic Volume C. Create Spanned volume. D. Create striped volume. 14. Server1 wants to talk to Server2; Which IP address is default gateway for Server1, select the answer.


Server 1
IP 1


Server 2

A. B. C. D.

IP1 IP2 IP3 IP4 15. You have installed and configured Remote access sever, but uses can login to server. Error “No dial in permission for user”?

A. B. C.


Restart the server. Set the Dial in permission for user. Delete and recreate the user. Reinstall the server. 16. What is the maximum number of processor that a Windows 2000 Professional computer can support? A. B. C. D. One Two Four Eight

17. What file systems are supported by Windows 2000 Professional/ XP? (Choose three) A. B. C. D. E. F. NTFS NFS FAT FAT32 TCP/IP UNIX

18. When a computer running Windows 2000 Professional /XP is locked, which of the following happen? (Choose two) A. Applications continue to run.

B. C. D.

Services continue to run. All users that are logged onto the machine become disconnected. All processes are stopped. 19. You install Windows 2000 Professional onto a computer. What networking components are installed by default onto this computer? (Choose Three)

A. B. C. D. E. F.

NetBEUI TCP/IP File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks IPX/SPX RIP Client for Microsoft Networks. 20. What is the POP3 Port No.?

A. B. C. D.

21 30 110 115

2nd Paper

Duration : 01 ½

1. What are the Network layers? 2. What are the private IP ranges? 3. Write the classes of IP Address (ex. A, B, C,) 4. What is IP range? 5. What is the deferent between static IP and dynamic IP? 6. What is the Gateway? Explain…. 7. Why we need the Router? 8. Explain the Different between Switch And Hub.