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I would like to thank Almighty Allah for giving me the strength, o

and ability to perform this task successfully.
Secondly, I would like to thank our course instructor, Ms.Sobia
Iqbal for giving us this opportunity to conduct a survey on the concept of
performance appraisal which is very important for the employees.
In the end I would like to thank Mr. Muhammad Adil Kaleem
!"#$ %!& #' "%( for his valuable time and information to make this task
A)M*+ A,I SI++I-.I
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of the industry1s most advanced, state2of2the2art information technology
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9erformance appraisal takes place once in a year.
Quality2 0he accuracy, completeness and acceptability of work performed, that
leads to minimum re2works and greater level of client satisfaction.

Productivity20he quantity and efficiency or work produced in a specified period
of time.
Job Knowledge20he practical6technical skills and information used on the :ob.

Reliability20he e;tent to which an employee can relied upon regarding task
completion, follow up the 8ustomer <equisitions and commitment with
Availaibiltiy20he e;tent to which an employee is punctual, observes prescribed
work break6meal periods and the overall attendance record. )is passion for
work provides him with enough energy to e;tend his working hours by himself
Independence20he e;tent of work performed with little or no supervision and
ability of taking initiative as needed, while simultaneously possessing ability to
work effectively in a team environment.
Communication20he effectiveness, clarity, timeliness and quality with which
the employee can communicate his message to the intended audience= ability
to prepare clear and simple documentation.
If the employee is not satisfied with the appraisal then there are negotiations
between the top management and the employee. If the negotiations give
positive result then the employee stays in the organi7ation and if not, then he
quits from his :ob.

0he concept of performance appraisal is achieving more attention
and importance these days. It has now become essential for the organi7ation to
give importance to the employee, consider him as an asset and make him work
in a friendly environment. It is good to give medical benefits or house allowance
or other benefits to the employees which shows the organi7ation>s care and
concern for the employee and if things are carried out in this way, then there
are very few chances for the employee to quit from his :ob.
0his concept encourages the employees to work with full
motivation and dedication and en:oy their work.