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Open Letter to the Open Working Group to Support Proposed Goal 16

16 June 2014

Your Excellencies,

We are writing to urge you to speak out in support of proposed goal 16 at the Open Working Group as a matter of
priority. This is an urgent and critical goal that must be at the heart of the Post-2015 framework if it is to be successful at
creating sustainable, equitable and transformative development.

The inclusion of proposed goal 16 in the zero draft report reflects the support of a majority of OWG member states for a
goal and accompanying targets that promote open, inclusive, accountable and effective governance. It also reflects the
will of the millions of citizens from around the world who voted an honest and responsive government as one of their
top three priorities in the My World survey.

Progress in all sustainable development goals at all levels will be underpinned by capable and effective institutions and
the rule of law; indeed, as the Secretary-General has pointed out, governance is both an outcome and an enabler of
sustainable development.

We urge you to ensure that proposed goal 16 remains on the agenda for the rest of the OWGs deliberations and
features as a core part of the final report to the General Assembly. It is applicable to all countries, is measurable,
respects country ownership and sovereignty, and will not impose any new forms of conditionality on aid from donor

We look forward to continuing our engagement as civil society organizations in the OWG process to support the
finalization of its report.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Cardamone
Managing Director, Global Financial Integrity

Craig Fagan
Head of Global Policy, Transparency

Neva Frecheville
Lead Analyst on Post-2015, Catholic Agency for
Overseas Development

Lorna Gold
Head of Policy and Advocacy, Trocaire

David Hall-Matthews
Director, Publish What You Fund

Nik Hartley
CEO, Restless Development

Gavin Hayman
Executive Director, Global Witness

Alan Hudson
Managing Director (Policy & Advocacy), Global

Debra Jones
Director and UN Representative, Save the

Nicholas Lusiani
Director, Human Rights in Economic Policy,
Center for Economic and Social Rights

Quinn McKew
Deputy Executive Director, Article 19

Vivek Ramkumar
Director, International Advocacy and Open
Budget Initiative, International Budget

Nzovu Job Ruzage
Executive Director, Human Rights First Rwanda

Farooq Ullah
Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum

Thomas Wheeler
Conflict and Security Adviser, Saferworld