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The Power of Mindfulness

The Power of MindfulnessThe Power of Mindfulness

The Power of MindfulnessThe Power of Mindfulness
E!"il# $de"%$uddh"ne&'ne&
(e$ si&e# www'$uddh"ne&'ne&
Buddh" Dh"r!" Edu)"&ion Asso)i"&ion In)'
Pu$lished in *++,
Su-hi Ho&u Sdn Bhd
.*/ 0"l"n M"&"n1 Ku)hin1
,,2++ Air I&"!3
Tel 4+. 5*66,,5
7"8 4+. 5*66**5
E!"il# su-hiho&u%!"8is'ne&'!9
7irs& :u$lished in The Li1h& of &he Dh"!!" ;R"n1oon<
=onse)u&i>e :rin&in1s $9 (heel Pu$li)"&ion3 BPS fro! ,?45@,??6
L"9ou& $9 Su-hi Ho&u
In&rodu)&ion ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' >
7our Sour)es of Power in B"re A&&en&ion
The 7un)&ions of CTid9in1D "nd CN"!in1D ''''''' ,
Tid9in1 U: &he Men&"l Household ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ,
N"!in1 ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 6
The Non)oer)i>e Pro)edure '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ,*
O$s&")les &o Medi&"&ion '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ,*
Three =oun&er!e"sures ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ,6
S&o::in1 "nd Slowin1 Down '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' *.
Kee:in1 S&ill ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' *.
S:on&"nei&9 ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' E2
Slowin1down ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' E6
Su$li!in"l Influen)es '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' .*
Dire)&ness of /ision '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' .6
The 7or)e of H"$i& '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' .6
Asso)i"&i>e Thou1h& '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 2.
The Sense of Ur1en)9 ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 26
The Ro"d &o Insi1h& ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 4+
s !indfulness ")&u"ll9 " :ower in i&s own ri1h& "s
)l"i!ed $9 &he &i&le of &his ess"9F Seen fro! &he >iew
:oin& of &he ordin"r9 :ursui&s of life3 i& does no& see!
so' 7ro! &h"& "n1le !indfulness3 or "&&en&ion3 h"s "
r"&her !odes& :l")e "!on1 !"n9 o&her see!in1l9 !ore
i!:or&"n& !en&"l f")ul&ies ser>in1 &he :ur:ose of >"rie1"&ed
wishfulfil!en&' Here3 !indfulness !e"ns Gus&
C&o w"&)h oneHs s&e:sD so &h"& one !"9 no& s&u!$le or
!iss " )h"n)e in &he :ursui& of oneHs "i!s' Onl9 in &he
)"se of s:e)ifi) &"s-s "nd s-ills is !indfulness so!e&i!es
)ul&i>"&ed !ore deli$er"&el93 $u& here &oo i& is s&ill
re1"rded "s " su$ser>ien& fun)&ion3 "nd i&s wider s)o:e
"nd :ossi$ili&ies "re no& re)o1niIed'
E>en if one &urns &o &he Buddh"Hs do)&rine3 &"-in1
onl9 " surf")e >iew of &he >"rious )l"ssifi)"&ions "nd
lis&s of !en&"l f")&ors in whi)h !indfulness "::e"rs3
one !"9 $e in)lined &o re1"rd &his f")ul&9 Gus& "s Cone
"!on1 !"n9'D A1"in one !"9 1e& &he i!:ression &h"& i&
h"s " r"&her su$ordin"&e :l")e "nd is e"sil9 sur:"ssed
in si1nifi)"n)e $9 o&her f")ul&ies'
Mindfulness in f")& h"s3 if we !"9 :ersonif9 i&3 "
r"&her un"ssu!in1 )h"r")&er' =o!:"red wi&h i&3 !en&"l
f")&ors su)h "s de>o&ion3 ener193 i!"1in"&ion3 "nd in&el
li1en)e3 "re )er&"inl9 !ore )olourful :erson"li&ies3 !"-
in1 "n i!!edi"&e "nd s&ron1 i!:")& on :eo:le "nd si&
u"&ions' Their )onJues&s "re so!e&i!es r":id "nd >"s&3
&hou1h of&en inse)ure' Mindfulness3 on &he o&her h"nd3
is of "n uno$&rusi>e n"&ure' I&s >ir&ues shine inw"rdl93
"nd in ordin"r9 life !os& of i&s !eri&s "re :"ssed on &o
o&her !en&"l f")ul&ies whi)h 1ener"ll9 re)ei>e "ll &he
)redi&' One !us& -now !indfulness well "nd )ul&i>"&e
i&s ")Ju"in&"n)e $efore one )"n "::re)i"&e i&s >"lue
"nd i&s silen& :ene&r"&i>e influen)e' Mindfulness w"l-s
slowl9 "nd deli$er"&el93 "nd i&s d"il9 &"s- is of " r"&her
hu!dru! n"&ure' Ye& where i& :l")es i&s fee& i& )"nno&
e"sil9 $e dislod1ed3 "nd i& ")Juires "nd $es&ows &rue
!"s&er9 of &he 1round i& )o>ers'
u"&ions' Their )onJues&s "re so!e&i!es r":id "nd >"s&3
&hou1h of&en inse)ure' Mindfulness3 on &he o&her h"nd3
is of "n uno$&rusi>e n"&ure' I&s >ir&ues shine inw"rdl93
"nd in ordin"r9 life !os& of i&s !eri&s "re :"ssed on &o
o&her !en&"l f")ul&ies whi)h 1ener"ll9 re)ei>e "ll &he
)redi&' One !us& -now !indfulness well "nd )ul&i>"&e
i&s ")Ju"in&"n)e $efore one )"n "::re)i"&e i&s >"lue
"nd i&s silen& :ene&r"&i>e influen)e' Mindfulness w"l-s
slowl9 "nd deli$er"&el93 "nd i&s d"il9 &"s- is of " r"&her
hu!dru! n"&ure' Ye& where i& :l")es i&s fee& i& )"nno&
e"sil9 $e dislod1ed3 "nd i& ")Juires "nd $es&ows &rue
!"s&er9 of &he 1round i& )o>ers'
of " si!il"r &9:e3 "re of&en o>erloo-ed or underr"&ed'
In &he )"se of !indfulness3 i& reJuired " 1enius
li-e &he Buddh" &o dis)o>er &he Chidden &"len&D in &he
!odes& 1"r$3 "nd &o de>elo: &he >"s& inheren& :ower
of &h"& :o&en& seed' I& is3 indeed3 &he !"r- of " 1enius
&o :er)ei>e "nd &o h"rness &he :ower of &he see!in1l9
s!"ll' Here3 &rul93 i& h"::ens &h"&3 wh"& is li&&le
$e)o!es !u)h'D A re>"lu"&ion of >"lues &"-es :l")e' The
s&"nd"rds of 1re"&ness "nd s!"llness )h"n1e' Throu1h
&he !"s&er !ind of &he Buddh"3 !indfulness is fin"ll9
re>e"led "s &he :oin& where &he >"s& re>ol>in1 !"ss of
world sufferin1 is le>ered ou& of i&s &wofold "n)hor"1e
in i1nor"n)e "nd )r">in1'
The Buddh" s:o-e of &he :ower of !indfulness in "
>er9 e!:h"&i) w"9#
Mindfulness3 I de)l"re3 is "llhel:ful'
All &hin1s )"n $e !"s&ered $9 !indfulness'
All &hin1s )"n $e !"s&ered $9 !indfulness'
7ur&her3 &here is &h"& sole!n "nd wei1h&9 u&&er"n)e
o:enin1 "nd )on)ludin1 &he S"&i:"''h"n" Su&&"3 &he
Dis)ourse on &he 7ound"&ions of Mindfulness#
This is &he onl9 w"93 !on-s3 for &he :urifi)"&ion of
$ein1s3 for &he o>er)o!in1 of sorrow "nd l"!en&"&ion3
for &he des&ru)&ion of :"in "nd 1rief3 for re")hin1 &he
ri1h& :"&h3 for &he "&&"in!en& of Ni$$"n"3 n"!el9 &he
four found"&ions of !indfulness'
In ordin"r9 life3 if !indfulness3 or "&&en&ion3 is dire)&ed
&o "n9 o$Ge)&3 i& is r"rel9 sus&"ined lon1 enou1h for
&he :ur:ose of )"reful "nd f")&u"l o$ser>"&ion' Bener"ll9
i& is followed i!!edi"&el9 $9 e!o&ion"l re")&ion3
dis)ri!in"&i>e &hou1h&3 refle)&ion3 or :ur:oseful
")&ion' In " life "nd &hou1h& 1o>erned $9 &he Buddh"Hs
&e")hin1 &oo3 !indfulness ;s"&i< is !os&l9 lin-ed wi&h
)le"r )o!:rehension ;s"!:"G"KK"< of &he ri1h& :ur:ose
or sui&"$ili&9 of "n ")&ion3 "nd o&her )onsider"&ions'
Thus "1"in i& is no& >iewed in i&self' Bu& &o &":
&he ")&u"l "nd :o&en&i"l :ower of !indfulness i& is
ne)ess"r9 &o unders&"nd "nd deli$er"&el9 )ul&i>"&e i&
in i&s $"si)3 un"llo9ed for!3 whi)h we sh"ll )"ll $"re
B9 $"re "&&en&ion we unders&"nd &he )le"r "nd sin1le
!inded "w"reness of wh"& ")&u"ll9 h"::ens &o us
"nd in us3 "& &he su))essi>e !o!en&s of :er)e:&ion' I&
is )"lled C$"reD $e)"use i& "&&ends &o &he $"re f")&s of
" :er)e:&ion wi&hou& re")&in1 &o &he! $9 deed3 s:ee)h
or !en&"l )o!!en&' Ordin"ril93 &h"& Purel9 re)e:&i>e
s&"&e of !ind is3 "s we s"id3 Gus& " >er9 $rief :h"se of &he
&hou1h& :ro)ess of whi)h one is of&en s)"r)el9 "w"re'
Bu& in &he !e&hodi)"l de>elo:!en& of !indfulness
"i!ed "& &he unfoldin1 of i&s l"&en& :owers3 $"re "&&en&ion
is sus&"ined for "s lon1 " &i!e "s oneHs s&ren1&h of
)on)en&r"&ion :er!i&s' B"re "&&en&ion &hen $e)o!es &he
-e9 &o &he !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e of S"&i:"''h"n"3 o:enin1
&he door &o !indHs !"s&er9 "nd fin"l li$er"&ion'
B"re "&&en&ion is de>elo:ed in &wo w"9s# ;,< "s "
!e&hodi)"l !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e wi&h sele)&ed o$Ge)&sL
;*< "s "::lied3 "s f"r "s :r")&i)"$le3 &o &he nor!"l e>en&s
of &he d"93 &o1e&her wi&h " 1ener"l "&&i&ude of !indfulness
"nd )le"r )o!:rehension' The de&"ils of &he :r")&i)e
h">e $een des)ri$ed elsewhere3 "nd need no& $e
re:e"&ed here'M
The :ri!"r9 :ur:ose of &his ess"9 is &o de!ons&r"&e
"nd e8:l"in &he effi)")9 of &his !e&hod3 &h"& is3 &o show
&he ")&u"l :ower of !indfulness' P"r&i)ul"rl9 in "n "1e
li-e ours3 wi&h i&s su:ers&i&ious worshi: of )e"seless
e8&ern"l ")&i>i&93 &here will $e &hose who "s-# CHow )"n
su)h " :"ssi>e "&&i&ude of !ind "s &h"& of $"re "&&en&ion
:ossi$l9 le"d &o &he 1re"& resul&s )l"i!ed for i&FD In re:l93
one !"9 $e in)lined &o su11es& &o &he Jues&ioner no& &o
rel9 on &he words of o&hers3 $u& &o :u& &hese "sser&ions
of &he Buddh" &o &he &es& of :erson"l e8:erien)e' Bu&
&hose who do no& 9e& -now &he Buddh"Hs &e")hin1 well
enou1h &o "))e:& i& "s " reli"$le 1uide3 !"9 hesi&"&e &o
&"-e u:3 wi&hou& 1ood re"sons3 " :r")&i)e &h"& Gus& on
See N9"n":oni-" Ther"3 The He"r& of Buddhis& Medi&"&ion
;London# Rider N =o'3 ,?4*<'
"))oun& of i&s r"di)"l si!:li)i&9 !"9 "::e"r s&r"n1e &o
&he!' In &he followin13 " nu!$er of su)h C1ood re"sonsD
"re &herefore :roffered for &he re"derHs s)ru&in9'
The9 "re "lso !e"n& "s "n in&rodu)&ion &o &he 1ener"l
s:iri& of S"&i:"''h"n" "nd "s :oin&ers &o i&s wide "nd
si1nifi)"n& :ers:e)&i>es' 7ur&her!ore3 i& is ho:ed &h"&
he who h"s &"-en u: &he !e&hodi)"l &r"inin1 will re)o1niIe
in &he followin1 o$ser>"&ions )er&"in fe"&ures of
his own :r")&i)e3 "nd $e en)our"1ed &o )ul&i>"&e &he!
e sh"ll now de"l wi&h four "s:e)&s of $"re "&&en&ion3
whi)h "re &he !"ins:rin1s of &he :ower
of !indfulness' The9 "re no& &he onl9 sour)es of i&s
s&ren1&h3 $u& &he9 "re &he :rin)i:"l ones &o whi)h &he
effi)")9 of &his !e&hod of !en&"l de>elo:!en& is due'
These four "re#
&he fun)&ions of C&id9in1u:D "nd Cn"!in1D
e8er)ised $9 $"re "&&en&ionL
i&s non>iolen&3 non)oer)i>e :ro)edureL
&he )":")i&9 of s&o::in1 "nd slowin1 downL
&he dire)&ness of >ision $es&owed $9 $"re "&&en&ion'
Tid9in1 U: &he Men&"l Household
If "n9one whose !ind is no& h"r!oniIed "nd )on&rolled
&hrou1h !e&hodi)"l !edi&"&i>e &r"inin1 should
&"-e " )lose loo- "& his own e>er9d"9 &hou1h&s "nd
")&i>i&ies3 he will !ee& wi&h " r"&her dis)on)er&in1
si1h&' A:"r& fro! &he few !"in )h"nnels of his :ur:oseful
&hou1h&s "nd ")&i>i&ies3 he will e>er9where $e
f")ed wi&h " &"n1led !"ss of :er)e:&ions3 &hou1h&s3
feelin1s3 "nd )"su"l $odil9 !o>e!en&s showin1 " disorderliness
"nd )onfusion whi)h he would )er&"inl9
no& &oler"&e in his li>in1roo!' Ye& &his is &he s&"&e of
"ff"irs &h"& we &"-e for 1r"n&ed wi&hin " )onsider"$le
:or&ion of our w"-in1 life "nd our nor!"l !en&"l
")&i>i&9' Le& us now loo- "& &he de&"ils of &h"& r"&her
un&id9 :i)&ure'
")&i>i&9' Le& us now loo- "& &he de&"ils of &h"& r"&her
un&id9 :i)&ure'
su)h "s si1h&s "nd sounds3 :"ssin1 )ons&"n&l9
&hrou1h our !ind'
Mos& of &he! re!"in >"1ue "nd fr"1!en&"r9L so!e
"re e>en $"sed on f"ul&9 :er)e:&ions "nd !isGud1e!en&s'
="rr9in1 &hese inheren& we"-nesses3 &he9 of&en
for! &he un&es&ed $"sis for Gud1e!en&s "nd de)isions
on " hi1her le>el of )ons)iousness' True3 "ll &hese )"su"l
sense i!:ressions need no& "nd )"nno& $e o$Ge)&s
of fo)used "&&en&ion' A s&one on &he ro"d &h"& h"::ens
&o !ee& our 1l"n)e will h">e " )l"i! on our "&&en&ion
onl9 if i& o$s&ru)&s our :ro1ress or is of in&eres& &o us for
so!e re"son' Ye& if we ne1le)& &hese )"su"l i!:ressions
&oo of&en3 we !"9 s&u!$le o>er !"n9 s&ones l9in1 on
our ro"d "nd "lso o>erloo- !"n9 1e!s'
Besides &he )"su"l sense i!:ressions3 &here "re &hose
!ore si1nifi)"n& "nd defini&e :er)e:&ions3 &hou1h&s3
feelin1s "nd >oli&ions whi)h h">e " )loser )onne)&ion
wi&h our :ur:oseful life' Here &oo3 we find &h"& " >er9
hi1h :ro:or&ion of &he! "re in " s&"&e of u&&er )onfusion'
Hundreds of )ross)urren&s fl"sh &hrou1h &he !ind3
"nd e>er9where &here "re C$i&s "nd endsD of unfinished
&hou1h&s3 s&ifled e!o&ions "nd :"ssin1 !oods' M"n9
!ee& " :re!"&ure de"&h' Owin1 &o &heir inn"&el9 fee$le
n"&ure3 our l")- of )on)en&r"&ion or su::ression
$9 new "nd s&ron1er i!:ressions3 &he9 do no& :ersis&
"nd de>elo:' If we o$ser>e our own !ind3 we sh"ll
no&i)e how e"sil9 di>er&ed our &hou1h&s "re3 how of&en
&he9 $eh">e li-e undis)i:lined dis:u&"n&s )ons&"n&l9
in&erru:&in1 e")h o&her "nd refusin1 &o lis&en &o &he
o&her sideHs "r1u!en&s' A1"in3 !"n9 lines of &hou1h&
re!"in rudi!en&"r9 or "re lef& un&r"nsl"&ed in&o will
"nd ")&ion3 $e)"use )our"1e is l")-in1 &o "))e:& &heir
:r")&i)"l3 !or"l or in&elle)&u"l )onseJuen)es' If we )on&inue
&o e8"!ine !ore )losel9 our ">er"1e :er)e:&ions3
&hou1h&s or Gud1e!en&s3 we sh"ll h">e &o "d!i& &h"&
!"n9 of &he! "re unreli"$le' The9 "re Gus& &he :rodu)&s
of h"$i&3 led $9 :reGudi)es of in&elle)& or e!o&ion3
$9 our :e& :referen)es or ">ersions3 $9 l"Iiness or selfishness3
$9 f"ul&9 or su:erfi)i"l o$ser>"&ions'
Su)h " loo- in&o lon1ne1le)&ed Ju"r&ers of &he !ind
will )o!e "s " wholeso!e sho)- &o &he o$ser>er' I& will
)on>in)e hi! of &he ur1en& need for !e&hodi)"l !en&"l
)ul&ure e8&endin1 $elow &he &hin surf")e l"9er of &he
!ind &o &hose >"s& &wili1h& re1ions of )ons)iousness we
h">e Gus& >isi&ed' The o$ser>er will &hen $e)o!e "w"re
&h"& &he rel"&i>el9 s!"ll se)&or of &he !ind &h"& s&"nds
in &he in&ense li1h& of :ur:oseful will "nd &hou1h& is no&
" reli"$le s&"nd"rd of &he inner s&ren1&h "nd lu)idi&9 of
)ons)iousness in i&s &o&"li&9' He will "lso see &h"& &he
Ju"li&9 of indi>idu"l )ons)iousness )"nno& $e Gud1ed $9
" few o:&i!"l resul&s of !en&"l ")&i>i&9 ")hie>ed in $rief3
in&er!i&&en& :eriods' The de)isi>e f")&or in de&er!inin1
&he Ju"li&9 of )ons)iousness is selfunders&"ndin1 "nd
self)on&rol# whe&her &h"& di! "w"reness )h"r")&eris&i)
of our e>er9d"9 !ind "nd &he un)on&rolled :or&ion of
e>er9d"9 ")&i>i&9 &ends &o in)re"se or de)re"se'
I& is &he d"il9 li&&le ne1li1en)e in &hou1h&s3 words
"nd deeds 1oin1 on for !"n9 9e"rs of our life ;"nd
"s &he Buddh" &e")hes3 for !"n9 e8is&en)es<3 &h"& is
)hiefl9 res:onsi$le for &he un&idiness "nd )onfusion we
find in our !inds' This ne1li1en)e )re"&es &he &rou$le
"nd "llows i& &o )on&inue' Thus &he old Buddhis& &e")hers
h">e s"id# CNe1li1en)e :rodu)es " lo& of dir&' As in
" house3 so in &he !ind3 onl9 " >er9 li&&le dir& )olle)&s
in " d"9 or &wo3 $u& if i& 1oes on for !"n9 9e"rs3 i& will
1row in&o " >"s& he": of refuse'DM
The d"r-3 un&id9 )orners of &he !ind "re &he hideou&s
of our !os& d"n1erous ene!ies' 7ro! &here &he9
"&&")- us un"w"res3 "nd !u)h &oo of&en su))eed in
defe"&in1 us' Th"& &wili1h& world :eo:led $9 frus&r"&ed
desires "nd su::ressed resen&!en&s3 $9 >")ill"&ions3
whi!s "nd !"n9 o&her sh"dow9 fi1ures3 for!s " $")-1round
fro! whi)h u:sur1in1 :"ssions @ 1reed "nd
lus&3 h"&red "nd "n1er @ !"9 deri>e :owerful3 su::or&'
Besides3 &he o$s)ure "nd o$s)urin1 n"&ure of &h"& &wili1h&
re1ion is &he >er9 ele!en& "nd !o&hersoil of &he
&hird "nd s&ron1es& of &he &hree roo&s of e>il ;"-us"l"
!ul"<3 i1nor"n)e or delusion'
A&&e!:&s "& eli!in"&in1 &he !indHs !"in defile!en&s
@ 1reed3 h"&e "nd delusion @ !us& f"il "s lon1 "s &hese
defile!en&s find refu1e "nd su::or& in &he un)on&rolled
di! re1ions of &he !indL "s lon1 "s &he )lose "nd )o!:le8
&issue of &hose h"lf"r&i)ul"&e &hou1h&s "nd e!o&ions
for!s &he $"si) &e8&ure of !ind in&o whi)h Gus&
" few 1olden s&r"nds of no$le "nd lu)id &hou1h& "re
wo>en' Bu& how "re we &o de"l wi&h &h"& unwield93 &"n1led
!"ssF Usu"ll9 we &r9 &o i1nore i& "nd &o rel9 on
&he )oun&er")&in1 ener1ies of our surf")e !ind' Bu& &he
An"1"ri-" B' Bo>ind"3 The Ps9)holo1i)"l A&&i&ude of E"rl9
Buddhis& Philoso:h9 ;London# Rider N =o'3 ,?4,<'
onl9 s"fe re!ed9 is &o f")e i& @ wi&h !indfulness' No&hin1
!ore diffi)ul& is needed &h"n &o ")Juire &he h"$i& of
dire)&in1 $"re "&&en&ion &o &hese rudi!en&"r9 &hou1h&s
"s of&en "s :ossi$le' The wor-in1 :rin)i:le here is &he
si!:le f")& &h"& &wo &hou1h&s )"nno& )oe8is& "& &he
s"!e &i!e# if &he )le"r li1h& of !indfulness is :resen&3
&here is no roo! for !en&"l &wili1h&' (hen sus&"ined
!indfulness h"s se)ured " fir! foo&hold3 i& will $e "
!"&&er of )o!:"r"&i>el9 se)ond"r9 i!:or&"n)e how &he
!ind will &hen de"l wi&h &hose rudi!en&"r9 &hou1h&s3
!oods "nd e!o&ions' One !"9 Gus& dis!iss &he! "nd
re:l")e &he! $9 :ur:oseful &hou1h&sL or one !"9 "llow
"nd e>en )o!:el &he! &o )o!:le&e wh"& &he9 h">e &o
s"9' In &he l"&&er )"se &he9 will of&en re>e"l how :oor
"nd we"- &he9 ")&u"ll9 "re3 "nd i& will &hen no& $e diffi)ul&
&o dis:ose of &he! on)e &he9 "re for)ed in&o &he
o:en' This :ro)edure of $"re "&&en&ion is >er9 si!:le
"nd effe)&i>eL &he diffi)ul&9 is onl9 &he :ersis&en)e in
"::l9in1 i&'
O$ser>in1 " )o!:le8 &hin1 !e"ns iden&if9in1 i&s
)o!:onen& :"r&s3 sin1lin1 ou& &he se:"r"&e s&r"nds
for!in1 &h"& in&ri)"&e &issue' If &his is "::lied &o &he
)o!:le8 )urren&s of !en&"l "nd :r")&i)"l life3 "u&o!"&i)"ll9
" s&ron1 re1ul"&in1 influen)e will $e no&i)e"$le'
As if "sh"!ed in &he :resen)e of &he )"l!l9 o$ser>in1
e9e3 &he )ourse of &hou1h&s will :ro)eed in " less disorderl9
"nd w"9w"rd !"nnerL i& will no& $e so e"sil9
di>er&ed3 "nd will rese!$le !ore "nd !ore " wellre1ul"&ed
Durin1 de)"des of &he :resen& life "nd &hrou1hou&
!illenni" of :re>ious li>es &r">ersin1 &he round of e8is&
en)e3 &here h"s s&e"dil9 1rown3 wi&hin e")h indi>idu"l3
" )losel9 -ni& s9s&e! of in&elle)&u"l "nd e!o&ion"l :reG
udi)es3 of $odil9 "nd !en&"l h"$i&s &h"& "re no lon1er
Jues&ioned "s &o &heir ri1h&ful :osi&ion "nd useful fun)
&ion in hu!"n life' Here "1"in3 &he "::li)"&ion of $"re
"&&en&ion loosens &he h"rd soil of &hese of&en >er9 "n)ien&
l"9ers of &he hu!"n !ind3 :re:"rin1 &hus &he 1round
for sowin1 &he seed of !e&hodi)"l !en&"l &r"inin1' B"re
"&&en&ion iden&ifies "nd :ursues &he sin1le &hre"ds of
&h"& )losel9 in&erwo>en &issue of our h"$i&s' I& sor&s ou&
)"refull9 &he su$seJuen& Gus&ifi)"&ions of :"ssion"&e
i!:ulses "nd &he :re&ended !o&i>es of our :reGudi)es'
7e"rlessl9 i& Jues&ions old h"$i&s of&en 1rown !e"nin1
less' I& un)o>ers &heir roo&s3 "nd &hus hel:s "$olish "ll
&h"& is seen &o $e h"r!ful' In $rief3 $"re "&&en&ion l"9s
o:en &he !inu&e )re>i)es in &he see!in1l9 i!:ene&r"
$le s&ru)&ure of unJues&ioned !en&"l :ro)esses' Then
&he sword of wisdo! wielded $9 &he s&ron1 "r! of )on
s&"n& !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e will $e "$le &o :ene&r"&e &hese
)re>i)es3 "nd fin"ll9 &o $re"- u: &h"& s&ru)&ure where
reJuired' If &he inner )onne)&ions $e&ween &he sin1le
:"r&s of " see!in1l9 )o!:")& whole $e)o!e in&elli1i$le3
&he9 &hen )e"se &o $e in"))essi$le'
(hen &he f")&s "nd de&"ils of &he !indHs )ondi&ioned
n"&ure "re un)o>ered $9 !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e3 &here is "n
in)re"sed )h"n)e &o effe)& fund"!en&"l )h"n1es in &he
!ind' In &h"& w"93 no& onl9 &hose hi&her&o unJues&ioned
h"$i&s of &he !ind3 i&s &wili1h& re1ions "nd i&s nor!"l
:ro)esses "s well3 $u& e>en &hose see!in1l9 solid3 indis:u&"$le
f")&s of &he world of !"&&er @ "ll will $e)o!e
CJues&ion"$leD "nd lose !u)h of &heir self"ssur"n)e'
M"n9 :eo:le "re so i!:ressed "nd in&i!id"&ed $9 &h"&
$l"nd self"ssur"n)e of "ssu!ed Csolid f")&s3D &h"& &he9
hesi&"&e &o &"-e u: "n9 s:iri&u"l &r"inin13 dou$&in1 &h"&
i& )"n effe)& "n9&hin1 wor&hwhile' The "::li)"&ion of
$"re "&&en&ion &o &he &"s- of &id9in1 "nd re1ul"&in1 &he
!ind will $rin1 :er)e:&i$le resul&s @ resul&s whi)h will
dis:el &heir dou$&s "nd en)our"1e &he! &o en&er !ore
full9 " s:iri&u"l :"&h'
The &id9in1 or re1ul"&in1 fun)&ion of $"re "&&en&ion3
we should no&e3 is of fund"!en&"l i!:or&"n)e for &h"&
C:urifi)"&ion of $ein1sD !en&ioned $9 &he Buddh" "s &he
firs& "i! of S"&i:"''h"n"' This :hr"se refers3 of )ourse3
&o &he :urifi)"&ion of &heir !inds3 "nd here &he >er9
firs& s&e: is &o $rin1 ini&i"l order in&o &he fun)&ionin1 of
&he !en&"l :ro)esses' (e h">e seen how &his is done
$9 $"re "&&en&ion' In &h"& sense3 &he )o!!en&"r9 &o &he
CDis)ourse on &he 7ound"&ion of MindfulnessD e8:l"ins
&he words Cfor &he :urifi)"&ion of $ein1sD "s follows#
CI& is s"id# OMen&"l &"in&s defile $ein1sL !en&"l )l"ri&9
:urifies &he!'H Th"& !en&"l )l"ri&9 )o!es &o $e $9 &his
w"9 of !indfulness ;s"&i:"''h"n" !"11"<'D
(e s"id $efore &h"& $"re "&&en&ion C&idies u:D or re1ul"&es
&he !ind $9 sor&in1 ou& "nd iden&if9in1 &he
>"rious )onfused s&r"nds of &he !en&"l :ro)ess' Th"&
iden&if9in1 fun)&ion3 li-e "n9 o&her !en&"l ")&i>i&93 is
)onne)&ed wi&h " >er$"l for!ul"&ion' In o&her words3
Ciden&if9in1D :ro)eeds $9 w"9 of e8:ressl9 Cn"!in1D
&he res:e)&i>e !en&"l :ro)esses'
Pri!i&i>e !"n $elie>ed &h"& words )ould e8er)ise "
!"1i)"l :ower# CThin1s &h"& )ould $e n"!ed h"d los&
&heir se)re& :ower o>er !"n3 &he horror of &he un-nown'
To -now &he n"!e of " for)e3 " $ein1 or "n o$Ge)& w"s
;&o :ri!i&i>e !"n< iden&i)"l wi&h &he !"s&er9 o>er i&'DM
Th"& "n)ien& $elief in &he !"1i)"l :o&en)9 of n"!es
"::e"rs "lso in !"n9 f"ir9 &"les "nd !9&hs3 where &he
:ower of " de!on is $ro-en Gus& $9 f")in1 hi! )our"1eousl9
"nd :ronoun)in1 his n"!e'
There is "n ele!en& of &ru&h in &he Cword!"1i)D of
:ri!i&i>e !"n3 "nd in &he :r")&i)e of $"re "&&en&ion we
will find &he :ower of n"!in1 )onfir!ed' The C&wili1h&
de!onsD of &he !ind @ our :"ssion"&e i!:ulses "nd
o$s)ure &hou1h&s @ )"nno& $e"r &he si!:le $u& )l"rif9in1
Jues&ion "$ou& &heir Cn"!es3D !u)h less &he -nowled1e
of &hese n"!es' Hen)e &his is of&en "lone suffi)ien&
&o di!inish &heir s&ren1&h' The )"l!l9 o$ser>"n&
1l"n)e of !indfulness dis)o>ers &he de!ons in &heir
hidin1 :l")es' The :r")&i)e of )"llin1 &he! $9 &heir
n"!es dri>es &he! ou& in&o &he o:en3 in&o &he d"9li1h&
of )ons)iousness' There &he9 will feel e!$"rr"ssed "nd
o$li1ed &o Gus&if9 &he!sel>es3 "l&hou1h "& &his s&"1e of
$"re "&&en&ion &he9 h">e no& 9e& e>en $een su$Ge)&ed &o
"n9 )loser Jues&ionin1 e8)e:& "$ou& &heir n"!es3 &heir
iden&i&9' If for)ed in&o &he o:en while s&ill in "n in)i:ien&
s&"1e3 &he9 will $e in)":"$le of wi&hs&"ndin1 s)ru&in9
"nd will Gus& dwindle "w"9' Thus " firs& >i)&or9
o>er &he! !"9 $e won3 e>en "& "n e"rl9 s&"1e of &he
The "::e"r"n)e in &he !ind of undesir"$le "nd
M =o!9' &o Su&&" Ni:"&" >' EE.'
i1no$le &hou1h&s3 e>en if &he9 "re >er9 flee&in1 "nd onl9
h"lf"r&i)ul"&e3 h"s "n un:le"s"n& effe)& u:on oneHs self
es&ee!' Therefore su)h &hou1h&s "re of&en sho>ed "side3
un"&&ended &o "nd uno::osed' Of&en &he9 "re "lso
)"!oufl"1ed $9 !ore :le"sin1 "nd res:e)&"$le l"$els
whi)h hide &heir &rue n"&ure' Thou1h&s dis:osed of in
ei&her of &hese &wo w"9s will s&ren1&hen &he "))u!ul"&ed
:ower of i1no$le &enden)ies in &he su$)ons)ious'
7ur&her!ore3 &hese :ro)edures will we"-en oneHs will
&o resis& &he "risin1 "nd &he do!in"n)e of !en&"l defile!en&s3
"nd s&ren1&hen &he &enden)9 &o e>"de &he issues'
Bu& $9 "::l9in1 &he si!:le !e&hod of )le"rl9 "nd hones&l9
n"!in1 or re1is&erin1 "n9 undesir"$le &hou1h&s3
&hese &wo h"r!ful de>i)es3 i1nor"n)e "nd )"!oufl"1e3
"re e8)luded' Then)e &heir de&ri!en&"l )onseJuen)es
on &he s&ru)&ure of &he su$)ons)ious "nd &heir di>ersion
of !en&"l effor& will $e ">oided'
(hen i1no$le &hou1h&s or :erson"l shor&)o!in1s
"re )"lled $9 &heir ri1h& n"!es3 &he !ind will de>elo:
"n inner resis&"n)e "nd e>en re:u1n"n)e "1"ins& &he!'
In &i!e i& !"9 well su))eed in -ee:in1 &he! in )he)-
"nd fin"ll9 eli!in"&in1 &he!' E>en if &hese !e"ns
do no& $rin1 undesir"$le &enden)ies full9 under )on&rol
"& on)e3 &he9 will s&"!: u:on &he! &he i!:")& of
re:e"&ed resis&"n)e whi)h will we"-en &he! whene>er
&he9 re"::e"r' To )on&inue our :ersonifi)"&ion3 we !"9
s"9 &h"& unwholeso!e &hou1h&s will no lon1er $e &he
uno::osed !"s&ers of &he s)ene3 "nd &his diffiden)e of
&heirs will !"-e &he! )onsider"$l9 e"sier &o de"l wi&h'
I& is &he :ower of !or"l sh"!e ;hiri$"l"< &h"& h"s $een
!us&ered here "s "n "ll93 !e&hodi)"ll9 s&ren1&hened $9
&hese si!:le 9e& su$&le :s9)holo1i)"l &e)hniJues'
&hese si!:le 9e& su$&le :s9)holo1i)"l &e)hniJues'
I& is one of &he !os& $enefi)i"l fe"&ures of ri1h& !indfulness3
"nd :"r&i)ul"rl9 of $"re "&&en&ion3 &h"& i& en"$les
us &o u&iliIe "ll e8&ern"l e>en&s "nd inner !en&"l
e>en&s for our :ro1ress' E>en &he uns"lu&"r9 )"n $e
!"de " s&"r&in1 :oin& for &he s"lu&"r9 if3 &hrou1h &he
de>i)e of n"!in1 or re1is&erin13 i& $e)o!es "n o$Ge)& of
de&")hed -nowled1e'
In se>er"l :"ss"1es of &he S"&i:"''h"n" Su&&" &he
fun)&ion of n"!in1 or C$"re re1is&erin1D see!s &o $e
indi)"&ed $9 for!ul"&in1 &he res:e)&i>e s&"&e!en&s $9
w"9 of dire)& s:ee)h' There "re no less &h"n four su)h
ins&"n)es in &he dis)ourse#
C(hen e8:erien)in1 " :le"s"n& feelin13 he -nows OI
e8:erien)e " :le"s"n& feelin1H3D e&)'L
CHe -nows of " lus&ful ;s&"&e of< !ind3 OMind is
lus&fulH3D e&)'L
CIf ;&he hindr"n)e of< sense desire is :resen& in hi!3
he -nows3 OSense desire is :resen& in !eH3D e&)'L
CIf &he enli1h&en!en& f")&or !indfulness is :resen&
in hi!3 he -nows3 OThe enli1h&en!en& f")&or
!indfulness is :resen& in !eH3D e&)'
In )on)ludin1 &his se)&ion3 we $riefl9 :oin& ou& &h"&
&he &id9in1u: "nd n"!in1 of !en&"l :ro)esses is &he
indis:ens"$le :re:"r"&ion for full9 unders&"ndin1 &he!
in &heir &rue n"&ure3 &he &"s- of insi1h& ;>i:"ss"n"In )on)ludin1 &his se)&ion3 we $riefl9 :oin& ou& &h"&
&he &id9in1u: "nd n"!in1 of !en&"l :ro)esses is &he
indis:ens"$le :re:"r"&ion for full9 unders&"ndin1 &he!
in &heir &rue n"&ure3 &he &"s- of insi1h& ;>i:"ss"n"<'
These fun)&ions3 e8er)ised $9 $"re "&&en&ion3 will hel:
dis:el &he illusion &h"& &he !en&"l :ro)esses "re )o!:")&'
The9 will "lso hel: us &o dis)ern &heir s:e)ifi)
n"&ure or )h"r")&eris&i)s3 "nd &o no&i)e &heir !o!en&"r9
rise "nd f"ll'
*' *'
O$s&")les &o Medi&"&ion
o&h &he world surroundin1 us "nd &he world of our
own !inds "re full of hos&ile "nd )onfli)&in1 for)es
)"usin1 us :"in "nd frus&r"&ion' (e -now fro! our Own
$i&&er e8:erien)e &h"& we "re no& s&ron1 enou1h &o !ee&
"nd )onJuer "ll &hese "n&"1onis&i) for)es in o:en )o!$"&'
In &he e8&ern"l world we )"nno& h">e e>er9&hin1
e8")&l9 "s we w"n& i&3 while in &he inner world of &he
!ind3 our :"ssions3 i!:ulses3 "nd whi!s of&en o>erride
&he de!"nds of du&93 re"son "nd our hi1her "s:ir"&ions'
(e fur&her le"rn &h"& of&en "n undesir"$le si&u"&ion
will onl9 worsen if e8)essi>e :ressure is used "1"ins& i&'
P"ssion"&e desires !"9 1row in in&ensi&9 if one &ries &o
silen)e &he! $9 sheer for)e of will' Dis:u&es "nd Ju"rrels
will 1o on endlessl9 "nd 1row fier)er if &he9 "re
f"nned "1"in "nd "1"in $9 "n1r9 re&or&s or $9 >"in
"&&e!:&s &o )rush &he o&her !"nHs :osi&ion' A dis&ur$"n)e
durin1 wor-3 res& or !edi&"&ion will $e fel& !ore
s&ron1l9 "nd will h">e " lon1erl"s&in1 i!:")& if one
re")&s &o i& $9 resen&!en& "nd "n1er "nd "&&e!:&s &o
su::ress i&'
OThus3 "1"in "nd "1"in3 we !ee& wi&h si&u"&ions in
life where we )"nno& for)e issues' Bu& &here "re w"9s of
!"s&erin1 &he >i)issi&udes of life "nd )onfli)&s of !ind
wi&hou& "::li)"&ion of for)e' Non>iolen& !e"ns !"9
of&en su))eed where "&&e!:&s "& )oer)ion3 in&ern"l or
e8&ern"l3 f"il' Su)h " non>iolen& w"9 of !"s&erin1 life
"nd !ind is S"&i:"''h"n"' B9 &he !e&hodi)"l "::li)"&ion
of $"re "&&en&ion3 &he $"si) :r")&i)e in &he de>elo:!en&
of ri1h& !indfulness3 "ll &he l"&en& :owers of "
non)oer)i>e "::ro")h will 1r"du"ll9 unfold3 wi&h &heir
$enefi)i"l resul&s "nd &heir wide "nd une8:e)&ed i!:li)"&ions'
In &his )on&e8& we "re !"inl9 )on)erned wi&h &he
$enefi&s of S"&i:"''h"n" for &he !"s&er9 of !ind3 "nd
for &he :ro1ress in !edi&"&ion &h"& !"9 resul& fro! "
non)oer)i>e :ro)edure' Bu& we sh"ll "lso )"s& o))"sion"l
side 1l"n)es "& i&s re:er)ussions on e>er9d"9 life'
I& will no& $e diffi)ul& for " &hou1h&ful re"der &o !"-e
!ore de&"iled "::li)"&ion &o his own :ro$le!s'
The "n&"1onis&i) for)es &h"& "::e"r in !edi&"&ion
"nd &h"& "re li"$le &o u:se& i&s s!oo&h )ourse "re of
&hree -inds#
, e8&ern"l dis&ur$"n)es3 su)h "s noiseL
* !en&"l defile!en&s ;-iles"<3 su)h "s lus&3 "n1er3
res&lessness3 diss"&isf")&ion3 or slo&h3 whi)h !"9 "rise "&
"n9 &i!e durin1 !edi&"&ionL "nd
E >"rious in)iden&"l s&r"9 &hou1h&s3 or surrender
&o d"9dre"!in1'
These dis&r")&ions "re &he 1re"& s&u!$lin1 $lo)-s
for " $e1inner in !edi&"&ion who h"s no& 9e& ")Juired
suffi)ien& de8&eri&9 &o de"l wi&h &he! effe)&i>el9' To
1i>e &hou1h& &o &hose dis&ur$in1 f")&ors onl9 when &he9
")&u"ll9 "rise "& &he &i!e of !edi&"&ion is insuffi)ien&'
If )"u1h& un:re:"red in oneHs defen)e3 one will s&ru11le
wi&h &he! in " !ore or less h":h"I"rd "nd ineffe)&i>e
w"93 "nd wi&h " feelin1 of irri&"&ion whi)h will
i&self $e "n "ddi&ion"l i!:edi!en&' If dis&ur$"n)es of
"n9 -ind "nd uns-ilful re")&ions &o &he! o))ur se>er"l
&i!es durin1 one session3 one !"9 )o!e &o feel u&&erl9
frus&r"&ed "nd irri&"&ed "nd 1i>e u: fur&her "&&e!:&s &o
!edi&"&e3 "& le"s& for &he :resen& o))"sion'
In f")&3 e>en !edi&"&ors who "re Jui&e well infor!ed
$9 $oo-s or " &e")her "$ou& "ll &he de&"ils )on)ernin1
&heir su$Ge)& of !edi&"&ion of&en l")- ins&ru)&ion on
how &o de"l s-ilfull9 wi&h &he dis&ur$"n)es &he9 !"9
!ee&' The feelin1 of hel:lessness in f")in1 &he! is &he
!os& for!id"$le diffi)ul&9 for " $e1innin1 !edi&"&or' A&
&h"& :oin& !"n9 "))e:& defe"&3 "$"ndonin1 :re!"&urel9
"n9 fur&her effor& "& !e&hodi)"l :r")&i)e' As in worldl9
"ff"irs3 so in !edi&"&ion3 oneHs w"9 of de"lin1 wi&h &he
Cini&i"l diffi)ul&iesD will of&en $e de)isi>e for su))ess or
(hen f")ed $9 inner "nd ou&er dis&ur$"n)es3 &he
ine8:erien)ed or unins&ru)&ed $e1inner will 1ener"ll9
re")& in &wo w"9s' He will firs& &r9 &o sho>e &he! "w"9
li1h&l93 "nd if he f"ils in &h"&3 he will &r9 &o su::ress
&he! $9 sheer for)e of will' Bu& &hese dis&ur$"n)es "re
li-e insolen& flies# $9 whis-in1 @ firs& li1h&l9 "nd &hen
wi&h in)re"sin1 >i1our "nd "n1er @ one !"9 :erh":s
su))eed in dri>in1 &he! "w"9 for " while3 $u& usu"ll9
&he9 will re&urn wi&h "n e8"s:er"&in1 )ons&"n)93 "nd
&he effor& "nd >e8"&ion of whis-in1 will h">e :rodu)ed
onl9 "n "ddi&ion"l dis&ur$"n)e of oneHs )o!:osure'
S"&i:"''h"n"3 &hrou1h i&s !e&hod of $"re "&&en&ion3
offers " non>iolen& "l&ern"&i>e &o &hose fu&ile "nd e>en
h"r!ful "&&e!:&s "& su::ression $9 for)e' A su))essful
non>iolen& :ro)edure in !ind)on&rol h"s &o s&"r& wi&h
&he ri1h& "&&i&ude' There !us& $e firs& &he full )o1ni
I"n)e "nd so$er "))e:&"n)e of &he f")& &h"& &hose &hree
dis&ur$in1 f")&ors "re )oinh"$i&"n&s of &he world we
li>e in3 whe&her we li-e i& or no&' Our dis"::ro>"l of
&he! will no& "l&er &he f")&' (i&h so!e we sh"ll h">e
&o )o!e &o &er!s3 "nd )on)ernin1 &he o&hers @ &he !en&"l
defile!en&s3 we sh"ll h">e &o le"rn how &o de"l wi&h
&he! effe)&i>el9 un&il &he9 "re fin"ll9 )onJuered'
,' Sin)e we "re no& &he sole inh"$i&"n&s of &his
densel9 :o:ul"&ed world3 &here "re $ound &o $e e8&ern"l
dis&ur$"n)es of >"rious -inds3 su)h "s noise "nd in&erru:&ions
$9 >isi&ors' (e )"nno& "lw"9s li>e in Cs:lendid
isol"&ion3D Cfro! noise of !en "nd do1s un&rou$led3D or
in Ci>or9 &owersD hi1h "$o>e &he )rowd' Ri1h& !edi&"&ion
is no& es)":is!L i& is no& !e"n& &o :ro>ide hidin1
:l")es for &e!:or"r9 o$li>ion' Re"lis&i) !edi&"&ion
h"s &he :ur:ose of &r"inin1 &he !ind &o f")e3 &o unders&"nd
"nd &o )onJuer &his >er9 world in whi)h we li>e'
And &his world ine>i&"$l9 in)ludes nu!erous o$s&")les
&o &he life of !edi&"&ion'
*' The Bur!ese !edi&"&ion !"s&er3 &he /ener"$le
M"h"si S"9"d"w s"id# CIn "n unli$er"&ed worldlin1
!en&"l defile!en&s "re sure &o "rise "1"in "nd "1"in' He
h"s &o f")e &h"& f")& "nd -now &hese defile!en&s well
in order &o "::l9 "1"in "nd "1"in &he "::ro:ri"&e re!ed9
of s"&i:"''h"n"' Then &he9 will 1row we"-er3 !ore
shor&li>ed3 "nd will fin"ll9 dis"::e"r'D To -now &he
o))urren)e "nd n"&ure of defile!en&s is &herefore "s
i!:or&"n& for " !edi&"&or "s &o -now &he o))urren)e of
his no$le &hou1h&s'
B9 f")in1 oneHs own defile!en&s one will $e s&irred
&o in)re"se &he effor& &o eli!in"&e &he!' On &he o&her
h"nd3 if ou& of " f"lse sh"!e or :ride one &ries &o ">er&
oneHs 1l"n)e when &he9 "rise3 one will ne>er &rul9 Goin
issue wi&h &he!3 "nd will "lw"9s e>"de &he fin"l "nd
de)isi>e en)oun&er' B9 hi&&in1 $lindl9 "& &he!3 one will
onl9 e8h"us& or e>en hur& oneself' Bu& $9 o$ser>in1
)"refull9 &heir n"&ure "nd $eh">iour when &he9 "rise
in oneHs own !ind3 one will $e "$le &o !ee& &he! well
:re:"red3 &o fores&"ll &he! of&en3 "nd fin"ll9 &o $"nish
&he! full9' Therefore !ee& 9our defile!en&s wi&h
" free "nd o:en 1l"n)eP Be no& "sh"!ed3 "fr"id or dis)our"1edP
E' The &hird 1rou: of in&ruders dis&ur$in1 &he
!edi&"&orHs !ind "re s&r"9 &hou1h&s "nd d"9dre"!s'
These !"9 )onsis& of >"rious !e!ories "nd i!"1es of
&he :"s&3 re)en& or re!o&e3 in)ludin1 &hose e!er1in1
fro! su$@)ons)ious de:&hsL &hou1h&s of &he fu&ure @
:l"nnin13 i!"1inin13 fe"rin13 ho:in1L "nd &he )"su"l
sense:er)e:&ions &h"& !"9 o))ur "& &he >er9 &i!e of
!edi&"&ion3 of&en dr"11in1 "f&er &he! " lon1 &r"il of
"sso)i"&ed ide"s' (hene>er )on)en&r"&ion "nd !indfulness
sl")-en3 s&r"9 &hou1h&s or d"9dre"!s "::e"r "nd
fill &he >")uu!' Thou1h &he9 see! insi1nifi)"n& in &he!sel>es3
&hrou1h &heir freJuen& o))urren)e &he9 for! "
!os& for!id"$le o$s&")le3 no& onl9 for &he $e1inner3
$u& in "ll )"ses when &he !ind is res&less or dis&r")&ed'
Howe>er3 when &hese in>"ders )"n $e -e:& "& $"93 e>en
lon1 )on&inuous :eriods of !edi&"&ion )"n $e ")hie>ed'
As in &he )"se of &he !en&"l defile!en&s3 s&r"9 &hou1h&s
will $e en&irel9 e8)luded onl9 "& &he s&"1e of Ar"h"&shi:3
when &he :erfe)& !indfulness &here$9 o$&"ined -ee:s
unf"ilin1 w"&)h "& &he door of &he !ind'
If &he9 "re &o sh":e our "&&i&ude3 "ll &hese f")&s "$ou&
&he &hree -inds of dis&ur$in1 f")&ors !us& $e 1i>en full
wei1h& "nd $e full9 "$sor$ed $9 our !ind' Then3 in
&hese &hree dis&ur$in1 f")&ors3 &he no$le &ru&h of sufferin1
will !"nifes& i&self &o &he !edi&"&or >er9 in)isi>el9
&hrou1h his own :erson"l e8:erien)e# CNo& &o o$&"in
wh"& one w"n&s is sufferin1'D The &hree o&her no$le
&ru&hs should "lso $e e8e!:lified $9 referen)e &o &he
s"!e si&u"&ion' In su)h " w"93 e>en when de"lin1 wi&h
i!:edi!en&s3 &he !edi&"&or will $e wi&hin &he do!"in
of S"&i:"''h"n"' He will $e en1"1ed in &he !indful
"w"reness of &he 7our No$le Tru&hs @ " :"r& of &he )on&e!:l"&ion
of !en&"l o$Ge)&s ;dh"!!"nu:"ss"n"<',
I& is
)h"r")&eris&i) of ri1h& !indfulness3 "nd one of i&s &"s-s3
&o rel"&e &he ")&u"l e8:erien)es of life &o &he &ru&h of
&he Dh"!!"3 "nd &o use &he! "s o::or&uni&ies for i&s
:r")&i)"l re"liI"&ion' Alre"d9 "& &his :reli!in"r9 s&"1e
de>o&ed &o &he sh":in1 of " )orre)& "nd hel:ful "&&i&ude3
we h">e &he firs& su))essful &es& of our :e")eful we":ons#
$9 unders&"ndin1 our "d>ers"ries $e&&er3 we h">e
)onsolid"&ed our :osi&ion whi)h w"s for!erl9 we"-ened
$9 "n e!o&ion"l "::ro")hL "nd $9 &r"nsfor!in1
&hese "d>ers"ries in&o &e")hers of &he &ru&hs3 we h">e
won &he firs& "d>"n&"1e o>er &he!'
Three =oun&er!e"sures
If we "re !en&"ll9 :re:"red $9 " re"lis&i) >iew of &hese
&hree f")&ors "n&"1onis&i) &o !edi&"&ion3 we sh"ll $e
less in)lined &o re")& "& on)e $9 irri&"&ion when &he9
")&u"ll9 "rise' (e sh"ll $e e!o&ion"ll9 in " $e&&er
:osi&ion &o !ee& &he! wi&h &he non>iolen& we":ons
of whi)h we sh"ll now s:e"-'
There "re &hree de>i)es for )oun&erin1 dis&ur$"n)es
&h"& "rise in !edi&"&ion' OThe &hree should $e "::lied in
su))ession whene>er &he :re)edin1 de>i)e h"s f"iled &o
dis:ose of &he dis&ur$"n)e' All &hree "re "::li)"&ions of
$"re "&&en&ionL &he9 differ in &he de1ree "nd dur"&ion
of "&&en&ion 1i>en &o &he dis&ur$"n)e' The 1uidin1 rule
here is# &o 1i>e no !ore !en&"l e!:h"sis &o &he res:e)
&i>e dis&ur$"n)e &h"n is ")&u"ll9 reJuired $9 )ir)u!
,' 7irs&3 one should no&i)e &he dis&ur$"n)e )le"rl93
$u& li1h&l9# &h"& is3 wi&hou& e!:h"sis "nd wi&hou& "&&en&ion
&o de&"ils' Af&er &h"& $rief ")& of no&i)in13 one should
&r9 &o re&urn &o &he ori1in"l su$Ge)& of !edi&"&ion' If &he
dis&ur$"n)e w"s we"- or oneHs :re)edin1 )on)en&r"&ion
f"irl9 s&ron13 one !"9 well su))eed in resu!in1 )on&e!:l"&ion'
A& &h"& s&"1e3 $9 $ein1 )"reful no& &o 1e&
in>ol>ed in "n9 C)on>ers"&ionD or "r1u!en& wi&h &he
in&ruder3 we sh"ll on our :"r& no& 1i>e i& " re"son &o s&"9
lon1L "nd in " 1ood nu!$er of )"ses &he dis&ur$"n)e
will soon de:"r& li-e " >isi&or who does no& re)ei>e "
>er9 w"r! wel)o!e' Th"& )ur& dis!iss"l !"9 of&en en"$le
us &o re&urn &o our ori1in"l !edi&"&ion wi&hou& "n9
serious dis&ur$"n)e &o &he )o!:osure of !ind'
The non>iolen& de>i)e here is# &o "::l9 $"re "&&en&ion
&o &he dis&ur$"n)e3 $u& wi&h " !ini!u! of res:onse
&o i&3 "nd wi&h " !ind $en& on wi&hdr"w"l' This is &he
>er9 w"9 in whi)h &he Buddh" hi!self de"l& wi&h ino::or&une
>isi&ors3 "s des)ri$ed in &he M"h"suKK"&" Su&&"#
CQwi&h " !ind $en& on se)lusionQ "nd wi&hdr"wn3 his
)on>ers"&ion "i!in1 "& dis!issin1 ;&hose >isi&ors<'D Si!il"r
w"s Sh"n&ide>"Hs "d>i)e on how &o de"l wi&h fools#
if one )"nno& ">oid &he!3 one should &re"& &he! Cwi&h
&he indifferen& :oli&eness of " 1en&le!en'D
*' If3 howe>er3 &he dis&ur$"n)e :ersis&s3 one
should re:e"& &he "::li)"&ion of $"re "&&en&ion "1"in
"nd "1"in3 :"&ien&l9 "nd )"l!l9L "nd i& !"9 $e &h"& &he
dis&ur$"n)e will >"nish when i& h"s s:en& i&s for)e' Here
&he "&&i&ude is &o !ee& &he re:e"&ed o))urren)e of " dis&ur$"n)e
$9 " rei&er"&ed CNo3 C " de&er!ined refus"l &o
$e defle)&ed fro! oneHs )ourse' This is &he "&&i&ude of
:"&ien)e "nd fir!ness' The )":")i&9 for w"&)hful o$ser>"&ion
h"s &o $e "ided here $9 &he )":")i&9 &o w"i& "nd
&o hold oneHs 1round'
These &wo de>i)es will 1ener"ll9 $e su))essful wi&h
in)iden&"l s&r"9 &hou1h&s "nd d"9dre"!s3 whi)h "re fee$le
$9 n"&ure3 $u& &he o&her &wo &9:es of dis&ur$"n)es3
&he e8&ern"l ones "nd defile!en&s3 !"9 "lso 9ield Jui&e
E' Bu& if3 for so!e re"son3 &he9 do no& 9ield3 one
should deli$er"&el9 &urn oneHs full "&&en&ion &o &he dis&ur$"n)e
"nd !"-e i& "n o$Ge)& of -nowled1e' Thus one
&r"nsfor!s i& fro! " dis&ur$"n)e &o !edi&"&ion in&o "
le1i&i!"&e o$Ge)& of !edi&"&ion' One !"9 )on&inue wi&h
&h"& new o$Ge)& un&il &he e8&ern"l or in&ern"l )"use for
"&&endin1 &o i& h"s )e"sedL or3 if i& :ro>es s"&isf")&or93
one !"9 e>en re&"in i& for &he res& of &h"& session'
7or ins&"n)e3 when dis&ur$ed $9 " :ersis&en& noise3
we should 1i>e &he noise our undi>ided "&&en&ion3 $u&
we should &"-e )"re &o dis&in1uish &he o$Ge)& i&self fro!
our re")&ion &o i&' 7or e8"!:le3 if resen&!en& "rises3 i&
should $e )le"rl9 re)o1niIed in i&s own n"&ure whene>er
i& "rises' In doin1 so we sh"ll $e :r")&isin1 &he )on&e!:l"&ion
of !indo$Ge)&s ;dh"!!"nu:"ss"n"< "))ordin1
&o &he followin1 :"ss"1e of &he S"&i:"''h"n" Su&&"# CHe
-nows &he e"r "nd sounds3 "nd &he fe&&er ;e'1' resen&!en&<
"risin1 &hrou1h $o&h'D If &he noise is in&er!i&&en&
or of >"r9in1 in&ensi&93 one will e"sil9 $e "$le &o dis)ern
&he rise "nd f"ll ;ud"9"$$"9"< in i&s o))urren)e' In &h"&
w"9 one will "dd &o oneHs dire)& insi1h& in&o i!:er!"nen)9
The "&&i&ude &ow"rds re)urren& !en&"l defile!en&s3
su)h "s &hou1h&s of lus& "nd res&lessness3 should $e
si!il"r' One should f")e &he! sJu"rel93 $u& dis&in1uish
&he! fro! oneHs re")&ion &o &he!3 e'1' )onni>"n)e3 fe"r3
resen&!en&3 irri&"&ion' In doin1 so3 one is !"-in1 use of
&he de>i)e of Cn"!in13D "nd one will re": &he $enefi&s
!en&ioned "$o>e' In &he re)urren& w">es of :"ssion or
res&lessness3 one will li-ewise le"rn &o dis&in1uish 1r"du"ll9
:h"ses of Chi1hD "nd Clow3D &heir Cu:s "nd downs3D
"nd !"9 "lso 1"in o&her hel:ful -nowled1e "$ou& &heir
$eh">iour' B9 &h"& :ro)edure3 one "1"in re!"ins en&irel9
wi&hin &he r"n1e of S"&i:"''h"n" $9 :r")&isin1 &he )on&e!:l"&ion
of &he s&"&e of !ind ;)i&&"nu:"ss"n"< "nd of
!indo$Ge)&s ;dh"!!"nu:"ss"n"# "&&en&ion &o &he hindr"n)es<'
This !e&hod of &r"nsfor!in1 dis&ur$"n)es &o !edi&"&ion
in&o o$Ge)&s of !edi&"&ion3 "s si!:le "s i& is in1enious3
!"9 $e re1"rded "s &he )ul!in"&ion of non>iolen&
:ro)edure' I& is " de>i)e >er9 )h"r")&eris&i) of &he
s:iri& of S"&i:"''h"n"3 &o !"-e use of "ll e8:erien)es
"s "ids on &he :"&h' In &h"& w"9 ene!ies "re &urned
in&o friendsL for "ll &hese dis&ur$"n)es "nd "n&"1onis&i)
for)es h">e $e)o!e our &e")hers3 "nd &e")hers3 whoe>er
&he9 !"9 $e3 should $e re1"rded "s friends'
(e )"nno& fore1o &o Juo&e here " :"ss"1e fro! "
no&ewor&h9 li&&le $oo-3 The Li&&le Lo)-s!i&h $9 K"&herine
Bu&ler H"&h"w"93 " !o>in1 hu!"n do)u!en& of for&i&ude
"nd :r")&i)"l wisdo! ")Juired $9 sufferin1#
I "! sho)-ed $9 &he i1nor"n)e "nd w"s&efulness
wi&h whi)h :ersons who should -now $e&&er &hrow "w"9
&he &hin1s &he9 do no& li-e' The9 &hrow "w"9 e8:erien)es3
:eo:le3 !"rri"1es3 si&u"&ions3 "ll sor&s of &hin1s
$e)"use &he9 do no& li-e &he!' If 9ou &hrow "w"9 "
&hin13 i& is 1one' (here 9ou h"d so!e&hin1 9ou h">e
no&hin1' Your h"nds "re e!:&93 &he9 h">e no&hin1 &o
wor- on' (here"s3 "l!os& "ll &hose &hin1s whi)h 1e&
&hrown "w"9 "re )":"$le of $ein1 wor-ed o>er $9 " li&&le
!"1i) in&o Gus& &he o::osi&e of wh"& &he9 wereQ' Bu&
!os& hu!"n $ein1s ne>er re!e!$er "& "ll &h"& in "l!os&
e>er9 $"d si&u"&ion &here is &he :ossi$ili&9 of " &r"nsfor!"&ion
$9 whi)h &he undesir"$le !"9 $e )h"n1ed in&o
&he desir"$le'
(e s"id $efore &h"& &he o))urren)e of &he &hree dis&ur$in1
ele!en&s )"nno& "lw"9s $e :re>en&ed' The9 "re
:"r&s of our world3 "nd &heir )o!in1 "nd 1oin1 follows
i&s own l"ws irres:e)&i>e of our "::ro>"l or dis"::ro>"l'
Bu& $9 "::l9in1 $"re "&&en&ion we )"n ">oid $ein1 swe:&
"w"9 or dislod1ed $9 &he!' B9 &"-in1 " fir! "nd )"l!
s&"nd on &he se)ure 1round of !indfulness3 we sh"ll
re:e"& in " !odes& de1ree3 $u& in "n essen&i"ll9 iden&i)"l
w"93 &he his&ori) si&u"&ion under &he Bodhi Tree' (hen
M"r"3 &he E>il One3 "& &he he"d of his "r!93 )l"i!ed &he
soil on whi)h &he fu&ure Buddh" s"&3 &he l"&&er refused
&o $ud1e' Trus&in1 in &he :ower of !indfulness3 we !"9
)onfiden&l9 re:e"& &he Bodhis"&&"Hs "s:ir"&ion on &h"&
o))"sion# M" !"! &h"n" ")">iP CM"9 he ;M"r"< no&
dislod1e !e fro! &his :l")eLH ;P"dh"n" Su&&"<'
"nd :h9si)"l e>en&s &h"& :"ss $efore our o$ser>"n&
e9es in &he :r")&i)e of $"re "&&en&ion3 &he9 "rise3 "nd
h">in1 "risen3 &he9 :"ss "w"9'
soil on whi)h &he fu&ure Buddh" s"&3 &he l"&&er refused
&o $ud1e' Trus&in1 in &he :ower of !indfulness3 we !"9
)onfiden&l9 re:e"& &he Bodhis"&&"Hs "s:ir"&ion on &h"&
o))"sion# M" !"! &h"n" ")">iP CM"9 he ;M"r"< no&
dislod1e !e fro! &his :l")eLH ;P"dh"n" Su&&"<'
"nd :h9si)"l e>en&s &h"& :"ss $efore our o$ser>"n&
e9es in &he :r")&i)e of $"re "&&en&ion3 &he9 "rise3 "nd
h">in1 "risen3 &he9 :"ss "w"9'
Our "d>"n&"1e here is &he o$>ious f")& &h"& &wo
&hou1h& !o!en&s )"nno& $e :resen& "& &he s"!e &i!e'
A&&en&ion refers3 s&ri)&l9 s:e"-in13 no& &o &he :resen&
$u& &o &he !o!en& &h"& h"s Gus& :"ssed "w"9' Thus3 "s
lon1 "s !indfulness holds sw"93 &here will $e no Cdis&ur$"n)eD
or Cdefiled &hou1h&'D This 1i>es us &he )h"n)e
&o hold on &o &h"& se)ure 1round of "n Co$ser>erHs :os&3D
our own :o&en&i"l C&hrone of enli1h&en!en&'D
B9 &he Juie&enin1 "nd neu&r"liIin1 influen)e of
de&")hed o$ser>"&ion "s "::lied in our &hree de>i)es3
&he in&erru:&ions of !edi&"&ion will in)re"sin1l9 lose &he
s&in1 of irri&"&ion3 "nd &here$9 &heir dis&ur$in1 effe)&'
This will :ro>e &o $e "n ")& of &rue >ir"1" ;dis:"ssion<3
whi)h li&er"ll9 !e"ns Cde)olourin1'D (hen &hese e8:erien)es
"re s&ri::ed of &he e!o&ion"l &in1e &h"& e8)i&es
&ow"rds lus&3 ">ersion3 irri&"&ion "nd o&her defile!en&s
of &he !ind3 &he9 will "::e"r in &heir &rue n"&ure "s
$"re :heno!en" ;suddh"dh"!!"<'
The non>iolen& :ro)edure of $"re "&&en&ion endows
&he !edi&"&or wi&h &he li1h& $u& sure &ou)h so essen&i"l
for h"ndlin1 &he sensi&i>e3 e>"si>e3 "nd refr")&or9
n"&ure of &he !ind' I& "lso en"$les hi! &o de"l s!oo&hl9
wi&h &he >"rious diffi)ul& si&u"&ions "nd o$s&")les !e&
wi&h in d"il9 life' To illus&r"&e &he e>en Ju"li&9 of ener19
reJuired for "&&"inin1 &o &he !edi&"&i>e "$sor:&ions3
The P"&h of Purifi)"&ion ;/isuddhi!"11"< des)ri$es "
&es& whi)h s&uden&s of sur1er9 in "n)ien& d"9s h"d &o
under1o "s " :roof of &heir s-ill' A lo&us le"f w"s :l")ed
in " $owl of w"&er3 "nd &he :u:il h"d &o !"-e "n in)ision
&hrou1h &he len1&h of &he le"f3 wi&hou& )u&&in1 i&
en&irel9 or su$!er1in1 i&' He who "::lied "n e8)ess of
for)e ei&her )u& &he le"f in&o &wo or :ressed i& in&o &he
w"&er3 while &he &i!id one did no& e>en d"re &o s)r"&)h
i&' In f")&3 so!e&hin1 li-e &he 1en&le $u& fir! h"nd of &he
sur1eon is reJuired in !en&"l &r"inin13 "nd &his s-ilful3
well$"l"n)ed &ou)h will $e &he n"&ur"l ou&)o!e of &he
non>iolen& :ro)edure in &he :r")&i)e of $"re "&&en&ion'
E' E'
Kee:in1 S&ill
or " full "nd uno$s&ru)&ed unfold!en& of &he
!indHs )":")i&ies3 &he influen)e of &wo )o!:li!en&"r9
for)es is needed# ")&i>"&in1 "nd res&r"inin1' Th"&
&wofold need w"s re)o1niIed $9 &he Buddh"3 &he 1re"&
-nower of !ind' He "d>ised &h"& &he f")ul&ies of ener19
;>iri9Hindri9"< "nd of )on)en&r"&ion ;s"!"dhHindri9"<
should $e -e:& eJu"ll9 s&ron1 "nd well $"l"n)ed'M 7ur&her!ore3
he re)o!!ended &hree of &he se>en f")&ors
of enli1h&en!en& ;$oGGh"n1"< "s sui&"$le for rousin1
&he !ind3 "nd "no&her &hree for )"l!in1 i&'MM In $o&h
)"ses3 "!on1 &he s:iri&u"l f")ul&ies "nd &he enli1h&en!en&
f")&ors3 i& is !indfulness &h"& no& onl9 w"&)hes
o>er &heir eJuili$riu!3 $u& "lso ")&i>"&es &hose &h"& "re
slu11ish "nd res&r"ins &hose &h"& "re &oo in&ense'
Mindfulness3 &hou1h see!in1l9 of " :"ssi>e n"&ure3
is in f")& "n ")&i>"&in1 for)e' I& !"-es &he !ind "ler&3
"nd "ler&ness is indis:ens"$le for "ll :ur:oseful ")&i>i&9'
In &he :resen& inJuir93 howe>er3 we sh"ll $e !"inl9 )on)erned
wi&h &he res&r"inin1 :ower of !indfulness' (e
sh"ll e8"!ine how i& !"-es for disen&"n1le!en& "nd
de&")h!en&3 "nd how i& :osi&i>el9 hel:s in &he de>elo:!en&
of &he !en&"l Ju"li&ies reJuired for &he wor- of
M See P"&h of Purifi)"&ion3 ::' ,E2 f'
MM I$id3 ::' ,E4 ff' The &hree rousin1 f")&ors "re in>es&i1"&ion3
ener19 "nd r":&ureL &he &hree )"l!in1 ones3 &r"nJuilli&93
)on)en&r"&ion "nd eJu"ni!i&9'
In :r")&isin1 $"re "&&en&ion3 we -ee: s&ill "& &he
!en&"l "nd s:"&i"l :l")e of o$ser>"&ion3 "!ids& &he
loud de!"nds of &he inner "nd ou&er world' Mindfulness
:ossesses &he s&ren1&h of &r"nJuilli&93 &he )":")i&9
for deferrin1 ")&ion "nd "::l9in1 &he $r"-e3 for s&o::in1
r"sh in&erferen)e "nd for sus:endin1 Gud1e!en&
while :"usin1 &o o$ser>e f")&s "nd &o refle)& u:on &he!
wisel9' I& "lso $rin1s " wholeso!e slowin1 down in &he
i!:e&uosi&9 of &hou1h&3 s:ee)h "nd ")&ion' Kee:in1 s&ill
"nd s&o::in13 :"usin1 "nd slowin1 down @ &hese will
$e our -e9 words when s:e"-in1 now of &he res&r"inin1
effe)& of $"re "&&en&ion'
An "n)ien& =hinese $oo- s&"&es#
CIn !"-in1 &hin1s end3 "nd in !"-in1 &hin1s s&"r&3
&here is no&hin1 !ore 1lorious &h"n -ee:in1 s&ill'D
In &he li1h& of &he Buddh"Hs &e")hin13 &he &rue Cend of
&hin1sD is Ni$$"n" whi)h is )"lled &he Cs&illin1 of for!"&ionsD
;s"n-h"r"n"! >u:"s"!o<3 &h"& is3 &heir fin"l end
or )ess"&ion' I& is "lso )"lled C&he s&o::in1D ;nirodh"<'
The C&hin1sD or Cfor!"&ionsD !e"n& here "re &he )ondi&ioned
"nd i!:erson"l :heno!en" roo&ed in )r">in1
"nd i1nor"n)e' The end of for!"&ions )o!es &o $e $9
&he end of Cfor!in13D &h"& is3 $9 &he end of world)re"&in1
-"!!i) ")&i>i&ies' I& is &he Cend of &he worldD "nd
of sufferin13 whi)h &he Buddh" :ro)l"i!ed )"nno& $e
re")hed $9 w"l-in13 !i1r"&in1 or &r"ns!i1r"&in13 $u&
)"n $e found wi&hin oursel>es' Th"& end of &he world is
her"lded $9 e")h deli$er"&e ")& of -ee:in1 s&ill3 s&o::in13
or :"usin1' CKee:in1 s&ill3D in &h"& hi1hes& sense3 !e"ns
s&o::in1 &he "))u!ul"&ion of -"!!"3 "$s&"inin1 fro!
our un)e"sin1 )on)ern wi&h e>"nes)en& &hin1s3 "$s&"in
in1 fro! :er:e&u"ll9 "ddin1 &o our en&"n1le!en&s in
s"!s"r" @ &he round of re:e"&ed $ir&h "nd de"&h' B9
followin1 &he w"9 of !indfulness3 $9 &r"inin1 oursel>es
&o -ee: s&ill "nd :"use in &he "&&i&ude of $"re "&&en&ion3
we refuse &o &"-e u: &he worldHs :ersis&en& )h"llen1e &o
our dis:osi&ions for 1reed or h"&red' (e :ro&e)& oursel>es
"1"ins& r"sh "nd delusi>e Gud1e!en&sL we refr"in
fro! $lindl9 :lun1in1 in&o &he whirl:ool of in&erferin1
")&ion wi&h "ll i&s inheren& d"n1ers'
He who "$s&"ins fro! in&erferin1 is e>er9where se)ure'
He who -ee:s s&ill "nd -nows where &o s&o: will no&
!ee& d"n1er'
The =hinese s"9in1 Juo&ed e"rlier s&"&es in i&s se)ond
:"r& &h"& &here is no&hin1 !ore 1lorious in !"-in1
&hin1s s&"r& &h"n in -ee:in1 s&ill' E8:l"ined in &he
Buddhis& sense3 &hese &hin1s effe)&i>el9 s&"r&ed $9
-ee:in1 s&ill "re C&he &hin1s ;or Ju"li&ies< !"-in1 for
de)re"se of -"!!i) "))u!ul"&ion'D In de"lin1 wi&h
&he!3 we !"9 follow &he &r"di&ion"l di>ision of !en&"l
&r"inin1 in&o !or"li&9 ;or )ondu)&<3 )on)en&r"&ion
;or &r"nJuilli&9< "nd wisdo! ;or insi1h&<' All &hree "re
de)isi>el9 hel:ed $9 &he "&&i&ude of -ee:in1 s&ill )ul&i>"&ed
$9 $"re "&&en&ion'
,' =ondu)&' How )"n we i!:ro>e our )ondu)&3 i&s
!or"l Ju"li&9 "nd i&s s-ill in &"-in1 ri1h& de)isionsF If
we e"rnes&l9 desire su)h "n i!:ro>e!en&3 i& will 1ener"ll9
$e wises& &o )hoose &he line of le"s& resis&"n)e'
If we &urn &oo Jui)-l9 "1"ins& &hose shor&)o!in1s dee:l9
roo&ed in old h"$i&s or in :owerful i!:ulses3 we !i1h&
suffer dis)our"1in1 defe"&' (e should :"9 "&&en&ion firs&
&o our $le!ishes of ")&ion "nd s:ee)h "nd our errors of
Gud1e!en& )"used $9 &hou1h&lessness "nd r"shness' Of
&hese &here "re !"n9' In our li>es &here "re nu!erous
ins&"n)es where one shor& !o!en& of refle)&ion !i1h&
h">e :re>en&ed " f"lse s&e:3 "nd &here$9 w"rded off "
lon1 )h"in of !iser9 or !or"l 1uil& &h"& s&"r&ed wi&h
" sin1le !o!en& of &hou1h&lessness' Bu& how )"n we
)ur$ our r"sh re")&ions3 "nd re:l")e &he! $9 !o!en&s
of !indfulness "nd refle)&ionF To do so will de:end
on our )":")i&9 &o s&o: "nd :"use3 &o "::l9 &he $r"-es
"& &he ri1h& &i!e3 "nd &his we )"n le"rn $9 :r")&isin1
$"re "&&en&ion' In &h"& :r")&i)e we sh"ll &r"in oursel>es
If we &urn &oo Jui)-l9 "1"ins& &hose shor&)o!in1s dee:l9
roo&ed in old h"$i&s or in :owerful i!:ulses3 we !i1h&
suffer dis)our"1in1 defe"&' (e should :"9 "&&en&ion firs&
&o our $le!ishes of ")&ion "nd s:ee)h "nd our errors of
Gud1e!en& )"used $9 &hou1h&lessness "nd r"shness' Of
&hese &here "re !"n9' In our li>es &here "re nu!erous
ins&"n)es where one shor& !o!en& of refle)&ion !i1h&
h">e :re>en&ed " f"lse s&e:3 "nd &here$9 w"rded off "
lon1 )h"in of !iser9 or !or"l 1uil& &h"& s&"r&ed wi&h
" sin1le !o!en& of &hou1h&lessness' Bu& how )"n we
)ur$ our r"sh re")&ions3 "nd re:l")e &he! $9 !o!en&s
of !indfulness "nd refle)&ionF To do so will de:end
on our )":")i&9 &o s&o: "nd :"use3 &o "::l9 &he $r"-es
"& &he ri1h& &i!e3 "nd &his we )"n le"rn $9 :r")&isin1
$"re "&&en&ion' In &h"& :r")&i)e we sh"ll &r"in oursel>es
!e& wi&h durin1 &he :eriods of !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e'
(hen f")in1 "1"in "nd "1"in &he in)iden&"l sense
i!:ressions3 feelin1s or s&r"9 &hou1h&s whi)h in&erru:&
our )on)en&r"&ionL when )ur$in1 "1"in "nd "1"in our
desire &o res:ond &o &he! in so!e w"9L when su))eedin1
"1"in "nd "1"in in -ee:in1 s&ill in f")e of &he! @
we sh"ll $e :re:"rin1 oursel>es &o :reser>e &h"& inner
s&illness in &he wider "nd un:ro&e)&ed field of e>er9d"9
life' (e sh"ll h">e ")Juired " :resen)e of !ind &h"&
will en"$le us &o :"use "nd s&o:3 e>en if we "re &"-en
$9 sur:rise or "re suddenl9 :ro>o-ed or &e!:&ed'
Our :resen& re!"r-s refer &o &hose $le!ishes of
)ondu)& li"$le &o "rise &hrou1h &hou1h&lessness "nd
r"shness3 $u& whi)h !"9 $e !ore or less e"sil9 )he)-ed
&hrou1h !indfulness' De8&eri&9 in de"lin1 wi&h &hese
will "lso "ffe)& &hose !ore o$s&in"&e de>i"&ions fro!
!or"l )ondu)& roo&ed in s&ron1 :"ssion"&e i!:ulses or
in dee:l9 in1r"ined $"d h"$i&s' The in)re"sed &r"nJuilli&9
of !ind ")hie>ed in -ee:in1 s&ill for $"re "&&en&ion
will res&r"in &he i!:e&uosi&9 of :"ssions' The ")Juired
h"$i& of :"usin1 "nd s&o::in1 will ")& "s " $r"-e &o &he
in1r"ined h"$i&s of indul1in1 in unwholeso!e deeds'
B9 $ein1 "$le &o -ee: s&ill for $"re "&&en&ion3 or &o
:"use for wise refle)&ion3 >er9 of&en &he firs& &e!:&"&ion
&o lus&3 &he firs& w">e of "n1er3 &he firs& !is& of
delusion3 will dis"::e"r wi&hou& )"usin1 serious en&"n1le!en&'
A& whi)h :oin& &he )urren& of unwholeso!e
&hou1h& :ro)ess is s&o::ed will de:end on &he Ju"li&9
of !indfulness' If !indfulness is -een3 i& will su))eed
"& " >er9 e"rl9 :oin& in )"llin1 " s&o: &o " series of
defiled &hou1h&s or ")&ions $efore we "re )"rried "lon1
$9 &he! &oo f"r' Then &he res:e)&i>e defile!en&s will
no& 1row $e9ond &heir ini&i"l s&ren1&h3 less effor& will
$e reJuired &o )he)- &he!3 "nd fewer -"!!i) en&"n1le!en&s3
or none3 will follow'
Le& us &"-e &he e8"!:le of " :le"s"n& >isu"l o$Ge)&
whi)h h"s "roused our li-in1' A& firs& &h"& li-in1 !i1h&
no& $e >er9 ")&i>e "nd insis&en&' If "& &his :oin& &he
!ind is "lre"d9 "$le &o -ee: s&ill for de&")hed o$ser>"&ion
or refle)&ion3 &he >isu"l :er)e:&ion )"n e"sil9 $e
di>es&ed of i&s s&ill >er9 sli1h& "d!i8&ure of lus&' The
o$Ge)& $e)o!es re1is&ered "s CGus& so!e&hin1 seen &h"&
h"s )"used " :le"s"n& feelin13D or &he "&&r")&ion fel& is
su$li!"&ed in&o " Juie& "es&he&i) :le"sure' Bu& if &h"&
e"rlies& )h"n)e h"s $een !issed3 &he li-in1 will 1row
in&o "&&")h!en& "nd in&o &he desire &o :ossess' If now
" s&o: is )"lled3 &he &hou1h& of desire !"9 1r"du"ll9
lose i&s s&ren1&hL i& will no& e"sil9 &urn in&o "n insis&en&
)r">in13 "nd no ")&u"l "&&e!:&s &o 1e& :ossession
of &he desired o$Ge)& will follow' Bu& if &he )urren& of
lus& is s&ill un)he)-ed3 &hen &he &hou1h& of desire !"9
e8:ress i&self $9 s:ee)h in "s-in1 for &he o$Ge)& or e>en
de!"ndin1 i& wi&h i!:e&uous words' Th"& is3 unwholeso!e
!en&"l -"!!" is followed $9 unwholeso!e >er$"l
-"!!"' A refus"l will )"use &he ori1in"l )urren&
of lus& &o $r"n)h ou& in&o "ddi&ion"l s&re"!s of !en&"l
defile!en&s3 ei&her s"dness or "n1er' Bu& if e>en "&
&h"& l"&e s&"1e one )"n s&o: for Juie& refle)&ion or $"re
"&&en&ion3 "))e:& &he refus"l3 "nd renoun)e wishfulfil!en&3
fur&her )o!:li)"&ions will $e ">oided' Howe>er3
if )l"!ourin1 words "re followed $9 unwholeso!e $odil9
-"!!"3 "nd if3 dri>en $9 )r">in13 one &ries &o 1e&
:ossession of &he desired o$Ge)& $9 s&e"l&h or for)e3 &hen
&he -"!!i) en&"n1le!en& is )o!:le&e "nd i&s )onseJuen)es
!us& $e e8:erien)ed in &heir full i!:")&' Bu&
s&ill3 if e>en "f&er &he )o!:le&ion of &he e>il ")&3 one
s&o:s for refle)&ion3 i& will no& $e in >"in' 7or &he !indfulness
&h"& "rises in &he for! of re!orseful re&ros:e)&ion
will :re)lude " h"rdenin1 of )h"r")&er "nd !"9
:re>en& " re:e&i&ion of &he s"!e ")&ion'
The E8"l&ed One on)e s"id &o his son3 R"hul"
;M"GGhi!" 4,<#
C(h"&e>er ")&ion 9ou in&end &o :erfor!3 $9 $od93
s:ee)h or !ind3 9ou should )onsider &h"& ")&ionQ' If3 in
)onsiderin1 i&3 9ou re"liIe# OThis ")&ion whi)h I in&end &o
:erfor! will $e h"r!ful &o !9self3 or h"r!ful &o o&hers
or h"r!ful &o $o&hL i& will $e "n unwholeso!e ")&ion3
:rodu)in1 sufferin13 resul&in1 in sufferin13 @ &hen 9ou
should )er&"inl9 no& :erfor! &h"& ")&ion'
:erfor! will $e h"r!ful &o !9self3 or h"r!ful &o o&hers
or h"r!ful &o $o&hL i& will $e "n unwholeso!e ")&ion3
:rodu)in1 sufferin13 resul&in1 in sufferin13 @ &hen 9ou
should )er&"inl9 no& :erfor! &h"& ")&ion'
CAlso "f&er 9ou h">e :erfor!ed "n ")&ion3 $9 $od93
s:ee)h or !ind3 9ou should )onsider &h"& ")&ionQ' If3
in )onsiderin1 i&3 9ou re"liIe# OThis ")&ion whi)h I h">e
:erfor!ed h"s $een h"r!ful &o !9self3 or h"r!ful &o
o&hers3 or h"r!ful &o $o&hL i& w"s "n unwholeso!e ")&ion3
:rodu)in1 sufferin13 resul&in1 in sufferin1H @ &hen 9ou
should in &he fu&ure refr"in fro! i&'D
*' Tr"nJuilli&9' (e sh"ll now )onsider how s&o::in1
for $"re "&&en&ion "lso hel:s one &o "&&"in "nd
s&ren1&hen &r"nJuilli&9 ;s"!"&h"< in i&s dou$le sense#
1ener"l :e")e of !ind "nd !edi&"&i>e )on)en&r"&ion'
B9 de>elo:in1 &he h"$i& of :"usin1 for $"re "&&en&ion3
i& $e)o!es in)re"sin1l9 e"sier &o wi&hdr"w in&o
oneHs own inner s&illness when un"$le &o es)":e $odil9
fro! &he loud3 insis&en& noises of &he ou&er world'
I& will $e e"sier &o fore1o useless re")&ions &o &he foolish
s:ee)h or deeds of o&hers' (hen &he $lows of f"&e
"re :"r&i)ul"rl9 h"rd "nd in)ess"n&3 " !ind &r"ined in
$"re "&&en&ion will find " refu1e in &he h">en of "::"r
en& :"ssi>i&9 or w"&)hful non")&ion3 fro! whi)h :osi&ion
i& will $e "$le &o w"i& :"&ien&l9 un&il &he s&or!s
h">e :"ssed' There "re si&u"&ions in life when i& is $es&
&o "llow &hin1s &o )o!e &o &heir n"&ur"l end' He who
is "$le &o -ee: s&ill "nd w"i& will of&en su))eed where
"11ressi>eness or $us9 ")&i>i&9 would h">e $een >"nJuished'
No& onl9 in )ri&i)"l si&u"&ions3 $u& "lso in &he
nor!"l )ourse of life3 &he e8:erien)e won $9 o$ser>"n&
-ee:in1 s&ill will )on>in)e us &h"& we need no& ")&i>el9
res:ond &o e>er9 i!:ression we re)ei>e3 or re1"rd e>er9
en)oun&er wi&h :eo:le or &hin1s "s " )h"llen1e &o our
in&erferin1 ")&i>i&9'
B9 refr"inin1 fro! $us9in1 oursel>es unne)ess"ril93
e8&ern"l fri)&ions will $e redu)ed "nd &he in&ern"l &ensions
&he9 $rin1 will loosen u:' Bre"&er h"r!on9 "nd
:e")e will :er>"de &he life of e>er9 d"93 $rid1in1 &he
1": $e&ween nor!"l life "nd &he &r"nJuilli&9 of !edi&"&ion'
Then &here will $e fewer of &hose dis&ur$in1
inner re>er$er"&ions of e>er9d"9 res&lessness whi)h3 in
" )o"rse or su$&le for!3 in>"de &he hours of !edi&"&ion3
:rodu)in1 $odil9 "nd !en&"l unres&' =onseJuen&l93 &he
hindr"n)e of "1i&"&ion3 " )hief o$s&")le &o )on)en&r"&ion3
will "::e"r less of&en "nd will $e e"sier &o o>er)o!e
when i& "rises'
B9 )ul&i>"&in1 &he "&&i&ude of $"re "&&en&ion "s of&en
"s o::or&uni&9 offers3 &he )en&rifu1"l for)es of !ind3
!"-in1 for !en&"l dis&r")&ion3 will :e&er ou&L &he )en&ri:e&"l
&enden)93 &urnin1 &he !ind inw"rd "nd !"-in1
for )on)en&r"&ion3 will 1"&her s&ren1&h' =r">in1 will
no lon1er run ou& in :ursui& of " >"rie&9 of )h"n1in1
Re1ul"r :r")&i)e of sus&"ined "&&en&ion &o " )on&in
uous series of e>en&s :re:"res &he !ind for sus&"ined
)on)en&r"&ion on " sin1le o$Ge)&3 or " li!i&ed nu!$er
of o$Ge)&s3 in &he s&ri)& :r")&i)e of !edi&"&ion' 7ir!ness
or s&e"diness of !ind3 "no&her i!:or&"n& f")&or in )on
)en&r"&ion3 will li-ewise $e )ul&i>"&ed'
Thus3 &he :r")&i)e of -ee:in1 s&ill3 :"usin1 "nd s&o:
of !edi&"&i>e &r"nJuilli&9# )"l!ness3 )on)en&r"&ion3 fir!
ness3 "nd redu)&ion of &he !ul&i:li)i&9 of o$Ge)&s' I& r"ises
&he ">er"1e le>el of nor!"l )ons)iousness "nd $rin1s i&
)loser &o &he le>el of &he !edi&"&i>e !ind' This is "n
i!:or&"n& :oin& $e)"use of&en &oo wide " 1": $e&ween
&hese &wo !en&"l le>els re:e"&edl9 frus&r"&es "&&e!:&s
"& !en&"l )on)en&r"&ion "nd hinders &he ")hie>e!en& of
s!oo&h )on&inui&9 in !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e'
In &he seJuen)e of &he se>en f")&ors of enli1h&en
!en&3 we find &h"& &he enli1h&en!en& f")&or of &r"nJuil
li&9 ;:"ss"ddhi s"!$oGGh"n1"< :re)edes &h"& of )on)en
&r"&ion ;s"!"dhis"!$oGGh"n1"<' E8:ressin1 &he s"!e
f")&3 &he Buddh" s"9s# CIf &r"nJuilliIed wi&hin3 &he
!ind will $e)o!e )on)en&r"&ed'D Now in &he li1h& of
our :re>ious re!"r-s3 we sh"ll $e&&er unders&"nd &hese
E' Insi1h&' I& h"s $een s"id $9 &he E8"l&ed One#
CHe whose !ind is )on)en&r"&ed sees &hin1s "s &he9 re"ll9
"re'D Therefore3 "ll &hose w"9s $9 whi)h $"re "&&en&ion
s&ren1&hens )on)en&r"&ion "lso :ro>ide " su::or&in1
)ondi&ion for &he de>elo:!en& of insi1h&' Bu& &here
is "lso " !ore dire)& "nd s:e)ifi) hel: whi)h insi1h&
re)ei>es fro! -ee:in1 s&ill in $"re "&&en&ion'
Bener"ll93 we "re !ore )on)erned wi&h h"ndlin1
"nd usin1 &hin1s &h"n wi&h -nowin1 &he! in &heir
&rue n"&ure' Thus we usu"ll9 1r"s: in h"s&e &he >er9
firs& few si1n"ls )on>e9ed &o us $9 " :er)e:&ion' Then3
&hrou1h dee:l9 in1r"ined h"$i&3 &hose si1n"ls e>o-e "
s&"nd"rd res:onse $9 w"9 of Gud1e!en&s su)h "s 1ood
$"d3 :le"s"n&un:le"s"n&3 usefulh"r!ful3 ri1h&wron1'
These Gud1e!en&s3 $9 whi)h we define &he o$Ge)&s in
rel"&ion &o oursel>es3 le"d &o )orres:ondin1 re")&ions
$9 word or deed' Onl9 r"rel9 does "&&en&ion dwell u:on
" )o!!on or f"!ili"r o$Ge)& for "n9 lon1er &i!e &h"n is
needed &o re)ei>e &he firs& few si1n"ls' So3 for &he !os&
:"r&3 we :er)ei>e &hin1s in " fr"1!en&"r9 !"nner "nd
&hen)e !is)on)ei>e &he!' 7ur&her3 onl9 &he >er9 firs&
:h"se of &he o$Ge)&Hs lifes:"n3 or " li&&le !ore3 )o!es
in&o &he fo)us of our "&&en&ion' One !"9 no& e>en $e
)ons)iousl9 "w"re &h"& &he o$Ge)& is " :ro)ess wi&h "n
e8&ension in &i!e @ " $e1innin1 "nd "n endL &h"& i&
h"s !"n9 "s:e)&s "nd rel"&ions $e9ond &hose )"su"ll9
:er)ei>ed in " li!i&ed si&u"&ionL &h"&3 in $rief3 i& h"s "
-ind of e>"nes)en& indi>idu"li&9 of i&s own' A world
:er)ei>ed in &his su:erfi)i"l w"9 will )onsis& of sh":eless
li&&le lu!:s of e8:erien)es !"r-ed $9 " few su$Ge)&i>el9
sele)&ed si1ns or s9!$ols' The s9!$ols )hosen
"re de&er!ined !"inl9 $9 &he indi>idu"lHs selfin&eres&L
so!e&i!es &he9 "re e>en !is"::lied' The sh"dowli-e
world &h"& resul&s in)ludes no& onl9 &he ou&er en>iron!en&
"nd o&her :ersons3 $u& "lso " 1ood :"r& of oneHs
own $odil9 "nd !en&"l :ro)esses' These3 &oo3 $e)o!e
su$Ge)&ed &o &he s"!e su:erfi)i"l !"nner of )on)e:&u"liI"&ion'
The Buddh" :oin&s ou& four $"si) !is)on)e:
&ions &h"& resul& fro! dis&or&ed :er)e:&ions "nd un!e&hodi)"l
"&&en&ion# &"-in1 &he i!:ure for :ure3 &he
i!:er!"nen& for l"s&in13 &he :"inful "nd :"in$rin1in1
for :le"s"n&3 "nd &he i!:erson"l for " self or so!e&hin1
$elon1in1 &o &he self' (hen &he se"l of selfreferen)e is
&hus s&"!:ed "1"in "nd "1"in u:on &he world of e>er9d"9
e8:erien)e3 &he $"si) !is)on)e:&ion3 CThis $elon1s
&o !eD ;"&&"ni9"< will s&e"dil9 :u& for&h roo&s in&o "ll
&he $odil9 "nd !en&"l f")&ors of our $ein1' Li-e &he h"ir
roo&s of " :l"n&3 &hese will $e fine3 $u& fir! "nd wides:re"d
@ &o su)h "n e8&en&3 in f")&3 &h"& &he no&ions of CID
"nd C!ineD will h"rdl9 $e sh"-en $9 !ere in&elle)&u"l
)on>i)&ions "$ou& &he none8is&en)e of " self ;"n"&&"<'
These 1r">e )onseJuen)es issue fro! &h"& fund"!en&"l
:er)e:&u"l si&u"&ion# our rush in&o h"s&9 or h"$i&u"l
re")&ions "f&er re)ei>in1 &he firs& few si1n"ls fro!
our :er)e:&ions' Bu& if we !us&er &he res&r"inin1 for)es
of !indfulness "nd :"use for $"re "&&en&ion3 &he !"&eri"l
"nd !en&"l :ro)esses &h"& for! &he o$Ge)&s of !ind
"& &he 1i>en !o!en& will re>e"l &he!sel>es &o us !ore
full9 "nd !ore &rul9' No lon1er dr"11ed "& on)e in&o
&he whirl:ool of selfreferen)e3 "llowed &o unfold &he!sel>es
$efore &he w"&)hful e9e of !indfulness3 &he9 will
dis)lose &he di>ersi&9 of &heir "s:e)&s "nd &he wide ne&
of &heir )orrel"&ions "nd in&er)onne)&ions' The )onne)&ion
wi&h selfin&eres&3 so n"rrow "nd of&en f"lsif9in13
will re)ede in&o &he $")-1round3 dw"rfed $9 &he wider
>iew now 1"ined' The :ro)esses o$ser>ed dis:l"9 in
&heir seri"l o))urren)e "nd in &heir )o!:onen& :"r&s "
)ons&"n& $ir&h "nd de"&h3 " rise "nd " f"ll' There$9 &he
f")&s of )h"n1e "nd i!:er!"nen)e i!:ress &he!sel>es
on &he !ind wi&h 1rowin1 in&ensi&9' The s"!e dis)ern!en&
of rise "nd f"ll dissol>es &he f"lse )on)e:&ions of
uni&9 )re"&ed under &he influen)e of &he e1o)en&ri) "&&i&ude'
Selfreferen)e un)ri&i)"ll9 o>errides di>ersi&9L i&
lu!:s &hin1s &o1e&her under &he :re)on)e:&ions of $ein1
" self or $elon1in1 &o " self' Bu& $"re "&&en&ion re>e"ls
&hese sh"! uni&ies "s i!:erson"l "nd )ondi&ioned :heno!en"'
7")in1 &hus "1"in "nd "1"in &he e>"nes)en&3
de:enden& "nd i!:erson"l n"&ure of life:ro)esses
wi&hin "nd wi&hou&3 we will dis)o>er &heir !ono&on9
"nd uns"&isf")&or9 n"&ure# in o&her words3 &he &ru&h of
sufferin1' Thus3 $9 &he si!:le de>i)e of slowin1 down3
:"usin1 "nd -ee:in1 s&ill for $"re "&&en&ion3 "ll &hree of
&he )h"r")&eris&i)s of e8is&en)e @ i!:er!"nen)e3 sufferin13
"nd nonself @ will o:en &he!sel>es &o :ene&r"&i>e
insi1h& ;>i:"ss"n"<'
An ")Juired or s&ren1&hened h"$i& of :"usin1 !indfull9
$efore ")&in1 does no& e8)lude " wholeso!e s:on&"nei&9
of res:onse' On &he )on&r"r93 &hrou1h &r"inin13
&he :r")&i)e of :"usin13 s&o::in13 "nd -ee:in1 s&ill for
$"re "&&en&ion will i&self $e)o!e Jui&e s:on&"neous'
I& will 1row in&o " sele)&i>e !e)h"nis! of &he !ind
&h"&3 wi&h "n in)re"sin1 reli"$ili&9 "nd swif&ness of
res:onse3 )"n :re>en& &he u:sur1e of e>il or unwise
i!:ulses' (i&hou& su)h " s-ill we !"9 in&elle)&u"ll9
re"lise &hose i!:ulses &o $e unwholeso!e3 $u& s&ill
su))u!$ &o &he! due &o &heir own :owerful s:on&"nei&9'
The :r")&i)e of :"usin1 !indfull9 ser>es3 &here
fore3 &o re:l")e unwholeso!e s:on&"nei&9 or h"$i&s $9
wholeso!e ones 1rounded in our $e&&er -nowled1e
"nd no$ler in&en&ions'
:ro&e)& &he $od93 si!il"rl9 &he !ind needs s:on&"ne
fore3 &o re:l")e unwholeso!e s:on&"nei&9 or h"$i&s $9
wholeso!e ones 1rounded in our $e&&er -nowled1e
"nd no$ler in&en&ions'
:ro&e)& &he $od93 si!il"rl9 &he !ind needs s:on&"neous
s:iri&u"l "nd !or"l self:ro&e)&ion' The :r")&i)e of
$"re "&&en&ion will :ro>ide &his >i&"l fun)&ion' A :erson
of ">er"1e !or"l s&"nd"rds ins&in)&i>el9 shrin-s
fro! &hou1h&s of &hef& or !urder' (i&h &he hel: of &he
!e&hod of $"re "&&en&ion3 &he r"n1e of su)h s:on&"neous
!or"l $r"-es )"n $e >"s&l9 e8&ended "nd e&hi)"l
sensi&i>i&9 1re"&l9 hei1h&ened'
In "n un&r"ined !ind3 no$le &enden)ies "nd ri1h&
&hou1h&s "re of&en "ss"iled $9 &he sudden ou&$re"- of
:"ssions "nd :reGudi)es' The9 ei&her su))u!$ or "sser&
&he!sel>es onl9 wi&h diffi)ul&9 "f&er "n inner s&ru11le'
Bu& if &he s:on&"nei&9 of &he unwholeso!e is )he)-ed or
1re"&l9 redu)ed3 "s des)ri$ed "$o>e3 our 1ood i!:ulses
"nd wise refle)&ions will h">e 1re"&er s)o:e &o e!er1e
"nd e8:ress &he!sel>es freel9 "nd s:on&"neousl9' Their
n"&ur"l flow will 1i>e us 1re"&er )onfiden)e in &he :ower
of &he 1ood wi&hin usL i& will "lso )"rr9 !ore )on>i)&ion
for o&hers' Th"& s:on&"nei&9 of &he 1ood will no&
$e err"&i)3 for i& will h">e dee: "nd fir! roo&s in :re>ious
!e&hodi)"l &r"inin1' Here "::e"rs " w"9 $9 whi)h
" :re!edi&"&ed 1ood &hou1h& ;s"s"n-h"ri-"-us"l"<
!"9 $e &r"nsfor!ed in&o " s:on&"neous 1ood &hou1h&
;"s"n-h"ri-"-us"l")i&&"<' A))ordin1 &o &he :s9)holo19
of &he A$hidh"!!"3 su)h " &hou1h&3 if )o!$ined wi&h
-nowled1e3 &"-es &he firs& :l")e in &he s)"le of e&hi)"l
>"lues' In &his w"9 we sh"ll ")hie>e " :r")&i)"l under
s&"ndin1 of " s"9in1 in The Se)re& of &he Bolden 7lower#M
CIf one "&&"ins in&en&ion"ll9 &o "n unin&en&ion"l s&"&e one
h"s )o!:rehension'D This s"9in1 in>i&es " :"r":hr"se
in P"li &er!s# S"s"n-h"ren" "s"n-h"ri-"! :"&&"$$"!3
C$9 :re!edi&"&ed in&en&ion"l effor& s:on&"nei&9 )"n $e
If &he nu!erous "ids &o !en&"l 1row&h "nd li$er"
&ion found in &he Buddh"Hs &e")hin1 "re wisel9 u&iliIed3
&here is ")&u"ll9 no&hin1 &h"& )"n fin"ll9 wi&hs&"nd &he
S"&i:"''h"n" !e&hodL "nd &his !e&hod s&"r&s wi&h &he
si!:le :r")&i)e of le"rnin1 &o :"use "nd s&o: for $"re
A1"ins& &he i!:e&uosi&93 r"shness "nd heedlessness of
&he un&r"ined !ind3 &he :r")&i)e of :"usin1 "nd s&o:
:in1 se&s u: " slowin1down' The de!"nds of !odern
life3 howe>er deli$er"&e3 !"-e i& i!:r")&i)"$le &o
in&rodu)e su)h " slowdown of fun)&ions in&o &he rou
&ine of &he ">er"1e wor-in1 d"9' Bu& "s "n "n&ido&e
"1"ins& &he h"r!ful )onseJuen)es of &he he)&i) s:eed
of !odern life3 i& is "ll &he !ore i!:or&"n& &o )ul&i>"&e
&h"& :r")&i)e in oneHs leisure hours3 es:e)i"ll9 in :eri
ods of s&ri)& S"&i:"''h"n" :r")&i)e' Su)h :r")&i)e will
"lso $es&ow &he worldl9 $enefi&s of 1re"&er )"l!3 effi
)ien)9 "nd s-ill in oneHs d"il9 round of wor-'
7or &he :ur:ose of !edi&"&i>e de>elo:!en&3 slow
in1down ser>es "s "n effe)&i>e &r"inin1 in heedfulness3
M A &re"&ise of =hinese T"ois!3 s&ron1l9 influen)ed $9 M"h"9"n"'
sense)on&rol3 "nd )on)en&r"&ion' Bu& ":"r& fro! &h"&3
i& h"s " !ore s:e)ifi) si1nifi)"n)e for !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e'
In &he )o!!en&"r9 &o &he S"&i:"''h"n" Su&&"3 i& is
s"id &h"& &he slowin1 down of !o>e!en&s !"9 hel: in
re1"inin1 los& )on)en&r"&ion on " )hosen o$Ge)&' A !on-3
so we re"d3 h"d $en& his "r! Jui)-l9 wi&hou& re!e!$erin1
his su$Ge)& of !edi&"&ion "s his rule of :r")&i)e
de!"nded' On $e)o!in1 "w"re of &h"& o!ission he &oo-
his "r! $")- &o i&s :re>ious :osi&ion "nd re:e"&ed &he
!o>e!en& !indfull9' The su$Ge)& of !edi&"&ion referred
&o w"s :ro$"$l9 C)le"rl9 )o!:rehendin1 ")&ion3D "s
!en&ioned in &he S"&i:"''h"n" Su&&"# CIn $endin1 "nd
s&re&)hin1 he ")&s wi&h )le"r )o!:rehension'D
The slowin1down of )er&"in $odil9 !o>e!en&s durin1
s&ri)& !edi&"&i>e &r"inin1 is :"r&i)ul"rl9 hel:ful in
1"inin1 insi1h& -nowled1e ;>i:"ss"n"n"n"<3 es:e)i"ll9
&he dire)& "w"reness of )h"n1e "nd nonself' ToH " 1re"&
e8&en&3 i& is &he r":idi&9 of !o>e!en& &h"& s&ren1&hens
&he illusion of uni&93 iden&i&93 "nd su$s&"n&i"li&9 in wh"&
is ")&u"ll9 " )o!:le8 e>"nes)en& :ro)ess' Therefore3 in
&he s&ri)& :r")&i)e of S"&i:"''h"n"3 &he slowin1 down of
su)h ")&ions "s w"l-in13 $endin1 "nd s&re&)hin13 so "s
&o dis)ern &he se>er"l :h"ses of e")h !o>e!en&3 :ro>ides
" :owerful "id for dire)& insi1h& in&o &he &hree
)h"r")&eris&i)s of "ll :heno!en"' The !edi&"&orHs )on&e!:l"&ion
will 1"in in)re"sin1 for)e "nd si1nifi)"n)e
if he no&i)es )le"rl9 how e")h :"r&i"l :h"se of &he :ro)ess
o$ser>ed "rises "nd )e"ses $9 i&self3 "nd no&hin1 of
i& 1oes o>er or C&r"ns!i1r"&esD &o &he ne8& :h"se'
Under &he influen)e of :"usin1 for $"re "&&en&ion3
&he ">er"1e rh9&h! of our e>er9d"9 ")&ions3 s:ee)h
"nd &hou1h&s will "lso $e)o!e !ore Juie& "nd :e")eful'
Slowin1 down &he hurried rh9&h! of life !e"ns
&h"& &hou1h&s3 feelin1s3 "nd :er)e:&ions will $e "$le &o
)o!:le&e &he en&ire len1&h of &heir n"&ur"l life&i!e' 7ull
"w"reness will e8&end u: &o &heir end :h"se# &o &heir
l"s& >i$r"&ions "nd re>er$er"&ions' Too of&en &h"& end
:h"se is )u& off $9 "n i!:"&ien& 1r"s:in1 "& new i!:ressions3
or $9 hurr9in1 on &o &he ne8& s&"1e of " line of
&hou1h& $efore &he e"rlier one h"s $een )le"rl9 )o!:rehended'
This is one of &he !"in re"sons for &he disorderl9
s&"&e of &he ">er"1e !ind3 whi)h is $urdened $9
" >"s& "!oun& of indis&in)& or fr"1!en&"r9 :er)e:&ions3
s&un&ed e!o&ions "nd undi1es&ed ide"s' Slowin1down
will :ro>e "n effe)&i>e de>i)e for re)o>erin1 &he fullness
"nd )l"ri&9 of )ons)iousness' A fi&&in1 si!ile3 "nd "& &he
s"!e &i!e "n ")&u"l e8"!:le3 is &he :ro)edure )"lled
for in &he :r")&i)e of !indfulness of $re"&hin1 ;"n":"n"s"&i<#
!indfulness h"s &o )o>er &he whole e8&en&
of &he $re"&h3 i&s $e1innin13 !iddle "nd end' This is
wh"& is !e"n& $9 &he :"ss"1e in &he su&&"3 CE8:erien)in1
&he whole ;$re"&h< $od93 I sh"ll $re"&he in "nd ou&'D
Si!il"rl93 &he en&ire C$re"&hD or rh9&h! of our life will
$e)o!e dee:er "nd fuller if3 &hrou1h slowin1down3 we
1e& used &o sus&"ined "&&en&ion'
The h"$i& of :re!"&urel9 )u&&in1 off :ro)esses of
&hou1h&3 or slurrin1 o>er &he!3 h"s "ssu!ed serious :ro:or&ions
in &he !"n of !odern ur$"n )i>iliI"&ion' Res&lessl9
he )l"!ours for e>er new s&i!uli in in)re"sin1l9
Jui)-er su))ession Gus& "s he de!"nds in)re"sin1 s:eed
in his !e"ns of lo)o!o&ion' This r":id $o!$"rd!en& of
i!:ressions h"s 1r"du"ll9 $lun&ed his sensi&i>i&93 "nd
&hus he "lw"9s needs new s&i!uli3 louder3 )o"rser3 "nd
!ore >"rie1"&ed' Su)h " :ro)ess3 if no& )he)-ed3 )"n
end onl9 in dis"s&er' Alre"d9 we see "& l"r1e " de)line
of finer "es&he&i) sus)e:&i$ili&9 "nd " 1rowin1 in)":")i&9
for 1enuine n"&ur"l Go9' The :l")e of $o&h is &"-en
$9 " he)&i)3 shor&$re"&hed e8)i&e!en& in)":"$le of 1i>in1
"n9 &rue "es&he&i) or e!o&ion"l s"&isf")&ion' CSh"llow
!en&"l $re"&hD is &o " 1re"& e8&en& res:onsi$le for
&he 1rowin1 su:erfi)i"li&9 of C)i>iliIed !"nD "nd for &he
fri1h&enin1 s:re"d of ner>ous disorders Oin &he (es&' I&
!"9 well $e)o!e &he s&"r& of " 1ener"l de&erior"&ion
of hu!"n )ons)iousness in i&s Ju"li&"&i>e le>el3 r"n1e
"nd s&ren1&h' This d"n1er &hre"&ens "ll &hose3 in &he
E"s& "s well "s in &he (es&3 who l")- "deJu"&e s:iri&u"l
:ro&e)&ion fro! &he i!:")& of &e)hni)"l )i>iliI"&ion'
S"&i:"''h"n" )"n !"-e "n i!:or&"n& )on&ri$u&ion &o
re!ed9in1 &his Si&u"&ions in &he w"9 we h">e $riefl9
indi)"&ed here' Thus &he !e&hod will :ro>e $enefi)i"l
fro! &he worldl9 :oin& of >iew "s well'
Here3 howe>er3 we "re )hiefl9 )on)erned wi&h &he
:s9)holo1i)"l "s:e)&s of !indfulness "nd &heir si1nifi)"n)e
for !edi&"&i>e de>elo:!en&' Sus&"ined "&&en&ion3
hel:ed $9 slowin1down3 will "ffe)& &he Ju"li&9 of )ons)iousness
!"inl9 in &hree w"9s# ;"< in in&ensif9in1 )ons)iousnessL
;$< in )l"rif9in1 &he o$Ge)&Hs )h"r")&eris&i)
fe"&uresL "nd ;)< in re>e"lin1 &he o$Ge)&Hs rel"&edness'
;"< An o$Ge)& of sus&"ined "&&en&ion will e8er& "
:"r&i)ul"rl9 s&ron1 "nd lon1l"s&in1 i!:")& on &he !ind'
I&s influen)e will $e fel& no& onl9 &hrou1hou& &he &hou1h&
series i!!edi"&el9 followin1 &he :"r&i)ul"r :er)e:&ion3
$u& !"9 "lso e8&end f"r in&o &he fu&ure' I& is &h"& )"us"l
effi)")9 whi)h is &he !e"sureof &he in&ensi&9 of )ons)iousness'
;$< Sus&"ined "&&en&ion le"ds &o " fuller :i)&ure of
&he o$Ge)& in "ll i&s "s:e)&s' Bener"ll93 &he firs& i!:ression
we 1"in of "n9 new senseo$Ge)& or ide" will $e
i&s !os& s&ri-in1 fe"&ureL i& is &his "s:e)& of &he o$Ge)&
whi)h )":&ures our "&&en&ion u: &o &he )ul!in"&in1
:oin& of &he i!:")&' Bu& &he o$Ge)& "lso dis:l"9s o&her
"s:e)&s or )h"r")&eris&i)s3 "nd is )":"$le of e8er)isin1
o&her fun)&ions3 &h"n &hose we ini&i"ll9 no&i)e' These
!"9 $e less o$>ious &o us or su$Ge)&i>el9 less in&eres&in1L
$u& s&ill3 &he9 !"9 $e e>en !ore i!:or&"n&' There
!"9 "lso $e )"ses where our firs& i!:ression is en&irel9
de)e:&i>e' Onl9 if we sus&"in our "&&en&ion $e9ond &h"&
firs& i!:")& will &he o$Ge)& re>e"l i&self !ore full9' In
&he downw"rd )ourse of &he firs& :er)e:&u"l w">e &he
:reGudi)in1 for)e of &he firs& i!:")& lessensL "nd i& is
onl9 &hen3 in &h"& end :h"se3 &h"& &he o$Ge)& will 9ield "
wider r"n1e of de&"il3 " !ore )o!:le&e :i)&ure of i&self'
I& is &herefore onl9 $9 sus&"ined "&&en&ion &h"& we )"n
o$&"in " )le"rer unders&"ndin1 of "n o$Ge)&Hs )h"r")&eris&i)
;)< A!on1 &he )h"r")&eris&i) fe"&ures of "n9 o$Ge)&3
:h9si)"l or !en&"l3 &here is one )l"ss we of&en o>erloo-
due &o h"s&9 or su:erfi)i"l "&&en&ion3 "nd &herefore
needs &o $e &re"&ed se:"r"&el9' This is &he rel"&edness
of &he o$Ge)&' The o$Ge)&Hs rel"&edness e8&ends
$")- &o i&s :"s& @ &o i&s ori1in3 )"uses3 re"sons3 "nd lo1i)"l
:re)eden&sL i& "lso e8&ends ou&w"rd &o e!$r")e &he
&o&"l )on&e8& @ i&s $")-1round3 en>iron!en&3 "nd :resen&l9
")&i>e influen)es' (e )"n ne>er full9 unders&"nd
&hin1s if we >iew &he! in "r&ifi)i"l isol"&ion' (e h">e
&o see &he! "s :"r& of " wider :"&&ern3 in &heir )ondi&ioned
"nd )ondi&ionin1 n"&ureL "nd &his )"n $e done
onl9 wi&h &he hel: of sus&"ined "&&en&ion'
Su$li!in"l Influen)es
The &hree w"9s of hei1h&enin1 )ons)iousness Gus& dis)ussed
"re e>iden&l9 of :ri!e i!:or&"n)e for &he de>elo:!en&
of insi1h&' (hen )ons)iousness is in&ensified3
"nd i&s o$Ge)&i>e field )l"rified "nd dis)erned in i&s
rel"&ion"l s&ru)&ure3 &he 1round is :re:"red for Cseein1
&hin1s "))ordin1 &o re"li&9'D Bu& $esides i&s o$>ious
dire)& influen)e3 &his &hreefold :ro)ess "lso h"s
"n indire)& influen)e whi)h is no less :owerful "nd
i!:or&"n&# i& s&ren1&hens "nd sh"r:ens &he !indHs su$li!in"l
f")ul&ies of su$)ons)ious or1"niI"&ion3 !e!or9
"nd in&ui&ion' These "1"in3 on &heir :"r&3 nourish
"nd )onsolid"&e &he :ro1ress of li$er"&in1 insi1h&'
The insi1h& "ided $9 &he! is li-e &he !oun&"in l"-e of
&he )"noni)"l si!ile# i& is fed no& onl9 $9 &he ou&side
r"ins3 $u& "lso $9 s:rin1s wellin1 u: fro! wi&hin i&s
own de:&hs' The insi1h& nourished $9 &hese Cunder1roundD
su$li!in"l resour)es of &he !ind will h">e
dee: roo&s' The !edi&"&i>e resul&s &h"& i& $rin1s )"nno&
$e los& e"sil93 e>en wi&h unli$er"&ed worldlin1s
who "re s&ill su$Ge)& &o rel":se'
,' Per)e:&ions or &hou1h&s whi)h h">e $een
o$Ge)&s of sus&"ined "&&en&ion !"-e " s&ron1er i!:")& on
&he !ind "nd re>e"l &heir )h"r")&eris&i) fe"&ures !ore
dis&in)&l9 &h"n when "&&en&ion is sl")-' Thus3 when &he9
sin- in&o &he su$)ons)ious3 &he9 o))u:9 &here " s:e)i"l
:osi&ion' This holds &rue for "ll &hree w"9s of enh"n)in1
&he )ons)iousness of "n o$Ge)&' ;"< In " :ro)ess of
)ons)iousness3 if "&&en&ion is "s s&ron1 in &he end :h"se
"s in &he e"rlier :h"ses3 &hen when &he :ro)ess is finished
"nd &he !ind l":ses $")- in&o su$)ons)iousness3
&he l"&&er will $e !ore "!en"$le &o )ons)ious )on&rol'
;$< If "n i!:ression or ide" h"s $een !"r-ed $9 nu!erous
dis&in)& )h"r")&eris&i)s3 &hen when i& f"des fro!
i!!edi"&e "w"reness3 i& will no& $e so e"sil9 los& in
&he >"1ue )on&en&s of &he su$)ons)ious or dr"11ed $9
:"ssion"&e $i"ses in&o f"lse su$)ons)ious "sso)i"&ions'
;)< The )orre)& )o!:rehension of &he o$Ge)&Hs rel"&edness
si!il"rl9 will :ro&e)& &he e8:erien)e fro! $ein1
!er1ed wi&h indis&in)& su$)ons)ious !"&eri"l' Per)e:&ions
or &hou1h&s of enh"n)ed in&ensi&9 "nd )l"ri&93
"$sor$ed in&o &he su$)ons)ious3 re!"in !ore "r&i)ul"&e
"nd !ore "))essi$le &h"n )on&en&s ori1in"&in1 fro!
h"I9 or Cs&unnedD i!:ressions' I& will $e e"sier &o )on>er&
&he! in&o full )ons)iousness "nd &he9 will $e less
un"))oun&"$le in &heir hidden effe)&s u:on &he !ind'
If3 &hrou1h "n i!:ro>e!en& in &he Ju"li&9 "nd r"n1e of
!indfulness3 &he nu!$er of su)h !"&ured i!:ressions
in)re"ses3 &he resul&s !i1h& $e " su$&le )h"n1e in &he
>er9 s&ru)&ure of su$)ons)iousness i&self'
*' I& will $e e>iden& fro! our e"rlier re!"r-s
&h"& &hose i!:ressions whi)h we h">e )"lled C!"&uredD
or C!ore "))essi$le "nd )on>er&i$le3D lend &he!sel>es
!ore e"sil9 "nd !ore )orre)&l9 &o re)olle)&ion @ !ore
e"sil9 $e)"use of &heir 1re"&er in&ensi&93 !ore )orre)&l9
$e)"use &heir )le"rl9 !"r-ed fe"&ures :ro&e)& &he! fro!
$ein1 dis&or&ed $9 f"lse "sso)i"&i>e i!"1es or ide"s'
$ein1 dis&or&ed $9 f"lse "sso)i"&i>e i!"1es or ide"s'
wor-s $o&h w"9s @ i& :ro!o&es $o&h e"sier "nd
!ore )orre)& re)olle)&ion' Thus s"&i in i&s !e"nin1 "nd
fun)&ion of !indfulness hel:s &o s&ren1&hen s"&i in i&s
!e"nin1 "nd fun)&ion of !e!or9'
E' The influen)e of sus&"ined "&&en&ion on &he
su$)ons)ious "nd on !e!or9 $rin1s " dee:enin1
"nd s&ren1&henin1 of &he f")ul&9 of in&ui&ion3 :"r&i)ul"rl9
&he in&ui&i>e insi1h& whi)h )hiefl9 )on)erns us
here' In&ui&ion is no& " 1if& fro! &he un-nown' Li-e
"n9 o&her !en&"l f")ul&93 i& "rises ou& of s:e)ifi) )ondi&ions'
In &his )"se &he :ri!"r9 )ondi&ions "re l"&en&
!e!ories of :er)e:&ions "nd &hou1h&s s&ored in &he
su$)ons)ious' O$>iousl93 &he !e!ories :ro>idin1 &he
!os& fer&ile soil for &he 1row&h of in&ui&ion will $e &hose
!"r-ed $9 1re"&er in&ensi&93 )l"ri&9 "nd we"l&h of dis&in)&i>e
!"r-sL for i& is &hese3 &h"& "re !os& "))essi$le'
Here3 &oo3 &he :reser>ed rel"&edness of &he i!:ressions
will )on&ri$u&e !u)h' Re)olle)&ions of &h"& &9:e
will h">e " !ore or1"ni) )h"r")&er &h"n !e!ories of
$"re or >"1ue isol"&ed f")&s3 "nd &he9 will f"ll !ore
e"sil9 in&o new :"&&erns of !e"nin1 "nd si1nifi)"n)e'
These !ore "r&i)ul"&e !e!or9 i!"1es will $e " s&ron1
s&i!ul"&ion "nd "id for &he in&ui&i>e f")ul&9' Silen&l93 in
&he hidden de:&hs of &he su$li!in"l !ind3 &he wor- of
)olle)&in1 "nd or1"niIin1 &he su$)ons)ious !"&eri"l of
e8:erien)e "nd -nowled1e 1oes on un&il i& is ri:e &o
e!er1e "s "n in&ui&ion' The $re"-&hrou1h of &h"& in&ui&ion
is so!e&i!es o))"sioned $9 Jui&e ordin"r9 h"::enin1s'
Howe>er3 &hou1h see!in1l9 ordin"r93 &hese e>en&s
!"9 h">e " s&ron1 e>o)"&i>e :ower if :re>iousl9 &he9
h"d $een !"de o$Ge)&s of sus&"ined "&&en&ion' Slow
in1down "nd :"usin1 for $"re "&&en&ion will un)o>er
&he de:&h di!ension of &he si!:le &hin1s of e>er9d"9
life3 "nd &hus :ro>ide s&i!uli for &he in&ui&i>e f")ul&9'
This "::lies "lso &o &he in&ui&i>e :ene&r"&ion of &he 7our
No$le Tru&hs &h"& )ul!in"&es in li$er"&ion ;"r"h"&&"<'
The s)ri:&ures re)ord !"n9 ins&"n)es of !on-s who
)ould no& "rri>e "& in&ui&i>e :ene&r"&ion when en1"1ed
in &he ")&u"l :r")&i)e of insi1h& !edi&"&ion' The fl"sh
of in&ui&ion s&ru)- &he! on Jui&e differen& o))"sions#
when s&u!$lin1 "1"ins& " ro)- or )"&)hin1 si1h& of "
fores& fire3 " !ir"1e3 or " lu!: of fro&h in " ri>er' (e
!ee& here "no&her )onfir!"&ion of &h"& see!in1l9 :"r"do8i)"l
s"9in1 &h"& Cin&en&ion"ll9 "n unin&en&ion"l s&"&e
!"9 $e won'D B9 deli$er"&el9 &urnin1 &he full li1h& of
!indfulness on &he s!"lles& e>en&s "nd ")&ions of e>er9d"9
life3 e>en&u"ll9 &he li$er"&in1 wisdo! !"9 "rise'
Sus&"ined "&&en&ion no& onl9 :ro>ides &he nourishin1
soil for &he 1row&h of in&ui&ion3 i& "lso !"-es :ossi$le
&he fuller u&iliI"&ion "nd e>en re:e&i&ion of &he in&ui&i>e
!o!en&' Men of ins:ir"&ion in >"rious fields of )re"&i>e
")&i>i&9 h">e of&en de:lored &heir )o!!on e8:erien)eL
&he fl"sh of in&ui&ion s&ri-es so suddenl9 "nd >"nishes
so Jui)-l9 &h"& freJuen&l9 &he slow res:onse of
&he !ind h"rdl9 )"&)hes &he l"s& 1li!:se of i&' Bu& if &he
!ind h"s $een &r"ined in o$ser>"n& :"usin13 in slowin1
down "nd sus&"ined "&&en&ion3 "nd if @ "s indi)"&ed
"$o>e @ &he su$)ons)ious h"s $een influen)ed3 &hen &he
in&ui&i>e !o!en& &oo !i1h& 1"in &h"& fuller3 slower "nd
s&ron1er rh9&h!' This $ein1 &he )"se3 i&s i!:")& will
$e s&ron1 "nd )le"r enou1h &o "llow for full use of &h"&
fl"sh of in&ui&i>e insi1h&' I& !i1h& e>en $e :ossi$le &o
le"d i&s f"din1 >i$r"&ions u:w"rd "1"in &o " new )ul!i
n"&ion3 si!il"r &o &he rh9&h!i) re:e&i&ion of " !elod9
risin1 "1"in in h"r!onious de>elo:!en& ou& of &he l"s&
no&es of i&s firs& "::e"r"n)e'
The full u&iliI"&ion of " sin1le !o!en& of in&ui
&i>e insi1h& )ould $e of de)isi>e i!:or&"n)e for oneHs
:ro1ress &ow"rd full re"liI"&ion' If oneHs !en&"l 1ri: is
&oo we"- "nd one le&s &hose elusi>e !o!en&s of in&ui
&i>e insi1h& sli: "w"9 wi&hou& h">in1 u&iliIed &he! full9
for &he wor- of li$er"&ion3 &hen &he9 !i1h& no& re)ur
un&il !"n9 9e"rs h">e :"ssed3 or :erh":s no& "& "ll dur
in1 &he :resen& fife' S-ill in sus&"ined "&&en&ion3 how
e>er3 will "llow one &o !"-e full use of su)h o::or&uni
&ies3 "nd slowin1down "nd :"usin1 durin1 !edi&"&i>e
:r")&i)e is "n i!:or&"n& "id in ")Juirin1 &h"& s-ill'
Throu1h our &re"&!en& of :"usin13 s&o::in1 "nd slow
in1down3 one of &he &r"di&ion"l defini&ions of !indfulness
found in &he P"li s)ri:&ures will h">e $e)o!e !ore
in&elli1i$le in i&s f"rre")hin1 i!:li)"&ions# &h"& is3 i&s
fun)&ion of "n":il":"n"&"3
!e"nin1 li&er"ll93 Cno& flo"&in1
;or sli::in1< "w"9'D CLi-e :u!:-in:o&s on &he surf")e
of w"&er3D "dd &he )o!!en&"&ors3 "nd &he9 )on&inue#
CMindfulness en&ers dee:l9 in&o i&s o$Ge)&3 ins&e"d of hurr9in1
onl9 o>er i&s surf")e'D Therefore3 Cnonsu:erfi)i"li&9D
will $e "n "::ro:ri"&e renderin1 of &he "$o>e P"li
&er!3 "nd " fi&&in1 )h"r")&eriI"&ion of !indfulness'
.' .'
I wish I )ould dis"))us&o! !9self fro! e>er9&hin13 so
&h"& I !i1h& see "new3 he"r "new3 feel "new3 H"$i& s:oils
our :hiloso:h9'
B'=' LI=HTENBERB ;,6.*@,6??<
n "n e"rlier se)&ion we s:o-e "$ou& &he i!:ulsi>e
s:on&"nei&9 of &he unwholeso!e' (e h">e seen how
s&o::in1 for $"re "nd sus&"ined "&&en&ion is "$le &o )oun&er3
or redu)e3 our r"sh i!:ulsi>e re")&ions3 &hus "llowin1
us &o f")e "n9 si&u"&ion wi&h " fresh !ind3 wi&h "
dire)&ness of >ision un:reGudi)ed $9 &hose firs& s:on&"neous
B9 dire)&ness of >ision we unders&"nd " dire)& >iew
of re"li&93 wi&hou& "n9 )olourin1 or dis&or&in1 lenses3
wi&hou& &he in&rusion of e!o&ion"l or h"$i&u"l :reGudi)es
"nd in&elle)&u"l $i"ses' I& !e"ns# )o!in1 f")e &o
f")e wi&h &he $"re f")&s of ")&u"li&93 seein1 &he! "s >i>idl9
"nd freshl9 "s if we were seein1 &he! for &he firs&
The 7or)e of H"$i&
Those s:on&"neous re")&ions whi)h so of&en s&"nd in
&he w"9 of dire)& >ision do no& deri>e onl9 fro! our
:"ssion"&e i!:ulses' /er9 freJuen&l9 &he9 "re &he :rodu)&
of h"$i&' In &h"& for!3 &he9 1ener"ll9 h">e "n e>en
s&ron1er "nd !ore &en")ious hold on us @ " hold whi)h
!"9 wor- ou& ei&her for our 1ood or for our h"r!' The
influen)e h"$i& e8er)ises for &he 1ood is seen in &he
C:ower of re:e"&ed :r")&i)e'D This :ower :ro&e)&s our
")hie>e!en&s "nd s-ills @ whe&her !"nu"l or !en&"l3
worldl9 or s:iri&u"l @ "1"ins& loss or for1e&fulness3
"nd )on>er&s &he! fro! )"su"l3 shor&li>ed3 i!:erfe)&
")Juisi&ions in&o &he !ore se)ure :ossession of "
Ju"li&9 &horou1hl9 !"s&ered' The de&ri!en&"l effe)&
of h"$i&u"l s:on&"neous re")&ions is !"nifes& in wh"&
is )"lled in " dero1"&i>e sense &he Cfor)e of h"$i&D# i&s
de"denin13 s&ul&if9in1 "nd n"rrowin1 influen)e :rodu)&i>e
of )o!:ulsi>e $eh">iour of >"rious -inds' In
our :resen& )on&e8& we sh"ll $e )on)erned onl9 wi&h
&h"& ne1"&i>e "s:e)& of h"$i& "s i!:edin1 "nd o$s)urin1
&he dire)&ness of >ision'
As re!"r-ed e"rlier3 h"$i&u"l re")&ions 1ener"ll9
h">e " s&ron1er influen)e u:on our $eh">iour &h"n
i!:ulsi>e ones' Our :"ssion"&e i!:ulses !"9 dis"::e"r
"s suddenl9 "s &he9 h">e "risen' Thou1h &heir )onseJuen)es
!"9 $e >er9 1r">e "nd e8&end f"r in&o &he
fu&ure3 &heir influen)e is in no w"9 "s lon1 l"s&in1 "nd
dee: re")hin1 "s &h"& of h"$i&' H"$i& s:re"ds i&s >"s&
"nd )losel9 !eshed ne& o>er wide "re"s of our life "nd
&hou1h&3 &r9in1 &o dr"1 in !ore "nd !ore' Our :"ssion"&e
i!:ulses3 &oo3 !i1h& $e )"u1h& in &h"& ne& "nd
&hus $e &r"nsfor!ed fro! :"ssin1 ou&$urs&s in&o l"s&in1
&r"i&s of )h"r")&er' A !o!en&"r9 i!:ulse3 "n o))"sion"l
indul1en)e3 " :"ssin1 whi! !"9 $9 re:e&i&ion $e)o!e
" h"$i& we find diffi)ul& &o u:roo&3 " desire h"rd &o )on&rol3
"nd fin"ll9 "n "u&o!"&i) fun)&ion we no lon1er
Jues&ion' Re:e"&ed 1r"&ifi)"&ion &urns " desire in&o "
h"$i&3 "nd h"$i& lef& un)he)-ed 1rows in&o )o!:ulsion'
I& so!e&i!es h"::ens &h"&3 "& "n e"rl9 &i!e3 we
re1"rd " :"r&i)ul"r ")&i>i&9 or !en&"l "&&i&ude "s wi&hou&
"n9 s:e)i"l :erson"l i!:or&"n)e' The ")&i>i&9 or
"&&i&ude !"9 $e !or"ll9 indifferen& "nd in)onseJuen&i"l'
A& &he s&"r& we !i1h& find i& e"s9 &o "$"ndon i& or
e>en &o e8)h"n1e i& for i&s o::osi&e3 sin)e nei&her our
e!o&ions nor re"son $i"s us &ow"rds ei&her "l&ern"&i>e'
Bu& $9 re:e&i&ion3 we )o!e &o re1"rd &he )hosen )ourse
of ")&ion or &hou1h& "s C:le"s"n&3 desir"$le3 "nd )orre)&3D
e>en "s Cri1h&eousDL "nd &hus we fin"ll9 iden&if9
i& wi&h our )h"r")&er or :erson"li&9' =onseJuen&l93 we
feel "n9 $re"- in &his rou&ine &o $e un:le"s"n& or wron1'
An9 ou&side in&erferen)e wi&h i& we 1re"&l9 resen&3 e>en
re1"rdin1 su)h in&erferen)e "s " &hre"& &o our C>i&"l
in&eres&s "nd :rin)i:les'D In f")& "& "ll &i!es :ri!i&i>e
!inds3 whe&her C)i>iliIedD or no&3 h">e loo-ed "& "
s&r"n1er wi&h his Cs&r"n1e )us&o!sD "s "n ene!93 "nd
h">e fel& his !ere un"11ressi>e :resen)e "s " )h"llen1e
or &hre"&'
A& &he $e1innin13 when no 1re"& i!:or&"n)e w"s
"s)ri$ed &o &he s:e)ifi) h"$i&3 &he "&&")h!en& &h"& 1r"du"ll9
for!ed w"s dire)&ed no& so !u)h &o &he ")&ion
:ro:er "s &o &he :le"sure we deri>ed fro! undis&ur$ed
rou&ine' The s&ren1&h of &h"& "&&")h!en& &o rou&ine
deri>es :"r&l9 fro! &he for)e of :h9si)"l "nd !en&"l
iner&i"3 so :owerful " !o&i>e in !"n' (e sh"ll :resen&l9
refer &o "no&her )"use for "&&")h!en& &o rou&ine' B9
for)e of h"$i&3 &he :"r&i)ul"r )on)ern @ whe&her " !"&eri"l
o$Ge)&3 "n ")&i>i&93 or " w"9 of &hin-in1 @ )o!es &o
$e in>es&ed wi&h su)h "n in)re"se of e!o&ion"l e!:h"sis3
&h"& &he "&&")h!en& &o Jui&e uni!:or&"n& or $"n"l
&hin1s !"9 $e)o!e "s &en")ious "s &h"& &o our !ore
fund"!en&"l needs' Thus &he l")- of )ons)ious )on&rol
)"n &urn e>en &he s!"lles& h"$i&s in&o &he un)on&es&ed
!"s&ers of our li>es' I& $es&ows u:on &he! &he d"n1erous
:ower &o li!i& "nd ri1idif9 our )h"r")&er "nd
&o n"rrow our freedo! of !o>e!en& @ en>iron!en&"l3
in&elle)&u"l "nd s:iri&u"l' Throu1h our su$ser>ien)e &o
h"$i&3 we for1e new fe&&ers for oursel>es "nd !"-e oursel>es
>ulner"$le &o new "&&")h!en&s3 ">ersions3 :reGudi)es
"nd :redile)&ionsL &h"& is3 &o new sufferin1' The
d"n1er for s:iri&u"l de>elo:!en& :osed $9 &he do!in"&in1
influen)e of h"$i& is :erh":s !ore serious &od"9
&h"n e>er $eforeL for &he e8:"nsion of h"$i& is :"r&i)ul"rl9
no&i)e"$le in our :resen& "1e when s:e)i"liI"&ion
"nd s&"nd"rdiI"&ion re")h in&o so !"n9 >"ried s:heres
of life "nd &hou1h&'
Therefore3 when )onsiderin1 &he S"&i:"''h"n" Su&&"Hs
words on &he for!"&ion of fe&&ers3 we should "lso &hin-
of &he i!:or&"n& :"r& :l"9ed $9 h"$i&#
CQ "nd wh"& fe&&er "rises de:enden& on $o&h ;i'e' &he
sense or1"ns "nd sense o$Ge)&s<3 &h"& he -nows well' In
wh"& !"nner &he "risin1 of &he un"risen fe&&er )o!es &o
$e3 &h"& he -nows well'D
In Buddhis& &er!s3 i& is :ree!inen&l9 &he hindr"n)e
of slo&h "nd &or:or ;&hin"!iddh" ni>"r"n"< whi)h is
s&ren1&hened $9 &he for)e of h"$i&3 "nd i& is &he !en&"l
f")ul&ies su)h "s "1ili&9 "nd :li"n)9 of !ind ;-"9"
"nd )i&&"l"hu&"3 e&)'<M &h"& "re we"-ened'
This &enden)9 of h"$i&s &o e8&end &heir r"n1e is
"n)hored in &he >er9 n"&ure of )ons)iousness' I& s&e!s
no& onl9 fro! &he "fore!en&ioned :"ssi>e for)e of iner&i"3
$u& in !"n9 )"ses fro! "n ")&i>e will &o do!in"&e
"nd )onJuer' =er&"in ")&i>e &9:es of )ons)iousness3
:ossessin1 " f"ir de1ree of in&ensi&93 &end &o re:e"&
&he!sel>es' E")h one s&ru11les &o 1"in "s)end"n)93 &o
$e)o!e " )en&re "round whi)h o&her we"-er !en&"l
"nd :h9si)"l s&"&es re>ol>e3 "d":&in1 &he!sel>es &o "nd
ser>in1 &h"& )en&r"l dis:osi&ion' This &enden)9 is ne>er
Jui&e undis:u&ed3 $u& s&ill i& :re>"ils3 "nd e>en :eri:her"l
or su$ordin"&e &9:es of )ons)iousness e8hi$i& &he
s"!e ur1e for "s)end"n)9' This is " s&ri-in1 :"r"llel &o
&he self"sser&ion "nd do!ineerin1 &enden)9 of "n e1o)en&ri)
indi>idu"l in his )on&")& wi&h so)ie&9' A!on1
$iolo1i)"l "n"lo1ies3 we !"9 !en&ion &he &enden)9
&ow"rd e8:"nsion shown $9 )"n)er "nd o&her :"&holo1i)"l
1row&hsL &he &enden)9 &ow"rd re:e&i&ion we !ee&
in &he fre"- !u&"&ions whi)h loo! "s " 1r">e d"n1er "&
&he horiIon of our "&o!i) "1e'
Due &o &h"& will &o do!in"&e inheren& in !"n9 &9:es
of )ons)iousness3 " :"ssin1 whi! !"9 1row in&o " rel"&i>el9
)ons&"n& &r"i& of )h"r")&er' If s&ill no& s"&isfied
wi&h i&s :osi&ion3 i& !"9 $re"- "w"9 en&irel9 fro! &he
:resen& )o!$in"&ion of life for)es un&il fin"ll93 in &he
:ro)ess of re$ir&hs3 i& $e)o!es &he >er9 )en&re of "
new :erson"li&9' There "re wi&hin us )oun&less seeds
A$ou& &hese i!:or&"n& Ju"li&"&i>e )ons&i&uen&s of 1ood3
wholeso!e ;-us"l"< )ons)iousness3 see &he "u&horHs
A$hidh"!!" S&udies ;K"nd93 Sri L"n-"# Buddhis& Pu$li)"&ion
So)ie&93 ,?42<3 ::'2, f'
for new li>es3 for innu!er"$le :o&en&i"l C$ein1s3D "ll of
who! we should >ow &o li$er"&e fro! &he wheel of s"!s"r"3
"s &he Si8&h Ren P"&ri"r)h e8:ressed i&'M
De&ri!en&"l :h9si)"l or !en&"l h"$i&s3 !"9 1row
s&ron13 no& onl9 if fos&ered deli$er"&el93 $u& "lso if lef&
unno&i)ed or uno::osed' Mu)h of wh"& h"s now s&ron1
roo&s in our n"&ure h"s 1rown fro! !inu&e seeds :l"n&ed
in " lon1for1o&&en :"s& ;see &he Si!ile of &he =ree:er3
M"GGhi!" .2<' This 1row&h of !or"ll9 $"d or o&herwise
de&ri!en&"l h"$i&s )"n $e effe)&i>el9 )he)-ed $9 1r"du"ll9
de>elo:in1 "no&her h"$i&# &h"& of "&&endin1 &o &he!
!indfull9' If we now do deli$er"&el9 wh"& h"d $e)o!e
" !e)h"ni)"l :erfor!"n)e3 "nd if :rior &o doin1 i& we
:"use " while for $"re "&&en&ion "nd refle)&ion @ &his
will 1i>e us " )h"n)e &o s)ru&iniIe &he h"$i& "nd )le"rl9
)o!:rehend i&s :ur:ose "nd sui&"$ili&9 ;s"&&h"-" "nd
s"::"9"s"!:"G"nn"<' I& will "llow us &o !"-e " fresh
"ssess!en& of &he si&u"&ion3 &o see i& dire)&l93 uno$s)ured
$9 &he !en&"l h"Ie &h"& surrounds " h"$i&u"l
")&i>i&9 wi&h &he f"lse "ssur"n)e# CI& is ri1h& $e)"use i&
w"s done $efore' CE>en if " de&ri!en&"l h"$i& )"nno&
$e $ro-en Jui)-l93 &he refle)&i>e :"use will )oun&er i&s
unJues&ioned s:on&"nei&9 of o))urren)e' I& will s&"!:
i& wi&h &he se"l of re:e"&ed s)ru&in9 "nd resis&"n)e3 so
&h"& on i&s re)urren)e i& will $e we"-er "nd will :ro>e
!ore "!en"$le &o our "&&e!:&s &o )h"n1e or "$olish i&'
I& need h"rdl9 $e !en&ioned &h"& h"$i&3 whi)h h"s
This !"9 $e " so!ewh"& ironi)"l referen)e $9 &h"& 1re"& s"1e
&o &he f")& &h"& &he well-nown M"h"9"ni) Bodhis"&&>" >ow
of li$er"&in1 "ll $ein1s of &he uni>erse is of&en &"-en !u)h
&oo li1h&he"r&edl9 $9 !"n9 of his fellow M"h"9"nis&s'
$een ri1h&l9 )"lled C&he we&nurse of !"n3D )"nno& "nd
should no& dis"::e"r fro! our life' Le& us onl9 re!e!$er
wh"& " relief i& is3 :"r&i)ul"rl9 in &he )rowded d"9
"nd )o!:le8 life of " )i&9dweller3 &o $e "$le &o do " 1re"&
nu!$er of &hin1s f"irl9 !e)h"ni)"ll9 wi&h3 "s i& were3
onl9 Ch"lf:owered "&&en&ion'D H"$i& $rin1s )onsider"$le
si!:lifi)"&ion &o our life' I& would $e "n un$e"r"$le
s&r"in if "ll our li&&le hu!dru! ")&i>i&ies h"d &o $e done
wi&h deli$er"&e effor& "nd )lose "&&en&ion' In f")&3 !"n9
o:er"&ions of !"nu"l l"$our3 !u)h of &he &e)hniJue in
"r&3 "nd e>en s&"nd"rd :ro)edure in )o!:le8 in&elle)&u"l
wor-3 1ener"ll9 $rin1 $e&&er "nd !ore e>en resul&s
&hrou1h s-illed rou&ine :erfor!"n)e' Ye& &h"& e>enness
of h"$i&u"l :erfor!"n)e will "lso re")h i&s end :oin&'
Unless enli>ened $9 &he )re"&ion of new in&eres&3 i& will
show s9!:&o!s of f"&i1ue "nd s&"r& &o de)line'
Of )ourse i& would $e "$surd &o "d>o)"&e &h"& "ll
our li&&le h"$i&s $e "$olished3 for !"n9 "re inno)uous
"nd e>en useful' Bu& we should re1ul"rl9 "s- oursel>es
whe&her we s&ill h">e )on&rol o>er &he!3 whe&her we
)"n 1i>e &he! u: or "l&er &he! "& will' (e )"n "nswer
&his Jues&ion for oursel>es in &wo w"9s# $9 "&&endin1
&o our h"$i&u"l ")&ions !indfull9 for " )er&"in :eriod
of &i!e3 "nd se)ond3 $9 ")&u"ll9 1i>in1 &he! u: &e!:or"ril9
in )"ses where &his will no& h">e "n9 h"r!ful
or dis&ur$in1 effe)&s u:on oursel>es or o&hers ' If
we &urn on &he! &he li1h& of dire)& >ision3 loo-in1 "&
&he! or :erfor!in1 &he! "s if for &he firs& &i!e3 &hese
li&&le rou&ine ")&i>i&ies3 "nd &he h"$i&u"l si1h&s "round
us3 will "ssu!e " new 1low of in&eres& "nd s&i!ul"&ion'
This "lso holds 1ood for our :rofession"l o))u:"&ion
"nd i&s en>iron!en&3 "nd for our )lose hu!"n rel"&ionshi:s
if &he9 should h">e $e)o!e s&"le $9 h"$i&' The
rel"&ionshi: &o oneHs !"rri"1e :"r&ner3 &o friends3 &o )olle"1ues3
!"9 &hus re)ei>e " 1re"& reGu>en"&ion' A fresh
"nd dire)& >ision will "lso re>e"l &h"& one )"n rel"&e &o
:eo:le or do &hin1s in " differen& "nd !ore $enefi)i"l
w"9 &h"n one did $efore $9 for)e of h"$i&'
An ")Juired )":")i&9 &o 1i>e u: !inor h"$i&s will
:ro>e i&s wor&h in &he fi1h& "1"ins& !ore d"n1erous :ro)li>i&ies'
I& will "lso )o!e &o our "id "& &i!es when we
"re f")ed wi&h serious )h"n1es in our life whi)h for)efull9
de:ri>e us of fund"!en&"l h"$i&s' Loosenin1 &he
h"rdened soil of our rou&ine $eh">iour "nd &hou1h&s
will h">e "n enli>enin1 effe)& on our >i&"l ener193 our
!en&"l >i1our3 "nd our :ower of i!"1in"&ion' Bu& wh"&
is !os& i!:or&"n&3 in&o &h"& loosened soil we sh"ll $e
"$le &o :l"n& &he seeds of >i1orous s:iri&u"l :ro1ress'
Asso)i"&i>e Thou1h&
Men&"l h"$i&u"&ion &o s&"nd"rd re")&ions3 &o seJuen)es
of ")&i>i&93 &o Gud1e!en&s of :eo:le or &hin1s :ro)eeds
$9 w"9 of "sso)i"&i>e &hin-in1' 7ro! &he o$Ge)&s3 ide"s3
si&u"&ions "nd :eo:le &h"& we en)oun&er3 we sele)& )er&"in
dis&in)&i>e !"r-s3 "nd "sso)i"&e &hese !"r-s wi&h
our own res:onse &o &he!' If &hese en)oun&ers re)ur3
&he9 "re "sso)i"&ed firs& wi&h &hose !"r-s sele)&ed e"rlier3
"nd &hen wi&h our ori1in"l or s&ron1es& res:onse'
Thus &hese !"r-s $e)o!e " si1n"l for rele"sin1 " s&"nd"rd
re")&ion3 whi)h !"9 )onsis& of " lon1 seJuen)e of
)onne)&ed ")&s or &hou1h&s f"!ili"r &hrou1h re:e"&ed
:r")&i)e or e8:erien)e' This w"9 of fun)&ionin1 !"-es
i& unne)ess"r9 for us &o "::l9 new effor& "nd :"ins&"-in1
s)ru&in9 &o e")h sin1le s&e: in su)h " seJuen)e'
The resul& is " 1re"& si!:lifi)"&ion of life3 :er!i&&in1
us &o rele"se ener19 for o&her &"s-s' In f")&3 in &he e>olu&ion
of &he hu!"n !ind3 "sso)i"&i>e &hin-in1 w"s "
:ro1ressi>e s&e: of de)isi>e i!:or&"n)e' I& en"$led us
&o le"rn fro! e8:erien)e3 "nd &hus led u: &o &he dis)o>er9
"nd "::li)"&ion of )"us"l l"ws'
Ye& "lon1 wi&h &hese $enefi&s3 "sso)i"&i>e &hin-in1
)"n "lso $rin1 !"n9 1r">e d"n1ers if i& is "::lied f"ul&il9
or &hou1h&lessl9 "nd no& )"refull9 )on&rolled' Le& us
dr"w u: " :"r&i"l lis& of &hese d"n1er :oin&s#
,' Asso)i"&i>e &hin-in13 re)urrin1 "1"in "nd
"1"in in si!il"r si&u"&ions3 !"9 e"sil9 :er:e&u"&e "nd
s&ren1&hen f"ul&9 or in)o!:le&e ini&i"l o$ser>"&ions3
errors of Gud1e!en&3 "nd e!o&ion"l :reGudi)es su)h "s
lo>e3 h"&e "nd :ride'
*' In)o!:le&e o$ser>"&ions "nd res&ri)&ed >iew:oin&s
in Gud1e!en&3 suffi)ien& &o de"l wi&h one :"r&i)ul"r
si&u"&ion3 !"9 :ro>e Jui&e in"deJu"&e "nd en&"il
1r">e )onseJuen)es if !e)h"ni)"ll9 "::lied &o )h"n1ed
E' Due &o !isdire)&ed "sso)i"&i>e &hin-in13 "
s&ron1 ins&in)&i>e disli-e !"9 $e fel& for &hin1s3 :l")es
or :ersons whi)h in so!e w"9 "re !erel9 re!inis)en&
of un:le"s"n& e8:erien)es3 $u& ")&u"ll9 h">e no )onne)&ion
wi&h &he!'
These $riefl9s&"&ed ins&"n)es show how >i&"l i& is for
us &o s)ru&iniIe fro! &i!e &o &i!e &he !en&"l 1roo>es
of our "sso)i"&i>e &hou1h&s3 "nd &o re>iew &he >"rious
h"$i&s "nd s&ereo&9:e re")&ions deri>in1 fro! &he!' In
o&her words3 we !us& s&e: ou& of our ru&s3 re1"in "
dire)& >ision of &hin1s3 "nd !"-e " fresh "::r"is"l of
our h"$i&s in &he li1h& of &h"& >ision'
If we loo- on)e "1"in o>er &he lis& of :o&en&i"l d"n1ers
deri>in1 fro! un)on&rolled "sso)i"&i>e &hin-in13
we sh"ll $e&&er unders&"nd &he Buddh"Hs insis&en)e u:on
1e&&in1 &o &he $edro)- of e8:erien)e' In &he :rofound
"nd &erse s&"nI"s )"lled CThe =">e3D in)luded in &he
Su&&" Ni:"&"3 &he Buddh" s"9s &h"& &he Cfull :ene&r"&ion
of sense i!:ression ;:h"ss"< will !"-e one free fro!
1reedD "nd &h"& C$9 unders&"ndin1 :er)e:&ion ;s"KK"<3
one will $e "$le &o )ross &he flood of s"!s"r"D ;s&"nI"
665 f'<'M , B9 :l")in1 !indfulness "s " 1u"rd "& &he >er9
firs& 1"&e &hrou1h whi)h &hou1h&s en&er &he !ind3 we
sh"ll $e "$le &o )on&rol &he in)o!ers !u)h !ore e"sil93
"nd shu& ou& unw"n&ed in&ruders' Thus &he :uri&9
of Clu!inous )ons)iousnessD )"n $e !"in&"ined "1"ins&
C"d>en&i&ious defile!en&sD ;An1u&&"r"3 ,#2,<'
The S"&i:"''h"n" Su&&" :ro>ides " s9s&e!"&i) &r"inin1
for indu)in1 dire)&3 fresh3 "nd undis&or&ed >ision'
The &r"inin1 )o>ers &he en&ire :erson"li&9 in i&s :h9si)"l
"nd !en&"l "s:e)&s3 "nd in)ludes &he whole world
of e8:erien)e' The !e&hodi)"l "::li)"&ion of &he se>er"l
e8er)ises &o oneself ;"GGh"&&"<3 &o o&hers ;$"hiddh"<3
"nd "l&ern"&in1l9 &o $o&h3 will hel: un)o>er erroneous
)on)e:&ions due &o !isdire)&ed "sso)i"&i>e &hin-in1 "nd
!is"::lied "n"lo1ies'
=o!:"re "lso &he :"ss"1e on &he si1nifi)"n)e of sense
i!:ression ;or )on&")&< in &he )on)ludin1 se)&ions of &he
Br"h!"G"l" Su&&" ;Di1h" ,<'
The :rin)i:"l &9:es of f"lse "sso)i"&i>e &hin-in1
"re )o>ered3 in &he &er!inolo19 of &he Dh"!!"3 $9
&he four -inds of !is"::rehension or :er>er&ed >iews
;>i:"ll"s"<3 whi)h wron1l9 &"-e ;,< wh"& is i!:er!"nen&
for :er!"nen&3 ;*< wh"& is :"inful3 or )ondu)i>e
&o :"in3 for h"::iness3 ;E< wh"& h"s no self "nd is
unsu$s&"n&i"l for " self or "n "$idin1 su$s&"n)e3 "nd
;.< wh"& is i!:ure for $e"u&iful' These :er>er&ed >iews
"rise &hrou1h " f"lse "::rehension of &he )h"r")&eris&i)
!"r-s of &hin1s' Under &he influen)e of our :"ssions
"nd f"lse &heories3 we :er)ei>e &hin1s sele)&i>el9
in " onesided or erroneous w"93 "nd &hen "sso)i"&e
&he! wron1l9 wi&h o&her ide"s' B9 "::l9in1 $"re "&&en&ion
&o our :er)e:&ions "nd i!:ressions3 1r"du"ll9 we
)"n free &he! fro! &hese !is"::rehensions3 :ro1ressin1
s&e"dil9 &ow"rds &he dire)& >ision of &hin1s "s &he9
re"ll9 "re'
The Sense of Ur1en)9
One who h"s )le"r "nd dire)& >ision3 s&irred &o " sense
of ur1en)9 ;s"!>e1"< $9 &hin1s whi)h "re dee:l9
!o>in13 will e8:erien)e " rele"se of ener19 "nd )our"1e
en"$lin1 hi! &o $re"- &hrou1h his &i!id hesi&"&ions
"nd his ri1id rou&ine of life "nd &hou1h&' If &h"&
sense of ur1en)9 is -e:& "li>e3 i& will $es&ow &he e"rnes&ness
"nd :ersis&en)e reJuired for &he wor- of
Thus s"id &he &e")hers of old#
CThis >er9 world here is our field of ")&ion'
I& h"r$ours &he unfold!en& of &he hol9 :"&h3 And
!"n9 &hin1s &o $re"- )o!:l")en)9'
I& h"r$ours &he unfold!en& of &he hol9 :"&h3 And
!"n9 &hin1s &o $re"- )o!:l")en)9'
Our )loses& surroundin1s "re full of s&irrin1 &hin1s' If
we 1ener"ll9 do no& :er)ei>e &he! "s su)h3 &h"& is
$e)"use h"$i& h"s !"de our >ision dull "nd our he"r&
insensi&i>e' The s"!e &hin1 h"::ens &o us e>en wi&h
&he Buddh"Hs &e")hin1' (hen we firs& en)oun&er &he
&e")hin13 we re)ei>e " :owerful in&elle)&u"l "nd e!o&ion"l
s&i!ul"&ionL $u& 1r"du"ll9 &he i!:e&us &ends
&o lose i&s ori1in"l freshness "nd i!:ellin1 for)e' The
re!ed9 is &o )ons&"n&l9 renew i& $9 &urnin1 &o &he
fullness of life "round us3 whi)h illus&r"&es &he 7our
No$le Tru&hs in e>er new >"ri"&ions' A dire)& >ision
will i!:"r& new life$lood e>en &o &he !os& )o!!on
e8:erien)es of e>er9 d"93 so &h"& &heir &rue n"&ure
"::e"rs &hrou1h &he di! h"Ie of h"$i& "nd s:e"-s
&o us wi&h " fresh >oi)e' I& !"9 well $e Gus& &he lon1
"))us&o!ed si1h& of &he $e11"r "& &he s&ree& )o!er3 or
" wee:in1 )hild3 or &he illness of " friend3 whi)h s&"r&les
us "fresh3 !"-es us &hin-3 "nd s&irs our sense of
ur1en)9 in &re"din1 resolu&el9 &he :"&h &h"& le"ds &o
&he )ess"&ion of sufferin1'
(e -now &he $e"u&iful "))oun& of how Prin)e Siddh"&&h"
firs& )"!e f")e &o f")e wi&h old "1e3 illness
"nd de"&h while dri>in1 his )h"rio& &hrou1h &he ro9"l
)i&9 "f&er " lon1 :eriod of isol"&ion in " !"-e$elie>e
world' This "n)ien& s&or9 !"9 well $e his&ori)"l f")&3 for
we -now &h"& in &he li>es of !"n9 1re"& !en )o!!on
e>en&s of&en 1"in " s9!$oli) si1nifi)"n)e "nd le"d &o
!"Gor )onseJuen)es f"r $e9ond &heir ordin"r9 "::e"r"n)e'
Bre"& !inds find si1nifi)"n)e in &he see!in1l9
)o!!on:l")e "nd in>es& &he flee&in1 !o!en& wi&h f"r
re")hin1 effi)")9' Bu&3 wi&hou& )on&es&in1 &he inner
&ru&h of &h"& old s&or93 we !"9 re"son"$l9 $elie>e &h"&
&he 9oun1 :rin)e h"d ")&u"ll9 seen $efore3 wi&h his
fleshl9 e9es3 old :eo:le3 si)- :eo:le3 "nd &hose who h"d
su))u!$ed &o de"&h' Howe>er3 on &hese e"rlier o))"sions3
he would no& h">e $een &ou)hed >er9 dee:l9 $9
&hese si1h&s @ "s is &he )"se wi&h !os& of us !os& of
&he &i!e' Th"& e"rlier l")- of sensi&i>i&9 !"9 h">e $een
due &o &he )"refull9 :ro&e)&ed3 "r&ifi)i"l se)lusion of his
:e&&93 &hou1h :rin)el93 h"::iness3 &he heredi&"r9 rou&ine
of his life in&o whi)h his f"&her h"d :l")ed hi!'
Onl9 when he $ro-e &hrou1h &h"& 1olden )"1e of e"s91oin1
h"$i&s )ould &he f")&s of sufferin1 s&ri-e hi! "s
for)i$l9 "s if he h"d seen &he! for &he firs& &i!e' Then
onl9 w"s he s&irred $9 &he! &o " sense of ur1en)9 &h"&
led hi! ou& of &he ho!e life "nd se& his fee& fir!l9 on
&he ro"d &o enli1h&en!en&'
The !ore )le"rl9 "nd dee:l9 our !inds "nd he"r&s
res:ond &o &he &ru&h of sufferin1 !"nifes& in &he >er9
)o!!on f")&s of our e8is&en)e3 &he less of&en sh"ll we
need " re:e&i&ion of &he lesson "nd &he shor&er will $e
our !i1r"&ion &hrou1h s"!s"r"' The )l"ri&9 of :er)e:&ion
e>o-in1 our res:onse will )o!e fro! "n unde&e)&ed
dire)&ness of >ision3 $es&owed $9 $"re "&&en&ion ;s"&i<L
"nd &he de:&h of e8:erien)e will )o!e fro! wise refle)&ion
or )le"r )o!:rehension ;s"!:"G"nn"<'
The Ro"d &o Insi1h&
The Ro"d &o Insi1h&
!e&hodi)"l :r")&i)e of insi1h& !edi&"&ion' There i& is
iden&ified wi&h &he dire)& or e8:erien&i"l -nowled1e
$es&owed $9 !edi&"&ion3 "s dis&in1uished fro! &he
inferen&i"l -nowled1e o$&"ined $9 s&ud9 "nd refle)&ion'
In &he !edi&"&i>e de>elo:!en& of insi1h&3 oneHs
own :h9si)"l "nd !en&"l :ro)esses "re dire)&l9 >iewed3
wi&hou& &he in&erferen)e of "$s&r")& )on)e:&s or &he
fil&erin1 s)reens of e!o&ion"l e>"lu"&ion' 7or in &his
)on&e8& &hese onl9 o$s)ure or )"!oufl"1e &he n"-ed
f")&s3 de&r")&in1 fro! &he s&ron1 i!!edi"&e i!:")& of
re"li&9' =on)e:&u"l 1ener"liI"&ions fro! e8:erien)e
"re >er9 useful in &heir :l")eL $u& if &he9 in&erru:&
&he !edi&"&i>e :r")&i)e of $"re "&&en&ion3 &he9 &end &o
Csho>e "sideD or dis:ose of &he :"r&i)ul"r f")&3 $9 s"9in13
"s i& were# CI& is no&hin1 else $u& &his' CBener"liIin1
&hou1h& in)lines &o $e)o!e i!:"&ien& wi&h " re)urren&
&9:e3 "nd "f&er h">in1 i& )l"ssified3 soon finds i&
B"re "&&en&ion3 howe>er3 $ein1 &he -e9 ins&ru!en&
of !e&hodi)"l insi1h&3 -ee:s &o &he :"r&i)ul"r' I& follows
-eenl9 &he rise "nd f"ll of su))essi>e :h9si)"l "nd !en
&"l :ro)esses' Thou1h "ll :heno!en" of " 1i>en series
!"9 $e &rue &o &9:e ;e'1'3 inh"l"&ions "nd e8h"l"&ions<3
$"re "&&en&ion re1"rds e")h of &he! "s dis&in)&3 "nd
)ons)ien&iousl9 re1is&ers i&s se:"r"&e $ir&h "nd de"&h'
If !indfulness re!"ins "ler&3 &hese re:e&i&ions of &9:e
will3 $9 &heir !ul&i:li)"&ion3 e8er& no& " redu)ed $u& "n
in&ensified i!:")& on &he !ind' The &hree )h"r")&eris
&i)s @ i!:er!"nen)e3 sufferin13 "nd >oidness of self @
inheren& in &he :ro)ess o$ser>ed3 will s&"nd ou& !ore
"nd !ore )le"rl9' The9 will "::e"r in &he li1h& shed $9
&he :heno!en" &he!sel>es3 no& in " $orrowed li1h&3 no&
e>en " li1h& $orrowed fro! &he Buddh"3 &he :eerless
"nd indis:ens"$le 1uide &o &hese e8:erien)es'
&i)s @ i!:er!"nen)e3 sufferin13 "nd >oidness of self @
inheren& in &he :ro)ess o$ser>ed3 will s&"nd ou& !ore
"nd !ore )le"rl9' The9 will "::e"r in &he li1h& shed $9
&he :heno!en" &he!sel>es3 no& in " $orrowed li1h&3 no&
e>en " li1h& $orrowed fro! &he Buddh"3 &he :eerless
"nd indis:ens"$le 1uide &o &hese e8:erien)es'
will &hen )on>e9 " 1rowin1 sense of ur1en)9
&o &he !edi&"&or# re>ulsion3 diss"&isf")&ion3 "w"reness of
d"n1er3 followed $9 de&")h!en& @ &hou1h )er&"inl93 Go93
h"::iness3 "nd )"l!3 &oo3 will no& $e "$sen& &hrou1hou&
&he :r")&i)e' Then3 if "ll o&her )ondi&ions of inner !"&uri&9
"re fulfilled3 &he firs& dire)& >ision of fin"l li$er"&ion
will d"wn wi&h &he s&re"!winnerHs ;so&":"nn"< indu$i&"$le
-nowled1e# C(h"&e>er h"s &he n"&ure of "risin13
h"s &he n"&ure of >"nishin1'D
Thus3 in &he unfold!en& of &he :ower of !indfulness3
S"&i:"''h"n" will :ro>e i&self "s &he &rue e!$odi!en&
of &he Dh"!!"3 of whi)h i& w"s s"id#
C(ell:ro)l"i!ed is &he Dh"!!" $9 &he Blessed One3
>isi$le here "nd now3 no& del"9ed3 in>i&in1 ins:e)&ion3
onw"rdle"din13 &o $e dire)&l9 e8:erien)ed $9 &he wise'D