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vessel circular section single diametral staying member ASME VIII div 1 chap 13-13

ASME VIII - DIVISION 1 SA 240 TP304L <100F 16700 PSI

Mandatory appendix 13-13
see fig. 13-2(c) fill in yellow cells only
b 25,4 (using mm)
t1 10 mm shell thickness
R 197,2 mm shell internal radius
Lv 350 mm shell (vessel) length
t3 6,4 mm plate thickness
P1 0,3 MPa P =P1-P2 0,155 MPa 3 bar
P2 0,145 MPa
Ratio 1,12685714 ratio of long to short side of plate element
1 0,05965771
check plate parameter table 13-13 c below
c shell 5 mm half thickness of shell
c plate 3,2 mm half thickness of plate
1 2116,66667 mm4
3 554,871467 mm4
Design stress
S 115,1 MPa from ASME II part D; table 1A
E 1 weld coefficient 13-5: E =joint efficiency factor as required by UW-12 for all Category A
to any Category C or D butt
joints. The joint efficiency factor is used as
note 1 from 13-5: ' Use E = 1.0 far Category C and D joints that are no
UW-12: E has N/A value for angle joint
13-1(d): N/A (d) In 13-18 special consideration is given to the calculation
(1) Membrane stresses (1) Membrane stresses
Shell Section Shell Section
m 5,9 MPa (1) S
m 5,9 MPa (6) primary membrane stress allowable
5% S allowable =S 115,1 MPa 5% 13-4(b) "Membrane stresses due to pressure and m
Diametral Plate Diametral Plate
m 0,0 MPa (2) S
m 0,0 MPa (7) primary membrane stress allowable
0% S allowable =S 115,1 MPa 0% 13-4(b) "Membrane stresses due to pressure and m
(2) Bending stresses (2) Bending stresses
Shell Section Shell Section
b 0,6 MPa (3) (S
A 58,4 MPa (8)
Diametral plate
Lv =<2R
b 165,9 MPa (9) or (10) weld =S.E = 115,1424419 144% 13-4(b)
UG-23(e) ? Sps =3.S
(3) Total stresses (3) Total stresses
Shell Section Shell Section
T 6,6 MPa (4)=(1)+(3) (S
A 64,3 MPa (11)=(6)+(8) 13-4(b) Any combination of membrane plus bending
4% 1,5.S allowable = 172,7 MPa 37% compression stress induced by pressure an
Diametral Plate Diametral Plate loads, shall not exceed the following limits:
m 0,0 MPa (5)=(2) S
T 166,0 MPa (12)=(7)+(9) or (10) (I) for plate section of rectangular cross sec
0% 1,5.S allowable = 172,7 MPa 96% times the allowable design stress SE;
13-4(b) "The joint efficiency factor E shall also be applied to
the allowable design stress for evaluation of the calculated
bending stress Sb at the location of the joint only. See 13-
l(d), 13-5 footnote 1, and 13-8(b)."
primary membrane +bending stress allowable
Use consistant units (mm, N/mm =MPa) or (in., psi.) with help of parameter b.
(c) for the case of unequal pressures in the compartiments, stresses are
as follows, where P is the maximum value of P1 or P2.
enter 1 for inch or 25,4 for mm
primary membrane +bending stress allowable
(b) for the case of equal pressures
with b =1,0 in. (25,4mm) for vessel without
reinforcements and for vessels with stay plates
etc note 2 p. 393
See UW-9 Design of welded joints, (f) Welded Joints Subject to Bending Stresses :
corner joints with fillet welds shall not be used unless the plates forming the corner are
properly supported independently of such welds. See UW-18 FILLET WELDS
See Section 2 for fatigue considerations.
Is this check mandatory?
If yes, is correct to check against
SE and not 1,5.SE?
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