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Dynamic display

PD 1611
EMMS-ST stepper motors with
CMMS-ST encoder/motor con-
troller = servo light!
Stepper motor technology in a
real plug and work package solu-
tion: the CMMS-ST single-axis
position controller combined
with the EMMS-ST stepper
motors, for single and multiple
axis handling with moving loads
of up to 20 kg.
Servo light
In the servo light operation
mode, the combination of
EMMS-ST with an encoder and
CMMS-ST provides you with a
fully-fledged closed-loop servo
system with maximum operating
reliability and fast dynamic res-
ponse. Full usage of the maxi-
mum motor characteristic curve
works to your advantage. This is
what differentiates the CMMS-ST
stepper motor controller from
conventional "intelligent" step-
per motor systems.
Standard stepper
Alternatively, CMMS-ST can also
work as a low-cost open-loop
system with stepper motors
without encoders.
EMMS-ST stepper motor
The new stepper motor series
combines a long service life and
a full range of positioning func-
tions at an attractive price. An
encoder and a holding brake can
optionally be included.
Festo AG & Co. KG
Ruiter Strae 82
D-73734 Esslingen
In sync synchronous thanks to servo light
As part of the interaction of the new EMMS-ST step-
per motors and the CMMS-ST controller with one
another, two DGE-ZR axes travel absolutely synchro-
nised. The shining proof: a red laser point in the
crosshairs of an axis. Generated by a laser pointer
locked onto the parallel axis. Two stopper cylinders
activated by an FED 120 Front End Display function
as a mechanical disturbance variable. The simulated
disturbance variables are reliably recognised, and
synchronous operation is continued after elimination
of the disturbance, depending on the situation.
Point of focus: reliable and synchronised constant speed
The servo light combination (EMMS-ST and CMMS-ST)
Full control in all four quadrants
Running smoothness that is almost resonance-free
and non-load-specific
Subjectively positive speed-noise characteristics
Good force and torque control via current regulation
Adjustable monitoring of current following error
Easy connection to your control level via I/O,
CANopen/Profibus or DeviceNet
Reliable positioning
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