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Ministerul Educaţiei, Cercetării şi Inovării

Centrul Naţional pentru Curriculum şi Evaluare în Învăţământul Preuniversitar

Examenul de bacalaureat 2009

Proba E/F
Proba scrisă la Limba engleză
L1 - Bilingv

• Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Se acordă 10 puncte din oficiu.

• Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 3 ore.

SUBIECTUL I (30 de puncte) Varianta 047

Read the text below and complete the following tasks.

It can't be easy to impress a lecturer. Attempt to say something stunningly original and
you're up against not only their particular superbrain, but those of their colleagues and generations
of other students, not to mention the entire subject canon. Demonstrating that you've managed all
the recommended reading doesn't quite measure up to discovering DNA. (1) … .
Because what really impresses lecturers, according to Moira Peelo, coordinator of the
Student Learning Development Centre at Lancaster University, are things like handing your essays
in on time, (2) … , and being polite. "And it's really nice if someone asks an interesting question,"
she says.
In fact, questions are really all lecturers seem to ask for - offer them some relief from those
awkward seminar silences, and they'll probably dedicate their next obscure journal article to you.
They'll also be pretty impressed if you read the article - but not if they only discover this
when they read it all over again themselves in your essay. Specialists say that one of the things
that lecturers least like to see in student essays is their own ideas regurgitated. He says:
"Intelligent and well-informed dissent may be a more effective mode of flattery than anything else."
In fact, an easy way to impress lecturers is by the length of your bibliography. But
remember that what really counts is what you do with it. Exaggeration will only lead to bitter
disappointment, (3) … or fibbed about consulting an early version of the Dead Sea Scrolls. And
never forget quite how excited lecturers can get about this kind of thing. So excited that they can
be fooled by people who seem to share their enthusiasm. Rave about the rhythmical subtleties of
iambic pentameter, quoting your particular favourite examples. Splutter with the thrill of superstring
theory and they'll be eating out of your hands.
However hungry you are, do try to avoid eating through a lecture. It is not the way to any
academic's heart. (4) … .

1. Four sentences/groups of words have been removed from the text. Select the appropriate
sentence/groups of words for each gap in the text. There is one extra sentence which you
do not need to use. 4 points

A. Nor is sleeping
B. A sound measure after all.
C. Nor are academics likely to be impressed by the things that seem to impress everyone else
you've met so far at university.
D. brushing up on your grammar and spelling
E. if they discover you never actually read any of the books

2. Give the synonyms of the following words. 6 points

1. stunningly
2. awkward
3. obscure
Ministerul Educaţiei, Cercetării şi Inovării
Centrul Naţional pentru Curriculum şi Evaluare în Învăţământul Preuniversitar

3. Sum up the text in about 50 words. 10 points

4. For the following questions, choose the answer (A, B or C) which fits according to the
text. 6 points

1. Academics usually admire …

A. polite students.
B. accurately written assignments, politeness and punctuality.
C. politeness, punctuality, long essays.

2. Lecturers become enthusiastic if students …

A. come to courses regularly.
B. get engaged in challenging conversations with them.
C. show their interest by asking questions.

3. Lying to your lecturer about the length of your bibliography may …

A. dissatisfy them.
B. cause disputes during the lectures.
C. upset the other students.

5. Comment on the following in about 100 words: It can't be easy to impress a lecturer.
4 points