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Vice President of India भारत के

Emblem of India
Mohammad Hamid Ansari
since 11 August 2007
Residence Vice President House
!i"e #ears, rene$able
%r& ' (ad)a*ris)nan
since +a# 1,, 1-.2 to +a# 12, 1-/2
Salary 1,2.,000 012,2023 4er mont)
Website Vice President of India
Vice President of India
!rom 7i*i4edia, t)e free enc#clo4edia
8)e Vice President of India is t)e second9)ig)est
constitutional office in India, after t)e President&
/, of Indian :onstitution states t)at t)ere s)all be a Vice9
President of India& 8)e Vice President s)all act as
President in absent of President due to t)e deat),
resignation, im4eac)ment, or ot)er situations& 8)e Vice
President of India is also ex officio :)air4erson of t)e
(a;#a 'ab)a&
Article // of Indian :onstitution states t)e manner of
election of Vice9President&8)e Vice9President is elected
indirectl# b# members of an electoral college consisting of
t)e members of bot) Houses of Parliament in accordance
$it) t)e s#stem of Pro4ortional (e4resentation b# means
of t)e 'ingle transferable "ote and t)e "oting is b# secret
8)e Vice President of India is +o)ammad Hamid Ansari,
since 11 August 2007, and re9elected on 7 August 2012 &
1 Election, oat) and term
1&1 <ualifications
1&2 Election
1&, Election dis4utes
1&= >at) of Affirmation
2 8erm
, (emo"al
= 'alar# and 4ension
. (eferences
/ E?ternal lin*0s3
lection! oath and term
As in t)e case of t)e President, in order to be @ualified to be elected as Vice President, a 4erson must5
Ha"e com4leted more t)an ,. #ears of age
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Aot )old an# office of 4rofit
7)ile in order to be a President, a 4erson must be @ualified for election as a member of t)e Lo* 'ab)a 0House
of Peo4les3, t)e Vice President must be @ualified for election as a member of t)e (a;#a 'ab)a 0:ouncil of
8)is difference is because t)e Vice President is to act as t)e ex officio :)airman of t)e (a;#a 'ab)a&
8)e Vice President is elected indirectl#, b# an electoral college consisting of members of bot) )ouses of t)e
Parliament& 8)e election of t)e Vice President is slig)tl# different from t)e election of t)e PresidentBt)e
members of state legislatures are not 4art of t)e electoral college for Vice Presidential election&
8)e nomination of a candidate for election to t)e office of t)e Vice President must be subscribed b# at least 20
electors as 4ro4osers and 20 electors as seconders& E"er# candidate )as to ma*e a securit# de4osit of
(s&1.,000 in t)e (eser"e Can* of India&
8)e Election :ommission of India, $)ic) is a constitutional autonomous bod#, conducts t)e election& 8)e
election is to be )eld no later t)an /0 da#s of t)e e?4ir# of t)e term of office of t)e outgoing Vice President& A
(eturning >fficer is a44ointed for t)e election, usuall# t)e 'ecretar#9Deneral of eit)er House of t)e Parliament,
b# rotation& 8)e (eturning >fficer issues a 4ublic notice of t)e intended election, in"iting nomination of
candidates& An# 4erson @ualified to be elected and intending to stand for election is re@uired to be nominated b#
at least t$ent# +embers of Parliament as 4ro4osers, and at least t$ent# ot)er +embers of Parliament as
seconders& 8)e nomination 4a4ers are scrutiniEed b# t)e (eturning >fficer, and t)e names of all eligible
candidates are added to t)e ballot&
8)e election is 4ro4ortional re4resentation b# means of a single transferable "ote b# secret ballot& Voters stac*9
ran* t)e candidates, assigning 1 to t)eir first 4reference, 2 to t)eir second 4reference, and so on& 8)e number of
"otes re@uired b# a candidate to secure t)e election is calculated b# di"iding t)e total number of "otes b# t$o,
and adding one to t)e @uotient b# disregarding an# remainder& If no candidate obtains t)e re@uired number of
first94reference "otes, t)e candidate $it) t)e least number of first94reference "otes is eliminated and )is6)er
second94reference "otes are transferred& 8)e 4rocess is re4eated till a candidate obtains t)e re@uisite number of
"otes& !irst, t)e first 4reference "otes are counted& If t)ere is no candidate and t)e number of first 4reference
"otes secured b# eac) candidate is ascertained& Aominated members can also 4artici4ate in t)e election&
After t)e election )as been )eld and t)e "otes counted, t)e (eturning >fficer declares t)e result of t)e election
to t)e electoral college& 8)ereafter, )e6s)e re4orts t)e result to t)e :entral Do"ernment 0+inistr# of La$ F
Gustice3 and t)e Election :ommission of India and t)e :entral Do"ernment 4ublis)es t)e name of t)e 4erson
elected as Vice President, in t)e >fficial DaEette&
8)e Vice9President ma# resign )is office b# submitting )is resignation to t)e President of India& 8)e resignation
becomes effecti"e from t)e da# it is acce4ted&
lection dis#utes
All dis4utes arising in connection $it) t)e election of t)e Vice President are 4etitioned to t)e 'u4reme :ourt of
India, $)ic) in@uires into t)e matter& 8)e 4etition is )eard b# a fi"e9member benc) of t)e 'u4reme :ourt, $)ic)
decides on t)e matter& 8)e decision of t)e 'u4reme :ourt is final&
$ath of Affirmation
8)e 8)ird 'c)edule of Indian :onstitution 4ro"ides t)e >at) of Affirmation for t)e >ffice of ex officio Vice
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President as under59 HI, IIIIIIII do s$ear in t)e name of Dod t)at I $ill bear true fait) and allegiance to
solemnl# affirm t)e :onstitution of India as b# la$ establis)ed and t)at I $ill fait)full# disc)arge t)e dut# u4on
$)ic) I am about to enter&H President of India administers t)e oat) of office and secrec# to t)e Vice9President
of India&
8)e Vice President )olds office for fi"e #ears& He6s)e can be re9elected an# number of times& Ho$e"er, t)e
office ma# be terminated earlier b# deat), resignation or remo"al& 8)e :onstitution does not 4ro"ide a
mec)anism of succession to t)e office of Vice President in t)e e"ent of an e?traordinar# "acanc#, a4art from re9
election& Ho$e"er, t)e %e4ut# :)airman of t)e (a;#a 'ab)a can 4erform t)e duties of t)e :)airman of t)e
(a;#a 'ab)a in suc) an e"ent&
8)e Vice President does not formall# im4eac)ed, unli*e t)e President of India& 8)e :onstitution states t)at t)e
Vice President can be remo"ed b# a resolution of t)e (a;#a 'ab)a 4assed b# an effecti"e ma;orit# 0more t)an
.0J of effecti"e members)i40total members)i49"acancies33 and agreed to b# a sim4le ma;orit# 0.0J of "oting
members3 of t)e Lo* 'ab)a 0Article /70b33&
Cut no suc) resolution ma# be mo"ed unless at least 1= da#sK
ad"ance notice )as been gi"en& Aotabl#, no ground )as been mentioned in t)e :onstitution for )is remo"al&
Ao Vice President or ex officio Vice President )as e"er faced remo"al 4roceedings&
Salary and #ension
8)ere is no s4ecific 4ro"ision of salar#64ension for t)e ex officio Vice President, 4er se& He6s)e recei"es t)e
salar# of t)e :)airman of t)e (a;#a 'ab)a, $)ic) is currentl# (s& 1,2.,000 4er mont)& 8)ere are no additional
emoluments for t)e office&
8)e constitution 4ro"ides t)at $)en t)e ex officio Vice President acts as t)e President or disc)arges t)e duties
of t)e President, )e6s)e is entitled to t)e salar# and 4ri"ileges of t)e President of India&
8)e 4ension for t)e Vice9President is .0J of t)e salar#&
1& & HUPA9Left names Ansari for Vice PresidentH
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