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Cause and Effect Essay

Student’s Disinterest to Study

Parents are considered to be their children’s first teachers, while home is
considered to be their first school. However, there are some factors that affect a
student’s learning acquisition. Parents, as well as teachers observe changes regarding a
student’s low study habits. Some factors that I can see are poverty, poor motivation
and bad influences. These are the primary factors of which I think largely affect a
student’s lack of interest to study.
Poverty has always been a problem especially to the countries that belonged to
the third world like the Philippines. Parents could not be able to send their children to
the school because of this. As a result, children tend to just stay in their homes or get
involved in gangs and be with those street children who are now prone to commit
crimes or be used as agents to commit crime. Poor motivation falls the second one for
me because children who lack motivation are likely to grow up with low self-esteem and
confidence. I believe, a child must have to be encouraged for him to have confidence to
acquire education for himself for his progress.
Bad Influences from friends and peers who seemed to neglect your standards
and tend to fall against your educational perspective and your eagerness to learn would
largely contribute to your disinterest to study. Bad influences would have to be because
of the fact that parents attention to the child ceases. Paying attention and loving a child
unconditionally regardless with the mistakes he had done, would made a child feel
being loved. I think too much discipline and doing it coercively and punishments being
imposed would likely fall to rebellion. And as an ensure, the child would have to be
encircled with bad influences from friends outside. He would no longer pay attention to
acquiring education and develop a disinterest to study.
If we could see that the student have these three factors then, this will lead to
poor learning acquisition and the student would be disinterested to study. It would
make the student feel that it’s okay not to go to school and poverty as well is really a
worst problem. However, though poverty hampers our journey to acquiring for the
ment of ourselves, there’s the thing we could do. Be not indolent! We should strive hard
and not settles for less. As an outcome, we could be the civilized and educated persons
we’re supposed to.

Narrative Essay

The Essence of Beauty

Much has been said about Beauty, and it’s indeed a broad thing to deal with.
Others may have to define it as the beauty of nature or any physical beauty they could
have to behold. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. Well, we have different
stories to unfold on how we perceive beauty. The first thing that I could have to attach
perhaps with this word would be life. Life for me is beautiful despite how awful it would
seem for others. Knowing the fact that I was given the chance to live on earth to
appreciate everything my naked eye could see, was and will always be a blessing from
God. Life is a gift which is meant to be cherished after all.
The second thing I could have to connect to define Beauty would be the beauty
of a person’s personality would be the best thing that could define who that person
really is. Beauty for others may have to be defined merely by how good-looking they
are. For me, it’s the inner beauty that counts. Physical beauty will soon have to
diminished as we age, but an inner beauty defines the entire concept of a person. I am
looking forward of appreciating more beauties I could behold. My journey is still long,
and I would continue appreciating everything life has brought me and will be throwing
at me until the end of my journey. Who knows at the end of the rope, I will be
fascinated with what my fate awaits me.
According to Confucius, “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”. It’s
true! Life is indeed simple and beautiful, but people insist on making it complicated.
Being contented with life pays a lot more than murmuring over and over again.
Appreciate life because it’s beautiful and be grateful for what you have and simply be
contented. Life is beautiful if we know how to appreciate it. For me, it’s all that matters
and that’s the essence of Beauty.

Contrast and Comparison Essay

The Differences between English and Math

At first, I thought of English as just merely having the knowledge to speak
English. However, as we go through and went along in studying the language, I
realized, my thought was absolutely wrong! I took up Bachelor of Arts in English and I
could say learning English was never easy. I chose English as my course because I
hated dealing with numbers and I’m talking about Math. I hated it even from the start
because dealing with numbers had always cracked my mind. It baffles me. Perhaps, the
diffences of these two would be the fact that Math would have to deal with numbers
while English would have to deal with communication.
Their similarities would be the fact that they’re both subjects in school. They are
both provided in the curriculum and that students have to be taught with both where
students could not escape and left with no choice. They must have to undergone
English and Math for it’s their passport in order to push through to the higher level.
With regards to English, it’s a broad thing to deal with. Just merely having the
knowledge of the subject and being able to use it in communication would never be
enough. The difference between English and Math is that Math has a definite formula
and it is always constant. The fact that if you only know the formula on how to solve
such problem, you could be able to grasp the answer accurately and immediately.
Whereas, English is a very broad subject. For us to be able to master and be expert in
that course, we must have to set inclined with structures, its functions as well as its
purposes in a sentence for you to be able to come-up in a good communication
English has many branches. We must need to have the interest to know the
language well. And because it’s too broad, dealing with English is going to be profound.
We’d have to go deeply in knowing the language. On the other hand, for those people
who loved numbers, it would be easier for them to deal with Math. But then again,
they’re both subjects and every student must have to undergo with it.

Definition Essay


Success is a broad thing to deal with. A single definition of what merely you have
become for me, wouldn’t have to mean it comprises the entirety of the word success.
How could you actually say a person is successful when he hasn’t done anything to be
called one? I don’t think those rich people are successful when they’re able to achieve
their positions without working on it at all in the first place. I mean, merely attaining
the position to be called rich when they haven’t done their parts in the bargain. They
may be successful, I believe, but not totally! For me, as a student, perhaps I could be
able to define success by how an individual was able to withstand all the adversaries of
life; without the blabbing of mouths or complaining, yet he remained steadfast and
As a student, Success or to be called a successful one is still too far from where I
am now. At my age, I’m still having this so-called “identity crisis”. I don’t know yet what
I would want to become after I graduate. I don’t know what the things I wanted to do
are; my every move has always been restricted. I can’t explore and be able to take risks
for me to learn more about life. Success for me would sometimes mean taking risks,
engaging to things that are venturesome; who knows you’ll realize that you’re actually
good at it and from there, you could be truly successful. Success could have a variety of
definitions. Success when it comes to family, peers, teachers, and relationships. Success
in your work and much more in school. I guess, what’s important is that you have
inputted God towards and along your journey to success. Setting aside mundane things
to make way of things that have an eternal perspective would make success much
For me, success is best defined by how ripened you have become because of the
trials, adversaries you have surpassed. Success would be best felt when shared. I
mean, even though how successful you have become, you still learn to turn back and
let your feet remained on the ground. Success must be coupled with patience,
persistence, and perseverance.

Descriptive Essay

Cagayan de Oro City – A Place of Bounty

Cagayan de Oro City, belongs to Region X, part of Northern Mindanao. It is a
place where you can find simple yet very hospitable people which made the city known
to be a City of Golden Friendship. I used to lived here since first year high school and I
could say it’s really a place of bounty. Cagayan de Oro is just a small city compared to
either Cebu or Davao; that is why people seemed to have cared for each other and tend
to be unified as one. Hospitals and markets are very accessible for the public. People
could be able to reach these places without being caught in a heavy traffic and get
congested in the road too long.
Cagayan de Oro City has always been a perfect place for me to live in. The city
proper where malls, markets, and hospitals are located were accessible from our home.
The Kagay-anon’s were very loving and good-hearted. They were friendly and
hospitable, and a city comprised of such a kind of people is a city worth to be called “A
City of Golden Friendship”. Cagayan de Oro is also known for its White Water Rafting
Adventure, reason why tourist could visit the city. Perhaps much has already been said
about the city may it be through advertisements and magazines featuring all the nice
things about it. It’s still different when you are the one personally visiting the city. The
people are amazing, hospitable, and a lot of few which make up the entire city of
Cagayan de Oro a place called the city of Golden Friendship.
Cagayan de Oro is a nice city. I find it prosperous and abundant. It may not be
in terms of products to be exported nor beautiful spots to be featured for tourists’ sake,
but also in terms of people who loved each other and show solidarity when one is
being dehumanized. There’s no place like Cagayan de Oro City. It’s my home. It’s the
place where my maturity was developed. The city is worth a visit. Come and take a look
of all the things Cagayan de Oro City has to bestow upon your feet. It’s an amazing city
to live. To sum it all up, it has all what it takes to be called a City in Boom, in blossom
and in bloom.

Argumentative Essay

Separation of the Church and State

People would inevitably think about fusion of the Church and State. In the first
place, why not? Right? Knowing for a fact that we belong to one country and people
were influenced to Christians. We all know for a fact that Christianity has already
spread throughout the entire country. However, things got to be separated for some
reasons, factual reasons. Well, the advantage I could think perhaps why the Church has
its different points of view with the State. Points of view that could hugely affect the
policies that the State has set forth. Furthermore, the 1987 Philippine Constitution
under article II, Declaration of Principles and State Policies indicates that the Church
and State must be separated and that these two are separated and distinct bodies of
The fact that the State must have to implement its policies separate from the
Church likewise the Church would have to set forth in policies, rules, separate with the
State. They may conform in some aspects such things like everything they’re both doing
are for the constituents’ sake. The disadvantage of having this kind of separation I
guess would be the fact that some of the things that or the policies being implemented
by the State would have to cause chaos with that of the Church's. Some things like how
the implemented RH Law (Reproductive Health Law) is no longer a Bill but a law. The
Church has always been against with that policy/law because it made the Church’s
belief about the sanctity of Marriage and Family Life. The power of procreation has
already been obstructed by the State.
I am also affirming the things the State is concerned of. The President, our
President basically thinks and gives attention to the welfare of his nation. Meanwhile,
the Church is inclined with Godliness and how things must have to conform with religion
and Righteous Moral Conduct. We can’t deny the fact that everything is how being done
with regards to controlling child birth or contraception through various contraceptives
which the Church is fairly strict with because it diminishes the sanctity of conception
and procreation.
Simply put, it’s constant reality, that the church must be separated from the
state because each has itd different policies and rules that don’t conform each other.