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Bank Negara Malaysia – The Central Bank of Malaysia
Who owns it?
t is common knowledge nowadays that ALL the central banks in the world (including Bank Negara
Malaysia) is owned by the Rothschilds under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements
(BIS) It is therefore only a!t to mention this "institution" first when discussing about any central bank
of any gi#en country as it is$absolutely rele#ant
The Bank for International Settlements, otherwise known as the BIS% should more a!tly be named the
Bank for International di#ision and domination It&s clearly an institution with global reach% whose
hidden co#ert !ur!ose is to im!ose the financial globalist&s agenda on all so#ereign nation states 'he
luminous !hoto below is of their lu(urious )ead*uarters + (,eath-lation . /ero)edge)
In broad outline, the BIS pursues its mission by:
People's Trust Malaysia
• Promoting discussion and facilitating collaboration among central banks.
• Supporting dialogue with other authorities that are responsible for promoting financial
• Conducting research on policy issues confronting central banks and financial supervisory
• Acting as a prime counterparty for central banks in their financial transactions.
• Serving as an agent or trustee in connection with international financial operations.
/eti Akhtar A0i0 a!!ointed 1hair of the BIS Asian 1onsultati#e 1ouncil
“Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws” –
Baron M.. !oths"hild
“The establishment of a central bank is 9!
of communi"ing a nation.# 2 3ladimir Lenin
The Bank e!ara
Most !eo!le es!ecially Malaysians do not know the back story of course% as they are dee!ly aslee! -or
those who wish to rebut this I ha#e two basic *uestions% which so far ha#e not been answered4
People's Trust Malaysia
5 6ho finance the new 7inde!endent8 go#ernment which was officially incor!orated and
installed on Se!tember 5% 59:;<
= 6hat does the Bank Negara&s logo re!resent<
#a"ts to $uestion %
Allow me to walk you in a brief Merdeka history Malaya (then%
before Malaysia) became 7independent8 from the British
colonial masters on August >5% 59:; 6hat this sim!ly means is
that the -ederation of Malaya did not e(ist as an inde!endent
so#ereign nation before that date as it was a colony under the
)M British ?m!ire Now% on Se!tember 5% 59:;% the first !rime
minister 'engku Abdul Rahman ('AR) and his cabinet walked in
to their new offices to start go#erning% or in other words run the
As we all know% or rather the few of those who know% it takes a
lot of money to "run& a country and the o!erator@s need a hefty
ca!ital 'hink of all the wages of the thousands of "ci#il&
ser#ants% o!erating costs of go#ernment offices% schools%
hos!itals% #ehicles% !ublic roads and !laces% etc% etc 'he new
and #ery young go#ernment like a business cor!orate entity
needs a ca!ital startAu! and we all know that 'AR B com!any
didn&t ha#e any ca!ital and they did not bring with them briefA
cases stashed with money with them on Se! 5% 59:;$or did
6e all know (okay only some of us) that the Bank Negara was
inAcorporated and established only on Canuary =D% 59:9 about
two year after inde!endence So% between Se! 5% 59:; and Can =: 59:9% how and where did 'AR B 1E
get the billions of Ringgit to run the com!any< 'he newly formed 'reasury&s coffer would be em!ty of
course and Fust like any new business it takes time to fill it u! Ne#ertheless% the business need to go on
with e(!enses incurring daily% weekly% monthly$annually< Good *uestion I&d say and nobody e#er asks
and nobody knows Cust take a silly guess and one&s mind will start to gi#e a !icture of a financier@bank
Ne#er mind$cut it short% somebody financed it alright Anyway% the Malayan dollar then (!reA
Inde!endence and after) was issued by the British Rothschilds and !rinted by ,e La Rue in ?ngland%
EH Rebut thatI
1957 Independent Act
People's Trust Malaysia
The Straits Settlements Note
The Pre-independence Malayan Dollar
The post independence Federation of Malaya Dollar
People's Trust Malaysia
So in Canuary 59:9 the -ederation of Malaya has a central bank and its called Bank Negara Malaya
(then) 'hat name sounds good in Malay as it sounds #ery national e#en when literally translated in
?nglish + National Bank of Malaya It was nai#ely assumed by Malayans (then) that 'AR B 1o% started it
or its owned by them lolI So if we ha#e our own bank and issue our own money% how come there is this
thingy called 7National ,ebt8 < Look at the figures$see how it ticks by the secondI Bet you&#e ne#er
seen this huh$or know about the e(istence of this debt clock huh< An e(!ert told me that the *uick
rising figures are attributed to "interests&accruedI
The National &ebt is the Money Supply
People's Trust Malaysia
Jou may find it hard to *uantify the amount shown in the gra!h 6hat is im!ortant is the e(!onential
growth in the money su!!lyA )umble 3oice
“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword.
The other is by debt.” - John Adams
“The problem is$ the more debt we have$ the more future income must be used to pay the debt and
its interest$ which reduces the money we have to spend on things. This works to slow the
economy$# % Cames Butler
People's Trust Malaysia
• The National &ebt Cannot Be 'aid (ff
Exponential growth is not sustainable, aor!ing to re!ible sientists" Mainstrea# eono#ists
ignore this $at in the hope that that so#ehow growth an outpae !ebt, one year a ti#e"
%ut exponentially rising !ebt is not sustainable beause the apaity to ser&ie the !ebt is $inite"
'ithout a #eans o$ extinguishing !ebt, ser&iing is #erely borrowing new #oney to pay o$$ ol!
!ebts" This is the e(ui&alent o$ ta)ing out a ho#e e(uity loan to get #oney to pay the #ortgage"
• Why The Status-Quo Is Unsustainable: Interest and Debt
!en if the economy "ere #ro"in# at a faster pace$ it "o%ldn&t come close to offsettin# the interest
payments on o%r e!er-e'pandin# de(t)
It’s easy to see what’s happening with debt and the real economy (as
measured by GDP, gross domestic product): debt is skyrocketing while
real growth is stagnant. Put another way–we have to create a ton of debt to
get a pound of growth…
If you want to know why the Status Quo is unsustainable, just look at interest and debt. These
are not !i$$iult to un!erstan!* !ebt is a loan that #ust be pai! ba) or !isharge!+written o$$ an!
the loss absorbe! by the len!er" ,nterest is pai! on the !ebt to o#pensate the owner o$ the #oney
$or the ris) o$ loaning it to a borrower" - *harles +%#h-Smith
People's Trust Malaysia
• Three Charts Of The Week: Money Printing Is ot
!ringing Pros"erity To Main Street
/urious #oney printing by the worl!0s #a1or entral ban)s is not generating real growth an!
prosperity - but professional economists never seem to get the word"
…the “financialiation! brought on by the central banks has had a truly perverse effect.
2to) #ar)ets an! orporate pro$its are at all ti#e highs" 3et the true #easure o$ #ain street
eono#i health45the share o$ a!ults who are e#ploye!4is at a #o!ern low" ,t is sai! by
tra!itionalist belie&ers in soun! #oney that we an not print our way to prosperity"
• The truth is out: #oney is $ust an IOU% and the banks are
rolling in it
The role o$ the entral ban) is to presi!e o&er a legal or!er that e$$eti&ely grants ban)s the
exlusi&e right to reate ,67s o$ a ertain )in!, ones that the go&ern#ent will reognise as legal
ten!er by its willingness to aept the# in pay#ent o$ taxes" There0s really no li#it on how #uh
ban)s oul! reate, pro&i!e! they an $in! so#eone willing to borrow it"
8the real li#it on the a#ount o$ #oney in irulation is not how #uh the entral ban) is willing
to len!, but how #uh go&ern#ent, $ir#s, an! or!inary iti9ens, are willing to borrow" :o&ern#ent
spen!ing is the #ain !ri&er in all this ;an! the paper !oes a!#it, i$ you rea! it are$ully, that the
entral ban) !oes $un! the go&ern#ent a$ter all<" 2o there0s no (uestion o$ publi spen!ing
“row!ing out= pri&ate in&est#ent" ,t0s exatly the opposite" - ,an- of n#land
• The I##orality Of Pa"er Money
"overnment printing press money distorts economic reality, dilutes morality and is the true
source of “income ine#uality.! /inanial speulation rises with the inrease in paper #oney an!
the general wor) ethi !eteriorates" The so#ething5$or5nothing #entality per&a!es soiety8
$iat promotes an illusory reality where non%substance like financial speculation and
gambling replaces the substance of industrial production and long%term value. 'hen
onsu#ption surpasses ino#e, as the go&ern#ent an! the politiians pro#ote, !istorte! hu#an
e#otions replae stable beha&ior" 2oial brea)!own inreases, an! real &alues are $orgotten" %ob
• Chief &'ono#ist Of Central !anks( Central !ank: )It(s
&*tre#ely Dangerous+ I See S"e'ulati,e !ubbles -ike In
.et a#ain$ it seems$ once senior political or economic fi#%res lea!e their /p%(lic ser!ice& the story
chan#es from one of 0yo% ha!e to lie$ "hen it&s serio%s1 to a more tr%thf%l reflection on reality) ?s
/inan9 un! 'irtsha$t reports in this great inter&iew, %ill 'hite - $or#er hie$ eono#ist o$ the
%an) $or ,nternational 2ettle#ents ;who a!#itte!ly has been (uite &oal in the past< - warns o$
People's Trust Malaysia
gra&e a!&erse e$$ets o$ the ultra loose #onetary poliy e&erywhere in the worl!8 “It all feels like
&''(, with e(uity #ar)ets o&er&alue! an! sprea!s in the bon! #ar)ets extre#ely thin8 central
banks are making it up as they go along"= 2o#e &ery uno#$ortable truths in this ruial $at5
base! inter&iew"
8 It all looks and feels like 2007. And frankly I think it!s worse than 2007
because then it was a "roble# of the develo"ed econo#ies. $ut in the "ast five
years all the e#er%in% econo#ies have i#"orted our ultra-low "olicy rates
and have seen their debt levels rise. The e#er%in% econo#ies have #or"hed
fro# bein% a "art of the solution to bein% a "art of the "roble#.
• Why Central !ank Sti#ulus Cannot !ring &'ono#i'
To!ay e&ery entral ban) on the planet is printing #oney by the bu)et loa!s in an atte#pt to
sti#ulate their eono#ies to esape &eloity an! a sustainable reo&ery" They are $ollowing
Aeynesian !og#a that inreasing aggregate !e#an! will spur an inrease in e#ploy#ent an!
pro!ution" 2o $ar all that these entral ban)s ha&e #anage! to !o is in$late their own balane
sheets an! sa!!le their go&ern#ents with !ebt" - Mises ,nstitute
• )Cluster Of Central !anks3 4a,e Se'retly In,ested 5.6
Trillion In The Market
Central banks around the world, including China’s, have shifted
decisively into investing in equities as low interest rates have hit their
revenues accordin% to a %lobal study of &00 "ublic sector institutions.
“A cluster of central bankin% investors has beco#e #a'or "layers on world
equity #arkets” says a re"ort to be "ublished this week by the Official
(onetary and )inancial Institutions )oru# *O#fif+ a central bank research
and advisory %rou". The trend “could potentially contribute to
overheated asset prices”, it warns.
To su##ari9e, the global e#uity market is now one massive )oni scheme in which the dumb
money are central banks themselves, the same banks who inject the li#uidity to begin with. -
Bero Ce!ge
• )The #ore they "rint% the #ore ine7uality there is% the
8eaker the e'ono#y 8ill be'o#e93 : Mar' ;aber
People's Trust Malaysia
• ;ake Inflation 2ates Pro"agate &"i' !anker -ies <bout
=old% Sil,er > Sto'k Markets
,$ you ha! no lue that Eentral %an) poliies ha&e been reating #ass star&ation an! hunger a#ong
the poor in !o9ens o$ ountries aroun! the worl!, an! this is the $irst you ha&e hear! o$ these
un$orgi&able outo#es o$ Eentral %an) urreny reation, we belie&e that it is absolutely
i#perati&e $or you to ta)e so#e ti#e to!ay - not to#orrow, not next wee), an! not next #onth - to
un!erstan! this" Smart2no"led#e Pte 3td
• Things That Make ?ou =o 4###+ -ike Central !anks(
)Must-Win Confiden'e =a#e3
Essentially, the central bank heads all around the globe are engaged in a must%win confidence
game" They Fha&e0 to #a)e people belie&e that e&erything is un!er ontrol an! getting better8
Bero Ce!ge
• -ibyan 2ebels ;or# Their O8n Central !ank
'ithin wee)s o$ :a!!a$i announing his plan to replae the 72 Gollar, it shoul! be re#e#bere!,
his regi#e was atta)e! by a suppose! popular uprising by what were !esribe! by the 'est as
rag5tag re&olutionaries who uriously announe! the !esignation o$ the Eentral %an) o$ %engha9i
as a #onetary authority o#petent in #onetary poliies in >ibya an! the appoint#ent o$ a
:o&ernor to the Eentral %an) o$ >ibya, with a te#porary hea!(uarters in %engha9i"
2o absolutely astoun!ing was it that these 0ra# ta#1 >ibyan rebels were able to establish a entral
ban) be$ore they ha! e&en $or#e! a go&ern#ent, e&en Hobert 'en9el o$ the 72 Eono#i Poliy
Iournal was $ore! to a!#it to EJ%E, 0I ha!e ne!er (efore heard of a central (an- (ein# created
in 4%st a matter of "ee-s o%t of a pop%lar %prisin#)1
• )The Train Wre'k Is Co#ing%3 Da,id Sto'k#an Warns%
)<ll 4ell Will !reak -oose3
,$ you loo) at the sto) #ar)et it has gone nearly straight up $or the last 64 #onths" ,$ you loo) at
the hart o$ the 2KP 5LL you an see that year a$ter year the !ips get shallower an! #ore
in$re(uent an! that is not a healthy hart" That is a sign o$ a #ar)et that is not !isounting the
atual real worl! $uture, but si#ply tra!ing the wor! lou!s an! the li(ui!ity that is being in1ete!
by not only our entral ban), but entral ban)s aroun! the worl!"
*he difficulty is that I don+t believe this central bank ,act+ can be kept up. 'e ha&e ha! suh
tre#en!ous expansions o$ balane sheets that e&en the entral ban)ers are now beginning to seon!
guess the#sel&es, beo#e !i&i!e! a#ong the#sel&es, an! begin to worry about how they get out
o$ the orner they ha&e painte! the#sel&es into" - *ranscript of -avid Stockman Interview on
.ing /orld 0ews
People's Trust Malaysia
• What does it mean to be a "rofessional in,estor or
in,est#ent ad,isor in the =olden <ge of the Central
!anker@ T8o obser,ations sur"rised #e% and I belie,e
they(re 'onne'ted9 - Must 2ead: ;ear <nd -oathing On
The Marketing Trail
/irst, when , ha! these on&ersations six #onths ago , woul! get a $air a#ount o$ resistane to the
notion that narrati&es !o#inate #ar)ets an! that we0re in an E#peror0s Jew Elothes worl!" *oday,
everyone believes that market price levels are largely driven by monetary policy and that we
are all being played by politicians and central bankers using their words for effect rather
than direct communication. Jo one re(uires on&ining that #ar)et prie le&els are unsupporte!
by real worl! eono#i ati&ity" E&eryone belie&es that this will all en! ba!ly, an! the only real
(uestion is when" read f%rther
'o digress slightly% what is a government< In this case a 7&ederal government7< I will not
del#e into this subFect as it is nastily "complicated" on !ur!ose Jou are aware of course%
that Malaya is a federation of 9 Malay states and = 7Straits Settlement8 states 'he
People's Trust Malaysia
whole !eninsula was ra!ed and messily cho!!ed u! by the British s!ecifically 'he ?ast India 1o(a
1or!oration) to ra#age the rich natural resources like rubber and tin ?nough said% suffice for the
!ur!ose of this essay to say that 'AR B 1o% which was a coalition of the !olitical !arties + )MN(, MC
and MIC% then called the llian"e which is now known as the Barisan Nstional is the "go#ernment&
So$lets assume so% and that the country is not in debt (lol) Bank Negara Malaya is owned by the
go#ernment% which is now deemed as the 7elected government8 of Barisan Nasional 6hat ha!!ens to
the Bank Negara and all the money therein if they lost the election to the o!!osition coalition 'akatan
!akyat< ,o they take it (the bank) down with all the money with them< LELI 6e&#e ne#er e(!erience
this scenario so Malaysians sim!ly ha#e no idea about this ,oes the new "government" in the form of
Kakatan Rakyat ha#e to bring in their own money to run the country% or !erha!s start "their own& new
Bank Negara Fust like it was way back in 59:; for the 'AR B 1E&s Alliance<
Let me assure you dear citi0ens% Bank Negara will still be standing tall with all the money intact
regardless of who is running as go#ernmentI It makes no difference and that is why the
!olls@#oting is a waste of time% a meaningless endea#or for any true change% as the banksters will
dictate on it 'he change #ia the !olls is Fust a dramatic 7illusion8 and cabal mani!ulation
Nobody% not any Malaysian can touch itI !emember they are the 7banker8 to the 7go#ernment of
the day8 'hey might as well carry on !utting a "white& man as the go#ernor% as was the first one$
but that would be too telling right< Its Ek to let a 7local8 on the seat% after all he@she is their own
"selected" !u!!et 'he go#ernment will "suggest and recommend' of course$at the behest and
a!!ro#al of the banksters Klease also note that the go#ernment has no say whatsoe#er on the
bank 'he minion e(AKM 'un Mahathir tried to interfere in the banks affair% and the country had
some rattlings that time with a few changes of the go#ernorshi! Andhe also tried to battle the
gangsters (his bosses) internationally% and remember the Sorros e!isode< Malaysia then started
to get into the bad books of the banksters until today Kerha!s the Malaysian irlines incidents
are all #ery connected somehow$(ust saying Konder on this It is a pri*ately owned bank% NE' a
go#ernment bank$kapish<
“Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who
makes its laws” + Baron M.. !oths"hild
“"e who controls the money su##ly of a nation controls the
nation” +,ames . -arfield
Simple fa"ts and proof that the banksters
truly o.n the .orld
/ie. infographi"s
Info#raphics - The Money
People's Trust Malaysia
Lets not really go down the rabbit hole and all the technicalities% its too "complicated" for the
ignorant Malaysians anyway% the National ,ebt clock already boggled the mind Let&s now Fust
look at the logo
Bank e!ara lo!o$
If you asked any unsus!ecting Malaysian slee!er on the street% what animal is that on the logo% they&d
definitely answer% 7)i(ang*8% which is the Malayan barking deer Really< 6ell% we&#e all been told it is a
)i(ang% and as usual nobody in#estigate See !icture of HiFang4
As you can see the HiFang on the left has a #ery short tail% and its ears rounded Is the de!iction in the
The 2i4an# A +o%nd
People's Trust Malaysia
bank&s logo correct< It resembles more a hound dog like the !icture on the right Imagine that dog wags
its long tail to its head 3oilaI it will look e(actly like that animal in the logo
)istorically% !eo!le of days of yore used animals as emblems and
logos 'he ?gy!tians es!ecially% in their animal hierogly!hics
So what if its a dog mistaken for a mouse deer< Remember%
Malaya@Malaysia has always !ortrayed herself as an Islamic state%
although it is NE' an Islamic state constitutionally as such If you
browse through all the #arious go#ernment&s logos@emblems of
the #arious de!artments and agencies it will reflect some form of
Islam gra!hics in it like that of the the star and crescent% or the Malaysian flag or crest
And% s!eaking of star and crescent% what are those things on to! of the animal in the bank&s logo<
Ene looks like a crescent 6hat&s the other round thingy< 6ell$that&s the SLNI 6ell% well% well$
Islam is against sun worshi!ing% full sto!I No% no% that kind of logo@emblem is totally
unacce!table in IslamAnd no Malaysian flag< Ask any Malay% or Mullahs
In reality% the bank&s logo is totally unAIslamic ,og% moon and sun A ty!ical Malay (always a
Muslim) would faintI So% whats u! doc< 6hat&s with the bank emblem< Because the go#ernment
do not own it and so they ha#e NE say% or can&t do anything about it% right< 'he bank&s logo is
sim!ly too IlluminatiAish to say the least Ef course it is% they own it Belie#e it or not 6ell$ I&d be
I&m not gonna say anything much more -or the Malaysians$!onder on thatI
• Eo##unist Mani$esto M5* ,nstallation o$ a 120*345 6ank"
• “>oans alone annot sustain the #oney supply beause they 9ero out when they
get pai! ba)" ,n or!er to )eep #oney in the syste#, so#e #a1or player has to
inur substantial !ebt that ne&er gets pai! ba)N an! this role is playe! by the
$e!eral go&ern#ent"= - Ellen Brown 56e( of De(t7
• “%an)ing was onei&e! in ini(uity an! was born in sin" The %an)ers own the
Earth" Ta)e it away $ro# the#, but lea&e the# the power to reate !eposits, an!
with the $li) o$ a pen they will reate enough !eposits to buy it ba) again"
Cowe&er, ta)e it away $ro# the#, an! all the $ortunes li)e #ine will !isappear,
an! they ought to !isappear, $or this worl! woul! be a happier an! better worl!
to li&e in" %ut i$ you wish to re#ain sla&es o$ the %an)ers an! pay $or the ost
o$ your own sla&ery, let the# ontinue to reate !eposits"= 4 Sir Josiah Stamp$
President of the ,an- of n#land in the 1989s$ the second richest man in
,ritain 5All 6ars Are ,an-ers& 6ars7
• 8&irtually all #oney is atually reate! as !ebt" /or exa#ple, in a hearing hel!
on 2epte#ber 3L, 1D41 in the Couse Eo##ittee on %an)ing an! Eurreny, the
Ehair#an o$ the /e!eral Heser&e ;7ariner S. 2ccles< sai!*That is what our
#oney syste# is" ,$ there were no !ebts in our #oney syste#, there woul!n0t be
any #oney"
• /" ?" Caye) !isusses the only serious #eans o$ re$or# that is open to us" 'e
People's Trust Malaysia
#ust o#pletely abolish the entral ban)" Money itsel$ #ust be wholly untie!
$ro# the state" ,t #ust be restore! as a pri&ate goo!, pri&ately pro!ue! $or
pri&ate #ar)ets" :o&ern#ent #ust ha&e no role at all in #onetary a$$airs"
Money shoul! be pro!ue! by pri&ate enterprise alone" %an)s #ust exist only
as $ree5enterprise institutions, with no pri&ileges $ro# the state" " " ">et $ailing
ban)s !ie" >et pro$itable ban)s li&e" >et the people hoose to use any $or# o$
#oney" >et the people hoose any #eans o$ pay#ent" >et entrepreneurs reate
any $or# o$ $inanial instru#ent" >aw applies only the way it applies to all
other hu#an a$$airs* punishing $ore an! $rau!" 6therwise, the law shoul! ha&e
nothing to !o with it" - Lew Rockwell 5,#agine i$ 'e Ca! /ree PriesO7
+elated read %
People's Trust Malaysia
• ;ederal 2eser,e Syste# A Central !anking
• Who 2eally O8ns ;ederal 2eser,e@
• Can <nyone Trust the Central !anks@ < Me#o fro# a Central
• -ist of !anks o8ned by the 2oths'hild ;a#ily
• Many ations <re Controlled !y The Money Cartel
• T8o Cabal Signs in 'or"orate Malaysia
• 4o8 Central banks 'ause In'o#e Ine7uality
• =o,t debt to rea'h 2MB trillion by ././
• The 4istory of the 4ouse of 2oths'hild by <ndre8
• !uying U" the Planet: Out-of-'ontrol Central !anks on a
Cor"orate !uying S"ree
'he federal go#ernment&s borrowing shifted into higher gear from =MMN% the year the Barisan
National coalition lost its twoAthirds !arliamentary maFority + -M'
People's Trust Malaysia
“There are two ways to con&uer and enslave a nation$ 'ne is by the sword$ The other is by
debt$” – ,ohn dams
BE') are on goings around the world$
'he Keo!leO s 'rust Malaysia
Se!tember =D% =M5>