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Prime for Project

Start Up
& Controlling
and Sign off
Obtain Project
Initiation Report
Develop Project
Obtain and Manage
Scope Content
Project Cost
Tracking by Tasks
Plan and Control
Scope Change
Analyze Percentage
of Completion
Obtain Project
Closure Report
Risk and Status
Acceptance of
Scope Completion
Manage Timeline
and Milestones
Create and Maintain
The success of every project
depends on how effectively
it is managed. That is why
Software AG has developed
Prime for Project Management,
a proven project management
methodology to help you
achieve Business Process
What is Prime for Project
Project management is a disciplined process for
organizing, planning, steering and supervising all
the necessary tasks and resources to accomplish
project objectives within the project constraints
of time, budget, resources and location. Prime
for Project Management is a standard
methodology used globally by Software AG
consultants and customers to:
• Manage project activities
• Comply with standards
• Support and manage the critical success factors
of any project
The methodology provides an umbrella of project
management capabilities that spans the
complete life cycle of a business process or a
technology project.
Process maps with activities, guidance
documents, templates, samples and presentation
materials are provided in an ARIS database.
Training materials are also included.
Because Prime for Project Management
integrates with every Prime implementation
methodology, it also includes a work-breakdown
structure to insert into other Prime plans.
Put best practices to work for your project. The
methodology was developed using the Project
Management Institute (PMI) standards-based
Framework of Guides and Templates as well as
Software AG’s implementation expertise
developed over decades.
Put best practices to work with our proven project
management methodology
for Project Management
Prime for Project Management Solution Map Subset: Four phases that include 32 work packages in total
for Project Management
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Product Fact Sheet | Prime for Project Management
Managing critical success
factors with Prime for
Project Management
Fundamental to all successful projects is a clear
and definitive set of project management needs,
which includes:
• A clear set of business objectives or goals
• Active participation of the business in defining
the requirements, directing the build of the
solution and accepting the final solution
• Clear definition and management of constraints
(such as budget, time and resources), risks and
• Effective communications with all internal and
external stakeholders
• Effective quality controls and checkpoints
Based on these project management needs, key
success factors are defined and measured for
each of the specific requirements.
To address these critical success factors, Prime
for Project Management enables you to:
Control scope
Prime for Project Management defines the
process for managing scope and managing
changes when they are required. Tight control of
change requests reduces inefficiencies and helps
to keep the project on track.
Manage risk and issues
Deal with issues promptly and effectively, and
identify risks before they become issues.
Mitigate those risks through lower-cost remedial
action. Prime for Project Management
establishes the process for issues management,
from creation through authorization to solution
development, escalation and sign-off for both
issue resolution and changes that could
adversely impact project constraints.
Deliver quality
Deliver a result that vigorously meets project
requirements. With Prime for Project
Management, the project manager is driven by
the quality plan to:
• Perform assurance steps to confirm the quality
plan is being followed
• Establish quality controls to confirm that the
plan is driving the level of quality desired
• Formulate improvements where gaps are
Manage resources
Assign the right people to the project and
support those people appropriately. Provide
effective advice/input and empower project
resources to meet requirements.
Prime for Project Management includes
processes to manage and utilize resources. The
process includes identification and review of
roles and resources, their assigned activities and
their ability to fulfill assignments within the
project timeline.
Manage stakeholder relationships
Communication with stakeholders is fundamental
to the success of all projects. That’s why Prime
for Project Management incorporates a process
• Stakeholder assessment
• Evaluating stakeholder influence
• Nurturing relationships
• Planning communications to manage
stakeholder involvement
Assure customer value
Too often the original value proposition of an
implementation is lost through the “fog” of the
project. Failure to manage the traditional project
levers of timeline, budget and scope along with
delivery quality diminishes the overall project
Prime for Project Management was written to
focus on maintaining the visibility of those levers
and effectively communicate deviations and
gaps from the defined value proposition and
mitigate as early in the processes as possible to
help you reach your goals.
Communicate results
Prime for Project Management offers procedures
for communicating success, which include:
• Quality points to review and project variables
to manage
• A process to identify possible variances and
gaps in the planned delivery
• Methods to mitigate variances and gaps
Key Benefits:
• Scales to any size project—from
one-week projects with one
consultant to multi-year projects
with many team members
• Enhances monitoring and control
analysis, risk abatement and
leadership effectiveness
• Reduces extraneous efforts and
helps you avoid hazards
• Integrates with all Prime
implementation methodologies