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Dr M S Krishnamurthy
Professor and Ayurvedic Consultant,
Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College
Vidyagiri, Moodbidri, Karnataka
101 Health Benefits of Onion
1. Regular intake of one onion relieves dysuria and
scanty urination.
2. Massage with mustard oil mixed with equal
quantity of onion juice relieves inflammation.
3. Administration of onion with few black pepper,
morning and night helps to promote the health
benefits in fever.
4. Instillation of lukewarm onion juice 1-2 drops
into the ear relieves ear related problems like
earache, discharge from ear, tinnitus etc.
5. Regular intake of 1 teaspoon of onion juice, 2
buds of garlic and 1 teaspoon of Aloe vera juice
mixture in the morning up to 1 month controls
6. To control high cholesterol- fine paste of onion
is mixed with 1 cup of buttermilk and ¼ teaspoon of
black pepper powder and drunken.
7. Paste prepared out of onion and turmeric if
applied on wound helps in fastening the healing
8. Onion consumed along with dinner followed by
intake of 1 glass of hot water helps to reduce excess
fat in the body.
9. Intake of onion paste mixed with buttermilk
relieves headache.
10. Consumption of raw onion regularly acts as a
good nervine tonic.
11. Regular intake of onion with jaggery helps to
gain weight.
12. Application of onion juice to the site of scorpion
bite reduces the pain markedly.
13. Regular consumption of onion increases the
sperm count, motility and viscosity.
14. Intake of onion flower increases digestive
15. Onion being rich source of iron increases the
Hemoglobin percentage, body stamina and vital
16. Application of onion juice on bleeding gum
immediately arrests the bleeding.
17. Regular intake of raw onion increases the body
18. Intake of raw onion with meals particularly with
dinner induces good sleep.
19. Intake of onion flower juice with the addition of
buttermilk helps to cure dysentery.
20. 1 teaspoon each of onion juice and ginger juice
along with honey reduces productive cough and it
facilitates expectoration.
21. Administration of onion juice along with breast
milk cures hiccough in children.
22. Intake of onion along with butter milk and salt
instantly relieves fatigue.
23. Intake of fried onion relieves constipation.
24. Intake of onion reduces the severity of cholera.
25. Application of onion juice relieves skin
disorders and promotes luster of the face.
26. Intake of 1 tea spoon of onion juice and equal
amount of ginger juice mixed with ½ glass of hot
water at bed time relieves cough, cold and Asthma.
27. Peeled onion soaked in honey for 45 days if
taken (one onion regularly) corrects the hormonal
28. Oil prepared with onion juice, coconut oil and
turmeric powder is useful in wounds.
29. Oil prepared with onion juice and mustard oil
relieves joint pain.
30. Regular intake of buttermilk mixed with
smashed onion and little rocksalt reduces the excess
fat in the body.
31. Application of paste of onion seeds on white
patches decreases the patches.
32. Place some chopped onions in a dish, cover with
salt and leave over night. The resulting juice if
applied twice daily, the warts will disappear.
33. Application of onion juice or poultice on heels
helps in crack healing.
34. Intake of onion juice 2 tea spoon along with
honey cures foot corn.
35. Oil prepared out of 100 gram of onion juice and
50 gram of coconut oil if instilled as ear drops,
reduces the pus discharge from the ear.
36. dministration of onion juice along with tulsi
flowers, ginger juice and honey helps to reduce
37. White onion juice applied with turmeric powder
cures scabies.
38. Instillation of 3-4 drops of onion juice along
with 3-4 black pepper seed powder helps to cure half
sided headache.
39. Massage with smashed onion on gums relieves
40. Chewing of raw onion regularly prevents tooth
41. Intake of onion juice with ghee and sugar candy
cures Hemorrhoids.
42. Application of onion juice relieves Acne.
43. In bleeding from the nostrils caused during
summer (due to heat stroke), few drops of onion is
instilled to the nostrils. This relieves the complaint.
44. Onion fried with ghee is given to delivered
woman to relieve constipation.
45. Instillation of small onion juice with tulasi juice
into eyes relives fever in children.
46. Application of onion paste with salt on forehead
relieves headache.
47. Rubbing of smashed onion bulb on the affected
area of hair loss, in Alopecia areata facilitates hair
48. Application of onion juice with turmeric powder
removes dark patches.
49. Onion juice rubbed over affected area reduces
the complaint of itching.
50. Onion juice rubbed over scalp kills lice.
51. Intake of white onion with jaggery and turmeric
is useful in obstructive jaundice.
52. Onion juice with jaggery cures sore throat.
53. Intake of onion juice eliminates worms in
54. Daily consumption of raw onion with sugar
helps in children to gain weight.
55. 1-2 tea spoon of onion juice with honey twice or
thrice a day relieves chest congestion.
56. One tea spoon of onion juice with equal amount
of honey if taken lowers the blood pressure.
57. Intake of 2 tea spoon of onion juice with ginger
juice controls vomiting.
58. Application of onion paste on feet reduces heat
59. Onion juice diluted with rose water applied as
eye drops. It helps in improving the eye sight.
60. Onion piece soaked in vinegar or lemon juice if
taken with salt and black pepper twice a day helps to
cure jaundice.
61. Onion juice mixed with hot water acts as
62. Massage with sesame oil mixed with onion juice
relieves arthritic pain.
63. After removing the bee stings from the site,
application of crushed onion to the bee stung site
reduces the inflammation
64. Rubbing of raw onion on mosquito bite relieves
65. Application of onion juice reduces age
66. Rinsing the face with refrigerated onion juice
diluted with water reduces the oily skin.
67. Application of the mixture of onion juice, apple
cider and vinegar helps to get rid of Melasma.
68. Chopped onion is added to the shampoo bottle;
kept for 2 weeks and used to wash the hair. This
facilitates hair growth.
69. Place onion slices on the area as soon as possible
to facilitate the healing process in bruises.
70. Eating fried onion helps in preventing and
dissolving the blood clots.
71. Onion juice mixed with little salt is applied as
eye drops. It helps in night blindness.
72. Regular intake of few slices of onion reduces the
menstrual problems.
73. Rubbing with onion and garlic paste together
reduces the toxic effects produced in the localized
area in insect bite.
74. Few drops of white onion juice if used as nasal
drops, it effectively cures nasal blockage.
75. Onion juice mixed with honey is rubbed on the
dog bite site to reduce its poisonous effect.
76. Keeping the slices of white onion on forehead
reduces the temperature in fever.
77. Application of onion juice on burn wound
facilitates wound healing.
78. Regular consumption of onion reduces the
incidence of osteoporosis.
79. Onions are effective in treatment of diabetes as
it increases the insulin production.
80. Red onion helps to preserve and maintain the
normalcy of cholesterol in the body.
81. Daily intake of red onion reduces the incidence
of coronary heart diseases.
82. Application of onion juice on moles helps to
reduce the markings.
83. Application of onion juice on scalp reduces hair
84. Eating onion twice a day helps to clear stuffed
nostrils and alleviates Asthma, bronchial and nasal
85. Onion juice mixed with half the quantity of
honey if taken daily on empty stomach for 1-2
months will help to develop resistance against cold,
fever, respiratory infection and worm infestation.
86. A tablespoon of lime juice and onion juice
(equal quantity) if taken before the journey will
avoid motion sickness.
87. Drinking onion juice mixed with ghee or sugar
for a fortnight helps in recovery from bleeding piles.
88. Outer peeling of onion is boiled with a cup of
water and used as a hair conditioner; particularly in
dry area where only hard water is available.
89. Fine paste of smashed potato and white onion is
applied to cure the burn lesions.
90. Turmeric powder mixed with bishops weed and
onion juice helps in all types of skin infections and
91. 30 gram of juice of white onion, 5 ml of ginger
juice and ghee 10 gram of honey are mixed well and
eaten in the morning for 4 months. This helps in
rejuvenation and to promote the body strength.
92. Regular consumption of onion reduces the
incidence of cancer.
93. Onion juice helps to counter fluid retention and
can provide relief from arthritis and gout.
94. Intake of raw onion boiled with water facilitates
expulsion of renal stones.
95. Steam of red onion used for washing wound
facilitates faster healing in chronic wounds.
96. Red onion boiled with olive oil can be applied
on cracked nipples to effectively manage the
97. Inhalation of red onion aroma helps in dizziness
and fainting.
98. Chewing red onions for few minutes kills
microbes present in oral cavity.
99. Salads prepared with onion and other raw
vegetables acts as antioxidant and revitalize.
100. Regular consumption of onion is good for
memory and nervous system.
101. Application of red onion boiled with olive
oil cures hemorrhoids.
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