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Clause No. Description Page No.
1.0 Technical Description of Composite Long Rod
2.0 Equipment Maring !
".0 #id Dra$ings !
%.0 Tests and &tandards '
!.0 (nne)ure*( 1%
1.0 Technical Description of Coposite Long !o" Insulators
1.1 Details of Coposite Long !o" Insulators
1.1.1 The insulators of the strings shall consist of composite long rod insulators for a three
phase+ !0 ,-+ effecti.el/ earthed 0'! 1 (C transmission s/stem application in a
.er/ hea./ polluted en.ironment. Couplings shall 2e 2all and socet t/pe.
1.1.2 #idder shall quote such composite insulators $hich ha.e pro.en use under
fogg/3humid operational conditions in polluted industrial en.ironment com2ined $ith
smoe and dust particles. The #idder shall furnish e.idence in the form of
certification from the po$er utilities that the similar t/pe of product supplied to them
had 2een performing satisfactor/. The #idder shall also su2mit certified test report
for an accelerated ageing test of !000 hours such as that descri2ed in (ppendi)*C of
1.1." Insulators shall ha.e sheds of the 5open aerod/namic profile $ithout an/ under ri2s6
$ith good self*cleaning properties.. Insulator shed profile+ spacing pro7ection etc.
shall 2e strictl/ in accordance $ith the recommendation of IEC*'081!.
1.1.% The si-e of long rod insulator+ minimum creepage distance+ the num2er to 2e used in
different t/pe of strings+ their electromechanical strength and mechanical strength of
insulator string along$ith hard$are fittings shall 2e as follo$s9
S.No T+pe of String ,Si-e of
.Core "ia /
.0 per
No. of
*nits per
Strength of
Strength of
String along
1. Dou2le :I;
2%)240! 12%00 2)2 1'0 2)1'0
2. &ingle &uspension
2%)240! 12%00 1)2 1'0 1'0
". =uadruple
2%)240! 12%00 %)2 210 %)210
>ote9 ?The core dia of composite insulators mentioned at column >o." is for indicati.e
purpose. The 2idder shall offer composite long rod insulators of suita2le core dia
to meet specified E@M and torsion strength requirements. Aor offered core dia+
the 2idder shall su2mit documentar/ e.idence of past supplies @ satisfactor/
operation of the same for minimum period of three /ears. ,o$ the o.erall
string length shall 2e $ithin the limits specified in the dra$ing.
9.: Pin an" Cap
1.2.1 <in and cap shall 2e designed to transmit the mechanical stress and de.elop uniform
mechanical strength in the insulator. The cap shall 2e circular $ith the inner and outer
surfaces concentric of such design that it $ill not /ield or distort under load
1.2.2 The design shall 2e such as to permit eas/ of replacement of either insulator
units or fittings under the li.e line conditions.
9.; 8all an" Soc%et Designation
The dimensions of the #all and &ocet shall 2e of 20 mm designation for 1'0 >
Insulators and 2% mm designation for 210 > Insulators in accordance $ith the
standard dimensions stated in IEC91203 I&92%8' C<art*IIE.
9.# Diensional Tolerance of Coposite Insulators
The tolerances on all dimensions e.g. diameter+ length shall 2e allo$ed as follo$s9
G C0.0%dH1.!E mm $hen dI"00 mm.
G C0.02!dH'E mm $hen dJ"00 mm.
Khere+ d 2eing the dimensions in millimeters for diameter+ length as the case ma/ 2e.
The tolerance in creepage distance shall 2e 2ased on design dimension and their
tolerances. ,o$ no negati.e tolerance shall 2e applica2le to creepage distance
specified in clause 1.1.%.
9.5 Interchangea<ilit+
The composite long rod insulators inclusi.e of the 2all @ socet connection shall 2e
standard design suita2le for use $ith the hard$are fittings of an/ mae conforming to
rele.ant IEC standards.
1.' Corona an" !I Perforance
(ll surfaces shall 2e clean+ smooth+ $ithout cuts+ a2rasions or pro7ections. >o part
shall 2e su27ected to e)cessi.e locali-ed pressure. The insulator and metal parts shall
2e so designed and manufactured that it shall a.oid local corona formation and shall
not generate an/ radio interference 2e/ond specified limit under the operating
9.3 'aintenance
1.0.1 The long rod insulators offered shall 2e suita2le for emplo/ment of hot line
maintenance technique so that usual hot line operation can 2e carried out $ith ease+
speed and safet/.
1.0.2 (ll insulators shall 2e designed to facilitate cleaning and insulators shall ha.e the
minimum practical num2er of sheds and (ll shall 2e so proportioned
that an/ dust deposit can 2e remo.ed $ithout difficult/ either 2/ $iping $ith a cloth
or 2/ remote $ashing under li.e line condition.

9.= 'aterials
9.=.9 Core
It shall 2e a glass*fi2er reinforced CAR< rodE epo)/ resin rod of high strength. The rod
shall 2e resistance to h/drol/sis.Flass fi2ers and resin shall 2e optimi-ed. The rod
shall 2e electrical grade corrosion resistant CECRE+ 2oron free glass and shall e)hi2it
2oth high electrical integrit/ and high resistance to acid corrosion.
9.=.: Housing > (eathershe"s
The AR< rod shall 2e co.ered 2/ a seamless sheath of a silicone ru22er compound of
a thicness of minimum "mm. The housing @ $eathersheds should ha.e silicon
content of minimum "0L 2/ $eight. It should protect the AR< rod against
en.ironmental influences+ e)ternal pollution and humidit/. It shall 2e e)truded or
directl/ molded on the core. The interface 2et$een the housing and the core must 2e
uniform and $ithout .oids. The strength of the 2ond shall 2e greater than the tearing
strength of the pol/mer. The manufacturer shall follo$ non*destructi.e technique
C>.D.T.E to chec the qualit/ of 7ointing of the housing interface $ith the core. The
technique to 2e follo$ed $ith detailed procedure and sampling shall 2e furnished 2/
the supplier and finali-ed during finali-ation of M=<.
The $eathersheds of the insulators shall 2e of alternate shed profile. The
$eathersheds shall 2e .ulcani-ed to the sheath Ce)trusion processE or molded as part
of the sheath Cin7ection moulding processE and free from imperfections. The
.ulcani-ation for e)trusion process shall 2e at high temperature and for in7ection
moulding shall 2e at high temperature @ high pressure. (n/ seams 3 2urrs protruding
a)iall/ along the insulator+ resulting from the in7ection moulding process shall 2e
remo.ed completel/ $ithout causing an/ damage to the housing. The trac resistance
of housing and shed material shall 2e class 1(%.! according to IEC'0!80. The
strength of the $eathershed to sheath interface shall 2e greater than the tearing
strength of the pol/mer. The composite insulator shall 2e capa2le of high pressure
9.=.; En" Fittings
End fittings transmit the mechanical load to the core. The/ shall 2e made of mallea2le
cast iron spheroidal graphite or forged steel. The/ shall 2e connected to the rod 2/
means of a controlled compression technique. The manufacturer shall ha.e in*process
(coustic emission arrangement or some other arrangement to ensure that there is no
damage to the core during crimping. This .erification shall 2e in*process and done on
each insulator. The gap 2et$een fitting and sheath shall 2e sealed 2/ a fle)i2le
silicone ru22er compound. The s/stem of attachment of end fitting to the rod shall
pro.ide superior sealing performance 2et$een housing and metal connection. The
sealing must 2e humidit/ proof and dura2le $ith time.
End Aitting shall ha.e suita2le pro.isions for fi)ing grading rings at the correct
position as per design requirement.
9.=.# ?ra"ing !ings
Frading rings shall 2e used at 2oth ends of each composite insulator unit for reducing
the .oltage gradient on and $ithin the insulator and to reduce radio and T1 noise to
accepta2le le.els. The si-e and placement of the metallic grading rings shall 2e
designed to eliminate dr/ 2and arcing3corona cutting3 e)ceeding of permissi2le
electrical stress of material. The insulator supplier shall furnish design calculations
using appropriate electric field soft$are sho$ing electric field at surface of housing
inside housing @ core and at the interface of housing and metal fittings $ith the
proposed placement and design of corona ring. Frading rings shall 2e capa2le of
installation and $ith hot line tools $ithout disassem2ling an/ other part of
the insulator assem2l/.
The design @ suppl/ of grading rings shall 2e in the scope of the composite insulator
9.@ (or%anship
1.4.1 (ll the materials shall 2e of latest design and conform to the 2est modern practices
adopted in the e)tra high .oltage field. #idders shall offer onl/ such insulators as are
guaranteed 2/ him to 2e satisfactor/ and suita2le for transmission lines specified and
$ill gi.e continued good
1.4.2 The design+ manufacturing process and material control at .arious stages shall 2e such
as to gi.e ma)imum $oring load+ highest mo2ilit/+ 2est resistance to corrosion+ good
finish and elimination of sharp edges and corners to limit corona and radio
1.4." The design of the insulators shall 2e such that stresses due to e)pansion and
contraction in an/ part of the insulator shall not lead to deterioration.
1.4.% The core shall 2e sound and free of cracs+ impurities and .oids that ma/ ad.ersel/
affect the insulators.
1.4.! Keathersheds shall 2e uniform in qualit/. The/ shall 2e clean+ sound+ smooth and
free from .oids and impurities and e)cessi.e flashing at parting lines.
1.4.' End fittings shall 2e free from cracs+ seams+ shrins+ air holes and rough edges. End
fittings should 2e effecti.el/+ sealed to pre.ent moisture ingress+ effecti.eness of
sealing s/stem must 2e supported 2/ test documents. (ll surfaces of the metal parts
shall 2e perfectl/ smooth $ith the pro7ecting points or irregularities $hich ma/ cause
corona. (ll load 2earing surfaces shall 2e smooth and uniform so as to distri2ute the
loading stresses uniforml/.
1.4.0 (ll ferrous parts shall 2e hot dip gal.ani-ed to gi.e a minimum a.erage coating of
-inc equi.alent to '00 gm3sq.m. and shall 2e in accordance $ith the requirement of
I&B91%'1 CEE and shall satisf/ the tests mentioned in I&B91%'0 CEE. The -inc used for
gal.ani-ing shall 2e of purit/ of 44.4!L. The -inc coating shall 2e uniform+ adherent+
smooth+ reasona2l/ 2right continuous and free from imperfections such as flu)+ ash
rust stains+ 2ul/ $hite deposits and 2listers. The gal.ani-ed metal parts shall 2e
guaranteed to $ithstand at least si) successi.e dips each lasting for one C1E minute
duration under the standard preece test. The gal.ani-ing shall 2e carried out onl/
after an/ machining.
1.4.8 The supplier shall guarantee that there shall not 2e an/ failure3 decapping 3 2reaing
of insulators on line under normal operating condition. In the e.ent of an/ failure3
decapping 32reaing of insulators during the first ten /ears of &upplier shall
suppl/ to the o$ner free of cost spare insulators equal to 10 times the failed insulator
quantit/. Aurther+ in case of decapping 3 #reaing and su2sequent line drop+ during the
first ten /ears of the supplier shall also ha.e to pa/ Rs !0+0003 CRs Aift/
Thousand onl/E per dropped string to$ards e)penditure to 2e incurred 2/
<BKERFRID for this line repair
2.0 EAuipent 'ar%ing
2.1 Each composite long rod unit shall 2e legi2l/ and indeli2l/ mared $ith the trade
mar of the manufacturer+ name of <BKERFRID and month @ /ear of manufacture.
The guaranteed com2ined mechanical and electrical strength shall 2e indicated in ilo
>e$ton follo$ed 2/ the $ord :>; to facilitate eas/ identification and to ensure
proper use.
2.2 Bne 10 mm thic ring or 20 mm thic spot of suita2le qualit/ of paint shall 2e mared
on the cap3end fitting of each composite long rod of particular strength for eas/
identification of the t/pe of insulator. The paint shall not ha.e an/ deteriorating effect
on the insulator performance. Aollo$ing codes shall 2e used as identification mar 9
Aor 1'0 > long rod unit 9 Freen
Aor 210 > long rod unit 9 #lue
".0 8i" Dra2ings
".1 The #idder shall furnish full description and illustration of the material offered.
".2 The #idder shall furnish along $ith the 2id the outline dra$ing of each insulator unit
along $ith grading rings including a cross sectional .ie$ of the long rod insulator
unit. The dra$ing shall include 2ut not limited to the follo$ing information 9
CaE Ma7or Dimension $ith manufacturing tolerances
C2E Minimum Creepage distance $ith positi.e tolerance
CcE <rotected creepage distance
CdE Dnit mechanical and electrical characteristics
CeE &i-e and $eight of 2all and socet parts
CfE Keight of composite long rod units
CgE Materials
"." (fter placement of a$ard+ the &upplier shall su2mit full dimensioned insulator
dra$ings containing all the details as gi.en in Clause >o. ".2 a2o.e+ in four C%E copies
to o$ner for (fter getting from <urchaser and successful
completion of all the t/pe tests+ the &upplier shall su2mit 10 more copies of the same
dra$ing along $ith a soft cop/ to the o$ner for further distri2ution and field use at
o$ner;s end.
".% (fter placement of a$ard the &upplier shall also su2mit full/ dimensioned insulator
crate dra$ing for different t/pe of insulators.
%.0 Tests an" Stan"ar"s
%.1 T+pe Tests
The follo$ing t/pe tests shall 2e conducted on long rod units+ components+ materials
or complete strings9
%.1.1 On the coplete coposite Long !o" Insulator String 2ith Har"2are Fittings
CaE <o$er frequenc/ .oltage $ithstand test $ith
corona control rings3grading ring and arcing
horns under $et condition
(nne)ure (
C2E &$itching surge .oltage $ithstand test under $et
CcE Impulse .oltage $ithstand test under dr/
CdE Corona and RI1 test under dr/ condition (nne)ure*(
CeE Mechanical &trength test (nne)ure*(
CfE 1i2ration test (nne)ure*(
CgE &alt*fog pollution $ithstand test (nne)ure*(
%.1.2 On Coposite Insulator *nits
CaE Tests on interfaces and connections of metal fittings IEC9 '1104*2008
C2E (ssem2led core load time test IEC9 '1104*2008
CcE Damage limit proof test and test of tightness of interface
2et$een end firings and insulator housing
IEC9 '1104*2008
CdE ,igh <ressure $ashing test (nne)ure*(
CeE #rittle fracture resistance test (nne)ure*(
CfE D/e penetration test IEC9 '1104*2008
CgE Kater diffusion test IEC9 '1104*2008
ChE Tracing and erosion test IEC9 '1104*2008
CiE ,ardness test IEC9 '1104*2008
C7E (ccelerated $eathering test IEC9 '1104*2008
CE Alamma2ilit/ test IEC9 '1104*2008
ClE &ilicone content test (nne)ure*(
CmE of ,/dropho2icit/ test (nne)ure*(
CnE Torsion test (nne)ure*(
%.1." (ll the t/pe test gi.en in Clause >o.%.1.1 for 0'! 1 lines shall 2e conducted on
Dou2le :I; &uspension &tring and =uadruple Tension &tring insulator strings along $ith
hard$are fittings.

%.1.% (ll the t/pe test gi.en in Clause >o.%.1.1 CaE to CeE for 0'! 1 lines shall also 2e
conducted on &ingle &uspension <ilot insulator &tring along $ith hard$are fitting
4.1.5 Hardness test, Accelerated weathering test and Flammability test specifed
under clause No 4.1.2 above shall be conducted on housing/weathershed of either
120kN or 160kN composite long rod for the same type of material.
%.2 Acceptance TestsB
%.2.1 Aor Composite Long Rod Insulators
CaE 1erification of dimensions IEC 9 '1104*2008
C2E Fal.anising test IEC 9 '0"8"
CcE 1erification of end fitting IEC 9 '1104*2008
CdE 1erification of tightness of interface 2et$een end
fittings and insulator housing and of specified
mechanical load
IEC 9 '1104*2008
CeE of ,/dropho2icit/ (nne)ure*(
CfE Tests on interfaces and connections of metal fittings IEC9 '1104*2008
CgE &ilicone content test (nne)ure*(
ChE #rittle Aracture Resistance Test (nne)ure*(
CiE D/e <enetration Test IEC '1104*2008
C7E Kater Diffusion Test IEC '1104*2008
The test %.2.1.CfE to C7E shall 2e carried out as acceptance lot on an/ one lot.
In the e.ent of failure of the sample to satisf/ the acceptance testCsE specified in %.2
a2o.e+ the retest procedure shall 2e as per IEC '1104.
%." !outine Tests
%.".1 For Coposite Long !o" Insulator *nits
aE 1isual Inspection (s per IEC9'1104 *2008
2E Mechanical routine test (s per IEC9'1104 *2008
%.% Tests During 'anufacture
Bn all components as applica2le
aE Chemical anal/sis of -inc used for gal.anising (s per (nne)ure*(
2E Chemical anal/sis+ mechanical+ metallographic test
and magnetic particle inspection for mallea2le
(s per (nne)ure*(
cE Chemical anal/sis hardness tests and magnetic
particle inspection for forgings
(s per (nne)ure*(
dE Tracing and erosion test on insulating material IEC '0!80

%.! Testing E/penses
%.!.1 Testing charges for the t/pe test specified shall 2e indicated separatel/ in the
prescri2ed schedule.
%.!.2 #idder shall indicate unit t/pe test charges for all t/pe tests co.ered under Clause
%.1.1 and %.1.2 separatel/+ in the rele.ant schedule of <rices as applica2le. Charges for
each t/pe tests shall 2e separatel/ indicated.
%.!." Aor T/pe Tests $hich the tests on the complete insulator string $ith
hard$are fitting+ the Contractor of hard$are fittings shall suppl/ the necessar/
num2er of sets of hard$are fittings at the place of testing free of cost.
%.!.% In case of failure in an/ t/pe test the suppliersupplier $hose material has
failed is either required to modif/ the design of the material @ successfull/ carr/out
all the t/pe tests as has 2een detailed out in Clause %.1 of this specifications or to
repeat that particular t/pe test at least three times successfull/ at his o$n e)penses. In
case of failure of the complete string in an/ t/pe test+ the manufacturer $hose product
has failed in the test shall get the test repeated at his cost. The &upplier $hose material
has not failed in the test shall 2e required to suppl/ the requisite quantit/ of material
Cthat is insulator or hard$are fittings as the case ma/ 2eE required for repeat testing at
the place of testing and the cost of suppl/ shall 2e 2orne 2/ the &upplier $hose
material has failed in testing.
%.!.! #idder shall indicate the la2oratories in $hich the/ propose to conduct the t/pe tests.
The/ shall ensure that adequate facilities are a.aila2le in the la2orator/ and the tests
can 2e completed in these la2oratories $ithin the time schedule guaranteed 2/ them in
the appropriate schedule.
%.!.' The entire cost of testing for acceptance and routine tests and tests during
manufacture specified herein shall 2e treated as included in the quoted E)*$ors3CIA
%.!.0 In case of failure in an/ t/pe test+ if repeat t/pe tests are required to 2e conducted+
then all the e)penses for deputation of Inspector3 B$ner;s representati.e shall 2e
deducted from the contract price. (lso if on receipt of the
&upplierMs&upplierMs&upplierMs notice of testing+ the B$ner;s representati.e does not
find the material or test setup 3 equipments to 2e read/ for testing+ the e)penses
incurred 2/ the B$ner for redeputation shall 2e deducted from contract price.
%.!.8 The 2idder2idder&upplier shall intimate the B$ner a2out carr/ing out of the t/pe tests
along $ith detailed testing programme at least " $ees " $ees in ad.ance Cin case of
testing in IndiaE and at least ' $ees ad.ance Cin case of testing a2roadE of the
scheduled date of testing during $hich the B$ner $ill arrange to depute his
representati.e to 2e present at the time of carr/ing out the tests.
%.' Saple 8atch for T+pe Testing
%.'.1 The 2idder2idder&upplier shall offer material for sample selection for t/pe testing
onl/ after getting =ualit/ (ssurance <rogramme appro.ed 2/ the B$ner. The
2idder2idder&upplier shall offer at least three times the quantit/ of materials required
for conducting all the t/pe tests for sample selection. The sample for t/pe testing $ill
2e manufactured strictl/ in accordance $ith the =ualit/ (ssurance <rogramme
appro.ed 2/ the B$ner.
%.'.2 #efore sample selection for t/pe testing+ the 2idder2idder&upplier shall 2e required to
conduct all the acceptance tests successfull/ in presence of B$ner;s representati.e.
#.3 Sche"ule of Testing
%.0.1 The #idder has to indicate the schedule of follo$ing acti.ities in their 2ids 9
aE &u2mission of dra$ing for
2E &u2mission of =ualit/ (ssurance <rogramme for
cE Bffering of material for sample selection for t/pe tests.
dE T/pe testing.
%.8 A""itional Tests
%.8.1 The B$ner the right of at his o$n e)penses an/ other testCsE of
reasona2le nature carried out at &upplierMs premises+ at site+ or in an/ other place in
addition to the aforesaid t/pe+ acceptance and routine tests to satisf/ himself that the
material compl/ $ith the &pecifications.
%.8.2 The B$ner also the right to conduct all the tests mentioned in this
specification at his o$n e)pense on the samples dra$n from the site at &upplierMs
premises or at an/ other test centre. In case of e.idence of non compliance+ it shall 2e
2inding on the part of the &upplier to pro.e the compliance of the items to the
technical specifications 2/ repeat tests or correction of deficiencies or replacement of
defecti.e items+ all $ithout an/ e)tra cost to the B$ner.
%.4 ?uarantee
The &upplier of insulators shall guarantee o.erall satisfactor/ performance of the
insulators .
%.10 Test !eports
%.10.1 Copies of t/pe test reports shall 2e furnished in at least si) C'E copies along $ith one
original. Bne cop/ shall 2e returned dul/ certified 2/ the B$ner onl/ after $hich the
commercial production of the concerned material shall start.
%.10.2 Copies of acceptance test reports shall 2e furnished in at least si) C'E copies. Bne cop/
shall 2e returned dul/ certified 2/ the B$ner+ onl/ after $hich the material shall 2e
%.10." Record of routine test reports shall 2e maintained 2/ the &upplier at his $ors for
periodic inspection 2/ the B$ner;s representati.e.
%.10.% Test certificates of test during manufacture shall 2e maintained 2/ the &upplier. These
shall 2e produced for .erification as and $hen desired 2/ the B$ner.
#.99 Inspection
%.11.1 The B$ner;s representati.e shall at all times 2e entitled to ha.e access to the $ors
and all places of manufacture+ $here insulator+ and its component parts shall 2e
manufactured and the shall ha.e full facilities for unrestricted
inspection of the &upplier;s and su2*&upplier;s $ors+ ra$ materials+ manufacture of
the material and for conducting necessar/ test as detailed herein.
%.11..2 The material for final inspection shall 2e offered 2/ the &upplier onl/ under paced
condition as detailed in clause >o.%.1" of the specification. The B$ner shall select
samples at random from the paced lot for carr/ing out acceptance tests. The lot
should 2e homogeneous and should contain insulators manufactured in "*%
consecuti.e $ees.
%.11." The &upplier shall eep the B$ner informed in ad.ance of the time of starting and the
progress of manufacture of material in their .arious stages so that arrangements could
2e made for inspection.
%.11..% >o material shall 2e dispatched from its point of manufacture 2efore it has 2een
satisfactoril/ inspected and tested unless the inspection is $ai.ed off 2/ the B$ner in
$riting. In the latter case also the material shall 2e dispatched onl/ after satisfactor/
testing for all tests specified herein ha.e 2een completed.
%.11.! The acceptance of an/ quantit/ of material shall 2e no $a/ relie.e the &upplier of his
responsi2ilit/ for meeting all the requirements of the specification and shall not
pre.ent su2sequent re7ection+ if such material are later found to 2e defecti.e.
%.12 Pac%ing an" 'ar%ing
%.12.1 (ll insulators shall 2e paced in suita2le <1C3 plastic tu2es3 an/ other suita2le
pacing. The pacing shall pro.ide protection against rodent. The 2idder&upplier
shall furnish detailed design of the pacing. The gross $eight of the crates along $ith
the material shall not normall/ e)ceed 200 Ng to a.oid handling pro2lem. Aor marine
transportation+ crates shall 2e palleted. The gross $eight of the crates along $ith the
material shall not normall/ e)ceed 200 Ng to a.oid handling pro2lem.
%.12.2 The pacing shall 2e of sufficient strength to $ithstand rough handling during transit+
storage at site and su2sequent handling in the field.
%.12." &uita2le cushioning+ protecti.e padding+ or dunnage or spacers shall 2e pro.ided to
pre.ent damage or deformation during transit and handling.
%.12.% The &upplier shall guarantee the adequac/ of the pacing and shall 2e responsi2le for
an/ loss or damage during transportation+ handling+ storage and installation due to
improper pacing.
%.12.! (ll pacing cases shall 2e mared legi2l/ and correctl/ so as to ensure safe at
their destination and to a.oid the possi2ilit/ of goods 2eing lost or $rongl/
dispatched on account of fault/ pacing and fault/ or illegi2le marings. Each
case3crate shall ha.e all the marings stenciled on it in indeli2le in.
%.1" Stan"ar"s
The insulator strings and its components shall conform to the follo$ing Indian3
International &tandards $hich shall mean latest re.ision+ $ith amendments3
changes adopted and pu2lished+ unless specificall/ stated other$ise in the
%.1".1 In the e.ent of suppl/ of insulators conforming to standards other than specified+ the
#idder #idder shall confirm in his 2id that these standards are equi.alent or 2etter to
those specified. In case of a$ard+ salient features of comparison 2et$een the
standards proposed 2/ the #idder#idder#idder and those specified in this document
$ill 2e pro.ided 2/ the &upplier to esta2lish equi.alence.
Sl. No. In"ian
Title International
1. I&9204*1442 &pecification for -inc #&9"%"'
2. I&9%0'*1441 Method of Chemical (nal/sis of &la2
". I&90"1*1441 <orcelain insulators for o.erhead <o$er
lines $ith a nominal .oltage greater than
1000 1
%. I&92001 <art
CIE P 144"
C<artCIIE* 1441
<artCIIIE* 1441
Methods of ,igh 1oltage Testing IEC9'00'0*1
!. I&92%8'
<art* I*144"
<art* II*1484
&pecification for Insulator fittings for
B.erhead <o$er Lines $ith a nominal
.oltage greater than 10001
Feneral Requirements and Tests
Dimensional Requirements
Locing De.ices
'. I&92'24*1440 Recommended <ractice for ,ot+ Dip
Fal.anisation for iron and steel
I&B*1%'1 CEE
0. I&92'""*1442 Testing of Dniformit/ of Coating of -inc
coated articles
8. I&9"188*1488 Dimensions for Disc Insulators IEC9'0"0!
4. I&9'0%!*1440 Determination of Keight of Oinc
Coating on Oinc coated iron and steel
10. I&982'"*1440 Methods of RI Test of ,1 insulators IEC9'0%"0
>EM( <u2li*
cation >o.003
14'%3 CI&<R
Sl. No. In"ian
Title International
11. I&982'4*1440 Methods for &$itching Impulse test on
,1 insulators
12. Thermal Mechanical <erformance test
and mechanical performance test on
string insulator units
IEC9 '0!0!
1". &alt Aog <ollution 1oltage Kithstand
1%. Composite insulators for (.C. B.erhead
lines $ith nominal .oltage greater than
10001 P Definitions+ test methods and
acceptance criteria
IEC '1104
1!. Fuide for the selection of insulators in
respect of polluted conditions
1'. Tests on insulators of Ceramic material
or glass or glass for o.erhead lines $ith
a nominal .oltage greater than 10001
10. Characteristics of string insulator units
of the long rod t/pe
IEC 9 '0%""

The standards mentioned a2o.e are a.aila2le from9
!eference A<<re1iation Nae an" A""ress
#& #ritish &tandards+
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IEC3CI&<R International Electro technical Commission+
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#I&3I& #eureau Bf Indian &tandards.
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I&B International Brganisation for
Danish #oard of &tandardi-ation
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>e$ Qor+ >Q 10010 D.&.(.
(&TM (merican &ociet/ for Testing and Materials+
141' Race &t. <hiladelphia<helledelphia+
<(1410" D&(

9. A$ Tests on Coplete Strings 2ith Har"2are Fittings
9.9 Corona E/tinction &oltage Test .Dr+0
The sample assem2l/ $hen su27ected to po$er frequenc/ .oltage shall ha.e a
corona e)tinction .oltage of not less than !10 1 CrmsE line to ground under
dr/ condition for 0'! 1 line. There shall 2e no e.idence of corona on an/
part of the sample. The atmospheric condition during testing shall 2e recorded
and the test results shall 2e accordingl/ corrected $ith suita2le correction
factor as stipulated in IEC 9 "8".
9A..: !I& Test .Dr+0
Dnder the conditions as specified under C1.2E a2o.e+ the insulator string along
$ith complete hard$are fittings shall ha.e a radio interference .oltage le.el
2elo$ 1000 micro .olts at one M,- $hen su27ected to !0 ,- (C .oltage of
!10 1 line to ground under dr/ condition for 0'! 1 line. The test procedure
shall 2e in accordance $ith I&982'"3IEC 9 %"0.
9A.; 'echanical Strength Test
1.3.1 'echanical Strength Test for insulator strings for 345 %& line
The complete insulator string along $ith its hard$are fitting e)cluding arcing
horn+ corona control ring+ grading ring and suspension assem2l/3dead end
assem2l/ shall 2e loaded to reproduce design conditions. The testing
programme .aries $ith string and to$er t/pes according to follo$ing ta2le.
String T+pe Total
, of Loa"
Dou2le I 21"
&ingle I <ilot

=uadruple Tension !%0
? 9 The total test must 2e esta2lished graduall/ at a stead/ rate.
??9 Direction of load
1. follo$ing string a)is
2. follo$ing 2isector of string angle.
". follo$ing $ith respect to .ertical+ half the string angle+ along the
a)is of one arm of the 1 string.
%. follo$ing+ $ith respect to .ertical+ half the string angle H1!R+ along
the a)is of one arm of the 1 string.
??? 9 The insulator string must 2e completel/ unloaded and e)amined+ then
the proper direction of loading esta2lished 2efore proceeding to the ne)t
sequential test.
????9 A denotes Aailure load
The insulator string shall 2e deemed accepta2le if+ for all tests loads e)cept
failure load+ the string components do not sho$ an/ .isual signs of
deformation or fracture+ and the same components ma/ 2e disassem2led 2/
hand+ e)cept for of cotter pins and initial loosening of the nuts. The
failure load shall 2e recorded and must 2e greater than all pre.ious tests loads.
9A.# &i<ration Test
The suspension string shall 2e tested in suspension mode+ and tension string in
tension mode itself in la2orator/ span of minimum "0 metres. In the case of
suspension string+ a load equal to '00 g shall 2e applied along the a)is of the
suspension string 2/ means of turn 2ucle. The insulator string along $ith
hard$are fittings and the t$o3 triple3quad Cas applica2leEt$o3 triple3quad Cas
applica2leE su2*conductors Ceach tensioned at 2!L of DT& shall 2e secured
$ith clamps. The s/stem shall 2e suita2le to maintain constant tension on each
su2*conductors throughout the duration of the test. 1i2ration dampers shall not
2e used on the test span. (ll#oth the su2*conductors shall 2e .erticall/
.i2rated simultaneousl/ at one of the resonance frequencies of the insulators
string Cmore than 10 ,-E 2/ means of .i2ration inducing equipment. The pea
to pea displacement in mm of .i2ration at the antinode point+ nearest to the
string+ shall 2e measured and the same shall not 2e less than 10003f
$here f
is the frequenc/ of .i2ration in c/cles3sec. The insulator string shall 2e
.i2rated for not less than 10 million c/cles $ithout an/ failure. (fter the test
the insulators shall 2e e)amined for looseness of pins and cap or an/ crac in
the cement. The hard$are shall 2e e)amined for looseness+ fatigue failure and
mechanical strength test. There shall 2e no deterioration of properties of
hard$are components and insulators after the .i2ration test. The insulators
shall 2e su27ected to the Mechanical performance test follo$ed 2/ mechanical
strength test as per rele.ant standards.
9A.5 Salt-fog pollution 2ithstan" test
This test shall 2e carried out in accordance $ith IEC 9 '0!00. The salinit/
le.el for composite long rod insulators shall 2e 1'0 Ng3m" >(CL.
:.$ Coposite Longro" Insulator *nits
:.9 8rittle Fracture !esistance Test
The test arrangement shall 2e according to damage limit proof test $ith
simultaneous application of 1>*,>B" acid directl/ in contact $ith naed
AR< Rod. The contact length of acid shall not 2e less than %0mm and
thicness around the core not less than 10mm. The rod shall $ith stand
80L of &ML for 4' hours.
:.: !eco1er+ of H+"ropho<icit+ Test
C1E The surface of selected samples shall 2e cleaned $ith isoprop/l alcohol.
(llo$ the surface to dr/ and spra/ $ith $ater. Record the ,C classification.
Dr/ the sample surface.
C2E Treat the surface $ith corona discharges to destro/ the h/dropho2icit/. This
can 2e done utili-ing a high frequenc/ corona tester+ ,olding the electrode
appro)imatel/ "mm from the sample surface+ slo$l/ mo.e the electrode
an area appro)imatel/ 16 ) 16. Continue treating this area for 2 P " minutes+
operating the tester at ma)imum output.
C"E Immediatel/ after the corona treatment+ spra/ the surface $ith $ater and
record the ,C classification. The surface should 2e h/drophilic+ $ith an ,C
.alue of ' or 0. If not+ dr/ the surface and repeat the corona treatment for a
longer time until an ,C of ' or 0 is o2tained. Dr/ the sample surface.
C%E (llo$ the sample to and repeat the h/dropho2icit/ measurement at
se.eral time inter.als. &ilicone ru22er should to ,C 1 P ,C 2 $ithin
2% to %8 hours+ depending on the material and the intensit/ of the corona
:.; Silicone content test
Minimum content of silicone as guaranteed 2/ supplier shall 2e .erified
through AT*IR spectroscop/ @ TF( anal/sis or an/ other suita2le method
mutuall/ agreed 2et$een <urchaser @ &upplier in =ualit/ (ssurance
<rogramme .
:.# High Pressure 2ashing test
The $ashing of complete insulator of each E@M rating is to 2e carried out at
"800 <a $ith no--les of ' mm diameter at a distance of "m from no--les to
the insulator+ The $ashing shall 2e carried out for 10 minutes. There shall 2e
no damage to the sheath or metal fitting to housing interface. The .erification
shall 2e 1 minutes $et po$er frequenc/ $ithstand test at 8"01 rms.
2.5 Torsion Test
Three complete insulators of each E@M rating shall 2e su27ected to a torsional
load of !!>m. The torsional strength test shall 2e made $ith test specimen
adequatel/ secured to the testing machine. The torsional load shall 2e applied
to the test specimen through a torque mem2er so constructed that the test
specimen is not su27ected to an/ stress. The insulator after torsion
test must pass the D/e <enetration Test as per IEC '1104.
". Tests on All coponents .As applica<le0
".1 Cheical Anal+sis of 7inc use" for ?al1ani-ing
&amples taen from the -inc ingot shall 2e chemicall/ anal/sed as
per I&9204*1404. The purit/ of -inc shall not 2e less than 44.4!L.
".2 ".2 Tests for Forgings
The chemical anal/sis hardness tests and magnetic particle inspection for
forgings+ $ill 2e as per the internationall/ recognised procedures for these
tests. The sampling $ill 2e 2ased on heat num2er and heat treatment 2atch.
The details regarding test $ill 2e as discussed and mutuall/ agreed to 2/ the
&upplier and <urchaser in =ualit/ (ssurance <rogramme.
"." "." Tests on Castings
The chemical anal/sis+ mechanical and metallographic tests and magnetic+
particle inspection for castings $ill 2e as per the internationall/ recognised
procedures for these tests. The samplings $ill 2e 2ased on heat num2er and
heat treatment 2atch. The details regarding test $ill 2e as discussed and
mutuall/ agreed to 2/ the &upplier and <urchaser in =ualit/ (ssurance