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Ajeet Kumar Yadawa

Mobile: +91 8130550735

To work with an organization, which can provide me constant learning, leading to intellectual
growth, enhance my creative skills and to achieve top cadre by setting benchmarks both at
organizational and personal front and making positive contributions towards the organization.

 B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida
with 2.2 years of experience as a Deputy Engineer.
 Focused and goal oriented with strong work ethics, continuously striving for improvement
coupled with commitment to offer quality work.
 Carrying research on “Futuristic Energy sources for Mobile Electronics Devices”.
 Algorithm and Coding for Embedded Systems.
 Adaptable and quick learner with skills to work under pressure.
 Possesses good communication and analytical skills.

Examination Passing
College Univ./Board Percentage
B.Tech(ECE) 2012 JSS Academy of Technical
Education , Noida
GBTU 70.01
Intermediate 2006 TDIC, Gaura Patoi, Ballia
UP 80.00
High school 2004 TDIC, Gaura Patoi, Ballia
UP 79.16

 Languages: Embedded C, C, UNIX Shell Scripting.
 Hardware Description languages: VHDL.
 Embedded System: Micro-controller 8051, 8052, AVR, Microprocessor: 8085 &8086.
 Tools: AVR Studio, Keil Uvision 4, PSIM, UPROG, Orcad, MATLAB,
 Field of Interests: Solar Energy, Energy Harvesting, Embedded Systems, Low Power

Total 2.2 years of experience as a Deputy Engineer experience at Essjay Ericsson Pvt. Ltd.
from June 2012 to till date.
Job Responsibilities
 Embedded system development using microcontrollers (8051, 8052 & AVR).
Career Objective
Technical Skills
Work Experience
Address: C/O- Naval Singh
Opposite J 236, Sector 22,
Noida, UP, Pin-201301
 Excellent data analysis reporting skills statistical methods & software.
 Algorithm and Coding for Embedded System Applications.
 Capability to work in Team, assist team leader and also capability to work as leader.
 Carrying research work on energy sources for Futuristic Mobile Electronics Gadgets.
Projects Handled

(A) Name of the Project: PTR 1000 Military telephone
Duration: Started on in June 2012 and completed in February 2014.
Team Size: 20
Skills: Working as a Team Lead
1) Quality control of PCBs used in PTR 1000 Phone
2) Check for soldering and cleaning as per IPC standard.
3) Management of large team for the completion of task on time.
Abstract: The PTR 1000 phone is used for military application in field. The phone is analog in
type and work on wired technology. Low power rugged form of this telephone makes it suitable
for hard environment where it can withstand. It has 4 PCBs. Speech, Dial, Ringer and Amplifier.

(B) Name of the Project: VOIP Phone
Duration: Joined on 12
June 2012 and still Continue
Team Size: 5
Skills Used: TINA, PROTEL, Unix Shell Scripting
Abstract: The project is based upon digital signal processing platform with low powered and
portable ARM9 core (TMS320DM365) Digital Media System on Chip (DMSoC) as a main
VOIP phone in contrast to DMSoC chip require Embedded LINUX/ Device Driver as an operating
system which support different audio and video codec and IP standard drivers. Apart from Digital
processor the system has audio codec, RAM, NAND flash and Ethernet physic to make it complete
for the voice transmission over IP.
Role: Hardware Testing and Code verification.
(C) Name of the Project: Driverless Metro Prototype
Duration: 3 Weeks
Team Size: 4
Skills Used: ATMEGA 32, Atmel Studio 6.1, STK 500, UPROG, Embedded C.
Abstract: This is completely autonomous driverless metro train with full controlling along with
light, obstacle detection. This prototype interfaces motor, IR sensor, LDR, Motor driver IC with
Role: Hardware development and Algorithm Design
(D) Name of the Project: “Review of Energy Sources for Futuristic Mobile Electronic Devices”.
Duration: 6 Months
Team Size: 5
Publication Detail: International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and
Instrumentation Engineering
Edition: VOLUME 3, ISSUE 7, JULY 2014
Role: Work as Team Lead

A) Major Project:
Media Access Control for Power Line Communication: IPV6 have enough capability to
provide IP address to each device, in another direction new emerging modulation technologies
such as OFDM, motivate to design Media access control for power line communication. This
chip enables data transfer through Power Line (High Voltage Transmission Line).
Skills Used : VHDL, MATLAB , C language
Applications: i) Internet for Rural Areas
ii) Automated Energy meter
B) Minor Projects:
a) KBC Game using-This project was developed for Quizz with the feature of score and
timing counter.
Skills Used: C Language
b) Line Follower Robot: This is line follower robot which follow black line and this robot able to
choose smart path.
Skills Used: Embedded C, AVR
c) Audio Amplifier

 Four Weeks Summer Training at DLW, Varanasi.
 Attended seminar at NPTI BADARPUR.
 Active participant of National Instruments workshops, training and conferences.

 Student - coordinator of „AKSHARGYAN‟, a student fraternity group which devoted to
“Education to all”. AKSHARGYAN helps slum students to access education and their basic
need, running at JSSATE Noida, Sector-62.
 Winner of „WIROLOGY‟ event held in JSS TECHFEST „ZEALICON 2010‟.
 Attended seminar on „CONTROL LAB‟ at NPTI BADARPUR.
 Participated in „AQUA SOCCER ‟, event held in JSS TECHFEST „Zealicion 2010‟.
 Participated in „GRID INVADER‟ event held in JSS TECHFEST „ZEALICON 2011‟.
 Winner of Essay Competition organized by “N. E Railway, Varanasi” in 2008.
Date of Birth : 13/11/1990
Address : Vishunpur, PO- Barwan Ratti Patti, Ballia,
Uttar Pradesh.
Languages Known : English, Hindi.
I hereby certify that all the information provided here is correct to the best of my knowledge and
belief and I promise to abide all the norms laid down by your esteemed organization.

Place: Noida (Ajeet Kumar Yadawa)
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