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The Gene Activation

Wellbeing Code
Dan Jones
The reality generator of experience

The key to unlocking brain plasticity

•Wellness From Within
Five Points To Activating Optimal Genetic Expression
The wave nature of life
The driver for personal development

The stimulus for health & wellbeing

By learning about these five areas and how you can
use this knowledge you can begin to design your own

You can increase health, wellbeing and happiness;
and increase your ability to manage stress, pain and
“…to raise the level of awareness, one should pay more attention to [the] body’s natural
variations and to matching them harmoniously with the environment” Roger Broughton, M.D.
•Designing Your Own Destiny
Life consists of a wide variety of
biological rhythms which fall
under these headings:

• Infradian Rhythms – which are
processes that cycle over a
longer than 24 hour period
• Circadian Rhythms – Which
are processes that cycle over
an approximate 24 hour
• Ultradian Rhythms – which
are processes that cycle over
a period of less than 24 hours
Trance is at the heart of all
cultures, and all life. We are
always in a trance, the
question is how deep and how
is the trance we are in shaping
our perception of reality.

Reality is always viewed from
within a trance, once this is
understood it can lead to
profound ideas about how to
interact with others, handle
conflict and understand
ourselves and what we think of
as the reality around us.
•Exploring The Five Points
Wonder is what helps you to focus.
When you have a sense of curiosity
and wonder you pay closer
attention, you learn, and you begin
to activate genetic changes.
•Exploring The Five Points
It is only when we learn something
new with a sense of wonder and
curiosity that we activate a gene in
our brains generating new neural
growth. Learning also triggers a ‘feel
good’ response to encourage us to
learn more, and once we have
learnt something, that new learning
stops triggering the ‘feel good’
response, encouraging us to go and
learn something new.
The way we interact with others and
with the environment triggers
different gene activation. When you
are lovingly touched or held, this
triggers a healing response within
every cell in your body. It boosts
your immune response and
tolerance to pain. When you view
blue and green in nature this also
triggers healing changes.
Life is made up of waves of experience, those waves
peak and trough over time. Sometimes you may have
a greater trough or a higher peak as many waves
intersect and over lap.

One example of this is when your ‘sleep/wake’ cycle
and basic rest and activity cycle meet in the
afternoon. Most peoples’ sleep/wake cycle has an
afternoon dip where you feel tired, when this lines up
with the dip in the 90-120 minute basic rest and
activity cycle you can feel extra tired, likewise, when
to peaks meet you can feel extra full of energy.

Having an awareness of your natural rhythms and the
rhythms of those around you can help you to work in
harmony with yourself.

By learning awareness techniques you can become
increasingly aware of your mind and body, you can
tune into messages it communicates with you and
respond inline with your innate wellbeing and wisdom.
•Living The Gene Activation Wellbeing Code
Begin to learn to recognize
trance. Everybody is in a
trance of some sort all the
time. Trance is like the filter
for the experience you
have, from what beliefs
you will be holding, and
what feelings you have, to
what thoughts you think
and what you notice in the
reality around you.
An example of a deep
trance is depression, it
leads to specific beliefs,
thoughts, feelings and
actions, a depressed
person’s view of the
World is different to a
non-depressed person’s
view of the World. Love is
another deep trance
with its own set of beliefs,
thoughts, feelings and
•Living The Gene Activation Wellbeing Code
The deeper you are in a
trance, the more pure
that trance is. It can take
a lot of energy to fight to
bring yourself or someone
else out of a deep
trance. Trance is the
reality generator people
view their World from. To
them their reality is as real
as yours is to you.
Here is a list of some of the
main rhythms that take place
including the average time it
takes for the rhythms.

There is a connection between
how long periods of inner work
take, which fit into the longer
periods of natural processes.

Many genes are expressed for
during these rhythms. Initially
you have the immediate early
genes, activated within a
couple of minutes, through to
early response genes
becoming active after a
couple of hours, and then the
late response genes becoming
active 2-8 hours later.
Following this changes
continue to take place up to
three months later
•The Rhythm of Life
Rhythm Period (Mins)
Panic Attack Duration 15-20
Typical Period of Self Hypnosis 15-20
Creative & Spiritual Inspiration 20
Typical Meditation Period 20
Mother Milk Relaxation Response 20
Basic Rest & Activity Cycle 90-120
Cerebral Hemisphere Cycle 90-120
Appetite and Gastrointestinal Cycle 90-120
Memory & Learning Cycle 90-120
Immune Cell DNA Synthesis 90-120
Human Social Rhythms 90-180
This chart guides you through the
process of interacting with
reality. This process consists of an
incoming stimulus, initially this is
likely to be something external,
this gets filtered by the trance
state you are in at the time, so if
you are depressed you will
experience and interpret that
incoming information differently
to if you are happy. This trance
leads to a mind/body response,
this leads to an emotional
response which gets encoded to
the information, which leads
onto thoughts, these thoughts
lead to a feedback loop which
can become a new internally
generated stimulus.
•Reality Processing
How we co-create our own reality
For example: You could be delayed in traffic, as you have been running late all morning you
are already in a ‘stress trance’ so this filters the stimulus triggering release of stress hormones
and other internal ‘mind/body’ stress responses, leading to the emotion of anger, leading to
thoughts of being annoyed, blaming yourself for running late, being angry at yourself and
other road users, which re-enforces and strengthens the trance and leads to more stress
hormones released, and further anger, and more annoyed thoughts…
of wonder about it & explore what you can learn. Allow yourself to learn from your dreams, eat little
& often in-line with your natural 90-120 minute gastro-intestinal rhythms, & get plenty of natural green
& blue light during the day directly from nature, like the sky, sea, tree and plants. In the evening
absorb reds & darkness & avoid bright light, including phones, computers & TV. At night, write down
any thoughts/worry or concerns readying yourself for sleep. Interact with others & the World around
you with love, kindness, fascination & wonder. This will stimulate healing, heath & wellbeing in others,
as well as within yourself. Remember touch that is experienced as loving & kind triggers healing &
wellbeing down to a genetic level. Smiling & interacting with others, & even being in the presence
of others you feel safe & secure around triggers wellbeing.
•Leading A Five Point Life
The five points are all connected, flow on from
each other & feedback into each other. We
are born with biological rhythms which in many
cases are flexible & able to be influenced by
the environment, the trances we experience
are influenced by our biological rhythms, our
environment, learning & wonder. What we find
interesting depends on the trance we are in &
our past learning & experiences & the World
around us including the people in it.

To lead a five point life practice focal
awareness, guide what you choose to attach
to from moment to moment, so that you can
pay attention to your natural rhythms, how
they ebb & flow. When you find yourself
naturally drifting inward into a daydream or
reverie, accept this & go with it, have a sense
Trance is a focus of attention.
That focus of attention guides
your experience of reality. The
more focused your attention is,
the deeper in a trance you
are, and the more pure the
trance is.

Each trance state creates a
unique perspective on reality,
and specific mind/body
changes. When you are in a
mindful trance you become a
relaxed observer on reality.
You also trigger an inner
healing response. When you
are in a wonder trance you
trigger new neuronal growth
and new learning. An anger or
anxiety trance triggers short
term survival responses,
including an increase in stress
hormones, while a happy or
calm trance triggers longer
term survival responses,
including cellular healing.
•Examples of Trance
Trance influences your beliefs, for
example when someone is
depressed they may believe things
will always be bad and the
depression will never lift, when
someone is happy they may believe
things will work out for the best.

Trance influences what you are
aware of, so a depressed person
may have no awareness of times
they have been happy, and when
they are prompted to recall those
times they look back on it and
believe they weren’t really happy.
When someone is in love they may
miss signs the person they love is
actually controlling them or cheating
on them. They will develop ‘reality
blindness’, for example a person can
believe they are unlucky and so
never notice opportunities, or believe
they are lucky and notice many

Trance influences your senses, so a
depressed person feels more pain
than a happy person, different
trance states lead to seeing, hearing,
feeling and smelling different stimulus
from the same incoming information.
•Internal Influences of Trance
You have different mind/body responses depending
on the trance you are in. Each trance has different
genetic expression, different levels of hormones,
different speeds of metabolism, heart rate,
breathing, brain activity and various other different
biological and physiological rhythms.

 2013 by Dan Jones
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