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LBSC744 Fall 2011 –Collaborative Planning Form (adapted from Toni Bueo (200!

Alternative Fuels Mock Trial
Library Media Specialist Name (s): Jocelyn Martin
Teacher Name(s) and Title: Megan Robison, Honors Enironmental Science Teacher
School Name: !ent "sland High School
Teacher Email #ddress: megan$robison%&acps$org
Library Media Specialist E'mail #ddress: (omartin)%yahoo$com
Grade Level:
and *+
nit Overvie!:
This lesson ,ill be an introd-ction to alternatie .-els s-ch as ,ind, solar, n-clear, hydroelectric,
bio.-el/biodiesel, and geothermal$ "n three class sessions, the st-dents ,ill ,or0 ,ith their
assigned gro-ps to research the pros and cons o. their assigned .-el and cite their so-rces$ "n the
.inal class session, gro-ps ,ill be chosen at random to arg-e ,ho has the better alternatie .-el
in a moc0 trial$
"ate#Ti$e %ra$e o% Lesson:
1 days d-ring *st period (23 min-tes each)
Content Area &tandards#Goals:
Goal ': Environ$ental &cience
The st-dent ,ill demonstrate the ability to -se the scienti.ic s0ills and processes (4ore Learning
5oal *) and ma(or enironmental science concepts to -nderstand interrelationships o. the nat-ral
,orld and to analy6e enironmental iss-es and their sol-tions$
'*+ The st-dent ,ill analy6e the relationships bet,een h-mans and the earth7s reso-rces$
'*+*, The st-dent ,ill eal-ate the interrelationship bet,een h-mans and energy reso-rces$
#t least 8
• Rene,able
• Nonrene,able
LBSC744 Fall 2011 –Collaborative Planning Form (adapted from Toni Bueo (200!""
AA&L &tandards and Indicators:
&- -.- /9/- //0 //+ /9/1 /9/, //' /9/2 /9/3 /9/4
*$*$* :ollo, an in&-iry'based process in see0ing 0no,ledge in c-rric-lar s-b(ects, and ma0e the real'
,orld connection .or -sing this process in li.e$
*$*$1 :ind, eal-ate, and select appropriate so-rces to ans,er &-estions$
*$*$; Eal-ate in.ormation .o-nd in selected so-rces on the basis o. acc-racy, alidity, and
appropriateness .or needs, importance, and social and c-lt-ral conte<t$
*$*$= Ma0e sense o. in.ormation gathered .rom dierse so-rces by identi.ying misconceptions, main and
s-pporting ideas, con.licting in.ormation, and point o. ie, or bias$
*$*$> ?emonstrate mastery o. technology tools .or accessing in.ormation and p-rs-ing in&-iry$
*$*$2 4ollaborate ,ith others to broaden and deepen -nderstanding$
&- -.0 /9/- //0 //+ /9/1 /9/, //' //2
*$+$* ?emonstrate con.idence and sel.'direction by ma0ing independent choices in the selection o.
reso-rces and in.ormation$
*$+$1 Maintain a critical stance by &-estioning the alidity and acc-racy o. all in.ormation$
*$+$; ?emonstrate adaptability by changing the in&-iry .oc-s, &-estions, reso-rces, or strategies ,hen
necessary to achiee s-ccess$
&- -.+ /9/- /9/0 /9/+ /9/1 /9/,
*$)$* Respect copyright/ intellect-al property rights o. creators and prod-cers$
*$)$+ See0 diergent perspecties d-ring in.ormation gathering and assessment$
*$)$) :ollo, ethical and legal g-idelines in gathering and -sing in.ormation$
*$)$1 4ontrib-te to the e<change o. ideas ,ithin the learning comm-nity$
*$)$; @se in.ormation technology responsibly$
&- -.1 //- /9/0 //+ /9/1
*$1$+ @se interaction ,ith and .eedbac0 .rom teachers and peers to g-ide o,n in&-iry process$
*$1$1 See0 appropriate help ,hen it is needed$
&0 -.- //- /9/0 /9/+ /9/1 /9/, //'
+$*$+ Argani6e 0no,ledge so that it is -se.-l$
+$*$) @se strategies to dra, concl-sions .rom in.ormation and apply 0no,ledge to c-rric-lar areas, real
,orld sit-ations, and .-rther inestigations$
+$*$1 @se technology and other in.ormation tools to analy6e and organi6e in.ormation$
LBSC744 Fall 2011 –Collaborative Planning Form (adapted from Toni Bueo (200!""
+$*$; 4ollaborate ,ith others to e<change ideas, deelop ne, -nderstandings, ma0e decisions, and sole
&0 -.0 /9/- //0 /9/+ /9/1
+$+$* ?emonstrate .le<ibility in the -se o. reso-rces by adapting in.ormation strategies to each speci.ic
reso-rce and by see0ing additional reso-rces ,hen clear concl-sions cannot be dra,n$
+$+$) Employ a critical stance in dra,ing concl-sions by demonstrating that the pattern o. eidence leads
to a decision or concl-sion$
+$+$1 ?emonstrate personal prod-ctiity by completing prod-cts to e<press learning$
&0 -.+ /9/- /9/0 //+
+$)$* 4onnect -nderstanding to the real ,orld$
+$)$+ 4onsider dierse and global perspecties in dra,ing concl-sions$
&0 -.1 //- //0 /9/+ //1
+$1$) Recogni6e ne, 0no,ledge and -nderstanding$
&+ -.- /9/- /9/0 /9/+ //1 B9/, //'
)$*$* 4oncl-de an in&-iry'based research process by sharing ne, -nderstandings and re.lecting on the
)$*$+ Carticipate and collaborate as members o. a social and intellect-al net,or0 o. learners$
)$*$) @se ,riting and spea0ing s0ills to comm-nicate ne, -nderstandings e..ectiely$
)$*$; 4onnect learning to comm-nity iss-es$
&+ -.0 //- /9/0 /9/+
)$+$+ Sho, social responsibility by participating actiely ,ith others in learning sit-ations and by
contrib-ting &-estions and ideas d-ring gro-p disc-ssions$
)$+$) ?emonstrate team,or0 by ,or0ing prod-ctiely ,ith others$
&+ -.+ /9/- //0 /9/+ //1 /9/, /9/' //2
)$)$* Solicit and respect dierse perspecties ,hile searching .or in.ormation, collaborating ,ith others,
and participating as a member o. the comm-nity$
)$)$) @se 0no,ledge and in.ormation s0ills and dispositions to engage in p-blic conersation and debate
aro-nd iss-es o. common concern$
)$)$; 4ontrib-te to the e<change o. ideas ,ithin and beyond the learning comm-nity$
LBSC744 Fall 2011 –Collaborative Planning Form (adapted from Toni Bueo (200!""
)$)$D @se in.ormation and 0no,ledge in the serice o. democratic al-es$
&+ -.1 /9/- //0 /9/+
)$1$* #ssess the processes by ,hich learning ,as achieed in order to reise strategies and learn more
e..ectiely in the .-t-re$
)$1$) #ssess o,n ability to ,or0 ,ith others in a gro-p setting by eal-ating aried roles, leadership, and
demonstrations o. respect .or other ie,points$
&1 -.- //- //0 //+ //1 //, //' //2 //3
&1 -.0 //- //0 //+
&1 -.+ //- //0 //+ //1
&1 -.1 //- //0 //+ /9/1 //, //'
1$1$1 "nterpret ne, in.ormation based on c-lt-ral and social conte<t$
• The students will gather information from print and electronic sources
as well as class mock trial presentations to compare and contrast two
alternative energy sources.
o Using guiding questions, students will locate and evaluate
information about their assigned alternative energy source.
o The students will use APA format to cite sources of information
o The students will synthesize information they gathered to be able
to support their assigned alternative energy source in a mock
o The students will listen to other classmates mock trial
presentations and outline information about their classmates
alternative energy source.
o The students will compare and contrast their alternative energy
source with their classmates alternative energy source in a
written summary.
Cooperative Teaching Plan:
!ibrary "edia #pecialist $ill%
• present PowerPoint about how to cite sources and using the
citation wizard in "icrosoft $ord
• pull resources from the library collection for students to use in
there research
• create note taking sheet for research
• create note taking sheet for during the mock trial
LBSC744 Fall 2011 –Collaborative Planning Form (adapted from Toni Bueo (200!""
Teacher $ill%
• assign the students to their collaborative groups
• compose the guiding questions for the students to research
• grade the students based on their performance in the mock trial
and the summary paragraphs that they turn in
&oth $ill%
• supervise and assist students as they conduct research of their
alternative fuels
• mediate the mock trial debate
'nline databases% #()#
*&#+' ,ost
-ale .irtual )eference
Alternative *nergy /)*0 111.23 A!T4
&iodiesel /556 PA,4
&iofuel power of the future /111.37 ,A84
*nergy /569.:;6 #<*4
*nergy /112.6= *<*4
The *nvironment /)*0 1:;.6 *<.4
0ossil 0uels /771.6 -)A4
The ,eat is 'n /151.21= -*!4
<uclear Power /111.236 >A!4
)enewable *nergy /111.23 )*<4
#olar Power /569.;2 -)A4
$ater Power /56:.9 -)A4
Learning Product:
To prepare for the mock trial, the students will work in groups to research the
following questions regarding their assigned alternative energy source. They
will complete a notes sheet and cite their sources in APA format.
• 5istor6 o% 6our alternative ener76 source: (Ehere did it come .romF Eho inented
it/discoered itF)
• 5o! does t8e alternative ener76 source !ork9 (E<plain in detail belo,$ Cict-res ,ith
captions may be dra,n$)
• Political Issues involvin7 t8e alternative ener76 source :i% a))lica;le<:
• Positive )oints a;out t8e ener76 source: (Ho, does it a..ect the enironmentF Ho,
does it h-mansF)
• Ne7ative )oints a;out t8e ener76 source: (Ho, does it a..ect the enironmentF Ho,
m-ch does it cost to harest and/or maintain/transport/installF)
LBSC744 Fall 2011 –Collaborative Planning Form (adapted from Toni Bueo (200!""
• 5o! is t8e alternative ener76 source currentl6 ;ein7 used toda69
• Future a))lications %or t8e alternative ener76 source :i% a))lica;le<
-roups will randomly be chosen to compete in a mock trial where their goal
will be to prove that their alternative energy source is the better of the two.
They will use the research they have conducted to support their arguments.
$hen groups are not participating in the mock trial, they will take notes on
the one of the presenting teams presentations in order to write a summary
paragraph comparing their alternative energy source with the presented
alternative energy source. This paragraph will be due the day after the mock
trials and will be submitted for a grade.
Assessment Overview:
The students will be assessed on two speci?cs aspects of this unit% their
performance in the mock trial and the summary of the mock trial
paragraphs. The performance in the mock trials will be considered a
participation grade which will be assessed by both the !"# and the teacher.
The summary will be assessed for content and will be graded by the teacher.
The students will be formatively assessed throughout the research pro@ect by
both the teacher and the !"# by observing the students work in their
Adaptations and Extensions:
(n the future, ( would suggest that a visual presentation of the research, such
as a PowerPoint presentation or poster, be added to the unit. PowerPoint
presentations with slides already formatted could be provided to students
with learning diAculties.
To eBtend the lesson for the gifted students, the students could be required
to research all the alternative fuels so they are prepared to argue the pros
and cons of any alternative fuel. They would then be assigned their
alternative fuel on the day of the mock trial.
Another option for eBtending the lesson, would be for students to research
and present which alternative fuel would be best used to fuel their school or