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How To Apply For Tuition Free Education in Finland
For International Students!
(Free Report)

Alvan Eziama

Let's Get Started...
To enable you understand the process easily, I shall take it step-by-step. Let’s go
straight to the application process proper...but before we continue, note the
below key points:


#1: If you intend to study at undergraduate level in Finland, be informed that the
UAF portal below can only allow few or no undergraduate application. Post
graduate applicants are mostly welcome!
An alternative way of applying for undergraduate programmes at genuine tuition
free schools in Finland has been included in the FTUG.
#2: Most institutions in Finland require English language tests in form of IELTS or
Hey! Don’t Panic!! Check out schools that don’t require them in the Free Tuition
Universities Guide (FTUG).
For those who are willing to write either of these tests, I’ve also covered them in
the Guide.

Now Follow the Below Steps to Apply-
STEP 1: Visit:
Click on 'How to Apply?'.
To do this, just move your cursor to 'how to apply' and click on it. Don't mind the
drop down menu. See picture below (mind the red arrow):


STEP 2: In the next page that pops out, click 'Create a FuniMa account'. See
picture below (mind the red box):


If you're not able to click link, follow the below steps to register:
STEP 3: At the right (up) of the page, click 'FuniMa'. See sample picture below:


STEP 4: At the left (up) of the page, click 'Register'. See sample picture below:


STEP 5: The next step is to create a user account by filling out the form. See
sample picture below:


STEP 6: The next step is to confirm your registration. You MUST activate your
FuniMa account. Check your email for a confirmation link (Check your
inbox/spam). See sample below:

STEP 7: The next step is to login to continue your application. See sample picture


For comprehensive info & further details, refer to chapter 1 of the FTUG hardcopy
or 1st link, pg 6 of the softcopy.
If you don't have the FTUG yet but wish to forward an application to tuition-free
universities abroad cum 100% scholarships, quickly visit the link below to get a
copy for yourself:
If you have the FTUG, ensure you've subscribed for free updates!
To do so, visit pg 199 for update link in the FTUG hardcopy or the 1
link that was
sent to you when you purchased the softcopy.
Let's continue this in the FTUG.

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