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Chan, Michelle Anne Sabina D. August 19, 2014

Integrative Reflective Essay for PERSEF

1. The most meaningful module was Module 6, which is about “Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts,
Transforming Lives.” It made me realize which intrinsic treasures, whether tangible and intangible, are
most important to me. In addition, it made me understand the reasons why my beliefs are like that and
interests I have and plan to pursue. Also, I was able to know what my plans ahead are and what age am I
going to reach it because I understand which steps am I undertaking to achieve those plans.

2. Every meeting, I am about to develop myself personally through self-realization and reflection. I get to
know myself more and more. Furthermore, I get to know which career direction I really want to take. My
level of engagement in class is high because I am very active- listening and participating, From time to
time; I get to share my reflection with the class or my partner that eventually is very helpful for me and to
all my classmates.

3. In terms of managing people, I should understand the perspective where they are coming from first.
Then from there, I get to know which leadership style should I use. In terms of handling situations
involving other people, I am surer of myself. Thus, when the group needs direction, I know which
direction should I take them and which areas should I guide them more. In terms of relating to a larger
community, I know how to relate to them better because I am truly sure of my self-identity.

4 It was so hard for me to adjust in college life because it seemed like a big jungle and I’m out there alone
and on my own. Because of PERSEF1, I am able to know which particular group and sets of friends I will
be able to click with. In addition, PERSEF1 helped me know with the coping mechanisms. Because of
PERSEF2, it made me understand which career I want to take. I also knew which steps to make in order
to attain my career goals and objective. Because of PERSEF3, I am able to appreciate my professional
career choice and decision. It made me open to what reality is all about. It made me understand that one I
graduate I will become part of a bigger community which I need to help develop once I am already in the