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... through Bertha Dudde
Explanation about
the ‘existene as a hu!an being" ....
#ou ha$e alread% been on earth &or an in&initel% long ti!e' (hih
%ou an trul% all eternities .... albeit not as a sel&)a(are original
spirit' instead %ou o$er this long path as !inutel% tin% partiles
so that %ou an regain the original state (hih (as %ours in the
*& %ou onsider that %ou tra$elled through all reations .... sine
e$er%thing %ou see around %oursel$es' e$er%thing that is to be
regarded as a (or+ o& reation' !ust be a spar+ o& strength &ro!
,e' other(ise %ou (ould be unable to exist .... then %ou (ill also
learn to loo+ upon these reations as ,% one e!anated spiritual
beings (hih deliberatel% abandoned ontat (ith ,e but
(hih .... sine the% are e$erlasting .... !ust also establish this
onnetion (ith ,e again one da%' beause it is and re!ains the
la( that ,% e!anated strength (ill return to ,e again.
Onl% then (ill %ou -udge the hu!an stage orretl%' in (hih %ou
should establish this onsious onnetion (ith ,e. .nd all
reations around %ou (ill re!ind %ou to stri$e to(ards this &inal
goal i& %ou don"t (ant to tra$el the path through the reations
again' (hih %ou ha$e no( esaped (ith ,% help. .nd the &at
that this is true !ust be belie$ed b% %ou' &or it is on$e%ed to
%ou b% ,% spirit but annot be pro$en .... %et onl% in this (a%
an the (hole o& reation be explained to %ou' and * do so in
$ie( o& the near end' in order to gi$e %ou hu!ans an explanation
as to (hat %ou and the (hole o& reation basiall% are ....
For the &e( (ho are open)!inded reognise the onl% explanation
therein' the% reognise ,% in&inite lo$e' unsurpassed (isdo! and
in&inite po(er .... .nd the% don"t doubt that it is true ....
#et &ar !ore people li$e in spiritual dar+ness and !a+ing the
i!!ense responsibilit% o& earthl% li&e lear to the! (ill be a
di&&iult tas+ and (ill usuall% also be unsuess&ul. But the% (ill
ha$e to be prepared &or a repeated proess through the reations
o& the ne( earth i& * don"t reall the! &ro! earth be&ore.
/o(e$er' i& people (ould &or one onl% seriousl% ponder the
0uestion as to (hat the% are' (here the% o!e &ro! and (hat
their atual tas+ on earth is .... ountless souls o& light (ould
ans(er this 0uestion &or the!' &or these 0uestions (ould result in
one bright thought a&ter another .... and the dar+ness (ould
But as long as a s!all light is not +indled &or %ou' so that %ou
realise %our li&e on earth is the &inal stage o& a proess o&
de$elop!ent a&ter an in&initel% long path o& preli!inar%
de$elop!ent' %ou (ill not li$e %our li&e on earth onsientiousl%
and .... i& %ou don"t li$e a life o& love .... there is great danger
that %our earthl% li&e (ill be a (aste o& ti!e.
On the other hand' i& %ou live a li&e o& love %ou need not know
about %our pre$ious existene and (ill still reah %our goal' &or
onl% love is needed in order to beo!e &ull% !ature on earth.
But sine lo$e has gro(n old during the last da%s be&ore the end
* tr% to address %our intellet b% in&or!ing %ou o& %our long
earthl% progress and explain to %ou the slo( de$elop!ent o& all
reations in a purel% intelletual (a% in order to !a+e %ou to
thin+ about (hat %our God and 1reator intends to ahie$e b%
* onl% tr% to enourage %ou to re&let on this' beause then
beings o& light (ill be able to inter$ene and !entall% ans(er %our
But i& there is no !ore lo$e a!ong people and i& the% also re&use
to spend serious thought on the !atter' then there is no !ore
hope &or their deli$erane' then the la( (ill ine$itabl% o!e into
&ore (hih deter!ines %our rene(ed banish!ent into !atter
#et ,% struggle &or the souls (ill not slo( do(n until the end ....
.nd * (ill send ,% &lo( o& grae (here$er the possibilit% &or a
hange o& (ill still exists in order to inrease the nu!ber o& those
(ho reognise the!sel$es as ha$ing originated &ro! ,e' (ho
(ant to return to ,e again' (ho (ill enter the +ingdo! o& light
and ha$e attained their purpose in li&e .... (ho are and (ill
re!ain ,% O(n &ore$er ....
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