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Part of this material was presented in a speech I gave to “6” owners in Paris. Since that
time I have greatly expanded on the material so that you will be able to pick it up quicker.
So often in our lives we are taught that money will bring us happiness. And yet, in this
world there are many people with money that are misguided and severely depressed. I
want to dedicate this little dissertation to the individuals that attended the Paris 05
seminar and also to those that are reaching for success.

Success in itself has many factors that blend together. Every individual has his or her
own views on what constitute success. This work comes out of a strange phenomena
that I have seen in keeping in contact with individuals that move from one locality to the
next. It seems each locality highlights certain traits in their personality and themes in
their lives. This work goes beyond the surface and deals with the causes of those
changes and what they mean to the individual. I have seen very wealthy individuals
move and begin to loose their wealth. I have seen seemingly uneducated people succeed
in a new locality and it was in these that I began to study the factors that were involved.

So, with that, I sincerely hope that at some point this work is able to help you.

Individual A, Born 11-29-1969 at 4:35 am in Springfield, Illinois has her Pluto at 27
Virgo 07.

According to pages 27 and 30 of “ASCM” by market trader Luther Jensen we have an
MC at 29 Sag 30 (eyeballing). This position “squares” the above natal Pluto position in
this locality. Therefore the natal Pluto is in aspect to the Geographic MC at this locality.

From Solar Fire put in the 11-29-1969, 4:35 am, Springfield, Illinois. Caste the chart
then from the chart screen on the right hand side click <rectify> when the screen pops up
find MC and plug in the following 29 Sg 30 (Sg is solar fire code for Sagittarius) then
hit calculate. Now the function of this lil exercise is to get the Geographic ASC. At this
locality (for once we know the MC we can acquire the ASC) In this case we get the ASC
of 29 Pisces.

So we have the following 2 Mundane points

Geographic ASC for Springfield, Illinois: 29 Pisces
Geographic MC for Springfield, Illinois: 29 Sagittarius 30

Now individual A from above has her natal Pluto at 27 Virgo 07 this “hooks” into the
ASC and MC for this locality….i.e. this Pluto is “active” and in a BAD way (square).

Now the question becomes exactly how will this affect materialize? The answer to that is
given to us by the natal itself. We must focus on 2 factors in the natal (NOT the
geographic natal). 1
is what house this Pluto is in in the natal. 2
is; since Pluto rules
Scorpio, which house in the natal is ruled by Scorpio?


In this natal Pluto is positioned in the 11
In this natal Scorpio rules the ASC. or 1

Lets start to bring these factors together11th house = friends. 1st house is appearance.
We stated that this square is “bad” so we would expect there to be a problem with
friendships due to the appearance.

Because this is a “live” example I can confirm to you dear reader that this individual does
have a problem making friends because she does not dress in the latest fashion. This is
VERY pronounced.

Now I had presented this material in Paris and soon after a gentlemen came up to me and
said that his natal Moon was conjunct the GEOGRAPHIC MC for the locality in which
he lived. Now the Moon Conjunct the MC is neither good nor bad, it is a FOCUS. So he
asked me what this meant. I asked him what house the natal Moon is in and he stated the
(career). I then asked which house was ruled by Cancer (sign affiliated with the
Moon) and he said the 7
(Marriage partner, significant other). So I pulled those 2
together and asked him if he was married and he stated “I am not married because my
career is so changeable and unstable”… you can see, in that sentence that he
connected those factors on his own!

I think we have time for another example here. Lets look at a DIRT POOR family. This
family was so poor that 2 boys and 2 girls shared 1 bedroom in a trailer! Lets examine

Individual A, Born 11-29-1969 at 4:35 am in Springfield, Illinois
Individual B, Born 1-29-1971 at 12:15 am in Springfield, Illinois
Individual C, Born 7-5- 1972 at 5:28 pm in Springfield, Illinois
Individual D, Born 12-11-1979 at 8:47 am in Springfield, Illinois

Now keep in mind that this system shows the IMPACT OF LOCATION ON THE

Geographic ASC for Springfield, Illinois: 29 Pisces
Geographic MC for Springfield, Illinois: 29 Sagittarius 30

First step is to look for planets in the natals that will be “in aspect” to the above
Geographic points.

We will list them here:

Individual A: Pluto at 27 Virgo 07.

Individual B: Pluto at 29 Virgo 30
Individual C: Jupiter at 2 Capricorn afflicted by Pluto at 29 Virgo 30
Individual D: Saturn at 26 Virgo 24

Now we will take a look at which house these planets rule in the natal:

Individual A: Pluto/Scorpio rules first
Individual B: Pluto/Scorpio rules first
Individual C: Jupiter/Sagittarius rules first
Individual D: Saturn/Capricorn rules first.

Note: Individual C has Jupiter conjunct the geographic MC for the location…BUT that
Jupiter is afflicted (rendered useless) by Pluto.

The rulers of the Ascendent (your appearance and environment) in all 4 are in BAD
aspect to the MC of the Springfield location!

Can they change this? Yes, if they choose to move to a locality with “favorable aspects”.

Copyright 2005 Brian James Sklenka.


Finding your country’s midheaven (MC)
Finding your country’s ascendant (AC)
Finding locality house cusps
Comparing your natal to the locality chart

Finding your country’s midheaven (MC)
Every atlas in this world has Greenwich as “the middle of the world” with zero degrees
longitude but the “Jensen scheme” has the pyramids of Giza as the starting point. The
first thing we have to do is to correct this discrepancy. The difference is approx 18’

Giza is 18’ east of Greenwich so if you live west of Greenwich then you have to take the
longitude from the atlas an ADD 18’ to get your “Giza-corrected longitude”. If you live
east of Greenwich you have to SUBTRACT 18’ from your atlas longitude.

We will now put the Zodiac around the world, usually we start the zodiac with zero
degrees Aries, not today, we start with Taurus ! The pyramids of Giza are zero degree
Taurus. See the attached map on the last page.

Looking at the map you will find that a large chunk of Europe has Aries as the MC, most
of Australia has Leo as the MC and so on.

Let’s look at a few examples.

PARIS, France
We see from the map that Paris has an Aries MC. From the Atlas we find that Paris has a
longitude of 220’ East. Since it is east of Greenwich we have to subtract 18’ to get the
Giza-corrected longitude. This gives us a MC of 112’ Aries.

TOKYO, Japan
From the atlas we find that Tokyo has a longitude of 13946’ east
From the map we find that this is in Leo territory, 13946’ east equals 1946’ Leo, but
again we have to subtract 18’ to get the Giza-corrected longitude. This gives us a MC
1838’ Leo
Note that the conversion of, 13946’ into 1946’ Leo is done by counting degrees from
west to east always. Each zodiac sign is of course an increment of 30.

LOS ANGELES, California
From the atlas we find that Los Angeles has a longitude of 11814’ west.
From the map it is difficult to see if this is Scorpio or Sagittarius territory, but we will
figure that out easily. First we do the Giza correction, since this is 11814’ WEST we
have ADD 18’ and get Los Angeles to be 11922’ west. From the map we see that the
first 30 west of Giza are Aries, then 30-60 is Pisces, 60-90 is Capricorn, 90-120 is
Sagittarius territory.
11922’ therefore equals to 038’ Sagittarius. (Jensen has rounded this one to 1 in his
Note that the conversion of 11922’ into 038’ Sagittarius is done by counting degrees
from west to east always. Each zodiac sign is of course an increment of 30.

Finding your country’s ascendant (AC)

The ascendant is decided by the midheaven. We have already found the midheaven so
this will be easy. First we need a “Table of houses”. There is of course a mathematical
way of calculating the AC but that is beyond math 101 so we won’t do that here 
I’m using “The Michelsen book of tables” by Neil F Michelsen, available from most
astro bookstores.

There are two sets of houses in this book, Koch and Placidus. I’ll use Koch in this
This is very easy, first you see if you location is north or south latitude. If it is north you
use the tables for north. If it is south, you use the south tables. In the book I’m using there
are only north latitudes but they can easily be translated into south latitudes. That process
is described in the book on page 21.

Now you scroll through the pages until you find a table with a MC that matches the MC
of your city.

PARIS, France MC 112’ Aries

We find the table with 112’ Aries on page 33. There is no exact 112’ Aries but there is
a 105’ Aries. That is close enough.

The table looks approx. like this

11 12 ASC 2 3 LAT
03ta13 03ge03 00ca55 28ca52 28le52 0
4 24 04 52 02 55 00le38 29 57 5
5 40 06 47 04 56 02 22 01vi00 10
7 04 08 49 07 00 04 05 02 00 15
8 38 11 01 09 08 05 48 03 00 20
8 58 11 29 09 35 06 09 03 11 21
9 19 11 57 10 02 06 30 03 23 22

26 59 00ca42 25 21 17 28 09 12 49

We are concerned with the column marked ASC (ascendant) and the column marked
LAT (latitude). Paris is at 4852’ north. The closest match is the row with 49. In this
row we find the ascendant to be 2521’ cancer. Where did I get cancer from? –look at
the start of the ASC column.

So we now have that the locality MC of Paris is 112’ Aries and the locality AC is 2521’




Since we already have found the MC and the AC we can just as well find the remaining
house cusps. We find them in the same table as we found the AC.
The numbers in the columns are the house cusps:


03ta13 03ge03 00ca55 28ca52 28le52 0
4 24 04 52 02 55 00le38 29 57 5
5 40 06 47 04 56 02 22 01vi00 10
7 04 08 49 07 00 04 05 02 00 15
8 38 11 01 09 08 05 48 03 00 20
8 58 11 29 09 35 06 09 03 11 21
9 19 11 57 10 02 06 30 03 23 22

26 59 00ca42 25 21 17 28 09 12 49

We already know the midheaven and the midheaven is the cusp of the 10
The table only gives us half the number of cusps we need, but that is OK since the other
half is symmetrically aligned:

Now we can place these around the circle

The locality houses in Paris:



Now imagine a man named Gorf Snerf born in Paris
February 5
1990 11:00 AM CED –02:00:00

In his natal chart he will have Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury in the
house. That guy is going to be someone special.

But wait, he is living in Paris, how will that affect him?
-we enter his planets into the locality chart and see

The locality houses in Paris with natal planets added

We note from the above chart that his Natal Mars/Jupiter opposition squares the MC of
this locality. This means that the Natal Mars and Jupiter are “active” at this location. A
square here is bad, so we want to look at 4 factors:

1) The house position of Mars in the Natal Chart
2) The house position of Jupiter in the Natal Chart
3) Which house the sign of Sagittarius is in.
4) Which house the sign of Aries is in.

These houses will negatively impact the individual at this location.
If you have astrology software you don't need to look through the table of houses for the
ascendant. All you do is set a chart for any day at you desired location, then you adjust the time
of the chart until you have the correct midheaven as per Jensen's recipe.
Now the astro software will have automatically calculated all the house cusps including the
ascendant. if your software is good, you'll even have more accurate house cusps than the table of
houses would give you.


Quick and dirty case studies:

Individual Born 4-23-1946, 2:50 PM in Kansas City, Missouri natal ASC circa 1 Virgo.
Problem: Individual feels like an outcast. Problems in Career magnify this.
Cause: True North Node at 22 Gemini squaring the Kansas City MC. (Node in Career

Individual born Dec 26 1956 (Time unknown) living in Santa Monica California.
Problem: Feels thwarted, feels like an outcast.
Cause: Natal Node at 28 ½ Scorpio conjuncting location MC (BUT HERE THE NODE
IS AFFLICTED BY PLUTO)…Not good at all to have afflicted planets/points
“conjunct” the MC as it sets up a “focus of failure”.