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Fifth Schedule Areas

State Areas
Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Adilabad,Srikakulam,
Vizianagaram, Mahboobnagar, Prakasam (only some mandals are
sheduled mandals!
#umka, Godda, #evgarh, Sahabgun$, Pakur, %anhi, Singhbhum
(East&West!, Gumla, Simdega, 'ohardaga, Palamu, Gar(a, (some
distrits are only partly tribal bloks!
Sarbhu$a, *astar, %aigad, %aipur, %a$nandgaon, #urg, *ilaspur, Sehdol,
)hind(ada, +anker
'ahaul and Spiti distrits, +innaur, Pangi tehsil and *harmour sub-tehsil in
)hamba distrit
"habua, Mandla, #har, +hargone, East .imar (khand(a!, Sailana tehsil in
%atlam distrit, *etul, Seoni, *alaghat, Morena
Surat, *harauh, #angs, Valsad, Panhmahl, Sadodara, Sabarkanta
(partso/ these distrits only!
0hane, .asik, #hule, Ahmednagar, Pune, .anded, Amravati, 1avatmal,
Gadhiroli, )handrapur (parts o/ these distrits only!
Mayurbhan$, Sundargarh, +oraput (/ully sheduled area in these
threedistrits!, %aigada, +eon$har, Sambalpur, *oudhkondmals, Gan$am,
+alahandi, *olangir, *alasor (parts o/ these distrits only!
*ans(ara, #ungarpur (/ully tribal distrits!, 3daipur, )hittaurgarh, Siroi
(partly tribal areas!
Note: The North Eastern states such as Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura
and Mizoram are covered by the Sith Schedule and not included in
the Fifth schedule!
4540, S),E#3'E
6Artile 788(9!:
Provisions as to the Administration and Control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled
9; 5nterpretation;-5n this Shedule, unless the onte<t other(ise re=uires, the e<pression
>State> ? ? ? ;9does not inlude the 6States o/ Assam ;76,Meghalaya, 0ripura and
7; E<eutive po(er o/ a State in Sheduled Areas;-Sub$et to the provisions o/ this
Shedule, the e<eutive po(er o/ a State e<tends to the Sheduled Areas therein;
@; %eport by the Governor ? ? ? ;8 to the President regarding the administration o/
Sheduled Areas;-0he Governor ? ? ?;
8 o/ eah State having Sheduled Areas therein shall annually, or (henever so re=uired
by the President, make a report to the President regarding the administration o/ the
Sheduled Areas in that State and the e<eutive po(er o/ the 3nion shall e<tend to the
giving o/ diretions to the State as to the administration o/ the said areas;
Provisions as to the Administration and )ontrol o/ Sheduled Areas and Sheduled 0ribes
8; 0ribes Advisory )ounil;-(9! 0here shall be established in eah State having Sheduled
Areas therein and, i/ the President so direts, also in any State having Sheduled 0ribes
but not Sheduled Areas therein, a 0ribes Advisory )ounil onsisting o/ not more than
t(enty members o/ (hom, as nearly as may be, three-/ourths shall be the representatives
o/ the Sheduled 0ribes in the 'egislative Assembly o/ the State A
Provided that i/ the number o/ representatives o/ the Sheduled 0ribes in the 'egislative
Assembly o/ the State is less than the number o/ seats in the 0ribes Advisory )ounil to
be /illed by suh representatives, the remaining seats shall be /illed by other members o/
those tribes;
(7!5t shall be the duty o/ the 0ribes Advisory )ounil to advise on suh matters pertaining
to the (el/are and advanement o/ the Sheduled 0ribes in the State as may be re/erred
to them by the Governor ? ? ?;9; (@! 0he Governor ? ? ? ;
7 may make rules presribing or regulating, as the ase may be,--
(a!the number o/ members o/ the )ounil, the mode o/ their appointment and the
appointment o/ the )hairman o/ the )ounil and o/ the o//iers and servants thereo/,
(b! the ondut o/ its meetings and its proedure in generalB and
(! all other inidental matters;
C; 'a( appliable to Sheduled Areas;-(9! .ot(ithstanding anything in this )onstitution
the Governor 9? ? ? may by publi noti/iation diret that any partiular At o/ Parliament
or o/ the 'egislature o/ the State shall not apply to a Sheduled Area or any part thereo/ in
the State or shall apply to a Sheduled Area or any part thereo/ in the State sub$et to
suh e<eptions and modi/iations as he may spei/y in the noti/iation and any diretion
given under this sub-paragraph may be given so as to have retrospetive e//et;
(7! 0he Governor may make regulations /or the peae and good government o/ any area
in a State (hih is /or the time being a Sheduled Area; 5n partiular and (ithout pre$udie
to the generality o/ the /oregoing po(er, suh regulations may- (a!prohibit or restrit the
trans/er o/ land by or among members o/ the Sheduled 0ribes in suh areaB (b!regulate
the allotment o/ land to members o/ the Sheduled 0ribes in suh areaB (!regulate the
arrying on o/ business as money-lender by persons (ho lend money to members o/ the
Sheduled 0ribes in suh area;
(@!5n making any suh regulation as is re/erred to in subparagraph (7! o/ this paragraph,
the Governor ???;@ may repeal or amend any At o/ Parliament or o/ the 'egislature o/ the
State or any e<isting la( (hih is /or the time being appliable to the area in =uestion;
(8!All regulations made under this paragraph shall be submitted /orth(ith to the President
and, until assented to by him, shall have no e//et;
(C!.o regulation shall be made under this paragraph unless the Governor ???;8 making
the regulation has, in the ase (here there is a 0ribes Advisory )ounil /or the State,
onsulted suh )ounil;
D;Sheduled Areas;-(9! 5n this )onstitution, the e<pression >Sheduled Areas> means
suh areas as the President may by order ;9 delare to be Sheduled Areas;
(7! 0he President may at any time by order;7 - (a!diret that the (hole or any spei/ied
part o/ a Sheduled Area shall ease to be a Sheduled Area or a part o/ suh an areaB
@ inrease the area o/ any Sheduled Area in a State a/ter onsultation (ith the Governor
o/ that StateB:
(b!alter, but only by (ay o/ reti/iation o/ boundaries, any Sheduled AreaB
(!on any alteration o/ the boundaries o/ a State or on the admission into the 3nion or the
establishment o/ a ne( State, delare any territory not previously inluded in any State to
be, or to /orm part o/, a Sheduled AreaB
6(d! resind, in relation to any State or States, any order or orders made under this
paragraph, and in onsultation (ith the Governor o/ the State onerned, make /resh
orders rede/ining the areas (hih are to be Sheduled AreasB: and any suh order may
ontain suh inidental and onse=uential provisions as appear to the President to be
neessary and proper, but save as a/oresaid, the order made under sub-paragraph (9! o/
this paragraph shall not be varied by any subse=uent order;
E; Amendment o/ the Shedule;-(5! Parliament may /rom time to time by la( amend by
(ay o/ addition, variation or repeal any o/ the provisions o/ this Shedule and, (hen the
Shedule is so amended, any re/erene to this Shedule in this )onstitution shall be
onstrued as a re/erene to suh Shedule as so amended;
(7!.o suh la( as is Mentioned in sub-paragraph (9! o/ this paragraph shall be deemed
to be an amendment o/ this )onstitution /or the purposes o/ artile @DF;