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Information and Communications Tecno!o"#
$rade 1%
Module 1: Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs)
&uarter I ' rs(
Grade Level Standard:
Tis is a s)ecia!i*ation course +ic !eads to Tecnica! Draftin" Nationa!
Certificate Le,e! II -NC II.( It co,ers fi,e -/. core Com)uter0Aided Dra+in"
-CAD. com)etencies tat a $rade 1% Tecno!o"# and Li,e!iood Education
-TLE. student ou"t to )ossess1 name!#2 1. )re)arin" Com)uter0Aided Dra+in"
-CAD.3 2. !a#outin" structura! detai!s3 4. !a#outin" e!ectrica! and e!ectronic
detai!s '. !a#outin" sanitar# and )!um5in" detai!s3 /. !a#outin" mecanica!
Te )re!iminaries of tis s)ecia!i*ation course inc!ude te fo!!o+in"2 1.
discussion on te re!e,ance of te course3 2. e6)!anation of 7e# conce)ts
re!ati,e to te course3 and 4. e6)!oration on career o))ortunities(
Content Standard
Te !earner demonstrates understandin" of one8s 9ersona!
Entre)reneuria! Com)etencies in Tecnica! Draftin"(
Performance Standard
Te !earner inde)endent!# creates a )!an of action tat stren"tens and
or furter de,e!o)s is:er 9ECs in Tecnica! Draftin"(
Learning Competencies
• De,e!o) and stren"ten 9ECs needed in Tecnica! Draftin"(
I. Introduction
Tis teacin" "uide +i!! !ead #ou in effecti,e!# and efficient!# teac
modu!e 13 moreo,er1 tis +i!! "uide #ou in determinin" re!e,ant and a))ro)riate
teacin" tecni;ues and strate"ies tat +i!! tai!or fit to te !earnin" needs and
demands of te !earners to ma7e tem 5est understand1 a))reciate and 5e
ins)ired in rea!isin" te im)ortance of entre)reneursi) and te entre)reneuria!
com)etencies re!ated to Tecnica! Draftin"(
Tis modu!e +i!! a!so )ro,ide !earners an o))ortunit# to 7no+ tat
Indi,idua!s )ossess different 9ECs1 tese 9ECs inc!ude caracteristics1
attri5utes1 !ifest#!es1 s7i!!s1 or traits tat ma7e a )erson different from oters(
Li7e+ise1 +en one a!i"ns tese com)etencies +it te com)etencies of
successfu! )ractitioners or entre)reneurs1 e or se ma# 5ecome read# to face
te e6)eriences of startin" a 5usiness or 5ein" em)!o#ed(
Moreo,er1 tis modu!e is desi"ned to stimu!ate te !earners mind to tin7
a5out entre)reneursi) and its ro!e in te communit# and to economic and
socia! de,e!o)ment(
II. !"ectives
<it #our assistance and te "uidance of tis modu!e1 !earners are
e6)ected to understand te under!#in" )rinci)!es and conce)ts of 9ECs
more )articu!ar!# in2
0 identif#in" areas for im)ro,ement1 de,e!o)ment and "ro+t3
0 a!i"nin" !earners 9ECs accordin" to #our 5usiness or career coice3 and
0 creatin" a )!an of action tat ensures success in #our 5usiness or career
III. Presentation of Content
• $uide !earners in a))reciatin" and understandin" 9ECs in order to 5e
successfu! in 5usiness or in te +or!d of +or7 5# sarin" : te!!in" tem
ins)irin" rea! !ife stories of successfu! 5usinessman and or +e!!07no+n
+or7ers in te fie!d of Tecnica! Draftin" in #our )ro,ince(
• E6)!ain to !earners te im)ortance of assessin" teir 9ECs(
• $uide !earners in ma7in" tem understand te im)ortance of
entre)reneurs and entre)reneursi)(
• $uide !earners in identif#in" and com)reendin" te o5=ecti,es of tis
• Uti!i*e te sam)!e )re0assessment test a,ai!a5!e in te !earnin" modu!e
or craft a com)reensi,e teacer made test to assess !earner8s )rior
7no+!ed"e and s7i!!s in 9ECs(
• E,a!uate te resu!t of te assessment and )re)are a )!an of action to
strate"ica!!# address te !earnin" needs and re;uirements of te
Guide Questions
• >a,e !earners acti,e!# )erform tas7 21 and !et tem sare teir ans+ers
and re!e,ant e6)eriences to te c!ass(
• 9rocess !earners understandin" on te "uide ;uestions )resented on
tas7 2(
Learning Goals and Target
• >e!) !earners in uti!i*in" a,ai!a5!e tecno!o"# : resources in )!annin" teir
o+n !earnin" "oa!s and tar"ets as ref!ected on )a"e ?(
Group Activity
• $rou) !earners ten !et tem )erform Tas7 4 and !et tem sare teir
tou"t to te c!ass(
• 9rocess !earners understandin" and "uide tem in arri,in" to a re!e,ant
and acce)ta5!e "enera!i*ation(
IV. #no$% Process% &eflect and 'nderstand% and (ransfer
• Discuss:)resent te im)ortance of assessin" )ersona! entre)reneuria!
com)etencies and s7i!!s ,is0@0,is a )racticin" entre)reneur or em)!o#ee3
)ro,ide a so!id e6am)!e of an entre)reneur or em)!o#ee e6istin" in #our
• E6)and !earner8s curiosit# 5# as7in" essentia! ;uestions on te im)ortant
caracteristics: traits:attri5utes and s7i!!s of a "ood entre)reneur(
• Assist:$uide !earners in understandin" te entre)reneuria! com)etencies
-caracteristics1 traits1 attri5utes and s7i!!s. and s7i!!s of "ood
• >a,e an a))ro)riate1 re!e,ant and time!# !earnin" acti,it# for te !earners
to a))reciate te 5est entre)reneuria! com)etencies(
• Assess !earner8s 7no+!ed"e1 s7i!!s and understandin"( Uti!i*e te resu!t of
te assessment to im)ro,e te !earnin"(
• Let !earners accom)!is tas7 ' -9ECs Cec7!ist. on )a"e 1% A 11( Let
tem a,e teir o+n inter)retation or )ersona! insi"ts 5ased from te
accom)!ised tas7(
• Baci!itate student0to0student interactions and )rocess !earners
e!lect and "nderstand
• Dee)en !earners understandin" on 9ECs 5# "uidin" tem to accom)!is
tas7 / -Inter,ie+. on )a"es 11 0 1'(
• Baci!itate a))ro)riate !earnin" acti,ities to finis te tas7(
• Encoura"e !earners to re)ort teir accom)!isments to te c!ass(
• 9rocess !earners understandin"(
• Assist !earners in indi,idua!!# accom)!isin" tas7 C -9re)aration of a 9!an
of Action. on )a"e 1'( Let tem inte!!i"ent!# craft teir o+n )!an of action(
>a,e !earners )resent tis on c!ass and )rocess teir understandin"(
• $uide !earners in ans+erin" essentia! ;uestions )resented on tas7 ?
-Essentia! &uestions. a,ai!a5!e on )a"e 1/(
• >a,e !earners sare teir ans+ers to te c!ass and ten )rocess teir
• 9ro,ide !earners more concrete e6am)!es and enricment acti,ities to
furter dee)en teir understandin" a5out 9ECs and its im)ortance in
da#0to0da# !i,in" as future entre)reneurs or +or7ers(
• 9ro,ide !earners a))!ica5!e acti,ities +ere5# te# can transfer to te
communit# +at te# a,e !earned(
• Let !earners uti!i*e a,ai!a5!e resources in te communit# to accom)!is
te tas7(
). *eed!ac+
Pre #Post Assessment
1( E C( B
2( K ?( C
4( > D( I
'( A E( D
/( F 1%( B

)I. &eferences
1( Modu!e /1 9ro=ect EASE1 Effecti,e and Afforda5!e Secondar# Education
2( tt)2::+++(entre)reneur(com:artic!e:??'%DGi6**2t+)H$'EA
4( tt)2::+++(tetimes1%%(co(u7:teor#:teor#00o))ortunities0constraints0
'( tt)2::+++(tetimes1%%(co(u7:teor#:teor#00constraints00
/( tt)2::+++(tetimes1%%(co(u7:teor#:teor#00constraints0on0)roduction00
C( tt)2::+++(tetimes1%%(co(u7:teor#:teor#00)roduction0and0resource0
?( tt)2::+++(tetimes1%%(co(u7:teor#:teor#00nature0and0ro!e0of0