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May 2014

Request for Quotation No. UNFPA/PAK/SHOP/14/013
Hiring of Consultant for end term evaluation of Project Review
of “Improving the Lives of the girls by preventing from Child

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Terms of Reference
Project review of “Improving the lives of girls by preventing from child marriages” for
collecting best practices
In 2012, on the platform of United Nations Adolescent Girls Task Force lead by UNFPA
offered a small grant to Sujag Sansar Organization based in Taluka Johi, District Dadu Sindh.
It was a competitive process in which five organizations were selected and SSO was among
them. SSO piloted a behaviour change communication programme at community level and
capacity building of key stakeholders such as nikhakhwan, mulla, tehsil & district authorities,
police and parliamentarians to sensitize them on the issue of early and child marriages. This
pilot project has created awareness in 10 villages of Taluka Johi, advocated for delaying
marriage and keeping girls in schools for their social and physical well being, the project has
also strengthened monitoring mechanism to curb child marriages by facilitating the process
of establishing ‘Anti- Child marriage committees’ at Union Council level and developing their
linkages with district level service provider; Human Rights Cell At District Police Office.
Project overview:
The project has three key components, one is awareness raising using interactive theatre
technique and radio messaging at the community level, second component was establishing
anti-child marriage committees at the community level as monitoring mechanism to stop
cases of early and child marriages in 10 villages of Taluka Johi. The third component was
capacity of building of journalist, nikhakhawan, tehsil/district authorities and area police to
sensitize them on the issue and take control over child marriages.
Project Outcomes:
The project outreach was in 10 villages through 30 theatre performances and a total of
7,483 members of community got benefit. Four advocacy walks were organized in which
1934 male/females doctors, journalists and elected representative participated. They were
briefed about the issue and as result of strong advocacy they assured their support for
establishing Anti Child Marriages Committees.
14 messages on child marriage issue were recorded on local FM radio in Sindhi language and
were on aired for two weeks during project period. The coverage of radio programme was
approx. upto 500,000 listeners in Dadu district and Tehsil Johi.
380 key stakeholders such as parliamentarians, journalist, district management and local
CBOs and CSOs participated in district level seminar.
30 Anti Child Marriages Committees (comprising 150 male and female members) were
formed, motivated through authentic information, and briefed about their roles and
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Purpose of assignment:
early marriage and lesson learnt of key components of this pilot.

aling up of this pilot

Desk review of project reports and unfpa County Programme-08
In-depth interviews of SSO management, selected nikhakhwan, tehsil/district authorities,
mulla, members of anti-child marriage committees, journalists etc.
Focus group discussions with girls, boys, parents, community leaders in selected villages
Responsibilities of Consultant:
1. Review project proposal, interim and final project report of two months pilot project with
2. Conduct in-depth interviews for the documentation of best practices and lessons learnt
3. Conduct focus group discussions (FGDs) with girls, boys, parents, community leaders and
religious leaders in selected districts/areas to record the impact of project
4. Prepare guidelines for in-depth interview and FDGs
5. To assess the role and effectiveness of anti child marriage committees
6. To assess the role of NADRA in marriage registration at Tehsil level
7. Identify specific human stories of early marriages
8. To identify the gaps and challenges of pilot project
9. Device recommendations for scaling up of this intervention in other districts
10. Suggest way forward in line with ASRH output 1.2, CP-08

1. A final report of best practices and lesson learnt of child marriage pilot project
2. Data collected and analyzed in SPSS
3. Human stories of child marriage
4. Pictures from the field

Required qualification:

of work experience in the development sector

Time period:
15 working days