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Names Names Pay Rate Age Age Names Pay Rate Age

John John >24 <51 John >24
Dave Dave Dave >30
Names Pay Rate Age
Bill J 15.25 $ 21
Fred L 17.00 $ 22
Mary W 12.35 $ 23
Dave H 14.85 $ 24
Terry K 17.20 $ 25
Mary W 15.86 $ 26
Jim B 16.03 $ 27
Dave K 16.21 $ 29
Jill J 16.38 $ 29
Tony W 16.56 $ 30
John Y 16.73 $ 31
Dave K 16.91 $ 45
John R 17.08 $ 55
Fred L 22.00 $ 34
John Y 17.43 $ 20
Mary A 17.60 $ 36
Dave P 17.78 $ 35
Terry R 17.95 $ 38
Mary Q 18.13 $ 28
Jim Y 18.30 $ 40
DaveF 18.48 $ 50
Use the "Criteria range" in the Advanced Filter to refer to the 3 criteria above
Names Pay Rate Age
Bill J 20.00 $ 21
Fred L 17.00 $ 22
Mary W 12.35 $ 23
Dave H 14.85 $ 24
Terry W 17.20 $ 25
Mary W 15.86 $ 26
Bill W 16.03 $ 27
Dave K 16.21 $ 29
Jill J 16.38 $ 29
Tony W 16.56 $ 30
Sam Y 23.00 $ 31
Dave K 16.91 $ 45
John R 17.08 $ 55
Fred L 22.00 $ 34
John Y 17.43 $ 20
Mary A 17.60 $ 36
Dave P 25.00 $ 35
Terry W 17.95 $ 38
Mary Q 18.13 $ 28
Jim Y 18.30 $ 40
Dave F 18.48 $ 50
Use the "Criteria range" in the Advanced Filter to refer to the 3 criteria above
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Data Cleaner for Microsoft Excel *
Data Loader for Microsoft Excel *
DigDB Excel Add-in Toolkit
Directory Lister for Microsoft Excel *
Duplicate Finder for Microsoft Excel *
Duplication Manager
Easy Checkbook for Microsoft Excel *
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Filter Assistant for Microsoft Excel *
Find And Replace-Excel
Floor Cost Estimator For Microsoft Excel
Forecasting Tools Graph
Formula Manager *
Formula Reference and Sheet Index *
General Cost Estimator For Microsoft Excel
Histogram Creator for Microsoft Excel *
Home Cost Estimator For Microsoft Excel
JEM Plus (Excel Add-in)
Job Cost Controller For Microsoft Excel
Link Finder for Microsoft Excel *
Loan Assistant for Excel *
Macro Button Assistant for Excel *
Macro Remover *
Microsoft Excel Tool Kit for Microsoft Excel Savings!  *
Money Tracker For Excel *
Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel
Multi-Cell Goal Seeker for Microsoft Excel *
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NeuroXL Predictor For Excel
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Print Assistant for Microsoft Excel *
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The File & E-Mail Assistant *
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