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Uttara University

Department of Industrial Engineering
Semester: Summer-2013
Batc: 3
Sylla!us of "ffered #ourses
IE1001 Introduction to fasion and cloting industry
#redit $alue 2
# Basic concept of fashion & style. Definition and difference between fashion & style, fashion
forecasting, How to be a fashion designer, define and use of fashion terms, Explain the scope,
economic importance of fashion industry.
- nderstanding !ndi"iduality and the #ource of $reati"ity
- Design as $reati"e %hin&ing and 'roblem #ol"ing
( )esponsibilities of Designers
( %he Basic Design 'rocess
( !ntroduction to $olour
IE1002 Englis #ommunication S%ills
#redit $alue 2
&rammar : *rticles ,'repositions ,+oice, Basic sentence structure ,
%ransformation of sentences, #ub,ect(+erb *greement

'istening s%ill
nderstanding a "ariety of speech sounds, listening for specific information
listening for o"erall comprehension.
Spea%ing s%ill
$orrect pronunciation with proper intonation and accent, *rticulation etc.
)eading s&ill-
.riting s&ill-
'aragraph writing, /etter .riting, .riting )eports and precise
0otions1 2unctions.
IE100( Basic Dra)ing S%ills
#redit $alue 2
+isuali3ation #&ills
- /ine4
- 'erspecti"e4
- 2D4
- 5D4
- %exture4
- $olour4
- se of templates etc
IE 100* +istorical Evolution of ,e-tile and costume:
#redit $alue 5
67 %he de"elopment of costume from ancient to the 8odern %imes with consideration of the historic, social
and economic settings.
i7 $onsideration of the historic, social and economic settings,
• %he begging of dress
• $onsideration of the *ncient %imes
• $ostume of the 8iddle *ges
• $ostume of the )enaissance period
• $ostume of the 69
$entury and till now
ii7 Historical costume of Bangladesh(cultural and economic significance.
2.History of 2abrics
i7 %he de"elopment of wea"ing among primiti"e people of the world.
• %he principles of the looms of ancient !ndia, Bangladesh and Egypt
with special emphasis on cotton and flax.
• History of the following wo"en textiles of Bangladesh with emphasis
on fibre, texture,design, color and wea"ing techni:ue.
i7 ;amdani, ii. Dha&ai 8uslim, iii. )a,shahi #il&, i". %angail handloom sarees, ". <rameen chec&. +i. cotton
gamchha and &hadi, "ii. %ribal.
%he growth and de"elopment of textile industries in Bangladesh-
• Historical de"elopment of ready made garments
• $ulture de"elopment in textile and clothing
• 2unctional and technological de"elopment in textile and clothing
#tudy of Bangladeshi $rafts and Embroidery-
• =antha of different region
• #hawls and /ungis of the tribes
• #il& sarees of 8irpur
• Embroidery $rafts
IE1010 Bangladesh #tudies
#redit $alue 3
%he sociological perspecti"e primary concepts. *ctors of social life social structure, process and social
institutions. , $ulture and ci"ili3ation. $ity and country4 #ocial changes of
*. *ncient Bengal
B. Bangladesh from 6>96
! <eographical detail of Bangladesh( *rea population, weather, geographical
important features.
!! $ulture and tradition of Bangladesh.
a. 'rofessionals of Bangladesh
b. Historic places of Bangladesh
c. 2esti"als of Bangladesh
d. <ames of Bangladesh
e. 8usical heritage of Bangladesh
f. 8usical instruments of Bangladesh
g. %raditional crafts of Bangladesh wea"ing, pottery, stitch craft, Bamboo and cane
craft, metal craft, wood craft shell cone craft etc.
h. $ostume of Bangladesh.
$. %ribals of Bangladesh( /ocation, culture and costume
D. 0ational Economic status of Bangladesh !ncome <enerating #ectors ?
a. *griculture( 'addy, ;ute, %ea
b. %extile( )8<, .o"en & &nit garments
c. 2rogen foods
d. @thers
E. )ecommendations for de"elopment of Bangladesh