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Republic of the Philippines

Jose Rizal Memorial State University
Dipolog City Campus
Pre!are" #y$ CAHERINE PAGE REALI%A, R&N&' M&N&' C&R&N&' U&S&R&N&' (&S&E&)&'
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Part I& M,lti!le C.oi+e& En+ir+le t.e +orre+t ans/er&
1. Originally, psychology was derived from two Gree words! "logos# and "psyche#. $hat
does it mean%
a. &tudy of self c. &tudy of the unconscious
b. &tudy of the soul d. &tudy of Psychiatry
'. $hat is the branch of psychology that deals with the study of basic fundamental
principles of human behavior.
a. (ehavioral Psychology c. General Psychology
c. Physiological Psychology d. )bnormal Psychology
*. $hich statement is least liely true%
a. Psychology is a common sense.
b. Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior of living organisms.
c. Psychology is a dynamic discipline that attracts discernment and curiosity.
d. Psychology is chiefly concerned with human behavior.
+. $ho established the first psychological laboratory in ,eip-ig in 1./0 and then regarded
as the founder of modern e1perimental psychology and nown as the father of
a. 2a1 $ertheimer c. )ristotle
b. $illiam 3ames d. $ilhelm $undt
4. $ho is the 5nglish naturalist and geologist from 5ngland widely nown for his 6heory of
7atural &election or the evolution of 2an%
a. Charles Darwin c. $ilhelm $undt
b. 5rnst $eber d. $illiam 3ames
8. 6his is the goal in which psychologists gather information about the behavior being
studied and to present what is nown. Choose among the choices.
a. Description b. 51planation c. Prediction d. Control
/. 6o control behavior they use this science in discovering ways on what is already nown
about people to benefit others and to solve more immediate problems. Choose among the
a. (asic science b. )pplied science c. 9ealth science d. &ocial science
.. $hich school of thought says that the "whole is more than the sum of its parts#.
a. Psychoanalysis b. &tructuralism c. :unctionalism d. Gestalt
0. )ll are elements of the mind e1cept one. :ind the error or the intruder.
a. &ensations b. ;nconsciousness b. <mages d. )ffections
1=. $ho is the 5nglish philosopher who based his belief that nowledge comes from
everyday e1perience, scientific observation and common sense, rather than from the
application of reason alone%
a. 6homas 9obbes b. &igmund :reud c. 3ohn ,oce d. Ren> Descartes
11. )ccording to &igmund :reud, what is the royal road in understanding the unconscious%
a. :ree associations b. Dream analysis c. &ensations d. )ffections
1'. $hich school of thought emphasi-es that foresight and desire leads to development%
a. :unctionalism b. &tructuralism c. Progressivism d. Psychoanalysis
1*. 7esle?s @ob is woring with a lawyer and a detective. &he goes with him always during
any case investigations that he conducts. 6hey wor hand in hand on interrogating people
and at understanding the motive of the crime. 2oreover, she aids him with her
understanding of psychology, to tear a hard not in a case, thus helping out an innocent
from being sentenced. &elect the branch of psychology 2s. 7esle applied.
a. :orensic Psychology c. Cognitive Psychology
b. ,egal Psychology d. Clinical Psychology
1+. 2aori and 2ar had a child. 6hey were ecstatic that their son 2enard was born.
9owever, 2enard is different from other children. 9e was also happy, but showed
unhappiness to learn. 9e did not start speaing until he was a year old and a half, but too
incomprehensible terms. &he figured out that their child needs help. 6hey then see the
aid of a psychologist. )t the age of 4, after regular consultation he was as capable as any
other children out there. <dentify the specialty of 2s. 7esle.
a. Developmental Psychology c. Clinical Psychology
b. Personality Psychology d. (iopsychology
14. 6his deals with the application of psychological concerned in the field of law relation the
study of human behavior. &elect an answer.
a. Psychometric Psychology c. ,egal Psychology
b. 6herapy and counseling d. 9uman 5ngineering
Part II$ Read the two cases that describe wors carried out by psychologists in the different sub
fields. <dentify the branch of psychology it refers and write on the bo1 provided.
Case 0& 6he psychologist at the college of health sciences welcomed identical twins
learning in the health officers program. 6he purpose of the interview is to observe
similarities in the behavioral and personality traits of the two. 6he interest of the
psychologist is to compare twins who have had lived together almost all their lives with
those who have been separated from birth. <n line with this, the psychologist is seeing to
determine the relative importance of heredity and e1perience on the behavior of the
twins. A' pointsB
Case 1& ) researcher on the laboratory table removed the adrenal glands from a brown
)ustralian marsupial mouse. 2ale members of the species show a sort of matching
dance. )fter five to twelve hours of continuous se1 they die. 9owever, this behavior only
occurs during a twelveCwee period. 6he researcher believed that the adrenal glands
trigger this furious se1ual behavior in response to seasonal varieties in the length of day
and change in temperature. A' pointsB
Part <<<. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. $rite if the statement
is true and write 2 if the statement is false.
'=. DDDDD 6he father of 2odern Philosophy is 6homas 9obbes.
'1. DDDDD 7atural selection essentially states that Ethe strong survive.E
''. DDDDD Psychoanalysis deals with the study of consciousness.
'*. DDDDD <ntrospection is a method which ass a person to verbali-e thoughts and feelings
without censorship.
'+.DDDDD :unctionalism is the study of the structure rather than the function of
consciousness and was interested in how the mind adapt to our changing
'4. DDDDD <n Gestalt?s approach it is a mistae to analy-e psychological events into pieces,
or elements.
'8. DDDDD $atson focus on the study of observable behavior which enabled him formulate
clear hypotheses.
'/. DDDDD 6he <d, 5go and &uperego are :reud?s basic personality structures.
'.. DDDDD 5ducational psychology is devoted to the assessment and remedy of problems
encountered in education.
Part <<<. 2atch the following approaches by writing the letter on the space provided.

DDDDD '0. <t focuses on how our genes, hormones and a. Cognitive approach
nervous system interact with the environment
to influence our learning and personality
DDDDD *=. 6he type of approach in which your mind b. (iologic approach
is conditioned not to be afraid of things you are
afraid of.
DDDDD *1. <t is the approach which stems from childhood c. CrossCcultural
e1periences and of things that we are not truly aware of approach
DDDDD *'. <t tells how your ethnicity impact who you are. d. Psychoanalaytic
DDDDD **. 6his concerns about how one?s function changes e. 5volutionary
in order to adapt to changes. Often, it concerns about the approach
"survival of the fittest#.
DDDDD *+. 3ohn (. $atson related his studies to this approach. f. 9umanistic
DDDDD *4. 5mphasi-es that each individual has great freedom in g. (ehavioral
directing hisF her future approach
Part I3& Essay 45 !oints ea+. n,m#er6
1. &tate on your own words what is basic science. Defend your answer.
'. Compare dualism to monism.
*. $hat is the relationship between forensic psychology to legal psychology.
+. 6ell the difference of educational psychology to school psychology.
4. 51plain what a theory is.