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Any one who looks seriously at today’s business environment?
Will have considerably difficulty in finding an industry that
changes as rapidly as advertising marketing.
A strategy or technique or even a type of advertising organization that
works may be less effective tomorrow yet fundamentals eist that remains
constant throughout the year.
!leet card promotion and marketing also completely depends on
advertising so we analyze awareness of fleet cards on thr basis of the
different mode of customer.
"he pro#ect is totally focused on promotion of fleet cards

According to $otler advertising can attempt%&
• to convey information
• alter perception
• stimulate desire
• produce convection
• direct action
• provide reassurance
' would like to warmly thank all those people who have contributed to this
work with their valuable support and interest allowing me to enrich this
pro#ect with many different( multidisciplinary aspects.
' do not find words of appreciation to epress my deep gratitude and indebt
ness to )*. + ) $achroo ,+*-)( retail sales( ./-0 1.+$20W3 for
allowing me to do the training in this department ' would like to thank to
)*. 4ishal /andey ,!155" )A*$5"'26 0!!'+5*( ./-0(
1.+$20W3 for his supervision( enthusiasm( inspiration and effort to
eplain things clearly and simply during the course of pro#ect( throughout
the entire period of pro#ect he provided encouragement( propitious guidance(
constructive criticism( sound advice( good company and lot of good ideas
without his knowledge and perceptiveness ' would never have finished. ' am
etremely thankful to head of the department providing official facilities.
' would specially thank and give regard to )r /adam /andey , -r. manager
retail sales3 who was a real help in completing our pro#ect. ' needed his
guidance in preparation of our questionnaire7 this research would be in
completed with the blend of ineperience if his help were unavailable to me.
Table of contents
1. 585+."'45 -.))A*9 :&;
<.  '2=.-"*9 /*0!'15
 '2='A2 0'1
@. !155" +A*=- ?;&?A
?. *5-5A*+B

1')'"A"'02- :1
;. A2A19-'- :<&;?
>. *5+0))=A"'02 ;:
A. A2258.*5 ;;&;C
C. E'E1'06*A/B9 >D
'ndian 0il +ompany 1td. ,5std. 1C:C3 and 'ndian *efineries 1td. ,5std.
'ndian 0il +orporation 1td. ,'ndian 0il3 was formed in 1C;? through the
merger of 't is currently 'ndiaFs largest company by sales with a turnover of
*s. <<D(>>C crore ,.- G:1 billion3( the highest&ever for an 'ndian company(
and profits of *s. >?CC crore ,.- G1.>@ billion3 for fiscal <DD;. 'ndian 0il is
also the highest ranked 'ndian company in the prestigious !ortune F6lobal
:DDF listing( having moved up 1A places to the 1@:th position this year based
on fiscal <DD; performance. 't is also the <Dth largest petroleum company in
the world.
"he main purpose of this research was to promote H to do
marketing of fleet cards( and to check the awareness
of fleet card amongst the transport companies.
"he )ethodology for the research included a field survey with structured
questionnaires( answered by the transport companies and truck drivers.
A representative sample of 1DD respondents was drawn from the transport
companies and truck drivers.
A very focused and structured questionnaire was designed based on the
parameters of amount of fuel used by the transport companies( weekly
consumption( awareness of fleet cards( usage of fleet card and other services
requirement of transport companies and truck drivers.
"he data was collected from 1.+$20W ,../.3( area ma#orly focused on
"*A2-/0*" 2A6A* which solely has >: transporters their. "he entire
study was completed in ;D days time period.
According to the data obtained it has been found that 'ndian oil corporation
is not having a very good position amongst the transporters most of the
"ransporters are not very specific for using the fuel. Eut those transporters
who are very specific for using the fuel use reliance fuel. '0+ comes on the
second position on it.
C>I of the transporters using the fuel are satisfied with the quality of fuel
they are using. -till they want different other kinds of facilities from the oil
companies which include lower rate( credit facilities( parking facilities( and
tire( -"=( and fa availability.

"he awareness of fleet card of 'ndian oil among the transporters is not very
good( ;<I of them don’t know about the fleet card. <;I of the transporters
are using the fleet card. According to transporters *51'A2+5 is better
performing than '0+. ?<I of the transporters give their vote to reliance(
where only @@I gives their vote to '0+.
"he ma#or findings of our research is that which company fuel is being used
by the transport companies( which company is better performing( what kind
of other facilities( transporters required and what is the level of awareness of
fleet card of 'ndian oil.
"he data has been collected from primary and secondary sources. !or
primary data collection we framed a questionnaire( which has filled by
discussions with transport companies and truck drivers( secondary data is
obtained from 'nternet.
/rimary data( i.e.( questionnaire gives information about the company( their
weekly consumption( no. of trucks owned by the company( working area of
the company( awareness of fleet card of 'ndian oil( performance of 'ndian
oil( services required by the transport companies.
-econdary data( i.e.( the company’s background( history( ma#or competitors(
market share and growth rate of the company all are obtained from internet.
"he report should be read bearing in mind following limitations. "he questionnaire
was not answered with eact figures and views by the managers of transport
companies. -ome of them answered irrational figures and views because these are
answered by the managers after various requests
Oil & Gas E!lo"ation
0il H 6as provides for @:I of 'ndia’s energy requirements
't is a critical input for downstream industries like petrochemicals( fertilizers and
+rude oil demand is currently about 11; ))" while the domestic production of
crude is @@.? ))"
+rude oil imports increased by >I p.a. during the last @ years
2atural gas demand is about 1:D ))-+)= ,<DD?3 while the domestic supply is
only A1 ))-+)=
-everal ma#or gas finds have taken place in 'ndia in the last few years
0il and 2atural 6as +ommission ,026+3 and 0il 'ndia 1imited ,0'13( both public
sector companies( are the largest with about A@I share of the total domestic oil and
gas production
"he 5ploration and /roduction ,5H/3 sector is witnessing increasing private sector
participation% both domestic H foreign
'n the last four years( private sectorJK4 companies have made @< significant
hydrocarbon discoveries
"he world’s largest gas discovery in <DD< ,about : trillion cubic meters3 was made
by *eliance 'ndustries 1td.
'nternational 5H/ companies like Bardy 0il H 6as( 2iko *esources and +airn
5nergy are already present in 'ndia
1DDI !=' is allowed in the eploration of +rude 0il and 2atural 6as through the
automatic route
"he 2ew 5ploration 1icensing /olicy ,251/3 is in place ,since 1CCA3 to facilitate
/rivate sector participation in 0il and 6as eploration
0ver 1DA oil blocks have been awarded since 1CCC via : rounds of global
competitive bidding under the 251/ programme
A +oal Eed )ethane ,+E)3 /olicy has been formulated which provides for
attractive fiscal and contract terms for the eploration of +E) blocks
/etroleum and 2atural 6as *egulatory Eoard Eill to be enacted shortly & will result
in the setting up of an 'ndependent *egulator for 0il H 6as

Se'i(enta") *asins in In'ia
+rude 0il demand is pro#ected to increase to about 1CD ))" by <D1<
*ising global +rude 0il prices have triggered increased 5 H / focus to epand
domestic production
6as demand is epected to reach @@D ))-+)= by <D1<
A +A6* of 1DI for the net seven years
'ncreased use of gas for power generation( petrochemicals( fertilizers and city gas
distribution will drive demand growth
6rowing demand supply mismatch provides ample opportunities for investment
5ploration and production of +rude 0il( 6as and +E)
"he 6overnment is actively promoting the creation of -trategic 0il H 6as reserves
through partnerships with the private sector
@<I of the 'ndian sedimentary area is uneplored L discovery of oil fields by
investors such as +airn 5nergy and Mgiant’ gas fields by *eliance( 026+( etc.
indicate a large potential for profitable investment in eploration
'nvestment need of G>&A billion in eploration and production by <D1D
De(an' S+!!l) Mis(atc,
Nat+"al Gas
De(an' S+!!l) Mis(atc,
- C"+'e Oil

NA ma#or diversified( transnational( integrated energy company( with
national leadership and a strong environment conscience( playing a
national role in oil securityH public distributionO
• "o achieve international standards of ecellence in all aspects
of energy and diversified business with focus on customer
delight through value of products and services( and cost
• "o maimized creation of wealth( value and satisfaction for
the stakeholders.
• "o attain leadership in developing( adopting and assimilating
state&of& the&art technology for competitive advantage.
• "o provide technology and services through sustained
*esearch and =evelopment.
• "o foster a culture of participation and innovation for
employee growth and contribution.
• "o cultivate high standards of business ethics and "otal
Puality )anagement for a strong corporate identity and
brand equity.
• "o help enrich the quality of life of the community and
preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong
environment conscience.
After covering a host of standalone refineries, we now shift our focus
towards the refining and marketing (R&M) aspect of the energy value-
chain. e start with this segment !y analy"ing the !iggest player on
the !lock, #$%.

#$%, the largest oil refining and marketing company, is #ndia&s largest
company in #ndia in terms of sales (over '( ) *+ !n in ,-.+). #$%,
along with its su!sidiaries, %hennai /etroleum %orporation 0imited
(%/%0) and 1ongaigaon Refinery and /etrochemicals 0imited
(1R/0), owns 2. out of the 23 refineries in the country (4*5 of the
refining capacity in the #ndia). #$% and its su!sidiaries account for
465 of the petroleum products market share among pu!lic sector oil
companies, and +75 of the downstream pipeline throughput capacity.
Segmental analysis
8he refining capacity of #$% has registered a %A9R of 2.+5 over the
period under consideration (,-.2 to ,-.+). 8he reason for the lower
growth for the period under consideration is the e:pansion in refining
capacity from ,-77 to ,-.2. ;owever, the growth in the refining
capacity over the period ,-73 to ,-.+, is +.25 %A9R for #$% as
compared to nearly 2.5 for the industry. 8he company has lined up
am!itious e:pansion plans to increase its refining capacity and to
foray into the e:port of refined products. 8he capacity utili"ation has
increased from 3<5 in ,-.2 to 7*5 in ,-.+, !acked !y increased
demand for petroleum products during the period. #$% has ensured
de-!ottlenecking and low-cost e:pansion of its e:isting refineries, in
addition to new grass root refining capacity !uild-up. Also, the crude
assay (the a!ility to process different types of crude) for the refineries
is !roadened over the years.
Refining a!aity "tili#ati$ns
(in MMTPA) FY01 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06
throughput 33.22 33.76 35.29 37.66 36.63 38.52
Refinery capacity 38.15 38.15 39.95 41.35 41.35 41.35
Capacity 87.1% 88.5% 88.3% 91.1% 88.6% 93.2%
8he sales volumes from ,-.2 to ,-.+ have registered a meager
growth of ..*5 %A9R, as compared to the overall growth in
consumption of petroleum products !y =.=5 %A9R in the
corresponding period. 8he reason for the slower growth rate of #$%
vis->-vis consumption growth is deregulation of the sector, which
!rought in faster growth of other pu!lic and private sector companies
in the country.
Sales V$l"me analysis&
(in MMTPA) FY01 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06
Doe!tic 47.8" 47.17 46.46 46.8" 48.86 47.52
#$port 1."2 ".9" 1.1" 1.81 1.96 2."9
%otal 48.82 48."7 47.56 48.61 5".82 49.61
8he sales-to-refining throughput for #$% has decreased over the
period, due to faster growth in refining capacity compared to growth
in sales volumes over the period. 8his has improved the !usiness mi:
of the company over the period, as the e:ternal dependence is
reduced from 435 (,-.2) in terms of the volumes to =75 (,-.+).
;owever, increased competition on the part of /(' marketing
companies in addition to the increasing presence of private marketing
companies in form of Reliance and ?ssar, has posed a challenge for
Re'"ing e(te)nal 'e!en'ene $*e) t+e yea)s&
(in MMTPA) FY01 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06
&ale! 48.82 48."7 47.56 48.61 5".82 49.61
33.22 33.76 35.29 37.66 36.63 38.52
147."% 142.4% 134.8% 129.1% 138.7% 128.8%
#$% has a widespread network of pipelines for transportation of crude
and petroleum products. 8he pipeline throughput for #$% has
increased from *7.4 million metric tones per annum (MM8/A) in
,-.2 to 46.4 MM8/A in ,-.+, thus registering a %A9R of *5 over
the period. 8he ma@or !enefits perpetuating from the 7,... kms of its
widespread pipeline network have !een in the form of lower
transportation costs for the company.
#$% has set its sights to reach '() +. !n in revenues !y the year
,-22 from the current level of '() *+ !n earned in ,-.+. 8he road
map to attain this milestone has !een laid through vertical integration
- forward integration into petrochemicals and !ackward integration
into e:ploration and production (?&/), !esides diversifying into
natural gas and glo!ali"ation of its marketing division.
#n this write-up, we have e:plained the !usiness segments of the
company and their performance over the past few years. #$% is the
!iggest refining company in the country and has an eAual presence in
the refining and marketing segment. 8he fine !lended presence of the
company in !oth segments leads to lower segmental !usiness risk
and lower fluctuations in its earnings. #$% is the only refining
company having a presence in Borth #ndia (one of the ma@or
consumption centers). Refining capacity in the country is skewed,
with western #ndia contri!uting 4<5 of the total installed capacity,
whereas the demand for petroleum products spread evenly across
the country. 8hus, transportation of petroleum products from the
surplus refining regions to the deficit regions involves a cost, which to
an e:tent, is not the case with #$%, as its has a well-spread refining
capacity over the country, with the north contri!uting to the e:tent of
**5 of the total refining capacity of the company.
#$% has recently tied up with a '( firm for improving its product
Auality for its Coyali refinery in 9u@arat, which we !elieve is a step
taken to increase e:ports. 8he company is also !uilding an e:port-
oriented refinery at /aradeep (capacity 26 MM8/A) to foray into the
e:port markets of (outh ?ast Asian countries.
,urther, as we mentioned a!ove, in order to secure its crude oil
reAuirements and diversify across the value chain, the company is
moving into !ackward and forward integration. During ,-.+, the
company !agged two oil !locks in 0i!ya in addition to 22 !locks
domestically. #$% is also diversifying into the petrochemicals
!usiness. #t has earmarked a sum of Rs *.. !n for investment !y
,-2= for this purpose.
;owever, a key risk to #$%&s plans is the fact that venturing into
!usinesses like petrochemicals and oil and gas ?&/ involves a
significant level of risk. (uch !usinesses reAuire high levels of
technical e:pertise, involve significant cape: outlays and are
9enerally highly regulated sectors glo!ally. 8herefore, #$% will not
only have to spend large amounts of money on cape:, it will also
need to !uild skills to effectively compete in these !usinesses. 8o that
e:tent, there is a risk to the company&s future plans, although they
may !e in the right direction in terms of !ecoming an integrated
transnational energy ma@or, like its glo!al peers such as ?::on Mo!il,
(hell and 1/.
Yea) 2006/03 2005/03 2004/03 2003/03 2002/03
(ales 174(895.12 139(214.32 116(888.54 1"9("49.96 1"1(458."7
Ear 5 25.63 19.1" 7.19 7.48
/rofit After 8a: 4(915.12 4(891.38 7(""4.82 6(114.89 2(884.66
Ear 5 ".49 )3".17 14.55 111.98
Co(!a"in1 it to t,e last )"s an' t,e co""es!on'in1 !"e2io+s fi2e )"s3
t,e"e is ascen'in1 1"o4t, in t,e sales 5+a"te" an' t,e 'escen'in1
1"o4t, in t,e PAT col+(n.
T,e 1ene"al t"en' is on t,e lo4e" si'e of t,e 1"o4t,.

Yea) 2006/03 2005/03 2004/03 2003/03 2002/03
/rofit After 8a: 4(915.12 4(891.38 7(""4.82 6(114.89 2(884.66
Ear 5 ".49 )3".17 14.55 111.98
Yea) 2007/03 2006/03 2005/03 2004/03 2003/03
$/M (5) )1.95 ".5" 5.2" 8.79 8.35
Ear 5 )49"."" )9".38
If 4e loo6 at t,e PAT col+(n 4e co+l' see t,e 2olatilit) on t,e !"ofit
le2els3 4,ile if 4e loo6 at t,e o!e"atin1 !"ofit (a"1ins t,e) ,a2e
'escen'e' f"o( t,e follo4in1 )"s an' 1one to ne1ati2e t,e !ossible
"eason fo" t,is (a) be0 t,e ca!ital e!en'it+"e an' t,e 1o2e"n(ent
T,e !"ofitabilit) "atio0

Return on 8otal Assets (R$8A) -./01
Return on capital employed (R$%?) 2.2/1
Bet profit margin /.321
T,is is (eas+"in1 t,e le2el of !"ofitabilit). 7 is 1ene"all) ta6en as t,e
!e"centa1e to net sales of t,e co(!an).

Ke) s,o"t te"( li5+i'it)0
%urrent Ratio 4.42
Fuick Ratio 0.56
T,is "atio 1ene"all) ta6es a loo6 a"o+n' o2e" t,e s,o"t te"( li5+i'it) of
t,e co(!an) it is 1ene"all) t,e abilit) to co2e" all its s,o"t te"(
liabilities of t,e co(!an). I'eall) "atio of t,is 6in' s,o+l' be 808. In t,e
case of In'ian oil t,e cas, is !"o!e"l) (ana1e' an' t,e) a"e in a
!osition to co2e" its c+""ent 'ebts.
Ke) lon1 te"( li5+i'it) "atios0
9earing Ratio 67.3-1
#nterest %over 5.65
T,e"e is a 1oo' a(o+nt of t,e inte"est co2e"a1e "atio b+t t,e 1ea"in1
"atio of t,e co(!an) is too (+c, on t,e ,i1, si'e.
C$m!any Sales 8)s ).9 PAT 8)s ).9 Ma):et Ca! 8)s ).9
#ndian $il %orporation 0td. 2<4,376.2= 4,726.2= 62,2+4.<3
Reliance /etroleum 0td. .... .... 6.,36....
1harat /etroleum %orporation 0td. <6,6**.*. =72.+6 22,7<+..3
;industan /etroleum %orporation 0td. <2,4*..+= 4.6.+* 3,<76.4*
?ssar $il 0td. +47.=< -7*.+3 +,26*.4<
Resea)+ S"mma)y
1 G)$;t+ ,ast < <4 Ma) <4 Ma) <4 Ma) P=E Rati$ PEG Rati$
yea)s /003> /002> /003>
<4 Ma) /002 <4 Ma) /006 <4 Ma) /006
<4 Ma)
<4 Ma) /002
#ndian $il %orporation
)21.41 1.23 )1."" ".15 9."2 7.33
) 138.24 *+ *+ 5.24 )
#BD#A ) 27.72 2".8" 54.28 16.99 )
F"o( t,e abo2e state(ents it is 5+ite e2i'ent t,at it ,as
+n'e"!e"fo"(e'. T,e !"os!ectin1 t,e f+t+"e 1"o4t, an' t,e !otential of
ta!!in1 t,e f+t+"e (a"6et it 4as 5+ite e2i'ent to sa) t,at t,is co(!an)
4ill be t,e (a"6et o+t !e"fo"(e" of it.s secto".
#$% aims to !ecomeGtransnational oil ma@orH in the ne:t few years.
#$% plans to initially spread its wings through smaller markets where
ma@or multinationals do not wish to play a larger role. 8he company,
which has recently taken over 2.. retail outlets in (ri 0anka, plans to
sell petrol and diesel through its own !randed retail outlets in
Mauritius from April-May =..4. #$%, which has set the target of
controlling =. per cent of MauritiusI fuel reAuirements, will initially
open seven retail outlets to sell diesel and petrol on the island
!eginning April-May ne:t year. 8he company plans to set up
infrastructure worth around )23 million in Mauritius and )44 million in
(ri 0anka where it will shortly take over another 26. retail outlets from
the 9overnment-owned %eylon /etroleum %orporation 0td. 8he
Mauritius deal was struck through a 9overnment-to-9overnment
agreement, similar to the one with (ri 0anka. According to the
company, #$% has more such plans under way. 8he company is also
looking at the Russian market. #$% is already e:porting more than
*,... tons of lu!es and greases to markets in (outh-?ast Asia and
Africa apart from the (AAR% countries
'ndian *efineries 1td. was formed with )r !eroze 6andhi as +hairman.
'ndian 0il +ompany 1td. was established on @Dth Kune 1C:C with )r -.
2i#alingappa as the first +hairman.
Agreement for supply of -$0 and B-= was signed with the then .--*.
).4% R.zhgorodR carrying the first parcel of 11(@CD tonnes of B-= docked
at /ir /au Ketty in )umbai on 1>th August 1C;D.
6uwahati *efinery was inaugurated by /t. Kawaharlal 2ehru.
+onstruction of Earauni *efinery commenced.
!oundation was laid for 6u#arat *efinery
'ndian 0il Elending 1td. ,a :D%:D Koint 4enture between 'ndian 0il and
)obil3 was formed.
'ndian 0il +orporation 1td. was born on 1st -eptember( 1C;? with the
merger of 'ndian *efineries 1td. with 'ndian 0il +ompany 1td.
Earauni *efinery was commissioned.
"he first petroleum product pipeline from 6uwahati to -iliguri ,6-/13 was
6u#arat *efinery was inaugurated by =r. -.*adhakrishnan( the then
/resident of 'ndia.
Earauni&$anpur /ipeline ,E$/13 and $oyali& Ahmedabad product /ipeline
,$A/13 commissioned.
'ndian0il/eople maintained the vital supply of /etroleum products to
=efence in 1C;: War.
"he first long&term agreement was signed for harmonious employee
Baldia Earaurii /ipeline ,BE/13 was commissioned.
Eitumen and )arine Eunker business began.
"echno&economic studies for Baldia&+alcutta( Eombay&/une and Eombay&
)anmad /ipelines submitted to the 6overnment.
'ndian0il undertook the marketing of )adras *efinery products.
'ndian 0il acquired ;DI ma#ority shares of 'E/.
"he same was offloaded in favor of the /resident of 'ndia under a =irective
in 1C><.
=ealershipJreservation was etended to war widows( disabled =efence
personnel( !reedom !ighters( etc. after 1C>1 War.
*H= +entre was established at !aridabad.
SERVO( the first indigenous lubricant was launched.
!oundation&stone of )athura *efinery was laid by )rs 'ndira 6andhi( the
then /rime )inister of 'ndia.
'ndian 0il Elending 1td. ,'0E13 became the wholly owned subsidiary of
'ndian 0il.
)arketing =ivision attained a new watershed with a market participation of
Baldia *efinery was commissioned.
)ultipurpose =istribution +enters were introduced at 1@< *etail 0utlets
pioneering rural convenience.
/rivate petroleum companies nationalized.
Eurmah -hell became E/+.
*H= +entre launched 2utan wick stove.
/hase&wise commissioning of -alaya&)athura +rude 0il /ipeline ,-)/13
Earauni *efinery and Eongaigaon *efinery and /etrochemicals 1td. ,E*/13
affected by Assam agitation.
"he second 0il -hock was witnessed as a result of 'ranian *evolution.
+rude 0il price flared to a new high of G@< per barrel.
=igboi *efmery and Assam 0il +ompanyFs ,A0+3 marketing operations
were vested in 'ndian 0il. 't became Assam 0il =ivision ,A0=3 of 'ndian
)athura *efinery was commissioned.
)athura&Kalandhar /ipeline ,)K/13 was commissioned.
)assive augmentation of 1/6 storage and distribution facilities was
/roposal for the ; ))"/A *efinery at $arnal was submitted at an estimated
cost of *s l( 1A1 +rore.
"aluka $erosene =epots ,"$0s3 were commissioned for improved
availability of kerosene in rural and hilly areas in addition to )ultipurpose
=istribution +enters.
!oreshore terminal at $andla /ort was commissioned.
'ntegrated +orporate /lanning &ten year /erspective /lan and five year 1*/
"he new office comple for the *egistered 0ffice of the +orporation and
Bead 0ffice of )arketing =ivision with a total area of <@(11D square meters
was completed.
Additional +oking .nit at Earauni *efinery commissioned.
A new !oreshore "erminal at )adras commissioned.
"est marketing of : kg. 1/6 cylinders began in 1CA;&A> in 6aro Bills and
=!* of $arnal ,/anipat3 *efinery was submitted to the 6overnment of
-alaya&)athura /ipeline ,-)/13 was suitably modified for handling
Eombay Bigh +rude during winter.
$andla&Ehatinda /ipeline ,$E/13 pro#ect was approved.
"he first 1/6 Eottling /lant of Assam 0il =i4ision ,A0=3 at -ilcher was
=igboi *efinery )odernisation pro#ect was initiated.
Eunkering facility at /aradip was completed.
*evamp of 4acuum =istillation .nit at )athura *efinery was completed.
"wo of the 'ndian0il "able "ennis players represented the nation at
Earcelona 0lympic 6ames.
2ew era of )icro&processor based =istributed =igital +ontrol -ystem
,==+-3 replacing the pneumatic instrumentations began in *efineries( in
phased manner.
'ndiaFs !irst Bydrocracker .nit was commissioned at 6u#arat *efinery.
4ision&<DDD( the *etail 4isual 'dentity programme was launched to upgrade
facilities at *etail 0utlets.
1(??@ km. long $andla&Ehatinda /ipeline ,$E/13 was commissioned at
"he lndane Bome -hoppe was launched.
-tate&of&the&art 1/6 'mport "erminal at $andla with a capacity of ;( DD(DDD
tones per annum were commissioned.
1 million metric tone per annum ,))"/A3 new +=. at Baldia *efinery
was eecuted with in&house supervision.
"he first batch of one year 'nternational )EA ,i)EA3 programme was
successfully conducted by 'ndian oil 'nstitute of /etroleum )anagement
+ommercial production of -5*40''' "ite 6rease commenced at the
worldFs first "ite /lant at 4ashi( Eombay.
Eusiness =evelopment received new thrust.'ndian 0il entered into 126
business through /etronet 126 &a K4 company.
/anipat *efinery was commissioned.
Baldia( Earauni +rude 0il /ipeline ,BE+/13 was completed.
"he Administrative /ricing )echanism ,A/)3 was withdrawn from the
*efining -ector effective 1R April 1CCA. /hase&wise dismantling of A/)
'ndian 0il Eoard was reconstituted under the 2avaratna concept( with the
induction of five part&time non&official independent =irectors.
'ndian Bydrocarbon 4ision &<D<:R was announced at /5"*0"5+B&CC(
organized by 'ndian 0il on behalf of the oil 'ndustry.
'ndia attained self&sufficiency in *efining.
=iesel Bydro&desulphurization .nits commissioned at 6u#arat( /anipat(
)athura and Baldia *efineries.
)anthan && the '" re&engineering pro#ect was launched.
'ndian 0il crossed the turnover of the magical mark of *s l( DD(DDD +rore &&
the first +orporate in 'ndia to do so.
"he 'ndian 0il !oundation && a non&profit trust && the first of its kind in
+orporate 'ndia( was unveiled to protect( preserve and promote the countryFs
9<$ compatibility achieved.
K2/" "erminal was commissioned.
"he 1ube Elending /lant at Asoti and the 0nce through Bydrocracker .nit
at )athura refinery were commissioned.
'ndian 0il entered into 5ploration H /roduction ,5H/3 with the award of
two eploration blocks to 'ndian 0il and 026+ consortium under 251/&'.
=igboi *efinery completed 1DD years of continuous operation.
+hennai /etroleum +orporation 1td. ,+/+13 and Eongaigaon *efinery and
/etrochemicals 1td. ,E*/13 were acquired.
!luidised +atalytic +racker .nit at Baldia *efinery was commissioned.
Augmentation of $andla&Ehatinda /ipeline ,$E/13 to A.A ))"/A
5ight 5ploration blocks awarded to the 'ndian 0il consortium under 251/&
"wo +oal Eed )ethane ,+E)3 blocks awarded to the consortium of 'ndian
0il and 026+ under +E)&'.
"he investment proposal for 'ntegrated /8J/fA pro#ect at /anipat was
A/) dismantled. /ricing of /etroleum products decontrolled.
'E/ +o. 1td. was acquired with management control.
Earauni *efinery epansion pro#ect completed.
2ew generation auto fuels '0+ /remium and =iesel -uper introduced.
1anka '0+ /vt. 1td. ,1'0+3 launched in -ri 1anka.
*etail operations began in -ri 1anka. 'ndian 0il became the first 'ndian
/etroleum +ompany to begin downstream marketing operations in overseas
market. 1anka '0+ became an independent oil company in -ri 1anka
6asahol( :I ethanol blended petrol( was introduced in select states.
'2=)A8 unit at 6uwahati *efinery commissioned.
'ndian 0il "echnologies 1td. for marketing intellectual properties of *H=
centre was launched.
!oundation -tone of /anipat *efinery 5pansion and /8J/"A pro#ects laid.
)aiden 1/6 supplies to /ort Elair
$4-/1 ,/roduct3 /ipeline commissioned
+oncept of 8"*A( covering *etail 0utlets and customer service( launched
-5*40 became a -uper Erand
'ndian 0il named as nodal agency by )o/H26 to undertake research in the
areas of production( storage( distribution and utilization of hydrogen gas as
an alternative fuel.
"he foundation stone of 'ndian 0il’s /anipat *efinery epansion ,; to 1<
))"/A3 pro#ect and /8J/"A plant ,::@ ")"/A3 pro#ect laid at /anipat.
'ndian 0il turned a 6as marketer by sale of regasified 126
'ndian 0il )auritius 1td.’s 1A ")" state&of&the&arts 0il -torage "erminal at
)er *ouge commissioned
1anka '0+ /vt. 1td. ,1'0+3 launched in -ri 1anka.
*etail operations began in -ri 1anka. 'ndian 0il became the first 'ndian
/etroleum +ompany to begin downstream marketing operations in overseas
market. 1anka '0+ became an independent oil company in -ri 1anka.
6asahol( :I ethanol blended petrol( was introduced in select states.
'2=)A8 unit at 6uwahati *efinery commissioned.
'ndian 0il "echnologies 1td. for marketing intellectual properties of *H=
centre was launched.
!oundation -tone of /anipat *efinery 5pansion and /8J/"A pro#ects laid.
)aiden 1/6 supplies to /ort Elair.
$4-/1 ,/roduct3 /ipeline commissioned.
+oncept of 8"*A( covering *etail 0utlets and customer service( launched.
-5*40 became a -uper Erand.
'ndian 0il Eoard approves merger of subsidiary 'E/ with parent company
'ndian 0il in )ay.
'ndian 0il )auritius ,'0)13 terminal inaugurated.
'ndian 0il became the only oil /-. in the country to adopt instruments of
risk management in international trading and commerce( derivatives trading
to protect refining margins.
'ndian 0il pays the highest&ever dividend of <DI ,for fiscal <DD@3(
amounting to *s <?:@ crore( to shareholders.
'ndian 0il signs )o. with '') ,Ahmedabad3 to offer one&year /ost
6raduate /rogrammes in )anagement ,5nergy3 to be conducted at ''/)(
'ndian 0il signs )o. with Baryana government to set up the *s ;@DD crore
2aptha +racker H /olymer +omple at /anipat.
* H = +entre bags the prestigious 2ational "echnology Award for
successful commercialization of '2=)A8 technology for conversion of low
value heavy petroleum residues into high value 1/6.
'ndian 0il moves up by two places to the 1ACth position in the !ortune
F6lobal :DDF ranking based on fiscal <DD@ performance.
'ndian 0il’s *s 1<?A crore 1AE ,1inear Alkyl Eenzene3 plant( the worldFs
largest single train kerosene&to&1AE unit( was commissioned at 6u#arat(
thus signaling 'ndian 0il’s entry into petrochemicals business.
'ndian 0il signs )emorandum of +ollaboration ,)o+3 with )ahindra H
)ahindra to roll out the countryFs first hydrogen vehicle in the net two
'ndian 0il’s ;D km&long *s >; crore /anipat *ewari /roduct /ipeline
'ndian 0il signs )o. with 2epal 0il +orporation 1imited to lay a product
pipeline between *aaul ,'ndia3 and Amlekhgan# ,2epal3.
"he year marked 'ndian 0il’s entry into gas business. As co&promoter of
/etronet 126 1imited( complete quantity of gas ,<.:< ))-+)=3 allotted
to 'ndian 0il was sold out and commercial supplies commenced April <DD?
'ndian 0il was voted as the most trusted petrol pump brand in the country in
a survey of 'ndiaFs most trusted brands conducted by the 5conomic "imes
Erand 5quity.
1'0+ ,1anka '0+3( 'ndian 0il’s subsidiary( created history on the +olombo
stock echange as the biggest ever equity issue. 1'0+Fs '/0 offering <:I
stake was oversubscribed 11.; times on the first day itself.
"he year marked 'ndian 0il’s big ticket entry into the high stakes business of
5H/. "he 'ndian 0il and 0il 'ndia consortium signed its 5ploration and
/roduction -haring Agreement ,5/-A3 with the 2ational 0il +orporation of
1ibya for Elock 2o. A;( in the -irte basin of 1ibya.
'ndian 0il’s )athura *efinery was the first refinery in 'ndia to attain the
capability of producing entire quantity of 5uro&''' compliant diesel by
commissioning the *s 1D?; crore =B=" ,=iesel hydro treating unit3.
)athura *efineries also commissioned 'ndiaFs first )- quantity up
gradation unit to produce 5uro&''' compliant petrol.
'ndian 0il becomes the top oil trading company amongst national oil
companies in the Asia /acific region for the second consecutive year.
'ndian 0il signs a -upply /urchase Agreement ,-/A3 to procure 1.>:
))"/A 126 to be received by the last quarter of <DDC at /etronet 126
1imited =ahe# terminal.
'ndian 0il breached the *s 1:D( DDD crore mark in sales turnover by
clocking *s 1:D( ;>> in turnover in fiscal <DD?.
'ndian 0il signed a K4 agreement with 6A'1 to enter the city gas
distribution pro#ects in Agra and 1ucknow.
'ndian 0il allowed by 6overnment of 'ndia to charter crude oil ships on its
own instead of going through "ranschart( the chartering wing of the )inistry
of -hipping.
SERVO is 'ndiaFs largest selling lubricant brand. SERVO range of
lubricants en#oys approvals from ma#or 0riginal 5quipment
)anufacturers ,05)s3 including new generation cars. C(DDD
*etail 0utlets and a countrywide network of SERVO --ls and
--As Eazaar traders offer SERVO range of lubricants to
"he SERVO range of lubricants is used in almost every application
covering automotive( industrial and marine sectors. SERVO range
of lubricants is fast emerging as a 6lobal Erand with wide
acceptance in .A5( )alaysia( )auritius( Eangladesh( Eahrain( -ri
1anka( 2epal( 9emen( $enya( $uwait( Eurkina !aso( *eunion
'slands and other markets. SERVO has been designated as a
S%PER*RAND. SERVO has genuine oil tie ups with a wide
range of companies like Byundai( )aruti( Ea#a# and 1ancer. Anil
$umble( the ever dependable sporting icon is SERVO Erand
=eveloped eclusively at 'ndian 0il’s world&class *H= +entre at
!aridabad( there is a SERVO lubricant for virtually every single
application. With over ?<I market share and ?:D grades( the
countryFs leading SERVO brand lubricants from 'ndian 0il are sold
through over A(1DD 'ndian 0il petrolJdiesel stations( over 1(@DD
SERVO -hops and a countrywide network of bazaar traders.
'ndian 0il% 'ndane 1/6as is used in ?D )illion homes as cooking
fuel and commands over ?AI market share in 'ndia. 'ndane 1/6as
is marketed through a network of ?@:D 'ndane distributors. Widely
used in commercial sectors like industries( hotels H restaurants(
medical labs( etc. A> 'ndane Eottling /lants are spread across the
country with a combined bottling capacity of @.>> ))"/A. 2ew
and convenient : kg 'ndane 1/6as cylinders introduced in rural
and hilly regions for wider use by economically weaker sections.
'ndian 0il’s auto 1/6 brand Autogas is the leader in the segment.
)arketed through a network ?A stations out of an industry total of
1D@ Auto 1/6 =ispensing -tations.
)eets complete Aviation !uel requirements of the =efense
-ervices and for over >: =omestic and 'nternational airlines
besides private aircraft operators. 'ndian0ilAviation -ervices is
'-0 CDD< certified and entrusted with W'/ refueling for national
and overseas dignitaries. 'ndian 0il’s prompt( courteous and F2o&
=elayF Aviation !uel -ervice has received accolades from ma#or
customers. Always on call for providing services in eigencies of
war and peace.
'ndian 0il Aviation -ervices has a market share of ;:I with a
network of C: Aviation !uel -tations ,A!-3 'ndian 0il Aviation
-ervices is not only the largest aviation fuel marketer in the
country but also the most preferred supplier of #et fuel for
customers in 'ndia and abroad. 'ndian 0il Aviation -ervices serves
over >1 'nternational airlines besides the domestic airlines in 'ndia.
!rom "hiruvananthapuram in the -outh( to 1eh in the 2orth. !rom
/orbandar in the West to Siro in the 5ast.
'ndian 0il Aviation -ervices covers 'ndia like no one else. 'n fact(
every 1.; minutes( an aircraft is being refuelled by 'ndian 0il
Aviation -ervices( somewhere in the country. 't also caters to over
CDI demand of the 'ndian =efense services( besides the sensitive
requirements of W'/ flights at all the airports and at remote
helipadsJhelibases across the 'ndian subcontinent. 'ndian 0il
Aviation -ervices not only maintains world&class standards in
operations and safety but also conforms to the stringent global
quality requirements of Aviation !uel storage and handling.
/resently( 'ndian 0il has earned this accreditation for thirteen
ma#or Aviation !uel -tations including at all international airports.
5leven of the fourteen quality control
laboratories have also earned this
accreditation. 'ndian 0il is also the
first in 'ndia to have adopted a
Puality +ontrol 'nde -ystem based
on a quality audit. !ourteen =6+A
approved 'ndian 0il laboratories
spread across the country carry out
full specification tests for Aviation
'ndian 0il’s Aviation -ervices( with ;AI market share( meets the
fuel and lubricants needs of domestic and international flag
carriers( =efense -ervices and private aircraft operators through C@
aviation fuelling stations. Eetween one sunrise and the net( 'ndian
0il refuels over CDD aircrafts. 'n fact( the refueling never stops and
neither does our customer service( which is round the clock. "he
wing’s foreign echange earnings during the year <DD<&D@ touched
*s. ACA crore.
Autogas ,1/63 has been introduced in Byderabad( Eangalore and
)umbai markets. "his alternative fuel is a good business
proposition in the long term( and 'ndian 0il intends to further
epand its marketing in a big way.
'ndian 0il offers 8tra/emium /etrol and 8tra)ile =iesel( which
are the best your vehicle can get. 'ndiaFs first C1 0ctane petrol(
8tra/remium is reinforced with multifunctional additives
including F!riction EusterF. Available at nearly <DDD *etail 0utlets
nationwide( Bt"aP"e(i+( offers %
.-uper )ileage and -uper /ick&up
T5nhances cleaning of engines
T)inimizes ehaust emissions
T*estores peak engine power and acceleration
T*educes maintenance cost
8tra)ile( 'ndian 0il’s new generation Bigh -peed =iesel with
world&class additives has taken a leadership position in the market.
Available at nearly ??DD *etail 0utlets nationwide( Bt"aMile
5tra mileage &6reater Acceleration
!aster pick&up &1ower maintenance +osts
1onger engine life &5nhanced overall performance
5liminates engine knockings
1aunched on -ept. <?( <DD<( the premium auto fuels &
8tra/remium and 8tra)ile ,originally '0+ /remium and =iesel
-uper respectively3( mark a new beginning for 'ndian 0il and offer
a new genre of convenience and enhanced comfort for our
'ndian 0il’s 8tra/ower !leet +ard /rogram is a complete fleet
management solution for !leet 0wners J 0perators and +orporate.
8tra/ower is a -mart +ard based !leet +ard /rogram( which
facilitates cashless purchase of fuel H lubes from designated retail
outlets of 'ndian 0il through fleible prepaid and credit facilities.
"he fleet card program also offers an eciting *ewards /rogram
and unique benefits like personal accident insurance cover and
vehicle tracking facilities.
'n #ust under two years of its launch( 'ndian 0il’s 8tra/ower !leet
+ard has recently emerged as the largest fleet card in the country(
having crossed the one million mark.
8tra/ower is not only the most comprehensive and largest fleet
card in 'ndia but also the card with the widest *etail 0utlet
coverage with more than <;@: retail outlets in its network. "he
average sales usage on the card alone has touched over *s. 1<
crore a day and at this level( it has locked in about <<I of the !leet
market share in the retail segment.
Any !leet 0wnerJ0perator( +orporate or business entity owning or
operating commercial vehicles can become a member of
8"*A/0W5* fleet card program at a nominal annual charge.
5ach !leet owner is issued one !leet +ontrol +ard and vehicle&
specific !leet +ards for every vehicle enrolled under the program.
!or enhanced security( the fleet card transactions are authorized
through unique /ersonal 'dentification 2umber ,/'23. )oreover(
the card can help track each vehicle’s movement across remote
corners of the country ,on E-21’s cellular network3 and improve
4ehicle utilization generating productivity reports on route
compliance( idle time( distance covered( average speed etc.
8tra/ower is backed by 'ndian 0il’s vast infrastructural network as
well as service providers through its dedicated site -ome of the salient features of 8tra/ower
are !leible /re&paid and +redit options( +ard 1imits for better
control( web&based allocation of funds on specific cards( +ard&to&
+ard !und "ransfer( Attractive *eward program( !ree personal
accident insurance cover for !leet 0wner( =river( +o&driver and
Belper7 option for *eal time truck tracking at subsidized cost(
'nterest&free credit with an option for customer to choose from
more than one credit partners( widespread coverage at over <;DD
outlets all over country( discounts on purchases through reward
points( redemption of points not only for fuel H lubes but also for a
wide range of consumer goods an novelties.
'n short( the 8tra/ower !leet +ard /rogram offers you( not #ust
amazing convenience H security but also an opportunity to
translate all your dreams into a reality.
"o cater the high growth areas of 2ational Bighways forming a
part of 6olden Puadrilateral and 2&-( 5&W corridors( 'ndian 0il
has launched !lagship 0utlets( which have been branded as
N-wagatO *etail 0utlets.
"he facilities in the -wagat outlets is designed for( Eest PHP
standards in the industry through *etail 0utlet site and tank truck
automation "hird party certification through Eureau 4erities
!ortnight sampling thru Puality Audit 0fficers "raining through a
professional agency for the =ealer
'ncentives available on fuel purchases in the form of loyalty points
redeemable against fuelJlubes and other rewards.
Availability of Bt"aMile and Bt"aP"e(i+(
!orecourt standards% strict housekeeping and maintenance
standards ensure consistence performance in terms of service( on
time( every time.
2on&fueling offering tailored to increasing driver comfort and
2on& fueling offering through MEest&in&class’ alliance on eclusive
basis wherever possible ,communication( foodJrest( healthcare(
parking( vehicle care.3 "here are 111 such M-wagat’ !lagship *0s
planned across the country of which ?: M-wagat’ !lagships have
already been commissioned with a complement of fuel and non&
"he launch of 8tra+are was the culmination of a series of plans in
retail design( product and service upgradation( capability training(
automation( loyalty programme( retail site management techniques
all benchmarked to global standards. While the industry standard is
to take samples on a quarterly basis( 'ndian 0il has moved several
steps ahead by introducing fortnightly random sampling with
specific importance given to *02 ,*esearch 0ctane 2umber3
sampling which is truly the definitive test for quality and quantity.
"he surveillance audits by E4 are being done on a more
comprehensive basis. 'n another pioneering move( the third party
certification( by E4( is also being done( for the first time( on a
range of parameters that include hygiene( service( and efficiency of
fore court( allied services and customer satisfaction.
"he non&fuel services are being given a ma#or fillip in the 'ndian
0il 8tra+are plan with a wide range of loyalty programme with
&8tra*ewards( 8tra/ower and co&branded cards like 'ndian 0il&
+itibank credit cards. "he automation pro#ect of 8tra+are is by far
the most state&of&the&art in the country. "he cutting edge
technology includes automatic tank level gauges( temperature
sensors( density measurement sensors( back&office server with =.
controls( automatic bill printing facility( customer database( etc.
"he "ank "ruck automation & -ealed /arcel =elivery -ystem
,-/=-3 & will also include electronic locking of ""s carrying loads
to these *0s. "he real time density sensors and the sealed parcel
delivery system is superior to mere 6/-&based tracking systems
because it not only tracks where the "ank "ruck is but what is
happening to the "ank "ruck consignments. -/=- ensures that the
Puality of the fuel would be ensured from N-upply point to the
As a precursor to the 'ndian 0il 8tra+are launch( 'ndian 0il had
recently introduced the /latinum +ircle and 6old +ircle & top of
the line( eclusive clubs for high selling retail outlet dealers. "hese
elite 'ndian 0il dealers have emerged as peer leaders and are an
integral part of the 8tra+are dealer Msensitization’ strategy.
=uring the year( 'ndian 0il has already introduced modern and
dedicated networked highway outlets with multifarious offerings(
under the brand name M-wagat’ which are 'ndian 0il’s flagship
*etail 0utlets. -o far over ?DD 8tra+are *0s have been set up7
around 1:DD 8tra+are *0s will be ready by end <DD;.
/rogram introduced by 'ndian 0il +orporation limited. "he tra power fleet
card offers fleet ownersJoperators a combination of convenience of cashless
transactions( security( credit and rewards. Any fleet ownerJ operator(
corporate or any other business entity that own or control one or more
vehicles for commercial use can become a member of trapower fleet card
Any one can become a member of trapower fleet card by
• contactin1 t,e fleet (a"6etin1 (ana1e" of In'ian oil in ,is state
an' as6 fo" t,e a!!lication fo"(
• One can also a!!l) b) online on t,e 4eb site
For becoming an trapower member one have to pay an enrollment fee of rs.
1DD per vehicle the payment must accompany an application for enrollment
under trapower fleet card programme. Any one can enroll the vehicle
whether he is the owner of that vehicle or not. "here is no limitation on the
number of vehicles for enrollment in this program.
"he membership of the trapower program
is valid for one year from the date of issue( after which it can be renewed on
payment of annual fee of rs 1DD per card. "here are several benefits of
becoming trapower member trapower offers you convenience( control(
cost saving( credit and rewards.
8trapower fleet cards are better than other fleet card programmes it offers%
1. better credit proposition
<. higher value of reward points
@. attractive rewards programmes
?. personal accident insurance cover for the card member( drivers( co&
drivers and helpers
:. lost card liability cover
;. online /'2 unblocking
>. *emote loading of cards at multiple places through lump sum
payment at one place.
A. !ree basic vehicle tracking facility
C. 0ptional real time truck tracking at subsidized cost
1D. -pecial discount for our alliance partner.
11. *ound the clock toll free customer helpline number 1&;DD&??&::CC
"here are different limits on purchase of product in a particular day which
can be set by card member himself. "here are three types of limit on each
1. transaction limit& which sets maimum value of each
transaction on the card , default value rupees ADDD3
<. daily limit& which sets maimum value of transaction that can
be done through a card in a day , default of rupees 1;DDD3
@. card limit& which sets the maimum value of amount that can
be loaded or held on the card at any point of time, default value
rs :DDDD3
0ne can load the card with money value by two ways%
a. )anual loading% to load the prepaid card( one can pay the desired
amount to be loaded on the card at any of the designated retail outlet
and presents the card for loading the money value on to the card(
individually. "he money value so loaded on any card shall be treated
as payment in advance for future purchase of products at designated
retail outlets.
b. ++)- reloading% as an alternative to the individual card loading( the
card member can opt for central cash management system ,++)-3.
Where in a lump sum amount can be paid at one place in advance
towards reloading of the card at multiple places. "his payment can be
made in cash maimum rs :DDDD at designated retail outlet of 'ndian

CaD ObEecti2e0F
"he ob#ectives of this pro#ect are as follows%
 "o know the perception of the customer regarding fleet
card launched by 'ndian oil corporation.
 "o recognize the position of 'ndian 0il +orporation and
its competitors in customer’s mind.
 "o recognize that which companies fleet card is more
lucrative to the current perception of the customer.
CbD Re5+i"e(ent0F
!or our pro#ect we required information like knowledge about the
product and its marketing to know about it’s fully( how service
companies tries to influence the customers mind. -o we have to look
transporters( truck owners and drivers.
CcD So+"ce of info"(ation%&
/rimary data were collected from transporters dealing in 1.+$20W
division having the national permit( state permit and city permit.
C'D Resea"c, Tool0F
!or the data collection we used the blend of both close ended and
open ended questionnaire.
CeD Met,o' +se' fo" 'ata collection0F
!ace to face direct interview of customer was taken so we can
understand the perception of the transporters regarding fleet card.
C8D Fo"(+lation of obEecti2e0F
After taken the pro#ect we formulate the ob#ective.
C>D Sa(!le siGe0F
!or knowing the mind share of different brands we should
target more transporters but because of lack of time we
took sample of 8== CL+c6no4D
C?D Desi1n of t,e 5+estionnai"e0F
"he questionnaire is the most common tool in collecting
data( so it should be carefully developed( tested and
debugged before they are administered on a large scale.
C@D Resea"c, inst"+(ent0F
Puestionnaire and personal interview.
C:D Anal)Gin1 t,e info"(ation0F
!or analyzing the data which gather( first we need to
arrange that in table as the questionnaire7 it was mainly
open ended so we had not face much problem.
C<D Data tab+lation0F
We arrange the data in the form of table.
CAD Anal)sis0F
After tabulation we analyze the data with the help of pie
chart because in pie chart it was easy to understand
every thing in percentage as well as it gives better
C;D Concl+sion0F
0n the basis of finding there should be a short summary.
C9D Reco((en'ation0F
-hould write some suggestion( was given by interviewed
people either negative or positive.
W,ic, co(!an) f+el )o+ a"e +sin1I
Among the transporters ma#ority of sample don’t use the fuel of '0+1(
B/+1( E/+1 and *eliance( the share of different other companies is ::I
the companies which comes under it are% 'E/( 'ndraprast gas limited(
"he net position is obtained by reliance which is <1I among the
transporters '0+ is having the market share of 1<I among the transporters
sample followed by B/+1( E/+1 which is CI and @I respectively.
#$% 2=
;/%0 7
1/%0 *
R?0#AB%? =2
AB- $8;?R 66
W,at a"e n+(be" of t"+c6s o4ne' b) t,e co(!an)I
According to the data obtained we can see through the graph ??I of the
sample is having number of share between : to 1D number of trucks
followed by @AI having number of trucks which is less than :. Among 1D to
1: and more than <D numbers of trucks is having the share of CI of sample(
through this we can take inference at the ma#or portion of sample is having
the number of trucks from : to 1D. Which shows the ma#or portion of the
transporters is of small to medium size companies allocated in 1ucknow.
less than 6 *3
.6 to 2. 44
2. to 26 7
more than =. 7
W,at is t,e a2e"a1e oil cons+(!tion of t,e co(!an)I
'n this section we have found out that again consenting with our above
statement that the average oil consumption is below :DDDD for the
transporters( with almost ?DI lying below this line( this shows us clearly the
ma#ority of the players fall in the smaller section that is the ma#ority in here.
"he second ma#or shares is <@I( which is from 1 to 1.: lacks( the net
market share comes is <DI which is more than 1.: lacks.
less than 6.... 4.
6....-2..... 2<
2.....-26.... =*
more than 26.... =.
W,at a"e t,e 4o"6in1 a"eas of t,e Co(!an)I
#B8?R (8A8? *
#B8?R %#8- 24
A00 $E?R #BD#A <
'/ 3
)a#or dealers we have met is of inter city carriers they are the carriers of
local goods so the fuel is not consumed of very huge quantity( we can see it
in the graph the ma#or portion of the sample which is ??I is of intercity
working area( followed by working area in ./( all over 'ndia and inter state
which is <:I( <<I and CI respectively.
W,o a"e t,e (aEo" 'eale"s of t,e co(!an)I
"he ma#or dealers of the company are general goods carrier( there is no
specification on the company oriented structural flow of the goods( which is
;1I of the sample. "he share of the specific goods carrier companies is @CI
which shows in lucknow division ma#ority of the transporters are general
goods carriers.

(/?%#,#% %$M/AB#?( *7
9?B?RA0 +2
A"e )o+ satisfie' 4it, t,e 5+alit) of f+elI
"he sample which is being gathered C>I of the consumers are satisfied with
the fuel which they are using( only @ I of the sample are dissatisfied by the
fuel they are using( it shows the contempt level of the consumers and the
brand loyalty to the specific fuel would be high.
-?( 7<
B$ *
W,at is (o"e i(!o"tant fo" t,e t"ans!o"te"sI
!or the transporters among the mileage( quality of fuel and other facilities
;AI of the sample prefers mileage( where <;I of the sample gives the
preference to the quality of fuel. 0nly ;I of the sample goes to the other
facilities provided by the oil companies. 't shows that the ma#ority of the
sample prefers mileage for their business profits.
M#0A9? +3
F'A0#8- $, ,'?0 =+
$8;?R ,A%#0#8#?( +
W,at 6in' of t,e benefits 4,ic, ,el! t"ans!o"te"s in 'ealin1 f+elin1

"he sample which is surveyed <@I prefers quality and quantity of the fuel
for deciding the fueling point( <DI prefers lower rate followed by credit
availability( tire availability( -"=( parking facilities( fa availability which is
11I( >I( ;I( @I respectively. 1@ I of the sample also wants some other
facilities for deciding the fueling point.
F'A0#8- & F'B8#8- =*
0$?R RA8? =.
%R?D#8 2<
8-R? 22
(8D <
/ARC#B9 +
,AJ *
$8;?R ,A%#0#8#?( 2*
A"e )o+ +sin1 t,e fleet ca"'sI
"he above pie chart shows among the sample that are aware of the fleet card
only <;I of the sample use fleet cards( rest ma#ority of the sample which is
>?I are non user of the fleet card. "he possible reason for not using is the
lack of communication.
'(?R( =+
B$B '(?R( <4
/o4 (an) ca"'s 'o )o+ !ossessI
Among the users of the fleet card of the oil companies ma#ority of the
sample having the fleet card less than 1D which is ?:I of the total. @@I of
the total is having more than <D cards( where <<I of the sample is having
the fleet card from 1D to <D. 't shows that ma#ority of users is having less
than 1D cards.
less than 2. 46
2. to =. ==
more than =. **
W,e"e 'o )o+ 1et to 6no4 abo+t t,is ca"'I
1ack of the promotional ependiture of the company is clearly evident as
most of the transporters get to know about the cards from eecutives of the
company. )a#ority of the sample are got aware of fleet card through
eecutives of the company
"hat is ;DI of the total. <AI of the sample knows about the fleet card
through retail outlet( where 1<I of the sample knows through the
promotional plans of the company.
R?8A#0 $'80?8 =3
?J?%'8#E?( $, 8;? %$M/AB- +.
/R$M$8#$BA0 /0AB( $, %$M/AB- 2=
W,ic, co(!an) acco"'in1 to )o+ is bette" !e"fo"(in1 in te"(s of fleet
ca"' (a"6etI

According to the performance of the company in terms of fleet card ?<I of
the sample believes that reliance is better performing in terms of fleet cards.
@@I of the fleet card market believes in '0+1 followed by *est( B/+1(
E/+1 1@I( AI( ?I respectively. 't shows the ma#ority of the fleet card
market believes in *51'A2+5.
#$%0 **
R?0#AB%? 4=
;/%0 3
1/%0 4
AB- $8;?R 2*
Do )o+ 6no4 abo+t t,e fleet ca"'s la+nc,e' b) t,e 2a"io+s co(!aniesI

According to data obtained( it has been found that awareness of fleet cards
among the transporters is only @AI of the sample size. ;<I of the sample
doesn’t know about the fleet card launched by various oil companies.
B$ +=
-?( *3
• 'ndian 0il +orporation should launch some creative advertisement
regarding fleet card so that masses able to know about the fleet card.
• "here should be different set of guidelines created to the intercity
transporters( since the fuel consumed by them for a single truck for
the distance traveled is not that great( so they are not getting usage of
the card for its purposes.
• "here should also be laid stress over the placement of petrol pump
strategically placing ad#acent to the competitors( so that the person
carrying the fleet card should always opt for the 'ndian oil petrol
pump rather than moving to any other.
• )ore customer relation base services should be provided to gain the
trust over the current customer.
• "here should laid stress over the segmentation of the transporters
segment should be divided towards small( medium and large and there
should be different kind of marketing strategies applied over the
different segment of fleet card owner.
• "hey should etend the customer base in order to do that they needed
to etend the fleet cards to the general people.
2ame of the transport company% UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
=etail of the owner of the transport company%


1. Which co’s fuel are you using?

'0+ B/+1 E/+1 *51'A2+5
A29 0"B5*
<. 2o. of trucks owned by the company%

15-- "BA2 : : "0 1D 1D "0 1:
)0*5 "BA2 <D
@. Average oil consumption of the company weekly%
15-- "BA2 :DDDD :DDDD "0 1DDDDD
1DDDDD "0 1:DDDD )0*5 "BA2 1:DDDD
?. Working area’s of the company%UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

:. )a#or dealers of the company%UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

;. Are you satisfied with the quality of fuel?

95- 20
>. What is more important?

)'1A65 P.A1'"9 0! !.51 -5*4'+5-
A. What kind of facilities and benefits which help transporter s in
deciding fueling point%

P.A1'"9 A2= P.A2"'"9 10W5* *A"5
F +*5='" "9*5 /A*$'26

-"= !A8 0"B5* !A+'1'"'5-

C. =o you know about N!155" +A*=O launched by '0+?
95- 20

1D. 'f yes( are you using the N!155" +A*=O?
95- 20

11. Bow many N!155" +A*=O you have? UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
1<. !rom where you got the information about N!155" +A*=O?

*5"A'1 0."15" +0’- /*0)0"'02A1 A+"'4'"9

585+."'45’- 0! "B5 +0)/A29
1?. =o you have fleet card of any other company%
1:. 'f yes( than of which company’s%UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
1;. Are you satisfied with the services provided by the oil co’s?

95- 20

1A. According to you( which co’s is better performing?
'0+1 B/+1 *51'A2+5 E/+1 A29 0"B5*

Thanking You
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