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Ms. Kavitha
D/O Vasantha Kumar
649, Subramaniam Block,
Oorgaumpt, K!" # $6%&'&
Subject: Abstaining for work with out prior intimation or
proper permission
Dar Ms. Kavitha,
(t is obsrv) *rom th Mustr roll that +ou ar abstaining *or ,ork -ctiv
date/month/ year ,ithout obtaining prior prmission *rom +our suprior /
in*orming to +our suprior. .our absnc ,ith out intimation is hampring th
,ork sch)uls an) )livrabls. .ou ar also r/uir) to not that
abstaining ,ith out prior intimation or in*ormation is a miscon)uct un)r th
mo)l stan)ing or)rs / crti0) stan)ing or)rs applicabl to our
.ou ar hrb+ r/uir) to submit +our 2planation ,ith in % )a+s *rom th
)at o* rcipt o* this lttr *ailing ,hich it ,ill b prsum) that +ou hav
no intrst in +our 3ob an) th mattr ,ill b )alt ,ith accor)ingl+.
.our4s 5rul+,
"or Drama3a2 5chnologis,
6Sign) 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 7