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Office accessories in a floral design
Keyboard, monitor and lots of notes and bits of paper - does your desk look like that too?
Put an end to dreariness and brighten your desk up with some flowers. FIMO classic in the millefiori technique
was used to make these office accessories look beautiful. The different brightly coloured flower motifs add a
feel-good touch to any workplace. And the best thing about it is: these colourful FIMO flowers never need
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Have fun crafting!
You will also require: Smooth work surface (glass or ceramic), different office
utensils for covering (preferably ovenproof)
You will need these STAEDTLER articles:
Product Colour Art. no. Quantity
FIMO classic White 8000-0 1
Orange 8000-4 1
Golden yellow 8000-15 1
Lilac 8000-6 1
Other colours if required
Clay machine -- 8713 1
Blade set -- 8700 04 1
Acrylic roller -- 8700 05 1
Gloss varnish -- 8703 BK 1
Shopping / material list
Office accessories
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Make a sausage out of one strip of orange FIMO.
Then use the acrylic roller to roll out the golden
yellow FIMO to a uniformly thick sheet.

Wrap the sheet of yellow around the sausage and cut
it with the blade so that the edges meet exactly at
the join and do not overlap.
Roll four strips of white FIMO to an approx. 5 mm
thick sheet the same width as the pattern cane.
Tilt the blade to cut trapezium-shaped strips off the

Press these triangular strips exactly between the
lilac-coloured lengths of string. Then cover everything
with a white sheet of FIMO.

Roll the millefiori cane carefully to make it thinner
until the flower is of the desired size.
Unfinished items and left-over bits of material can
be stored in a sealed plastic bag or airtight
container, e.g. a plastic box or jar.
Roll three strips of lilac to a string approx. 4 mm in
diameter. Cut the string into 8 pieces the length of
the yellow-orange cane and place them all around
the cane.
Instructions for office accessories in a floral design
more creative tips at
level of difficulty
easy medium hard

4 5
Now cover the ovenproof accessories with the pat-
terned sheet. For plastic items, e.g. the paper clip pot,
you need to make a template out of paper and cut
the shape out.

Now place all of the FIMO items in the oven for half
an hour at 110°C to harden. For a wonderful shiny
finish, add a thin coat of FIMO gloss varnish to the
items once they are cool.

Glue the FIMO elements onto the office utensils whe-
re necessary.
Create more millefiori canes in different colour

When choosing your colours, always ensure that the
background colour is white. Now cut thin slices off
all of the canes and place them on a white sheet of

Roll over everything with the acrylic roller until you
are left with a smooth and even surface.
Instructions for office accessories in a floral design