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Linzag, Ayman S.

Isabelo Delos Reyes Elementary School

August 11, 2014
7:10am-7:40am – Observation – Grade 6 Aristotle; Ms. Simangca

The pupils had their periodical today in MCEP so there are fewer things to observe upon
their examinations. Ms. Simangca asked the class on the things to remember when taking an
exam and it went like a short recitation. The pupils answered her politely while answering her
questions. The exam contained 50 items in which 17 items were for music and arts while P.E.
had 16 items. The exam itself was quite long and the time allotted for the class was quite short. It
was a good thing that this class finished the exam before the time has run out but not all have
finished. When they were finished, they passed their papers in an orderly fashion along with a
chant taught by their English teacher.

7:40am-8:10am – Observation – Grade 6 Einstein; Ms. Simangca

This class also had their exams today and the same routine had followed in which Ms.
Simangca asked them on the things to remember when taking exams, what to do and the like.
She also gave them some positive reinforcements and encouragements. There were 48 students
in this class resulting in the feeling of uneasiness of the pupils at the back. When the time was
up, there were still a few pupils that have not finished their tests. They find the music part of the
exam to be challenging.

8:10am-8:40am – Teaching/Proctor – Grade 6 Marconi; Mr. Macapagal

The teacher of Grade 6 Marconi, Mr. Macapagal was absent today so our mentor asked
us 3, Ruth, Tim and I to proctor the class of his today in their exams. Even though there were
three of us, we became a bit nervous in speaking in front of the class. When we asked them to do
their answer sheets, we separated the test papers into equal parts and distributing them to the
examinees. At first, they were a bit quiet as the three of us laid eyes on each and every one of
them. When time was running out, we noticed that a lot of them still have not yet finished their
exams so we asked our mentor if we could extend their time but instead she went to the room
and told the pupils to pass their papers and continue answering tomorrow.

8:40am-10:15am – Checking of Papers

Ms. Simangca told us to check the test papers of the pupils in which we have shared in
doing. We became a bit dizzy after checking as there were a lot of exams to be checked. To our
surprise, we checked the papers of VI-Edison, in which we should have not yet checked because
they were supposed to continue the day after that day. It was a good thing that we have only
checked a few of those but the bad news was that we have already written the correct answers on
their papers. When our mentor came, she was quite shocked in our mistake but despite our
errors, she did not get angry at us.

August 12, 2014
1:00pm-1:30pm – Observation – Grade 5 Diamond; Ms. Rafa

When the class started, Ms. Rafa did a review, recap and recitation on their last lesson in
which was 4/4 time signature. They reviewed the song “Kasipagan” along with a recording for
accompaniment. After that, they sang the C major scale and did some echo clapping. Then she
showed them a picture for the purposes of motivation. It was about being a hospitable Filipino in
which was a bridge to their song related in the said trait. At first, they let them listened to the
song, then, they chant the lyrics of the song with a correct rhythmic pattern and finally, they sang
it by rote. When the song became familiar to the pupils, they sang the whole song with MP3
accompaniment. After singing, Ms. Rafa asked the students on their reactions to the song. She
also asked what time signature, key signature and what was the first note of the song. The pupils
sang again the song but with actions and finally ended with the teacher asking the students to
evaluate themselves through giving their own ratings to their performance. Ms. Rafa had done a
good job as she has a nice singing voice, good materials and teaching aids and great classroom

1:50pm-2:20pm – Observation – Grade 5 Turquoise; Ms. Castro

The class of Ms. Castro had a different lesson as opposed to the class of Ms. Rafa as her
concept was all about direction. In general, she did a good job in handling the class and she had
some good visual aids but some parts of her lesson were quite vague to her students. The part in
which she got in a bit of trouble of was when she had her reinforcement where she showed the
students some ostinato in pieces of bond paper and the pupils have to identify if what direction
are the notes going. There was also that time where the pupils had to put their hands on their
head if they hear a high-pitched note and put their hands on their hips if they hear a low-pitched
note. It was quite vague because her listening material was quite low on volume but she was able
to sing instead in replacement of the MP3.

2:30pm-3:00pm – Observation – Grade 5 Pearl; Ms. Gaña

The teacher had good control over her pupils but her voice was quite soft so I’m guessing
some students may not hear her well. She also had problems with the MP3 player because the
file intended to be played was lost on the device. Her lesson seemed to be a bit rushed for me but
she still did execute it well. Some students were out of tune and some were not paying attention.

August 15, 2014
7:10am-7:40am – Observation – Grade 6 Aristotle; Ms. Simangca

At first, the pupils prayed and greeted us politely. They were quite a lot but Ms.
Simangca was able to handle them well. Their lesson was about Binary forms and our mentor did
an excellent job in executing the lesson, from the review, down till the end. The pupils were
attentive yet may sometimes make noise but all in all, did a fine job as well. The teaching aids
were nice and there was a good teacher-student relationship. The way that our mentor explained
and demonstrated the lesson was superb as she was able to connect her motivation to the song
and the song to the current lesson. The pupils had a hard time in singing the B part in their song
“We Three Kings”.

7:40am-8:10am – Observation – Grade 6 Einstein; Ms. Simangca

They had the same lesson with Aristotle but our mentor slightly changed her questions
and approached. The pupils were behaved and they had a good singing voice. In the evaluation at
the end of the lesson, almost all of them got a 100% grade.

8:10am-8:40am – Observation – Grade 6 Galileo; Ms. Simangca

This class was a bit different from the other two as Ms. Simangca wasn’t able to finish
her lesson due to the fact that they had difficulty in singing the materials presented. Also, one of
her complains is that the way the pupils speak was not whole and was spoken lazily. It was a
good thing that our mentor fixed the problem with relative ease.

8:50am-9:20am – Observation – Grade 6 Curie; Ms. Simangca

Section Curie had a different case as opposed to section Galileo and it was due to the fact
that there were only a few pupils who participate in the classroom discussion. I felt that the
pupils were tired from their previous class or was just simply lazy at that point. Nonetheless, Ms.
Simangca’s handling and skill made the class progress.

9:40am-10:10am – Observation – Grade 6 Halley; Ms. Simangca

The section had a similar problem with the previous one but they were fewer in numbers,
in which made the situation even worse as their voice was low on energy and they keep on
answering in chorus yet they still can see our mentor calling pupils who raise their hand to
answer her questions.

10:00am-10:30am – Observation – Grade 6 Dalton; Ms. Rafa

Ms. Rafa had the same material and same lesson as with Ms. Simangca. Her class was
well behaved despite the number of students in the class and the fact that the room was quite
warm during the time. Her execution of the lesson was great and she had a little more input on
her lesson if compared with our mentor. As always, her voice was great and it helped to keep her
pupils on tune and all in all, was a good class.