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Calicut University Teacher Education Centres
(Vatakara, Chakkittapara, Calicut, Kaniyambetta, Sultan Bathery, Manjeri,
Malappuram, Koduvayur, Aranattukara, Valapad and Nattika)
The Candidates are instructed to go through the instructions carefully
before filling up the application form.
Instructions to the Candidates
1. General Information: The Teacher Education Course of the University of
Calicut has been designed to extend the benefit of Teacher Education to:
a) Highly qualified candidates who pass out of the Universities every year.
b) Qualified Teachers in service of Government/Aided Schools of the Kerala
State who have practical difficulty in getting admission to Regular Colleges of
Teacher Education.
2. Course Content : The course will follow the general rules prescribed for the
B.Ed. Course by the University of Calicut with respect to academic standards
for admission, course of study, scheme of examination, Instructional hours,
practice teaching requirements, attendance of students, etc.
3. Optional Subjects offered:

Code No. Optional Subjects Centres
01 Mathematics Calicut, Chakkittapara, Manjeri, Aranattukara,
Koduvayur, Vatakara, Sulthan Bathery, Malappuram
and Nattika
02 Malayalam Calicut, Kaniyambetta, Aranattukara, Manjeri,
Sulthan Bathery, Chakkittapara and Valapad
03 Physical Science Calicut,Kaniyambetta, Aranattukara, Koduvayur,
Vatakara, Manjeri, Malappuram and Valapad
04 Natural Science Calicut,Kaniyambetta,Manjeri and Aranattukara.
05 Social Science Vatakara, Kaniyambetta,Manjeri,Koduvayur,Sulthan
Bathery,Chakkittappara,Malappuram, Valapad and
06 Commerce Vatakara, Calicut, Aranattukara, Koduvayur, Sulthan
Bathery, Chakkittappara, Malappuram and Nattika.
07 English Aranattukara, Vatakara, Chakkittappara, Valapad,
Kaniyambetta Malappuram and Sulthan Bathery.
08 Arabic Calicut and Malappuram
09 Sanskrit Valapad
10 Tamil Koduvayur
11 Hindi Vatakara
12 Urdu Manjeri

The subjects will be offered only if minimum of 10 candidates are available in a

4. Eligibility for admission:

I i)
B. A./B. Sc/M.Com Degree of the University of Calicut or a degree
recognized as equivalent thereto under 10+ 2+3 pattern, with
minimum 50% marks in Part III or Masters Degree in the same
subject with minimum 50% marks. However 10+2+3 Pattern is not
insisted for B.A/B.Sc Degree holders under liberalised scheme of the
University of Calicut.
ii) SC/ST candidates including natives of Lakshadweep and candidates
under Teacher Quota need only a pass in the Qualifying Examination
iii) Relaxation Relaxation of 5% marks for OBC and OEC candidates will be allowed
to the minimum required marks.
II Candidates shall opt as optional subject for the B. Ed course only the main
subject in which they have passed the B.A/ B. Sc. Degree with the following
a) Graduates in History/Geography/Economics/Political Science/Islamic
History/Sociology/Philosophy/Psychology/West Asian Studies will be
eligible for admission to B.Ed. Course with Social Science as optional

b) Graduates in Statistics with Mathematics as one of the subsidiary
subjects and candidates possessing B. Sc. Applied Statistics Degree
will be eligible for admission to B. Ed. Course with Mathematics as
optional subject.

c) Graduates in Home Science/Geology with Physics/Chemistry as
subsidiary subjects will be eligible for admission to Physical
Science and those with Botany/Zoology/Life Science as subsidiary
subjects will be eligible for admission with Natural Science as
optional Subject for the B.Ed. Course.

d) Candidates possessing B. Sc. Bio-Chemistry and B. Sc. Plant
Science will be eligible for admission to Natural Science optional.

e) Candidates possessing B. Sc. Polymer Chemistry and Industrial
Chemistry Degree will be considered for admission to Physical
Science optional.

f) Candidates possessing B. Sc. Agricultural Degree with Bio-Chemistry
and Zoology as subsidiaries will be eligible for admission to Natural
Science optionals.
g) Candidates possessing B. A. Functional English will be eligible for
B. Ed. admission in English optional.

III Teacher Quota:
Candidates applying under Teacher Quota need a mere pass i n the qual ifying
examination.5% of seats in each opti onal subj ect are reserved for permanent
teachers i n Govt. Servi ce/ Aided Sector of Kerala State. In the absence of
qualifying candidates under Teacher Quota the vacancies shall be treated as Open
Quota. Candidate should be a permanent teacher (Govt/Aided) continuing in service
having a minimum of 3 years continuous teaching experience. The period of service is
considered on the basis of Service Certificate in Form IV of KER as on the date of
notification, duly certified by the Controlling Officer i.e. Head of the School and
Countersigned by the AEO/DEO/Regional Deputy Director in the case of HSST . If
continuous service of two candidates are same/equal, prior broken service ie.approved
service – appointment by Employment Exchange/appointment in Leave vacancy will also
be considered. If a tie still exists the marks in the qualifying examination will be
considered. Those who are eligible to get study leave for the duration of the entire
course from the authority concerned need alone apply and in case they are selected for
the course, they should produce a certificate from the Head of School concerned that
they have applied for eligible leave for the duration of the course before being admitted.
Candidates applying under Teacher Quota can also apply under General Quota.
Relaxation in teaching experience:
(i) TTC holders /HSST (Commerce) need only one year teaching experience.

(ii) Permanent Teachers of Lakshadweep (natives)/LTTC/Diploma in Hindi
Teaching/PPTTC/need only two years experience.
5. Selection Criteria:
(i) Selection is made based on the marks/grade obtained by the applicant in
the Degree Examination for Part -III. In the case of Commerce optional the
marks/grade of P.G. Examination will be considered. A reduction of one
point in the index mark for every repeated chance will be made.

(ii) Special Weightage will be given to post-graduation in the subject concerned
(not applicable for Commerce optional). No weightage will be given to post
graduate qualification if it is in subjects other than the optional chosen for
B.Ed Course. Weightage will be given to candidates who have taken degree
from Calicut University. Candidates who belong to the districts under the
jurisdiction of the University of Calicut will be given a weightage of 15% of
the aggregate marks scored by the candidate in their Degree examinations
concerned. Such candidates should produce a nativity certificate issued by
the Village Officer/Tahasildar stating that the candidate is a native of the
concerned district.
(iii) Candidates (applying under General Quota) having teaching experience in
Govt/Aided Schools will be given a weightage of 0.1 score for every
completed month of approved teaching service subject to a maximum of 5
points. Total approved service of applicant will also be considered in
ranking. Approved service means full time teaching experience (as on
the date of notification) in Government/Aided Schools in Kerala State
which is to be duly certified by the Controlling Officer ie. Head of the
school and Countersigned by the AEO/DEO/Regional Deputy Director
in the case of HSST in Form IV of KER.
(iv) Those who have undergone N.C.C. Training with minimum 75% of
attendance as stipulated in G.O. No. 673/04/H.Edn. dt. 15/04/94 will be
given an additional of 5 marks. This will be added to the aggregate marks
secured by the candidate in the qualifying Degree or PG as the case may be
for B.Ed admission.


(v) In the case of applicants with double main and triple main subjects,
admission will be based on the total of all main subjects and weightage will
be given only on the subject which the applicant apply as optional.
(vi) ETB/Muslim/OBH/SIUC/LC applicants are eligible for consideration of
reservation of seats only if their family annual income is less than
Rs. 4,50,000/-.
(vii) No age limit is prescribed for admission.
6. Reservation of Seats:
i. 10 seats (within the sanctioned strength) at Koduvayur Centre are
reserved for the linguistic minorities whose mother tongue is Tamil and
residing in the jurisdiction of University of Calicut. 5 seats in
Kaniyambetta Centre and 5 seats in Sulthan Bathery Centre (total-10 in
Wayanad District) are reserved for linguistic minorities whose mother
tongue is Kannada and residing in the jurisdiction of University of Calicut.
The admission under Linguistic Minority Quota in above mentioned
Centres is made subject to a maximum of two seats in each optional.
ii. One seat in each University Teacher Education Centre is reserved for
natives of Lakshadweep provided the application is routed through the
Director of Education, UT of Lakshadweep.
iii. Admission of candidates is subject to the reservation rules followed by the Government
of Kerala for admission to the B.Ed Course and adopted by the University of Calicut
from time to time.
iv. Reservation rules for admission to B.Ed Course in the University Centres
is as follows.
a) SC/ST reservation shall be followed subject wise. Scheduled Caste
- 8% of seats and Scheduled Tribe 2% of seats in each optional.
b) In case sufficient eligible applicants under SC/ST quota are not
available, the same will be filled up in the following priority.
SC seats: By ST/Lakshadweep/ OEC candidates
ST seats : By Lakshadweep/SC/OEC candidates
7. Specific Reservation:
i. 1.5% seats for Ex-Servicemen/Wife of the Ex-servicemen/Other
Dependants of Ex-servicemen/Wife of Serving Personnel/Dependants of
Serving personnel in this order of preference are reserved.
ii. Reservation for visually handicapped – 5% relaxation in marks of qualifying
examination, together with 1% seat reservation (with more than 40% disability).
Reservation for orthopaedically handicapped – 2% (minimum 40% disability) In the
absence of the visually handicapped candidates, Orthopaedically handicapped
candidates will be admitted.
iii. One seat is reserved for Sports Quota (the minimum required marks for
admission to B.Ed admission is needed under this quota also).

8. a. Fee to be remitted at the time of admission
1) Tuition Fee - Rs. 25,000/-*
2) Admission fee - Rs. 1,000/-
Total Rs.26,000/
*Candidates belonging to SC/ST/OEC within the Kerala State are exempted from payment
of fees at the time of admission. They should give an undertaking to the effect that the
fee will be remitted by him/her if the Government does not reimburse the fee to the
University before the submission of application for University B.Ed Degree Examination.
*The fee is being revised; the students will have to pay the revised fee as implemented by
the University from 2014-2015 academic year onwards.
* Blind candidates (100% Blind) are exempted from payment of tuition fee for admission.
b. Fee to be remitted at the Centre
1) Fee for Students Welfare Programme - Rs. 200/-
2) Sports Affiliation Fee - Rs. 100/-
3) University Union Fee - Rs. 50/-
4) Athletic Fee - Rs. 60/-
5) PTA fund - Rs. 1000/-*
Total Rs.1,410/-
*(SC/ST Candidates need to pay only Rs.250/-)

9. Documents to be attached :

Candidates should attach self attested copies of the following documents along with
the application.(They should produce all the Original documents at the time of interview)

S.S.L.C (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
Qualifying Degree (Degree/P.G.) Certificate
c) Marklists of Qualifying Degree Exam. (Part I, II & III)/Consolidated grade
Card & of higher qualifications, if any.
d) Equivalency Certificate from the University of Calicut in case of candidates
who passed the qualifying examinations from Universities outside Kerala.
Transfer Certificate & Conduct Certificate (obtained within 6 months)
f) Nativity Certificate from the Village Officer in respect of those who are
eligible for Nativity Weightage.
g) Community Certificate from the competent Authority in the case of
SC/ST/OEC/ETB/MU/OBH/LC and SIUC candidates.
h) Original Chalan receipt for Rs.100/- (Rs. 50/- in the case of SC/ST
candidates) remitted to the Calicut University fund towards Application Fee.
i) Income Certificate in the case of candidates eligible for admission under
community reservation. The ceiling limit of Annual Income of the family of
candidate is Rs.4,50,000/-.
j) Medical Certificate for Visually/Orthopaedically Handicapped (Percentage of
disability should be specified in the certificate issued by the Govt. Medical
k) Experience Certificate in Form IV of KER for claiming admission under
Teachers Quota and for getting Weightage for teaching experience for
those applying under Merit Quota. These Certificates should be signed by
the Head of the School and Counter signed by A.E.O./D.E.O/Regional
Deputy Director in the case of HSST.
l) A certificate from the Head Master stating that the teacher has applied
through proper channel for eligible leave to undergo B. Ed course in
University Teacher Education Centre, should be produced.
m) Certificate from the competent authority claiming Ex-Service/Wife of Ex-
Service/Other Dependents of Ex-Service/Wife of serving personnel/Other
dependants of serving personnel, in the case of Ex-service Quota, should
be produced.
n) Any other certificates from the competent authorities for the claim for
admission under any specific quota weightage viz. Sports//Linguistic
minority/N.C.C. etc.
If any of these documents is not produced, the University has the right to
summarily reject the claim for admission.
10. (i) The list of provisionally selected candidates will be published in the Website of
the University of Calicut and this will be informed the candidates through
leading news papers. The provisionally selected candidate will have to
appear for a counselling before the Chief Co-ordinator of University Teacher
Education Centres, University of Calicut, where they have to submit all the
original documents. In case they are finally selected they shall remit the
required fee.
(ii) Applicants are required to verify the date of counselling which will be published
in the University website. Candidates who report after the specified time and
date of the counselling will forfeit all claims for admission.
11. The University reserves the right to deny the admission to any selected candidate
if he/she is found to be unsuitable for the teaching profession.
12. Special Instructions:
(i) Candidates applying under merit quota & willing to be considered in specific
quota also, need to submit only one application (Sl.No. 10 of the
application) should be filled in [sports, handicapped (Visually &
Orthopeadically), Ex-Service, dependents of Ex-Service/Service etc.]
(ii) Candidates applying under Lakshadweep Quota should forward the
applications through the Director of Education, Lakshadweep, within the
date specified for the receipt of filled in application.
(iii) Each candidate is required to specify the code of the quota and Community
under which he/she wishes to apply in the relevant column of the
Quota Code Sl.
Quota Code
1 General Merit &
Communal Reservation
GM 4. Ex-Service/Dependents of Ex-service/
Dependents of Serving Personnel
2. Teacher TR 5. Visually/Orthopaedically Handicapped HQ
3 Linguistic Minority LM 6. Sports SP
7. Natives of Lakshadweep NL

(iv) Please specify the following community code for filling up the application.
(1) FC : Forward Caste (2) ET : Ezhava/Thiyya/Billava (3) MU : Muslim
(4) SC : Scheduled Caste (5) ST : Scheduled Tribes/Lakshadweep
(6) UC : SIUC (7) LC : Latin Catholic (8) EC : Other Eligible Community
(9) BH : Other Backward Hindu.
13. The filled in application with enclosures should reach
The Chief Co-ordinator, University Teacher Education Centres, Tagore
Nikethan, Calicut University .P.O.,Kerala - 673 635 on or before the last date
prescribed for the receipt of filled in applications. The Candidates should have
attained the required qualification on the date of Notification.
14. Admission shall be made as per the ranklist prepared on merit basis and subject
to availability of seats in each optional subject in each Centre.
15. Incomplete, defective and late applications will summarily be rejected.
16. The University authorities shall be free to make or amend any or total of the
rules or procedure of admission at any time.
17. Fee once remitted will not be refunded or adjusted under any
18. Request from candidates for Centre Transfer will not be entertained after
19. The University reserves the right to cancel/change/shift any Centre /optional
subjects/intake of students.
20. The Address of University Teacher Education Centres are given below:-
1. Vatakara : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Puthuppanam P.O.,
Vatakara, Kozhikode Dist. Pin -673 105 (Phone:0496-2515920)

: UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Near Chakkittapara Grama
Panchayat Office,Via Kayanna, Kozhikode Dist. Pin 673 526
(Phone: 0496-2662402)
3.Calicut : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Big Bazar, Calicut,
Kozhikode Dist. Pin. 673 001 (Phone: 0495-2701355)
4. Kaniyambetta : University Teacher Education Centre, Kaniyambetta, Wayanad
Dist. Pin -673124 (Phone: 04936- 286823)
5.SulthanBathery : UniversityTeacher Education Centre,Poomala P O., Sulthan
Bathery. Wayanad Dist. Pin -673 592 (Phone: 04936-227221)
6. Manjeri : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Cherani, Karuvambram P.O,
Manjeri, Malappuram Dist., Pin 676 123, ( Phone: 04832-762222)
7. Malappuram : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Karattuparamba,
Padi nhattummuri .P.O, Koottilangadi (Via), Malappuram
Dist. Pi n 676506 ( Ph.04933- 240450)
8. Koduvayur : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Near Mini Industrial Estate,
Koduvayoor, Palakkad Dist, Pin. 678 501 (Phone : 04923-
9. Aranattukara : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Dr.John Matthai Centre,
Aranattukara PO, Thrissur District. Pin 680 618 (Phone : 0487-
10. Valapad : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Near Thirupazhanchery
Temple, Valapad P.O, Thrissur Dist,
Pin 680 567.(Phone:0487- 2399963)
11. Nattika : UniversityTeacher Education Centre, Govt. Fisheries Higher
Secondary School Campus, Nattika, Thrissur Dist. Pin - 680 566