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“Developing marketing strategies For increasing
the sale Of Light Commercial Vehicle Of

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I would like to thank the people who have in lot of their labor will
certainly not be enjoy to express my gratitude since this project would
not have accomplished the way it has, without the help , co-ordination,
guidance and support of the numerous people. Honestly admitting, I
was not capable enough to handle and maintain all these data etc. Had
I not received help from all these quarters.
My first thank goes to my project guide,MR. FAISAL NOMAN who
always remained a great source of inspiration and courage for me.
I am also thankful to “LLOYD INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMANT &
for giving me this opportunity.




I hereby declare that the Project titled

“Developing marketing strategies for increasing
the sale Of Light Commercial Vehicle of
TATA MOTORS in Jharkhand” is the result of
individual efforts.
The finding and interpretation in the report are
based on the data collected by me and the report
is not a reproduction of any other project
submitted for similar purposes.

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Amit Sharma



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Profile of TATA MOTORS



Objectives & Scope



Research Methodology



Organization Structure



Distribution Channel



Micro Perspective on LCV sector



Competitors profile



Finding & Analysis



Sales Promotion



SWOT Analysis & Pricing Issue















Marketing must be a company wide undertaking. so does marketing.75. I have to understand. It deals with the whole process of entering markets. My summer training project was “Developing marketing strategy for increasing the sale of light commercial vehicles in Jharkhand”. In TATA MOTORS I was entrusted with the job of meeting the customers and dealers of TATA LPT 407 EX. EICHER 11. providing customer etc. TATA MOTORS is very much responsive to customers needs. I got a golden opportunity to under go the summer training in TATA MOTORS. I came to know about many things about the after sales services. Marketing is no longer a company department charged with a limited number of tasks managing advertising. It provides the maintenance facility to the customer in reasonable price. LPT 909 EX .12.12 to get their feedback and recommendations about the improvement in the product and services in relation to the different project objectives. As a part of practical exposore. M&M 3200 DI.50. GREATER NOIDA. ASHOK LEYLAND 11.Introduction As markets change. 5 . which I have made. customer relationship and above all the importance of customer for the company. But we all know that there is always a scope for improvement so after the studying the market we had made certain recommendation to improve the performance of the vehicles and the satisfaction level of the customers. Management has two important components theory and practice.10. LPT 1109 EX . ASHOK LEYLAND 9. During the two year management course. EICHER 10. a leading name in the area of automobiles. All these recommendation. EICHER 10. field study and learning I have imbibed by the faculty of GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. EICHER 10. are on the basis of my knowledge. LTP 709 EX.90. establishing profitable positions and building loyal customer relationship. finding sales leads. feel and experience both the components.

6 .


Customers:To strengthen the Tata brand and create lasting relationship with the customers by working closely with business partners to provide superior values for money over the life cycle. J. Employees:To create seamless organization the incubates and promotes innovation.D. TATA Mission of the company Towards: Shareholders:To consistently create shareholder value by generating returns in excess of weighted Average cost of capital (WACC) during the upturn and at least equal to weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) during the downturn of the business cycle.Aim of the company To become a truly global company. Purpose:To create economic asset for road transport for bulk movement of goods and people participate in managing these over the life of assets in order to create and capture economic values.R. Vision of the company To be a world class corporate constantly furthering the interests of all its stakeholders. HISTORY OF TATA MOTORS 8 . excellence and Tata core values.

The company also used to manufacture pulp and paper making machinery. heavy forgings and machine tools. 1960 -The company's name. 1946 -Tata Engineering undertook manufacture of 5000 'KC' broad gauge open wagons for the Indian Railway. industrial shunter.1945 -The Company was incorporated on 1st September at Mumbai to manufacture diesel vehicles for commercial use. 1988 -During the year company negotiating with Daimler-Benz for manufacturing their World Concept Truck in India. which was Tata Locomotive & Engineering Company Ltd. dumpers. These vehicles were to be marketed overseas by Daimler-Benz under their brand which would lead to technological upgradation of the existing range of vehicles in India. West Germany. -The commercial diesel vehicles which were known `Tata Mercedes Benz' (TMB) are now called `Tata' vehicles after the expiry of the collaboration agreement with Daimler-Benz AG. 9 . Paraguay etc. 1993 -Tata vehicles were launched in Argentina Chill. 1959 -Research and Development Center set up at Jamshedpur. was changed to Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company Ltd. excavators.

The company developed a new fuel injected.10. spends close to Rs 1 crore for the in-film product. 1998 -Telco proposes to set up authorized service stations every 100 km on every highway. A new pero engine and turbo diesel engine. 1995 -During the year a new double pick-up and Army Version of various Telco Vehicles were developed. 2003 -Receives Teri's (The Energy and Resources Institute) CoRE-BCSD (Corporate roundtable on development for sustainable development and environment-business council for sustainable development) corporate social responsibility (CSR) awards for '01-02. 10 . Ministry of Science and Technology for the year 1999.1994 -During the year company introduced the Tata SUMO and LPT 709. the Company won the National award for R&D Efforts in Development of Indigenous Technology in the Mechanical Engineering Industries Sector instituted by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.000 crore. 4 cylinder petrol engine with the assistance of AVL Austria. -Collaborates with Nippon-Arcelor for technical knowhow on CR steel. 2002 -Uses Tata Safari in Ram Gopal Varma's film 'Road'. 1997 -Telco became the first Indian private company to reach the sales of Rs. -Telco is the second Indian four wheel maker after Mahindra and Mahindra to participate in the show which has attracted 200 exhibitors from 28 countries including world market leaders like BMW and Mercedes. 1999 -In Oct 1999. new sports utility vehicle Safari expected to be launched shortly. an up-graded 709 LCV.

-Tata Motors inks agreement with Austrian. Korea for the acquisition of this company. -Tata Motors enters into agreement with Etalon. 11 . -The Company shall be changed from 'TELCO ' to 'TATA MOTORS' w. -Introduces Tata SFC 407 EX Turbo Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV). -Company turns around. -Tata Motors unveils Tata SFC 407 EX in Kerala. French companies. -Tata Motors in talks with bus body builders to franchise manufacturing. -Tata Motors enters agreement with Ukraine bus building firm. -Tata Motors buys Daewoo truck unit for Rs 465 crore. 2004 -Tata Motors launch an upgraded version Indica on January 15. -Tata Motors Ltd signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Deawoo Commercial Vehicle Company Ltd (DWCV).-Overtakes Hyundai in passenger vehicle market. -Tata Motors unveils Indica V2.e. -Auto Expo: Tata unveils new version of Indica. 2003.11 crore as against the loss of Rs 53. 2004. posts profit of Rs 300. in a bid to shore up sales of the small car. -The much hyped Rs one lakh passenger car project of Tata Motors was going ahead as planned.f December 24.73 crore the previous corresponding period -Crosses production milestone of 3 million. Tata Motors has launched a new variant of its 407 series with increased pay load capacity called SFC 407EX. -Tata Motors launches new Indica V2 in Kerala. -In a move to consolidate its presence in the light commercial vehicles segment.

2006. -Tata Motors launches new 6-TN truck. the country's largest commercial vehicles manufacturer unveiled the new LPT 909EX Turbo Truck in Tamil Nadu. -Tata Motors unveils Tata Safari DICOR in Kerala market on August 11. -HR-training division of Tata Motors bags the prestigious and internationally recognised "Golden Peacock National Training Award" in the category of `Large Employer'. -Tata Motors joins hands with Magma Leasing Ltd. -Tata Motors and Tata Africa unveiled a range of passenger cars. . Tata Sumo. -Tata Motors has launched a facelifted version of its multiutility vehicle. 2005 -Tata Motors partners with IOC for bio-diesel pilot project.-Acquires Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company Ltd (DWCV).31 lakh for DLX 12 . -Tata Motors launches Indigo Marina on September 14. Korea. -Tata Motors. . trucks and buses for the South African market. -Tata Motors launches ACE. -Tata unveils Indigo Marina in Kerala. pick-ups. -Tata Motors unveiled new Indica V2 Turbo with a price tag of Rs 4. -Tata motors rolls out Tata SFC 407EX BS II turbo light commercial vehicle.10 lakh for DLG variant and Rs 4.Tata Motors forays into used truck biz with Tata Preowned. utility vehicles. -Tata Motors rolls out 2 luxury variants of Indigo. 2004. -Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) has entered into a marketing tie-up with automobile manufacturer Tata Motors for marketing of engine oils as co-branded lubricants for their commercial vehicles.

The First Truck of TATA MOTORS 13 . Africa. 2008 -Tata Motors has captured the US based motors company Land rover and Jaguar in $2 Billion.1 lakh. -Tata motors to introduce Air cars it the next big things. -Tata motors sell over 12000 indica vista in Kerala. 2007 -Tata Motors has been presented the Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Large Business category by the Institute of Directors. CNG-propelled. -Tata Motors going to Launches Nano car in Rs. -Tata Motors buys Nissan facility in S. -Tata Motors has got a prestigious order from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) for 500 non-AC..

P P Kadle Affairs) Executive Director (Finance and Corporate Mr.“Tata Motors is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction and strives to achieve the goal of excellence through ongoing development. Tata (Chairman) Dr. Ravi Kant Mr. Ravi Kant Managing Director Mr. cost-effective. P P Kadle Senior Management Mr. through improved work practices and social welfare schemes”.PROFILE OF TATA MOTORS Quality policy. V R Mehta Mr. Ratan N. J J Irani Mr. Tata Motors also has a commitment towards improving the quality of life of its employees. quality product and services of international standards.Tata Board of Directors Mr. both within and out side its plants and offices. A P Arya Vehicles) President (Heavy and Medium Commercial 14 . safe. manufacture and sale of reliable. N A Soonawala Mr. Nusli N Mr. S M Palia Mr. Ratan N. S A Naik Mr. using environmentally sustainable technologies for improving the levels of efficiency and productivity within the plants and ancillaries. R Gopalakrishnan Wadia Mr. P M Telang Mr.

K C Girotra Vice President (Lucknow Works & FBV) Mr. and the second-largest in the passenger vehicles market with winning products in the compact. 15 . R K Ghosh Vice President (Customer Car CommercialVehicles) Mr. midsize and utility vehicle segments.Passenger Cars) Mr. Zackria Sait Vice President (Technical Services) Mr.5 billion) in 2005-06. P M Telang Vehicles) President (Light and Small Commercial Mr. Akshaykumar Mankad Head (Car Plant) Mr.Mr. R S Thakur Vice President (Finance) Mr. C Ramakrishnan Vice-President (Chairman's Office) Mr. S J Tambe Vice President (Human Resource) Mr. Rajiv Dube President (Passenger Cars) Mr. Shyam Mani Vice-President (Sales & Marketing Commercial Vehicle Business) Mr. Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company. P Y Gurav Vice President (Corporate Finance Accounts and Taxation) Dr. The company began manufacturing commercial vehicles in 1954 with a 15-year collaboration agreement with Daimler Benz of Germany. M V Rajarao Vice President (Manufacturing . S Krishnan Vice President (Commercial . H K Sethna Company Secretary Corporate Communications Mr. Debasis Ray About the Company:Established in 1945. It is the leader by far in commercial vehicles in each segment. with revenues of Rs 24.000 crore (USD 5.Pune) Mr.

The company is the world's fifth-largest medium and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer. multi-utility vehicles as well as light. Within two years of launch. the Tata Safari and its variants are the company's multi-utility vehicle offerings. medium and heavy commercial vehicles for goods and passenger transport. Tata Indica became India's largest selling car in its segment. special purpose vehicles. medium and heavy commercial vehicles ranging from two tonnes to forty tonnes. tippers. Passenger car business unit:The company's passenger car range comprises the compact car Indica. now named Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company. In 2004. it acquired the Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company. Tata Motors acquired a 21-per cent stake in Hispano Carrocera.The company developed India's first indigenously developed light commercial vehicle. India's first sports utility vehicle and. The Tata Sumo. the midsize Indigo and Indigo Marina in both petrol and diesel versions. 16 . the company is pursuing growth through acquisitions. in 1998. Seven out of 10 medium and heavy commercial vehicles in India bear the trusted Tata mark. In addition to the growth opportunities in the domestic market. with an option to acquire the remaining stake as well. Commercial vehicle business unit:The company has over 130 models of light. Areas of Business:Tata Motors' product range covers passenger cars. off-road vehicles and defence vehicles. a reputed Spanish bus and coach manufacturer. the Tata Indica India's first indigenously manufactured passenger car. Korea's second largest truck maker. In 2005. buses ranging from 12-seaters to 60-seaters.

Italy. Its Engineering Research Centre in Pune employs over 1. Ukraine. Promotion Council. the company has received more than 50 awards from the government of India's Engineering Export. South and South East Asia and Australia. Modern effluent treatment facilities. The company introduced emission control engines in its vehicles in India before the norm was made statutory. and Stile Bertoni. Over the years. All its products meet required emission standards in the relevant geographies. Italy. the company intends to increase its international business through organic and inorganic growth routes. Kenya and Russia. Environmental responsibility:Tata Motors has led the Indian automobile industry's anti-pollution efforts through a series of initiatives in effluent and emission control. The company also draws on the resources of leading international design and styling houses like the Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering. SPA. Bangladesh. The company also has assembly operations in Malaysia. Exports:Tata Motors' vehicles are exported primarily to Europe. Africa. the Middle East. While currently about 14 per cent (as on March 31. with an emphasis on new product / aggregates development and technology upgradation.400 scientists and engineers and has India's only certified crash-test facility and hemi-anechoic chamber for testing of noise and vibration. The company has also been implementing several environmentally sensitive technologies in manufacturing processes and uses some of the world's most advanced equipment for emission checking and control. soil and water conservation programmes and tree plantation drives at its plant locations contribute to the protection of the environment and the creation of Green belts. Associates:17 . for its export initiatives. 2005) of its revenues are from its international business.Research and development:Tata Motors invests approximately up to 2 per cent of its annual turnover on research and development.

material handling systems and robotics. Singapore and Tata Engineering 18 . •Tata Technologies provides IT support in the areas of engineering design. •Concorde Motors (India): Retails Tata Motors' range of passenger vehicles. welding lines. Japan. this company manufactures turbochargers for engines made by Tata Cummins as well as other auto manufacturers. a joint venture between Holset Engineering Company. •HV Transmissions. •Tata Cummins. development and validation. •Telco Construction Equipment Company. Incorporated in 1994. These include: •Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company manufactures heavy trucks ranging from 15T GVW to 45T GVW. Tata Motors acquired this company in March 2004. a joint venture with Cummins. a joint venture with Hitachi Machinery Company. USA. is engaged in the manufacture and sale of earthmoving machinery and construction equipment such as hydraulic excavators. Tata Precision Industries. cranes and wheel-loaders. •Tata Holset. •TAL Manufacturing Solutions manufactures painting systems. UK.Tata Motors has made substantial investments in building associate and subsidiary companies that complement and support its business activities. USA and the Tatas (Tata Motors. business information systems and ERP systems. manufactures Cummins engines for Tata Motors. It also develops factory automation solutions and provides consultancy services in the field of manufacturing processes and factory layouts. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company. Tata International and Tata Industries are shareholders). supplies gearboxes for the company's medium and heavy commercial vehicles. •HV Axles manufactures axles for Tata Motors' medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Ace. •The Commercial Vehicle Business Unit won the CII-Exim Bank Award for 2005 for Business Excellence. The Foundry Division at the Pune plant received the Gargi Huttenes Albertus Green Foundry of the Year Award. for being a role model of excellence in management. Tata Motors was rated by Auto Monitor as the 'Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year' for 2006. are engaged in the manufacture of high precision tooling and spare parts. •The two divisions of the company also won the Tata Group's JRD QV Awards for Business Excellence in 2005. •For the second consecutive year. respectively. The award particularly recognizes excellence in the management of quality as a fundamental process. •The Jamshedpur plant and the car plant at Pune received the Union Ministry of Power's National Energy Conservation Award. •Nita Company. The Jamshedpur plant won the award for the fourth year in a row. which has created an all-new category in the commercial vehicles market. • Tata Motors' mini-truck. The Commercial Vehicle Business Unit and the Passenger Car Business Unit also received the CII's National Award for excellence in energy management. received the BBC-Top Gear' Design of the Year 2006.Services. is engaged in the assembly of Tata vehicles for the Bangladesh market. 19 . Bangladesh. Awards:•Tata Motors has been chosen as India's Most Trusted Brand in cars in a Readers Digest-AC Nielsen consumer survey in 2006. Singapore. which recognize significant initiatives to reduce energy intensity and improve energy efficiency. and warehousing. The company's Star bus low-floor city bus and the Novus heavy truck were adjudged second and third respectively.

Foundry.1945 Plant area Divisions 822acres or 35. Forge.15 acres Production Engineering Foundry Vehicle Manufacturing complex Engineering Research Center Electronics Training LUCKNOW Birth Plant Area Divisions 1991 600 acres Assembly Training INDUSTRY GROWTH 20 .LOCATION OF THE PLANTS JAMSHEDPUR Birth June 1.80. R&D.44 acres 126.632sq. Support The Township Facilities PUNE Birth Plant area Divisions Pimpri (1966) Chinchwad (1966) 380. HRD.meters Automobile.



TATA MOTORS' FLASH FIGURES FOR MAY 2007 PRODUCTION 23 .TATA MOTORS planning to invest in Uttaranchal for new capacity manufacturing department.

Category May '07 May '06 May'05 2007-08 2006-07 2005-06 M& HCV 13901 13594 9910 25989 26229 16536 LCV 12159 12143 6919 25844 21936 12032 3836 3633 2223 7792 6513 4641 CARS 14681 17257 12206 31546 28568 25888 TOTAL 44577 46627 31258 91171 83246 59097 UTILITY SALES A. For the year Domestic Category M& HCV LCV UTILITY CARS TOTAL 2007-08 20892 19390 6703 27719 74704 Exports 2006-07 24799 16778 5110 26333 73020 2005-06 13425 8281 4529 22211 48446 2007-08 1813 4101 141 2285 8340 Total 2006-07 1338 3467 447 2659 7911 2005-06 835 3010 27 2164 6036 2007-08 22705 23491 6844 30004 83044 Five core values of Tata motors 24 2006-07 26137 20245 5557 28992 80931 200506 14260 11291 4556 24375 54482 . For the month Domestic Category M& HCV LCV UTILITY CARS TOTAL May '07 10500 10175 3363 14217 38255 Exports May '06 12682 9221 2862 15253 40018 May '05 8177 5161 2493 11511 27342 May '07 934 2012 84 1273 4303 Total May '06 779 1828 215 1517 4339 May '05 403 1651 10 1187 3251 May '07 11434 12187 3447 15490 42558 May '06 13461 11049 3077 16770 44357 May '05 8580 6812 2503 12698 30593 B.

Integrity: We must conduct our business fairly, with honesty
and transparency. Everything we do must stand the test of
public scrutiny.
Understanding: We must be caring, show respect,
compassion and humanity for our colleagues and customers
around the world, and always work for the benefit of the
communities we serve.
Excellence: We must constantly strive to achieve the highest
possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of
the goods and services we provide.
Unity: We must work cohesively with our colleagues across the
Group and with our customers and partners around the world,
building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding
and mutual cooperation.
Responsibility: We must continue to be responsible, sensitive
to the countries, communities and environments in which we
work, always ensuring that what comes from the people goes
back to the people many times over.


TATA‘s Culture
Organizational Culture:It refers to a set of shared meaning held by the members of the
organization that differentiates one organization from the other. Every
organization has its own unique culture.

Tata’s Culture is very much prevalent in its statement:-

“Improving the quality of Life.”
“A century of Trust”
Aspects of TATA’S culture:Integrity

Honest and ethical in every aspects

Team approach

Working in teams



Treating all employees equally without any
on grounds of cast, creed, sex, etc.
Open to change in the present competitive scenario

Improving the life of its employees both organization as
as outside the organization.


Subsidiaries:Tata Construction equipment company Ltd.(TELCON):- Its principal
business is manufacture and sale of construction, material handling and
earthmoving equipment.
Tata technologies Ltd.:- It oversees the IT requirements of Tata
engineering and provides services for SAP implementation;CAD/CAM
based design and e-commerce facilities to customers in India and abroad.
Seba properties Ltd.:- It is an investment and finance company and a
wholly owned subsidiary of tata engineering since its inception. It is
registered with RBI as a non Banking finance company.
Telco Dadajee Dhakjee Ltd. (TDDL):- It is an investment and finance
company and proposes to undertake activities pertaining to the sales and
services of tata engineering’s vehicles and spare parts.
Minicar (India) Ltd.:- Formerly known as Mazda Industrial chemicals
Ltd., this company was incorporated on January 18, 1972 and is currently
engaged in the business of automobile sales and services.
HV Transmission Ltd.:- It was incorporated on March 13, 2000 with the
objective of acquiring the Heavy- Duty Gear Box Division of Tata
engineering at Jamshedpur as a going concern. It supplies transmissions
and their parts to Tata engineering against purchase orders raised by Tata
engineering on HVTL.
HV Axles Ltd.:- It was incorporated on March 13, 2000 with the
objective of acquiring the Heavy duty axle division of Tata engineering at
Jamshedpur as a going concern. It supplies axles and their parts to Tata
engineering against purchase order raised by Tata engineering on HVAL.
Telco Automation Ltd.:- It was incorporated on March 13, 2000 with the
objective of acquiring the machine tool and growth division of tata
engineering as a going concern. As and when required, tata engineering
sources factory automation equipment from TAL.
Tata Technologies, USA : - It was incorporated on August 22, 1999 and
became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata technologies limited on
December 22, 2000. The company is engaged in the business of computer
consultancy and related services.

Tata Motor finance: - Tata Motor finance is the auto financing arm of Tata
Motors, providing finance primarily for Tata Motors vehicles. It was
established in June 2003, through the joint marketing arrangement,
between Tata Motors' Bureau for Hire Purchase and Credit (BHPC)
division, and Tata Finance's Asset Financing arm. It became a division of
Tata Motors in April 2005, with the merger of Tata Finance with Tata

Strategic alliances:Tata engineering has several joint ventures and alliance. These included
Tata Cummins Ltd.:- A joint venture with Cummins engine company inc.,
USA, makes fuel efficient, low emission, environment friendly diesel
Tata Holset Ltd.:- A joint venture with Holset engineering company, UK,
makes turbochargers for diesel engines manufactured by Tata Cummins
Ltd. and other OEMs.
Concorde Motors Ltd.:- A joint venture with Jardine International Motors
(Mauritius) for dealership of passenger vehicles. Concorde has dealership
for Tata engineering passenger vehicles in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore,
Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Chennai and Lucknow.
Tata precision Industries Pvt. Ltd.:- Singapore for the manufacture and
sale of high precision tooling as well as electronic and plastic components
for the computer industry.
Tata Engineering Services Ltd.:- Singapore, for the sale of spare parts for
tata vehicles.
Nita company Ltd.:- Bangladesh, for the assembly and sale of the tata
commercial vehicles.

TATA MOTRORS with 1,400 engineers and
scientists, the company's Engineering Research
Centre, established in 1966, has enabled
pioneering technologies and products. The

29 . styling interiors and today has R&D centers in Pune. Lucknow. Designing and Styling (CAD CENTRE) The CAD centre is equipped with 53 state-of-the-art CAD stations and the latest software. reviewing the styling from the engineering and aesthetic points of view. Spain. Tata Motors invest up to 1.3% of its total turnover on research and development. and in South Korea. The CAD centre is a vital organ of ERC's Cab Design Section. CAD designing involves development of vehicle specifications. virtual prototyping to check for design acceptability and feasibility of manufacture. with an emphasis on new product/aggregate development and technology up gradation. in India. and the UK. The company also draws on the resource of leading international design styling house like Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering. SPA and Italy. Jamshedpur.


V) products. To find out the customers perception on different attributes of the products .C. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 1. 6. To analyze the strength and the weakness of the Tata motors in the L. 909. 5.C. To analyze the channels of distribution. To identify the factors which can affect the sales of the above mentioned vehicles. To identify the market acceptance of TATA 407. 8. 709. 1109 4. 7. To evaluate critically market acceptance of Tata Motors (L.A marginal decrease in the market share of TATA MOTORS in the light commercial vehicle sector in Jharkhand. To acquire knowledge about the different financer and their term and conditions.V sectors and its competitors. SCOPE OF THE STUDY 31 . 3. To develop marketing strategies for increasing the sale of TATA MOTOR’S light commercial vehicles in Jharkhand. 2.

• The impact of various promotional activities of the companies. • Analyzing the marketing mix RESEARCH DESIGN 32 . The objective is mainly to find the true value of business activity of the firm. • To study the market share of each company. We can primarily be concluded its scope under following heads:• To know the level of customer satisfaction. under which product reaches from the producer to the ultimate consumer. it will be concluded after successful completion of the studies in respect of fruitful implementation of the knowledge.Scope of the study covers a wide range of theoretical application and administrative aspect. The present study aims to analyse the existing practices in market by Tata Motors and its competitors and to suggest any modification if required in the marketing strategy to increase the market share in the Jharkhand. • Comparative study of the strategies applied by the competitors • Increasing sales volume of the products. Finally.

It describes the number. Based on the findings of the study a descriptive study was conducted. Data’s were also collected from the regional transport office to know which vehicle has sold the most in which city in the last fiscal year 2006-07 ending march 31st. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY First of all an exploratory study was conducted with the help of a pilot questionnaire with a sample size of 10 in order to know the various attributes differentiating the different models of LCV in this competitive market. 5) In which of the basic features TATA needs to be work on. The study was undertaken to answer the following research questions. 1) What are the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of primary member? 2) How extensively vehicles are used and the attributes towards such vehicles.The study was exploratory type at the beginning because much was not known about the dealers and the customers but at the later stage it was a descriptive type because it depicts characteristics or functions of the market. The survey was conducted by taking in-depth interview of dealers of the four companies along with fleet owners and staffs of the LCV. 3) What will be the interest for the new upgrade vehicle? 4) How can be distribution channel more effective. TOOLS USED FOR DATA COLLECTION 33 . distribution and socio-economic characteristics of potential customer for the product.


Close-ended questions are used to bring objectives to the survey and to bring forth the answers needed elaborating open-ended question were used. so that respondents can express their views clearly without any binding of format. Survey is conducted through questionnaire .The approach to data collection was survey method. AREA COVERED FOR THE STUDY Tatanagar Ranchi (capital ) Hazaribagh Dhanbad ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 35 .The questionnaires are comprised of both open ended and close-ended question.

CHANDIGHAR.CHENNAI. JAIPUR. CVBU PCBU LOB PUNE. LOB HYDERABAD. The project was conducted in the Area office which primarily deals with the Marketing and sales of the commercial and passenger Vehicles. GUWAHATI.BANGALORE.VIJAYWADA. AREA OFFICE NEW DELHI . LOB LOB BHUWANESHWAR M&H CV LCV/ICV SCV 16 TON – 4 TON LCV 4 . INDORE. PATNA. JAMSHEDPUR. KOLKATA. NAGPUR. MUMBAI. TATA MOTORS LTD DEHRADUN.The figure above shows the organizational hierarchy which is related with the working of the Area office with other departments.7 TON 25 TON + HAVIES ICV 9 – 11 TON TRUCK TRIPPER TRAILER BUS INDICA TATA MOTORS PRODUCT LINE 207 DI I MCV 11 15 TON ACE LCV 4T – 7 T ACE PLATFORM 36 SOME NEW VEHICLES COME SOON . RAIPUR. AHMADABAD. LUCKNOW.

LTD. BOKARO Tel. 9431180444 37 .THE ABOVE FIGURE SHOWS US THE PRODUCT LINE OF TATA MOTORS LTD DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Name & Address of the Dealers Tel / Fax / Cable / e-Mail in Jharkhand Mr. WESTERN AVENUE. Kamani ENAR INDUSTRIAL ENTP. R. P.:'06542-247696 / 247684.

247641 JHARIA ROAD. Value chain profitability: A series of cost reduction and restructuring programmes have been undertaken. Sinha JMA STORES LTD. The economies are more interconnected now than ever A MICRO PERSPECTIVE ON COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SECTOR Global demand for truck is largely cyclic and the stage of cycle is related to the prevailing macro economic conditions. Bipin Parikh / Mr. Parikh MITHILA MOTORS LTD.2303794 / HAZARIBAGH .:246977 e-mail. The business has now been redefined from one that was historically associated with manufacturing buses to one 38 . DHANSAR 06546DHANBAD . Mr.STEEL CITY DHANBAD . ADITYAPURTel.: jmajsr111@rediffmail. LTD.:0657-2407595 / KANDRA MAIN ROAD 2409159 / 2409961 JAMSHEDPUR .825 301 2303018. Diloo B. Jharkhand 9835184669 Fax.06542-242915 Cable: ENARCO Mr S. 2ND PHASE.0326-2303794 Mr R.831 013 09835199324/9334658600 Jharkhand Fax.: mithilamotors@tatanagar.:0326. 15.:06542/ 247772. P. 16 PALIKA MARKET.827 001 Jharkhand E-mail.: kamanirp@hotmail.828 106 Jharkhand Tel.0657-2200646 e-mail. 09835149711 Fax. P. Choudhary JMA STORES P. NEAR BUS STAND Tel.

diesel pricing and the motor vehicles act. The motor vehicles act that came into effect in July 1989. 39 . the long haul market will shift towards medium and heavy multi axel vehicles following closely the trends in developed countries. However overloading practices still prevail. cement and fertilizers. High ancillarisation is an integral feature of the industry.which encompasses all the aspects of providing means of transportation and conveyance by road. The pricing of commercial vehicles to a great extent depends upon excise duty which was rationalized to 16% in 20012002 budget. the significant threats from MNC ventures. vendor/ancillary network. low bulk cargo such as consumer goods and textiles for short distance haulage. This would seem to be a major factor in fuelling demand for buses over the next decade. Change in depreciation norms will significantly affect the demand for vehicles as they provide tax shelter to operators. New products that cater to niche consumer segments have also increased the marke4t segments. maximum age of vehicles. the commercial vehicle sector is broadly classified into light commercial vehicles (LCV’s) with gross vehicle weight (GVW) upto 7 tonnes and pay load upto 11 tonnes The key to growth in India is the development of the transport infrastructure. The commercial vehicles apart from being highly capital intensive are characterized by strong entry barriers. LCV’s are preferred for high volume. restructuring on payload and other safety measures. Indian scenario: In developing countries such as India. intended to streamline laws related to emission norms. The product life cycle for a commercial vehicle has new product launches to retain market share. Infrastructure key growth driver: In the long term. which include requirement of strong distribution/after sale service network. The political environment is pushing for significant labor benefits and investment to aid development of both the industrial and transport infrastructure. long gestation period and technological adoptions to peculiar Indian conditions. Government policies: The commercial vehicle sector is controlled by the government policies on depreciation norms. M&HCV’s are used for transport of heavy commodities such as steel. Due to these barriers.

Future trends: The new product launched in recent times emphasize the increasing customer expectations in terms of total solution to their needs. Technological up gradation will be key activities for CV manufacturers and with need to focus on cost.Legislation: Environmental legislation have made a significant impact on the development of vehicle technology and the exhaust gas and particulate structure of the industry since the early 1980’s. lack of quality services and no collaboration transportation for express/small cargo business provides immense opportunities. Bharat stage 1 (EURO 1) norms were implemented in 1996 and Bharat stage 2(EURO 2) norms came into effect from October 1. safety and noise suppression technology forecasting skills are gaining prominence and vehicles manufacturers are channeling their efforts in these areas to remain competitive. The Main Competitors Of TATA MOTORS In LCV sector are:Ashok Leyland 40 . no adherence to schedules. Emission norms: India is implementing emission norms in two phases. Value added services: The current scenario with factors such as good damage. 2001. Technological up gradation: Today’s customer is happy with low cost technology and is not worried by uptime issues. haphazard pricing of freight movement. weight. assured quality deliveries value for money and ready to use products. particularly with regard to emission and safety.

for the assembly of Austin Cars.Mahindra& Mahindra Either The origin of Ashok Leyland can be traced to the urge for selfreliance. Ashok Motors was set up in what was then Madras. In 1948. India's first Prime Minister persuaded Mr. felt by independent India. to enter automotive manufacture. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. an industrialist. The Company's 41 . Raghunandan Saran.

Since then Ashok Leyland has been a major presence in India's commercial vehicle industry with a tradition of technological leadership. Global Markets. In 1987. became the design philosophy of the Company. QS 9000 in 1998 and ISO 14001 certification for all vehicle manufacturing units in 2002. (Since July 2006. four out of the five State Transport Undertaking (STU) buses come from Ashok Leyland. overengineering them with extra metallic muscles. The 5. 42 . the overseas holding by Land Rover Leyland International Holdings Limited (LRLIH) was taken over by a joint venture between the Hinduja Group.00. power steering or rear engine busses. Access to international technology enabled the Company to set a tradition to be first with technology. the Company made its vehicles strong. the Hinduja Group is 100% holder of LRLIH). The blueprint prepared for the future reflected the global ambitions of the company. "Designing durable products that make economic sense to the consumer. Some of them like the double-decker and vestibule buses are unique models from Ashok Leyland. achieved through tie-ups with international technology leaders and through vigorous in-house R&D. captured in four words: Global Standards. Ashok Leyland vehicles have built a reputation for reliability and ruggedness. It has also become the first Indian auto company to receive the latest ISO/TS 16949 Corporate Certification (in July 2006) which is specific to the auto industry. the Non-Resident Indian transnational group and IVECO. using appropriate technology". Responding to the operating conditions and practices in the country. Ashok Leyland embarked on a major product and process up gradation to match world-class standards of technology. Be it full air brakes. tailor-made for high-density routes. Ashok Leyland reached a major milestone in 1993 when it became the first in India's automobile history to win the ISO 9002 certification. Ashok Leyland pioneered all these concepts. This was at a time when liberalization and globalization were not yet in the air. In the journey towards global standards of quality.000 vehicles we have put on the roads have considerably eased the additional pressure placed on road transportation in independent India. In the populous Indian metros. which in turn has moulded consumer attitudes and the brand personality.destiny and name changed soon with equity participation by British Leyland and Ashok Leyland commenced manufacture of commercial vehicles in 1955. The more comprehensive ISO 9001 certification came in 1994.

inventor of the rugged 'general purpose vehicle' or 43 . two plants at Hosur (called Hosur I and Hosur II. He met Barney Roos. Mahindra visited the United States of America as Chairman of the India Supply Mission.500 personnel.C. The total covered space at these six plants exceeds 450.000 sq m and together employs over 11. along with a Press shop).Ashok Leyland has six manufacturing plants . the assembly plants at Alwar and Bhandara. MANUFACTURING PLANTS ENNORE HOSUR: UNIT 1 HOSUR: UNIT 2 HOSUR: UNIT 2A ALWAR BHANDARA The birth of Mahindra & Mahindra began when K.the mother plant at Ennore near Chennai.

Keshaun Mahindra (Chairman) 2. And. today. dark and deep. Each one taking the Group forward. India became an independent nation and Mahindra & Mohammad changed its name to Mahindra & Mahindra. Mr. Anand G. The Mahindra brothers joined hands with a distinguished gentleman called Ghulam Mohammad. If ever. sustained and prolonged penetration into the global arena. The Company's current Board of Directors is as follows: 1. The Group's history is studded with milestones. this translates into many more milestones to be set up before it rests. Its spirit can be encapsulated in the words of the poet Robert Frost. engaged in an ambitious. Mahindra is a group in a hurry. its total turnover is about 4* billion dollars. Mahindra & Mahindra has grown steadily in size and stature and evolved into a Group that occupies a premier position in almost all key sectors of the economy. Deepak Shantilal Parekh (Director) 44 . Two years later. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru: "The woods are lovely. USA. In fact. Mahindra (Vice Chairman and Managing Director) 3. And miles to go before I sleep. But I have promises to keep. Mr. 1945. Mahindra & Mohammad was set up as a franchise for assembling jeeps from Willys. Ghulam Mohammad migrated to Pakistan post-partition and became the first Finance Minister of Pakistan. a favorite of India's first Prime Minister. Since then. on October 2nd. And miles to go before I sleep. These days.Jeep and had a flash of inspiration: wouldn't a vehicle that had proved its invincibility on the battlefields of World War II be ideal for India's rugged terrain and its kutcha rural roads? Swift action followed thought. " For Mahindra & Mahindra.

10. Nadir Burjorji Godrej (Director) M. 6. M. Ashok Sekhar Ganguly (Director) R. 12. 7. The 45 .4. 11. 9. (Nominee of LIC) Eicher Motors was founded in 1982 to manufacture a range of reliable. fuel-efficient commercial vehicles of contemporary technology. Kulkarni (Director) Anupam Pradip Puri (Director) Thomas Mathew T. K. Murugappan (Director) Bharat Narotam Doshi (Executive Director) Arun Kumar Nanda (Executive Director & Secretary) Narayanan Vaghul (Director) Dr. 8. 5.

Eicher 11. Leveraging its inhouse expertise. Besides the basic models. the first commercial vehicle designed and developed indigenously. Eicher Motors entered into a technical and financial collaboration with Mitsubishi Motor Corporation of Japan to manufacture the Canter range of vehicles. The success and growth of this unit is a result of various customer. Eicher Cruiser and Eicher School Bus range of buses. the "Eicher 20. service centres and company trained private mechanics. Madhya Pradesh. Eicher 10. The manufacturing facility is situated in Central India –Pithampur.10. The product range includes Trucks : Eicher 10. supported by service centres and over 4500 company trained private mechanics.16". Eicher Motors functions through a strong threetier service network consisting of authorised distributors. it offers over 85 models of ready-to-use custom-built vehicles for various specialized applications.75.16 & 30.unit manufactures and markets commercial vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ranging from 5-25 tons. Eicher Motors is one of the leading manufactures of commercial vehicles in India with a 33% market share in the 7T-11T segment. Eicher 20. Buses: Eicher Skyline.driven strategies.50. It has a world-class R&D centre manned by a team of brilliant engineers and equipped with latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering facilities like NASTRAN. In 1986. who are close at hand on all major highways throughout India to provide initial "first aid" to the vehicles if required.25. Eicher 10. The technical assistance agreement with Mitsubishi ended in March ‘94 after successful transfer of technology and on achieving total indigenisation with only a few parts sourced globally.90. Eicher Motors’ products have been well accepted in the 46 . The vehicles are sold and serviced through a network of over 576 Authorized Contact Points all over India. Eicher Motors has acquired formidable expertise in designing and developing commercial vehicles. Today. Eicher Motors has stepped into the Heavy Commercial Vehicle segment with its state-of-the-art HCV. FEM analysis packages. this unit has successfully developed a wide range of commercial vehicles to meet varying customer needs.

47 . This is also demonstrated by significant sales of its commercial vehicles in export markets where the company competes with reputed international


which is less in the case of M&M and Ashok Leyland which are its main competitors 49 .CABIN COMFORT LEVEL 62% of the tata motors customers are satisfied with the cabin comfort level but side by side 8% of the customer are not so much satisfied with it.

STABILITY In this TATA MOTORS is leading the market followed by M&M. HIGH LOAD CAPACITY 50 . ASHOK LEYLAND and Eicher respectively.

MAINTANANCE COST 51 .In high load capacity Ashok Leyland is ahead of Tata Motors with 80% totally satisfied which is 49% in the case of Tata motors.

M&M leads the market in case of maintenance cost .PROFITABILITY 52 .In this TATA MOTORS is lagging behind of M&M strongly.

but 8% feels that it is not so that is because of high maintenance cost.In case of profitability 49% of tata motors customers feels that TATA MOTORS much more profitable for the business than other companies . 53 .

M&M respectively 54 .RELIABILITY In reliability ASHOK LEYLAND in leading the market followed by TATA MOTORS.

In case of its competitors these facility is not available.AVAILABILITY OF SPARE PARTS In case of availability of spare parts 90% of TATA MOTORS CUSTOMERS thinks that Tata’s spare parts are available every where. AFTER SALES SERVICE 55 .


25%says that they are some what satisfied and 8% are neutral. MILEAGE 57 .64% of TATA MOTORS customers are totally satisfied with it.

TATA MOTORS leads in mileage with 37% totally satisfied followed by M&M with 6% totally satisfied. FINDINGS 58 .

 LCV volumes increased 20. 59 . which is taking over TATA’S 407 model.254 units all over India for year ending March 2007.  The percentage of LCV in TATA MOTORS product mix has increased marginally over passenger vehicles.  The cost of TATA MOTORS spare parts is high compared to its competitors.  The brand image of TATA is proving to be the driving force behind its sales.  Its main competitor is mahindra and mahindra’s 3200 di. In Jharkhand TATA MOPTORS leads the market with 92% share in LCV sector.  Organizing customer meet is quite helpful in determining the technical problems in the vehicles. Presently it is estimated to be holding 3-4 % of market share.  Experienced sales executives are leaving the company getting attracted by high incentives offered by the competitors.  The sale of TATA MOTORS is increasing consistently though its market share has fallen marginally in Jharkhand.3 % to 24.

220 units. however. Winners and losers. ALL lost market share by 220bps to 27. LCV volumes.1% YoY to 13.975 units.CVs – Leading the pack CV volumes grew 13% YoY in March ’07 to 55.1% YoY to 35. Domestic volumes rose 13. rose 15.078 units.1% YoY to 1.673 units and exports surged 36. too. TAMO’s total CV volumes grew 25.3% YoY to 17.720 units and exports increased 10. M/HCV volumes rose 7.1% in LCVs. Further.9% YoY to 30.358 units. domestic sales rose 12.3% YoY to 24.3% YoY to 30.410 units.3% YoY to 4.254 units.3% market share (up 90bps YoY).047 units on the back of continued buoyancy in the demand for the mini-truck ACE – domestic sales of the LCV segment 60 .083 units – domestic sales for the segment rose 8.966 units and LCV Volume increased 20.7% YoY to 5. TAMO continued to be the market leader with 61.2% YoY to 49.5%. M/HCV volumes increased 10% YoY to 19. Among various sub-segments. M&M registered a 420bps market share gain to 24.245 units and exports increased 11.

M&M’s LCV volumes grew 45.6% YoY to 5. domestic sales increased 50.8% YoY to 13.948 units . Among various segments.7% to 508 units.671 units.529 units in March ’07. M/HCV passenger segment volumes rose 4. Further.773 units in March ’07.9% YoY decline in domestic volumes to 7. volumes for M/HCV goods segment declined 1.increased 18. M&M’s market share in the LCV segment rose 420bps to 24.9% YoY to 1.6% YoY to 8.1% YoY to 2.047 units and exports rose 1.4% YoY to 4. ALL’s volumes dipped 1.936 units even as exports rose marginally 3. 61 .934 units and exports rose 15.444 units on the back of a 1.1% YoY to 595 units.1%.9% YoY to 6.

It is clear from the above charts that the volume growth of Commercial Vehicles (C.1% from FY05 as the market share and the volume of sale has increased consistently. 62 .V) has increased by 13. So opportunity always lies for TATA MOTORS.

V (M/HCV & L.) plays an important role in the process of gaining market share in the competitive market. From this diagram it can be seen that the percentage of commercial vehicles has increased in the product mix of TATA MOTORS so it’s C. 63 .C.PRODUCT MIX OF TATA MOTORS.V.

 Higher Tyre & Rim life.8(LPT) FEATURE SFC EX LPT Dry Type BENEFIT  Enhanced Safety.Easy Maintainability C channel (180 mm) Chassis frame Tyre 8.Lug.  No bolt loosening even under overload  Higher Initial Gloss  Longer Gloss retention .25(LPT) :3.  Better cabin ventilation 64 . 240 mm dia : G18. : 8.M Synchromesh.Technical Specs 407 EX ENGINE POWER TORQUE FIP CLUTCH GEAR BOX BRAKE TYRES GVW PAYLOAD (TONS) Cab Air Filter : TATA 497SP TURBO (BHARAT STAGE-II) : 75 PS @ 2800 rpm : 23mkg@ 1500-1800rpm : Mechanical Rotary-MICO : Single plate dry friction type.25 x 16 -16PR : 5.25x 16 16 PR Wheel Hubs Rear .6(SFC) 3.7(SFC) 6.increases resale value  For resting during waiting hours  Protects against sun glare. 5 F. 1 R : Vacuum assisted dual circuit hydraulic with tandem master cylinder.  Bigger and more rugged tyres give better load carrying capacity and tyre life on Indian roads. Front – Rib Spigotted with M16 axle shaft bolts Polyester Paint EX-Deluxe CABIN  Gap Seat  Tinted Band Windscreen on  Less Maintenance  Lower Cost as no need to regularly change oil  Reinforced Chassis provides higher durability  Special Anti-Corrosion treatment gives a long life.

smoother ride .M-Six speed gearbox (5. Better Fuel Average Power 75 PS @ 2800rpm  Better pickup and acceleration Torque 23 mkg @ 1500-1800 rpm Gear box G18. less trip time. Rear Sliding Glass Driver Seat  Magazine/Bottle Pocket Holder  4-way adjustable       Ample space to keep things Superior Ergonomics Higher Comfort For resting during waiting hours Higher Saving Better Warranty coverage GVW Payload(kgs)  Gap Seat Excellent 3 year / 3 lakh km  Cab Chassis  Cab Load body  Cab High Deck Load body  Cowl Chassis(SFC407) 6250 (LPT) / 5700 (SFC) 3830 / 3626 Engine 4 SP Turbo (BSII)  Superior Technology  Superior Fuel Combustion. giving better engine life  A flat torque means less number of gear shifts and therefore higher driver comfort  More speed.F & 1-reverse) Resale Value Warranty Options Available 65  Wide choice to the customer  Higher load carrying capacity  Max torque is at lower RPM.

280 mm : GBS 27 Synchromesh.50X16.7 FEATURE GVW 7490 Payload(kgs) 4730 Engine BENEFIT  Higher load carrying capacity 497 Turbo (BSII)  Superior Technology  Power Superior Fuel Combustion. 16PR : 7490 :4. 1 R : Dual circuit full air S-Cam brake : 7.Technical Specs LPT 709 EX ENGINE II) POWER TORQUE FIP CLUTCH dia GEAR BOX BRAKE TYRES GVW PAYLOAD(TONS) : TATA 497 TURBO (BHARAT STAGE: 90 Ps @ 2400 rpm : 33mkg@ 1300-1600 rpm : Mechanical Rotary-MICO : Single plate dry friction type. gi better engine life  A flat torque means less numbe gear shifts and therefore higher dr comfort Gear box GBS-27Synchromesh (5.forward & 1-reverse) 66  More speed. less trip time. 5 F. smoo ride . B Fuel Average 90 PS @ 2400rpm  Better pickup and acceleration 33 mkg @ 1300-1500 rpm  Max torque is at lower RPM.

Lug. 7.5 x 16 16PR  Bigger and more rugged tyres better load carrying capacity and life on Indian roads.Cab SFC LPT Enhanced Maintainability  Longer Deck Length Dry Type  Less Maintenance C channel (Depth-200 mm)  Lower Cost as no need to regu change oil  Reinforced Chassis provides hi durability  Special Anti-Corrosion treatm gives a long life.  No bolt loosening even u overload Polyester  Higher Initial Gloss Longer Gloss retention .E Air Filter Chassis frame Tyre Rear . Front – Rib Wheel Hubs Paint Spigotted with M16 axle shaft bolts  Higher Tyre & Rim life.  Better cabin ventilation  Rear Sliding Glass  Ample space to keep things  Magazine/Bottle 67 .  Safety.incre resale value  For resting during waiting hours  EX-Deluxe CABIN  Gap Seat  Tinted Band Windscreen on  Protects against sun glare.

Pocket Holder  4-way adjustable Driver Seat  Gap Seat Resale Value  Superior Ergonomics  Higher Comfort  For resting during waiting hours Excellent  Higher Saving 3 year / 3 lakh km  Better Warranty coverage Warranty Options Available  Cab Chassis  Cab Load body  Cab High Deck Load body  Cowl Chassis  Wide choice to the customer Technical Specs LPT 909 EX ENGINE STAGEII) POWER TORQUE FIP : TATA 497 TURBO : 90Ps @ 2400 rpm : 31mkg@ 1500-2000rpm : Mechanical Rotary-MICO 68 (BHARAT .

25X16 16PR : 9600 :6.25 X 20 -16 : 11900 :8. 1R : S-Cam air Brakes with LCRV.Front.3 69 . 8.6 Technical Specs LPT 1109 EX ENGINE POWER TORQUE FIP CLUTCH GEAR BOX BRAKE TYRES Rear GVW PAYLOAD (TONS) : TATA 497 TURBO (BHARAT STAGE-II) : 90Ps @ 2400 rpm : 31mkg@ 1400-2000rpm : Mechanical Rotary-MICO : Single plate dry friction type. : 8. 1 R : S-Cam air Brakes. 5 F. 5 F.CLUTCH mmdia GEAR BOX BRAKE TYRE GVW PAYLOAD (TONS) : Single plate dry friction type. : 8. 310 mm dia : GBS-40 Synchromesh. 280 : GBS-27 Synchromesh.25 X 20 -14 Ply .

28.276 EX/38WB.46.) LINE 1 2 3 4 SFC407 TRUCK SFC407 TRUCK SFC407 TRUCK LPT 709 SFC407/31 CLB EX BSII SFC407/31 HD EX BSII SFC407/31 CAB EX BSII LPT709 5.641 7.714 7.898 5.STR LPT709 6.CLB.509 7.497TCICBSII 5 LPT 709 MECH.481 6.704 5.22.317 .012 EX/38WB.PRICES OF THE PRODUCTS. SL PRODUCT MODEL PRICE (Rs.16.343 6 7 8 9 10 11 LPT 909 LPT 909 LPT1109 LPT1109 LPT1109 LPT1109 MECH.62.09.CAB.52.STR LPT 909/38CLB BSII LPT 909/38CAB BSII LPT1109/36CLB EXBSII LPT1109/36CAB EXBSII LPT1109/42CLB EXBSII LPT1109/42CAB EXBSII TATA MOTORS NETWORK IN INDIA 70 7.078 6.

Main Dealer Branch Dealer Telc Authorise Service d o Station DETAILS ABOUT JHARKHAND 71 .

There are five forms of promotion 72 . promotion to the design and manage the marketing mix element to inform perused and remind current and potential customer.SALES PROMOTIONS The Promotion element of marketing mix communicates the customers for their solution. Hence.

20. in which people can exchange there old vehicles with brand new ones 5. Various camps are also conducted to provide free demonstrations to the public discount Rs.000 Tata 709 --. attractive interest rates and flexible terms. discount Rs. 4. Various financing schemes are run by tata motors from time to time in collaborations with various financial institutions to provide easy and flexible financing facility to its discount Rs. 1. All this with TMF advantages of faster loan disbursals.000 Tata 909 --.000 And so on The amount of discount may change from time to time. public relation than the rests. TMF offers range of refinance products to suit the need of its discount Rs.000 Tata 1109 --. 50. 2. 20.     Personal selling Adverting Sales Promotion Public Relations Publicity In our survey I have found that the tata motors mainly focuses and put stress more on sales promotion. Tata motors provides discounts such as in the month of March 2007 it has provided the following discount     Tata 407 --. Available for vehicles from 0-8 years of age for loan duration of 12 to 48 months. Free after sales service. REFINANCING is available for: 73 . Various exchange offers are provided to the public. 3.

PSU.1) SALARIED INDIVIDUALS – Eligibility Criteria:. Notary certification with Photograph. Post Paid mobile bills (2 bills required – bill of the last completed month and of 6 month before the last completed month).Maximum age of Applicant at loan maturity: 70 years . Employee ID issued by Government of India.Minimum employment: At least 2 years in business 74 . Local Panchayat ID card.Minimum age of Applicant: 21 years . electricity bill. Driving license. Photo Credit Card. Credit Card Statement. House Tax Challan. Telephone Bill / WLL Connection. Housing Society Bill. PAN Card.Maximum age of Applicant at loan maturity: 60 years . driving license. Bank Certification / Statement duly certified by the bank in original. Address Proof: Lease Agreement. Voters Id car. Income Proof: Latest salary slip with form 16. Ration card. passport. Water Tax Challan. Gas Connection Bill.Minimum age of Applicant: 21 years . telephone bill. PAN Card. Limited companies.) SELF EMPLOYED Eligibility Criteria:. Voters card.Minimum employment: 1 year from date of joining Documents required:Proof of Identity:Passport . 2.

Address Proof: The documents collected towards identity proof to reflect the current address of the concern/firm. 3.Latest Sales tax assessment order.) PARTNERSHIP FIRMS Eligibility Criteria/Documents required:Proof of Identity:Partnership deed. Profit & loss Account for latest two years and the latest 2 years IT returns of the company. Sale tax registration certificate. 4. Income Proof: Audited balance sheet. Voters Id car. Address Proof: The documents collected towards identity proof to reflect the current address of the concern/firm.Documents required:Proof of Identity:Passport.) PARTNERSHIP FIRMS Eligibility Criteria/Documents required:Proof of Identity:MOA & AOA (with registration certificate). driving licence. Income Proof: - 75 . Sale tax registration certificate. Income Proof: Latest ITR. Shop & Establishment Act certificate. Latest Sales tax assessment order. PAN Card.

Audited balance sheet. SWOT ANALYSIS (A THEORETICAL ASPECT ) This is the technique that plays a very crucial role at the time of making policy and strategy regarding a particular field. all the companies adopt this technique and review it time to time for making their strategies more effective so that they achieve their smoothly. Address Proof: The documents collected towards identity proof to reflect the current address of the concern/firm. Profit & loss Account for latest two years and the latest 2 years IT returns of the company. 76 . Almost.

For each trend or development. competitors. It can do so by using a form like the one shown management-or outside consultant. T (threats): An environmental threat is a challenge posed by an unfavorable trend or sales or profit. management needs to identify the associated opportunities andthreat(Strenths/Weaknesses Analysis) It is one thing to discern attractive opportunities and another to have the competencies to succeed in these opportunities. a business unit has to monitor key environment forces (demographic economic. In other words. (Opportunity and Threat Analysis) In general. minor weakness. neutral factor. Each business needs to evaluate its internal strengths and weaknesses periodically. W (Weakness): this is the attribute which require more attention for correction and it deviate the purchasers from buying the products. or major weakness. political-legal and social-cultural)and significant microenvironment actors (customer.competencies and rates each factor as a major strength.Actually. Now we want to analyze the SWOT in context of TML as follow:- 77 . O (Opportunity): A marketing opportunity is an area of buyer need in which a company can perform profitably.distributors. the term SWOT consists of four letters and all the letters represent its own attributes as follows:- S (Strength): this is the present the most strongest and favorable condition for the smoothly running of business and almost most of the purchasers buy its product by considering these strengths. minor strength. technological. it presents the plate form for expanding the business.The business unit should set up a marketing intelligence system to track trends and important developments.suppliers) that affect its ability to earn profits.

For e. Good resale value of TATA’S vehicle so they purchase these vehicle and original parts they used in these vehicles. Quality of motor parts no doubt is very good. Always prefer original parts because you never want to send your child in inferior school. Its engine consumes less energy so only 12 volt battery is enough. All the parts are available in TATA’S retailer but not available in Ashok Leyland’s retailer. transporters require improvement in engine quality. It means spare parts of TML available in any place. 2. 78 .Strengths: 1. Main suppliers of Tata motors parts are its main competitors. some times old parts of Tatas vehicle are also resale by some companies in new pack by some technical works. 5. 4. More consumption of oil. There are various companies which make duplicate of TATA’S parts . 2. Weakness:1. 6. Further it requires some improvement in parts so that engine may improve in quality and service providing. Boring is requiring up to 5 years in engine so. Good availability of parts everywhere. 4. High price of part about 10% higher price to other competitor. 7. Knowledge about parts and engines is easier for mechanics of TATA’S vehicles. 5.g. 3. Alfa’s gear box is very confuging. 8. 6. other than quality every thing is as same as you confused that it is original or not. 3. Availability of service center in large number by which transporters don’t have any problem.

3. and poor performing firms can easily exit. 8. firms easily enter and leave the industry. Threat of new entrants: . Threats:1.7.These conditions will lead to frequent price wars. and the returns are stable and low. 2. advertising battles.A segment’s attractiveness varies with the height of the entry and exist barriers. The most attractive segment is one in which entry barriers are high and exit barriers are low. you are cheated by retailer in new places. profit potential is high. Threat of buyers growing bargaining power: . Not very good carrying power of in single gear of Tata’s vehicle. 2. when both entry and exit barriers are high. Opportunity:1. There are not such the competitors who have monopoly in any product line and at most all the company in growing stage that open the door for expanding the market share of TML spare parts.A segment is unattractive if the buyers possess strong or growing bargaining power. Competitors are changed accordingly with the motor parts vary. and new products introductions and will make it expansive to complete. So. Buyers will try 79 . Even you want to purchase the original parts but duplicates are so similar. The best performing company will be the one that can generate the greatest customer value and sustain it over time. 2. When entry and exit barriers are low. There is big market or expanding the business of motor parts. Few new firms can enter the industry. but firms face more risk because poorer performing firms stay in and fight it out. Treats of substitute products: .A segment is unattractive when there are actual or potential substitutes for the product. it is a tough problem to identify some major competitors for whole products and make policy and strategy to consider their strategy. Threat of intense segment rivalry: . 1.

The benefits of the company. In any business. We have got the actual information from the market regarding the importance of price and its affect on the mind of the customer while purchasing the spare parts. If price will be higher but company will not cover higher market share as in the case of TML. And they want to purchase those parts which are better in quality but lower in cost. Here. and set competitors against each other. all the expanses of seller profitability. Price is the most important attribute which affect the over all strategies and policies of any organization . Threat of suppliers growing bargaining power. Actually. distributors and retailers depend on the sales of the spare parts. Every player wants to earn profit. But on the other hand some mechanics claims that there are some companies whose 80 . Pricing issues The price of any product is the key factor that affects its sales and it is also true in the spare parts industry. 3.A segment is unattractive is the company’s suppliers are able to raise price or reduce quantity supplied the best defenses are to build win – win relations with suppliers or use multiple supply sources. it faces a tough time at the time of considering strategies of its competitors which has only a particular product line for making strategies. customers are most sensitive to price and they always want to purchase at least cost while an organization always wants to improve its total profits. pricing issue is very crucial for TML because of lower price of its main competitors in spare parts business. because of the number of competitors varies with the different type of spare parts. The same happens in the transport line force price down. the main or ultimate buyers of the parts are owners of the vehicles. TML has to face a tough competition in the market of spare parts. Since TML has to pay the tax to government the price is comparatively higher than the competitors which do not pay any tax. We have got the actual information from the market that the price of the TML parts is generally higher than its immediate competitor for most of the product line and it is the main reason why customers go for other company’s spare parts. it will not be in such a situation so that it can utilize the concept of economies of scale.Since. Here. every thing runs on the profit margins. demand more quality or services.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGETIONS 81 .parts are costlier than TML’s spare parts though their sales are fare enough.

So in this case also the R&D department should try to solve this problem. In order to do this proper relation should be maintained with the financial institutions. R&D department should try to work on this limitation and overcome it. • The terms and conditions of financing must be flexible and transparent so that it is convenient for the customers.V decreases drastically after two to three years of its service. So M&M 3200di is more suitable for narrow roads which are very common in INDIA.  The company should road campaigns & demonstrations more often to impart technical knowledge to its targeted customers. 82 . ALL. • Cabin comfort is also an issue which must be focused. the need is to promote such a vehicle which can be beneficial from all aspects. • The maintenance cost of the models 407 and 709 are much higher than its competitors (M&M.C. The spare parts of TML are comparatively costly. • As the market has become more competitive. So it is essential to build more service stations in order to provide proper service to the customers.C.• The number of TATA MOTORS after sale service stations in Jharkhand is not enough to fulfill the requirements of its customers.  Price of TML spare parts are quite high as compared to its competitors. • The mileage of TML L. EICHER). so research should be conducted to lower its prices. relations should also be build with new financial institutions. Thus steps should be taken to reduce the maintenance cost along with the cost of spare parts with the help of modernized techniques. For instance M&M 3200di is smaller in size as compared to TATA’S 407 but their payload capacity is all most same. This gives M&M an edge over TATA MOTORS. • Easy finance should be provided to the customers. so the staff needs sleeper beds to rest. as some of the L.V products are running more than 500 km per day at a stretch.

I faced these difficulties and limitations. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY A perusal of the study will definitely lead one to understand that the present study has been taken-up under a number of constraints. By n large. The company should increase the incentives of sales executives to make them more loyal towards the company. 83 .

1. Dhanbad and Hazaribag) as the area was assigned by the concerned. The above-mentioned limitations are not exhaustive but rather indicative. Lack of resources like proper information and data. Lack of proper information of the owner & the vehicle staff. Absence of the vehicle owners were also a reason not to get the correct information. CONCLUSION:In the span of 6 years TATAMOTORS has proved its excellence in delivering quality & service to its customers in Light Commercial Vehicle 84 . The area of survey is restricted to the geographical area of four cities of Jharkhand (Jamshedpur. The company could not provide data for initial understanding of the automobile market and also the database of customers. 2. 3. 6. Ranchi. The size of sample is limited to 142 because of the time constraints through it has been tried to make this sample as representative as possible. 5. 4.The study was conducted in 45 days and that was not enough for such a vast topic.

(LCV) business unit. This leads to high expectation among the customer. It is well known among the people for its core value “trust & loyalty “. Findings says that TATA MOTORS has always scope to regain its lost market share. Technical specifications – 85 .

Research www.comwww. Marketing Management.  Internet sites – www. Leaflets and pamphlets of the four www.wikipedia. Books –  Philip (images) 86 .mahindra.tata.