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Executive Summary

“A Study on Clients Satisfaction towards the Service of YVU Financial
Services Pvt. Ltd. (YFS)”

This study emphasis in the following scope:
1. To identify the clients level of satisfaction upon the overall service quality
provided by YVU Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. (YFS).
2. This study will be helpful to the organization for conducting further research.
3. This study will also be helpful for identifying the area of dissatisfaction over
the services.
4. This study helps to make a managerial decision to the organization for better
service quality.

It is a study to analyze clients’ perception over the service quality. By
understanding the perception and expectation of the clients’ organization can clearly
sees the level of satisfaction over the service performance. Identifying the underlying
gap between the provider and clients is also one difficult task by organization itself
without others extra effort.

1. To study and assess the satisfaction level of clients regarding YVU Financial
Services Pvt. Ltd. (YFS).
2. To study the perception of clients regarding YVU Financial Services Pvt.
Ltd. (YFS).
3. To identified the factors which influence the satisfaction of clients.
4. To know the clients satisfaction towards the service of YFS Pvt. Ltd.

Research Design: The type of research design which is used in this study is
Exploratory Research.
Source of Data: Primary Data as well as Secondary Data
 Primary Data: Questionnaire cum Interview
 Secondary Data: It is collected from the various sources such as
 from the Web site
 from the PowerPoint of YVUs’ induction and training programs
 from the discussion of YVUs’ Officials
Sample Size: 150 respondents
Sampling Technique: Convenient sampling
Tools used in Data Analysis: Likert Scale, Bar Graph and Pie Chart

1. The organisation should make effort to aware the clients about all the extra
products and services available.
2. Other than word-of-mouth it is required to select an appropriate media for
promotional activities.
3. The organisation should enhance their services quality according to the needs
and expectations of the Clients.
4. The organisation should make procedures to implement loan in less time