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Section 01040 - Page 6


In preparing and implementing its Security Plan, the Contractor shall apply and abide by all relevant
national laws of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIROA), the laws and
regulations of the United States Government, including the United States Department of Defense and the
United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), and the provisions of this Contract.
The following information shall be included in a summary at the beginning of the security plan:
a. The entity or agency providing armed security (i.e., Contractor-provided self security, PSC, ANA,
ANP, APPF or Coalition Forces);
b. A copy of the Contractor's Contract with the Ministry of Interior to provide security services to the
contractor under the Contract, if applicable;
c. The structure and composition of the ANSF security detail (if not in an MOI support contract);
d. The name and contact information for the Contractor's security officer (the liaison with the ANSF
security forces); and
e. Points of contact information for the supporting ANSF Security Forces. CONTENTS
The Contractors Security Plan shall:
a. Detail the proposed process by which the Contractor shall continually submit the coordinates of the
Contractors base camps, quarries, and current work locations;
b. List the persons within the chain of supervision within the Contractor's organization responsible for
implementing the Contractor's Security Plan;
c. Detail the lines of communication and liaison between the Contractor and ANA, ANP, Coalition or
PSC Security Forces, as appropriate;
d. Require all security personnel to be biometrically registered;
e. Detail how at all times Force Protection conditions and vehicle route status will be publicized or made
available to the Contractors personnel;
f. Specify the conditions and details for increasing manpower and equipment required during high threat
conditions, if needed;
g. Contain other requirements, as discussed in this Section and as indicated in Attachment 01040a
The Contractor shall maintain the names, photos, and tazkira numbers of security personnel, including
those personnel with access to weapons and ammunition, and those persons who will be handling or
transporting explosives.
a. The Contractor shall submit the names of all employees who will be working in security positions prior
to their performance of any such work on this Contract.
b. All security personnel will be subject to Biometrics testing by representatives of the Contracting
Officer, at any time during performance of work on the Contract. Biometrics testing may entail either