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Save the Date!

Tickets Will Go Sale August 15th
Gateway to Big Sur presented by Hyatt Carmel Highlands and The Big Sur Food and Wine Festival To
Kick !! on Thursday" #ovember $" %&'(" at the Hyatt Carmel Highlands)
Carmel Highlands" C*" *ugust '$" %&'( ++ Hyatt Carmel Highlands, located at 120 Highlands Drive in
the Carmel Highlands, long known as the legendary location for culinary talent and host of the
world famous Masters of Food and Wine will serve as the lead sonsor and host of the oening
event of the !ig "ur Food and Wine Festival#
$ickets will %e on sale through &vent!rite on 'ugust 1(th# $ickets urchased %etween 'ugust
1(th and "etem%er 1(th will %e )10( er ticket# From "etem%er 1(th to the *ovem%er +th
tickets will %e )12(#00# $ickets can %e urchased at htts,--gatewayto%igsur#event%rite#com
.oin us on $hursday, *ovem%er +th from (,/0 #m# 0 1,00 #m# for the 2ateway to !ig "ur
resented %y the Hyatt Carmel Highlands and !ig "ur Food and Wine Festival# $he 2ateway to !ig
"ur entices the alate in a cele%ration of local flair and regional flavor in the eicenter of culinary
Here is a preview of some of the top caliber restaurants that will be participating:
3 1/00 Fillmore 4 "F
3 'ndres !ouchee
3 !ernardus 5ineyards
3 !ig "ur 6oadhouse
3 !lack 6iver Caviar
3 Carmel 5alley 6anch
3 Cuvaison
3 Dosa "an Francisco
3 &salen
3 2rasings
3 Hitching 7ost !uellton
3 .ennini
3 8a !alena
3 'u%ergine
3 Mundaka
3 Hyatt Carmel Highlands
3 7assion Fish
3 7orters in the Forest
3 $he Cheese "ho
3 $he 7reserve
3 $ree%ones
Winerie include:
3 'l%atross 6idge
3 !anshee
3 !irichino
3 Calera Wine Comany
3 Chanin
3 Chanin
3 Chaellet 5ineyard
3 Cold Heaven Cellars
3 Continuum 9Carlo Mondavi:
3 Crocker ; "tarr
3 Dirty ; 6owdy
3 Domaine "elect 4 1st Winery
3 Domaine "elect 4 2nd Winery
3 Fo<en
3 2alante 5ineyards
3 Hartley =stini
3 >unin
3 8i?uid Farm
3 Madeleine Winery
3 Maison Mar?ues and Domaines 4 6oederer Chamagne
3 Mc@ntyre
3 Morgan Winery
3 Mount &den
3 7aso C'! Collective
3 7aul 8ato Wines
3 7ercetion
3 7isoni
3 6='6
3 "hared *otes
3 $a%las Creek 5ineyard
3 $al%ott 5ineyards
3 $alley 5ineyards
3 5ineyard !rands
3 Wedell Cellars
3 Wind 2a Wines
Hyatt Carmel Highlands will %e donating a ortion of the roceeds from this event on *ovem%er
+th to our charity artner the !ig "ur Health Center#
$he 201A !ig "ur Food and Wine Festival takes lace *ovem%er + 4 1 throughout the coast of !ig
"ur# For more information, lease contact $o%y 6owland4.ones at B/14++C40B00 or
to%yD%igsurfoodandwine#org , or visit www#%igsurfoodandwine#org
Background on Pacific’s Edge:
7acificEs &dge is an award winning, glass4walled restaurant with sectacular ocean vistas# =ur
FCalifornia CoastalG cuisine rovides the freshest local ingredients, meats and seafood, with dishes
that meld a seasonal focus with sohisticated comfort food in a convivial am%iance that makes it
aealing for everyday dining or any secial occasion# 7acificEs &dge has received ''' A Diamond
awards year after year, and has %een named one of the $o 100 6estaurants in the Hnited "tates
%y Iagat and one of the $o $en 6estaurants with a 5iew %y H"' $oday# Wine "ectator has
lauded our wine list throughout the years with %oth 2rand and !est of 'ward of &<cellence
About Hyatt armel Highlands! "verlooking Big #ur oast
7erched on the hillside of the Carmel Highlands with %reathtaking views of the 7acific =cean,
Hyatt Carmel Highlands com%ines true Carmel lu<ury with an aroacha%le and sohisticated
sirit# ' haven for artists and discerning travelers since its oening in 111C, Hyatt Carmel
Highlands features AB lu<uriously renovated guestrooms, including 11 suites, /2 =cean 5iew
rooms and ( 2arden 5iew rooms# @n addition, Hyatt Carmel Highlands offers sectacular dining at
the award4winning 7acificEs &dge restaurant and California Market, A,B00 s?uare feet of meeting
sace, in4room sa services, heated outdoor swimming ool, three sa tu%s and a "tayFit fitness
facility# "ituated only four miles from downtown Carmel, Hyatt Carmel Highlands idyllic setting and
ersonaliJed service has attracted families, weddings, honeymooners and rivileged travelers for
nearly a century# Hyatt Carmel Highlands is recogniJed among the worldEs finest hotels as art of
CondK *ast $ravelerLs 2010 2old 8ist and $ravel M 8eisureEs 2001 F$M8 (00G WorldEs !est Hotels#
For Media @nterviews or Media $ickets for the $hursday, *ovem%er +th event at the Hyatt Carmel
Highlands, contact Marci !racco Cain, Chatter%o< 76 9B/1: CAC4CA(( or
$E%&A "'(A( )"* H+A(( A*$E, H&-H,A'%# A'% '".E$BE* / E.E'(:
Contact Marci !racco Cain 9B/1: CAC4CA(( marciDchatter%o<u%licrelations#com
$E%&A "'(A( )"* B&- #0* )""% A'% W&'E )E#(&.A,:
Contact $o%y 6owland4.ones 0 B/14++C40B000to%yD%igsurfoodandwine#org
Marci !racco Cain
Carmel, C' 1/12/