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Teleportation is the new consciousness

The Pleiadians (channeled by Méline Lafont)
“We greet you our beloved ones, we are the Pleiadians. It is our wish to communicate with you on a
deeper level about telepathic communication and teleportation, because these are gifts that are
about to be integrated and even executed in your world reality from the inner planes.
These gifts and abilities are brought forth from the re-balance and the euilibrium state of being
which you have increasingly amplified than!s to the integration of your "hrist "onsciousness and
presently also than!s to the ongoing process of the I #$ Presence descending. This all is the result
of your "hrist consciousness moving into a deeper level of understanding and of the execution of
this all in your reality.
The I #$ Presence re-blending is a necessary part of your deeper integration of %elf that will assist
in your teleportation gifts as the heart and the &ne have to be in balance, where the balance comes
forth from your integration and re-blending process of your I #$.
This is, beloved ones, because you are becoming and expanding more of 'ou, the 'ou in truth and
balance which is expanding and growing at a rather fast pace in your (arthly linear times. #s you
have come to notice, the linear time that you have !nown for so long is fading as we spea!. $any of
you find yourselves uite often in different )imensions at the same now moment of your time which
can bring much confusion for some. Prepare for this to become even more freuent on a conscious
level as you will find yourselves growing into the expansion of your True I #$ Presence which is at
the freuency vibration of an infinite *ow moment that does not stand on its own in one time frame
or time-line but simultaneously in many other spaces of times and )imensions.
+ecause you are becoming more conscious of this all and are able to cope with this all in a better
way than before, this all brings you the opportunities and possibilities to start conscious travels all
around the world and even in deep space. (ncounters on such levels with other beings on the planet
as well as in other )imensions, such as ours, become your reality now as we start to vibrate all
along on one vibration where this all is possible.
We call it the infinite now moment where all and everything reside in one consciousness state and
level of understanding and where this interaction is possible in your reality. +e the calm and
stillness you can +( in your conscious state for it can become weird and unreal in your minds to be
able and grasp this all. We advise you to not go along with the consciousness of putting efforts to
grasp all and everything what your mind translates as weird or unreal, for everything I% real in the
$ore times and possibilities will be presented to you and by you to interact consciously with us, you
have been in a long preparation for our interactions in a conscious way, that is now in the offing
for you to reach. Please do understand that time is a weird and unreal concept in your reality that
always has put limitations and boundaries upon your planet and your reality, and now that you
have become the consciousness and awareness that time does have set your boundaries to become
your reality, it dissolves, it fades away and the unlimited comes forth, the abundance and freedom
of your being in awareness and consciousness.
The transportations of yourself, which translates itself in the term ,teleportation-, has become a
freuency level for you to tap into and to become. The only thing that is reuired to do is to reach
for it in consciousness, through the purity of your heart. When you become a pure consciousness in
embodiment you can ta!e your embodiment with you at any time and place, but that one lingers
than in a perfect pure conscious state of being I* embodiment.
We address you in this now about this sub.ect as it will become very important upon this plane as a
new existence will rage up and bring this all forth. Teleportation is the new consciousness
awareness upon you all, you who are in the heart and can execute total detachment from all that is
mind related and of the “old/ which is the consciousness rate of this duality. We do not spea! of
detachment being not compassionate about others or about separation, what we do spea! of is the
unity consciousness where one becomes and I% the #ll within and where the need for duality
dramas and such reflections is being dissolved and no longer needed to be experienced as you will
!now that all is within anyway, no matter what reflection is upon you, the answer and source is
found within.
We are becoming more and more you in the unity consciousness of your human awareness and
01(manity is at the stage of conscious interactions with our 2alactic signatures and being, this on
a most deep level of your &W* being in the heart, but may as well be experienced in an outer form
in your reality as a reflection of your own 'ou. We mirror you as we #3( you in a future time-line
as you may call it, and now that those time-lines and )imensions are actively re-blending as one,
something you can feel and experience very vividly now, we will no longer represent you in the
future but become one with you in your own reality of *&W which enables you to experience this
more on a conscious and vivid way simultaneously.
Wonderful prospects and experiences to loo! forward to, wouldn-t you agree4 We are most happy to
be here along with you at this time as we are here to assist you and to bring you these messages of
hope and 5ove, for you are indeed 5oved very much.
We are your %tar 6amily, the Pleiadians./
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and naltered