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UPatch HD v1.

1 Beta
by aoe_scout
Description: UPatch is unofficial update (user patch) for Age of Empires Expansion: The
Rise of Rome. A solid improvement over the original game, UPatch includes custom
game resolutions (up to !"#x"##), over $# %ug fixes, ne& gamepla' options and
other improvements. UPatch updates 'our game to version . ((eta).
The (eta version is released for testing and reporting pro%lems, %ut it is full' functional
and includes most features of .. )e& of the improvements are reserved for the final
version (chec* %elo&).
+ ,inimum -indo&s .P /P0 (0" %it) or an' 0"%it123%it version of -indo&s 4ista1516.x
+ An' version (.# or .#a) of Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome (or Age of
Empires 7old). This patch is for Rise of Rome onl', the original Age of Empires is not
affected in an' &a'.
8ou &ill find shortcuts for UPatch 9: /ettings (;ustom Resolution), Readme and
Uninstall in /tart ,enu (under ,icrosoft 7ames +< Age of Empires Expansion or Age of
Empires 7old).
UPatch HD 1.1 Beta includes:
+ ;ustom game resolutions + up to !"#x"##= ;hec* >;ustom resolutions> section
%elo& for the list of supported resolutions and additional information.
NOTE: Unlike the final version, the interface background screens in the Beta are simply
resized graphics, not enhanced or corrected in positionaspect ratio!
+ ?ption to select random teams (>@> for team num%er).
+ ?ption to select >Random> in ,ap T'pe.
+ ,ultipla'er population limit option extended to $##.
+ Post+Aron Age option added as starting age in %oth /ingle and ,ultipla'er.
+ /ave game crashes are fixed.
+ ;olor %ug for -indo&s 4ista15 is fixed.
+ /ome fixes to prevent crash to :es*top.
+ ?ver $# various other %ug fixes=
+ /ome improvements on Random ,aps.
+ (alance and consistenc' fixes for units and civiliBations.
The list o chan!es rom the ori!inal !ame can be ound here:
"ot included in the Beta #$ill be included in the inal 1.1%:
+ 9: interface graphics + interface %ac*ground screens enhanced to 9: Eualit'= Fo
more upscaled %lurr' lo& resolution1lo& Eualit' screens.
+ The original ;: audio soundtrac* in mp0, replacing the primitive s'nthesiBer (,A:A)
+ Updated technolog' trees for all civiliBations.
+ /upport for more game languages.
+ ?ther improvements.
+ )or ,ultipla'er all pla'ers must have the same game version (. (eta).
+ The version sho&n in ,ultipla'er start screen is >1.'> for the (eta version (>.> is
reserved for the )inal).
+ ,ost gaming clients (li*e 7ameRanger) are compati%le &ith UPatch, %ut those that use
exe modifications (li*e 4oo%l') are F?T compati%le.
+ /ave games, /cenarios and ;ampaigns are full' compati%le &ith the original game.
+ ,ods are F?T supported in the (eta (and not compati%le). The (eta version is
intended onl' for testing (in the &a' it is) and %ugfixes. ,od support &ill %e added in the
final version, along &ith detailed documentation a%out modding ..
+ Af 'ou &ant to uninstall the game, uninstall UPatch first. This &ill restore 'our previous
version of the game.
&ustom resolutions:
+ /upported resolutions are: #"3x2## (net%oo*s onl'), "6#x5"#, "6#x6##,
"6#x#"3, 02#x526, 022x526, 33#x!##, 2##x!##, 26#x#$#, !"#x#6# and
+ Resolutions other than the a%ove are not availa%le.
+ 8ou must close the game %efore tr'ing to appl' custom resolution.
+ To ena%le a disa%led (in gre') resolution, appl' the same resolution to 'our :es*top
%efore opening the program.
+ Af instead of the selected resolution, the game starts in 6##x2##, then the resolution
'ou applied is not supported %' 'our computer. Tr' another custom resolution.
+ Af ever'thing in the game loo*s too small on 'our screen + select lo&er resolution &ith
the same aspect ratio (sho&n in %rac*ets). This is limitation of the game (":, lo& :PA)
and canGt %e avoided.
(or more inormation about UPatch) chec* the orum thread:
+mportant "ote: A do not allo& an' modified1unmodified versions of UPatch or parts of
UPatch to %e used or posted an'&here &ithout m' permission= ,od support &ill %e
added in the final version. This (eta version is intended onl' for testing and %ug fixes.
Please respect m' &or* and efforts. Than* 'ou=
UPatch is completel' free and unofficial proHect + not associated &ith ,icrosoft or an' other
compan'. The author of UPatch ta*es no responsi%ilit' or lia%ilit' for an' damage or loss caused
%' the use of UPatch.
UPatch :?E/ F?T contain an' illegal hac*s or modifications= At is %ased on the latest (and most
popular) version of the game I A?E ;ollectorGs Edition :4:, &hich doesnJt have a disc chec* %'
default (can %e pla'ed &ithout disc).
Age of Empires D The Rise of Rome: K ,icrosoft ;orporation. ?ther product and compan'
names mentioned ma' %e the trademar*s of their respective o&ners.