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1. what consideration are relevant to national and local Chinese govts. Decision concerning
internet governance?

The communist government in china is quite prevalent in restricting the free cyber space autonomy
of the nation. If we compare it with the Google’s perspective we can easily reach to the conclusion
that if Google desires to function without catering to the teething norms of the Chinese government
it is a herculean task, as we are aware of the Chinese conspiracy of bombarding the Gmail accounts
in 2006 pertaining to the control over free voice mechanism in the tortanaterian state of china,
however if Google shows a lax in its vision and mission inclining to the Chinese govt’s norms it will
be one of the largest markets for Google. As we all know the success of Bay doo in china sticking to
the operational efficiency as well as maintaining flexibility in its due course of operations. The
considerations of chineese govt regarding the cyber space protocol are shielded in its political clout
and hence forth Google has to shift its bar and adjust to the grievance redressed mechanism of the
Chinese govt.
In this era of information technology the delimiting of information outflow is highly condemnable.
Communist society like china suppresses the information conatgo by its oppressive policies. The
information has initiated the Arab spring and revolutionized the concept of democracy, so the
Chinese govts approach towards the redresaal of grievances is quite orthodox and should be
dispensed with in a democratic way.
2. to what extent should google try and restrict its internet connects to meet the govts.

Sorry to quote another cliché, “while in Rome do as the Romans do”. “Igrontia juris non
exsosat” , ignorance of law is no excuse. A person must respect the law of the land in which he
is doing his business. As depicted in the law of natural justice Google must adhere to the loss
prevalent in china and strictly follow the Chinese govt’s guidelines.

“ques custodiat ipsos custods” , a Latin phrase saying that who will guard the guards, referring
to the snooping practices of Chinese government which can be misused to oppress the Chinese
people. Secondly the vision and mission of an organization is the soul of the organizational body
itself and the organization should never get diverted from its vision and mission, so Google
should no stone un turn in agitating against the Chinese govts unethical snooping.

3. do you expect google to exists china ?

The prime objective of a business as drafted in the modern contest is wealth max rather than
profit max. And wealth doesn’t mean, “Money” it means intellectual capital societal capital and
above all the capital of ethics and so pertaining to this very idea Google should bear the
opportunity cost of suspension of its operations in china. Because any business idea can’t sprout
under the cloud of totalitarianism.
3 hundred million is a considerable business profit which can’t be neglected by any organization
not in the perspective of a country having the largest population in the world. The prime
objective of profit max of a business along with the goodwill of a reputed brand that Google
enjoys in China is not an easy go. Sticking to the above mentioned fact forgoing such a business
opportunity and tarnishing its brand name of a global company is a ludicrous idea that Google
should restrict itself from implementing. Google should improvise adapt to the draconian loss of
china and overcome the operation of Chinese govt as done by Bay doo and emerge as the
largest player in Chinese cyber space.

Doing a business unscrupulously in a country like china is a two edged sword that Google should
walk upon with due cognizance and restrict itself to the content enlisted in the Chinese govts
instructions. Especially pornographic material as pornography results in the moral degradation
of the society. More over Google should strengthen its security protocols to such a level that no
snooping prerogatives of the Chinese govt can pierce it. Where individual privacy is concern
Google should be adamant and stick to its vision mission policies as deviating from them out of
the punity of the decronian loss of the Chinese govt has inhuman repercussions on individual
privacy and freedom of expression in the cyber space.

By: Niteesh Singh
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